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Surname Given Name Trade Year Notes
BAINES Charles Blacksmith 1827 Charles Baines, blacksmith. Born in Utterby, Lincolnshire about 1827. He is listed in the 1851 Census in Holton-le-Clay as a Blacksmith. His wife, Mary was the daughter of the Blacksmith William West and his wife Elizabeth. He was in Grainsby in 1861 as an Agricultural Labourer, but in 1871, 1881 and 1891 he was in Middlesborough, Yorkshire as Blacksmith and Grocer. Also listed in Blacksmiths of Lincolnshire Index..  
BELL William Blacksmith 1849 William Bell, blacksmith. Born 1849 in Airton, Yorkshire, England. Parents: Sarah Carr and William Bell. He married Mary Jane Warden and had six children. He was the village blacksmith at Hebden Village and built the steel suspension bridge across the River Wharfe which stands to this day. His oldest son, William, also became a blacksmith and migrated to Australia in 1913..  
BELL William James Blacksmith 1871 William James Bell, blacksmith. Born in Exeter, Devon. He moved to Middlesbrough Yorkshire sometime between 1871 and 1879. He married in 1879 and his marriage certificate shows his occupation as Labourer. In the 1881, 1891 and 1901 censuses he is shown as being a Blacksmith and this is the occupation shown on his death certificate in 1908. The certificate also shows the address of the business as 70 Clarendon Road, Middlesbrough..  
BINNS Joseph Blacksmith 1855 Joseph Binns, blacksmith master. Was my great grandfather, born 1855 in liversedge Yorkshire, England. Married to Annie Ineson in 1881. Had 3 sons,and 1 daughter lucy my grandmother. According to family talk should be 8 more sons.On 1901 census he was still in liversdge and stated as working own account..  
BOWLER Samuel (Jnr) Blacksmith 1826 Samuel Bowler (Jnr), blacksmith. Born about 1826 in North Bierley, Yorkshire. The 1841 UK census lists him as 15yrs, at North Bierley, Yorkshire, England with parents & siblings. See Blacksmiths of Yorkshire for parents Samuel & Sarah plus siblings Joel 20yrs (engine maker fitter), Benjamin 13yrs, Sarah 11yrs, Caroline 8yrs, Allen 5yrs, Alfred 1yr. Samuel (Jnr) is also listed in the Blacksmiths of Yorkshire Index. Samuel (Jnr) migrated to Australia in 1848. Samuel (Jnr) is also listed in both the Blacksmiths of Yorkshire & Australia Index..  
BOWLER Samuel (Snr) Blacksmith 1796 Samuel Bowler (Snr), blacksmith. Born about 1796 in Nottingham, England. The 1841 UK census lists him as 45yrs, living at Hill Top, North Bierley, Yorkshire with wife Sarah 45yrs (born Yorkshire). Children: Joel 20yrs(mechanic); Samuel 15yrs; Benjamin 13yrs; Sarah 11yrs; Caroline 8yrs; Allan 5yrs; Alfred 1y infant. In 1851 Samuel (Snr) is 55yrs, Sarah 53yrs. Children: Benjamin 22yrs (iron rolling mill); Caroline 18yrs; Allen 15yrs (steam boiler maker assistant); Alfred 12yrs ((steam boiler maker assistant); Catherine 8yrs. See Blacksmiths of Australia for son Samuel (Jnr)..  
CAY Charles Blacksmith 1848 Charles Cay, blacksmith. Living at Silver Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire (see Directory for Bradford on Avon). Information sent anonymously.  
COX / COCKS Richard Blacksmith 1901 Richard Cox, blacksmith. My great grandfather, Richard Cox (spelling on 1901 census Cocks) was listed as a blacksmith in the 1901 census for Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, England..  
CUNNINGHAM Edgar Blacksmith 1858 Edgar Cunningham, blacksmith striker. Born about 1858, Greenwich Kent, but the family moved to Hull and lived in Warwick Street, East Hull, Yorkshire. In 1881 Edgar is 23yrs, wife Mary (nee Hodgson) 18yrs, living in Southcoats Yorkshire with Mary’s parents John, 57yrs and Martha. A. Hodgson 57yrs. He was my great grandfather. Edgar is listed in both the Blacksmiths of Kent and Yorkshire Indexes..  
CURTIS Peter James Blacksmith 1930 Peter James Curtis, master blacksmith. Born 12 April 1930. Died: 14 September 2008. Peter was apprenticed at "Taylors" then worked at "Kirkstall Forge, Leeds" then at "Armstrong Vickers" and finally at "e;York City Council" until 1990. He did many of York’s public iron works and rose to rank of General Foreman, eventually becoming Engineering Trades Supervisor for York. Peter started off as a blacksmith journeyman but soon became a master blacksmith..  
DONKERSLEY William (Willy) Blacksmith 1864 William (Willy) Donkerley, blacksmith. Born about 1864, Yorkshire. The 1881 UK census lists him as 17yrs, living in Batley. 1891: he is 27yrs,a blacksmith living in Shadwell, Wetherby. 1901: 37yrs,a blacksmith and employer living in Holbeck, Leeds. Wife: Annnie Sparling, married in 1890. They had 10 living children and emigrated to Canada in about 1910..  
DOUGLAS Thomas Blacksmith 1823 Thomas Douglas, blackasmith. Listed in Baine's 1823 trade directory. Grandfather, was a blacksmith at Easington in Yorkshire. Wife: Mary Munby, Banns read 05 Feb 1802..  
FIELD William Blacksmith 1786 William Field, blacksmith. Born in 1786. Wife: Anness Forrrest, married at Thornhill parish church near Dewsbury, West Yorkshire in 1807. The Field family of Overton, then Meltham were blacksmiths for generations. His sons were James, Thomas, Stephen and John. William died a widower in his son Thomas's home at Millmoor, Meltham. Details are shown in the 1851, 1861 and 1871 censuses..  
GARDOM John Blacksmith 1857 John Gardom, blacksmith. Born about 1857. Father, John Gardom. I understand there was such gentleman responsible for work at Chatsworth House, Derbyshire and Castle Howard, Yorkshire in the late 1600's, and yet I've not been able to find any details. Listed in the Blacksmiths of Derbyshire, Lancashire & Yorkshire Indexes..  
GARVEY Edward Blacksmith 1852 Edward Garvey, blacksmith. Born in Sunderland 1852. Worked as a blacksmith in Sunderland, Durham, England. In 1901 he worked as a blacksmith in Bainbridge, near Richmond Yorkshire. See 1901 census for wife Jane Ann Eleanor & list of several children. Edward is listed also in Blacksmiths of Durham Index. See Blacksmiths of USA & Canada Index for his sons John Andrew, Cecil Joseph Gt. Garvey & William Joseph Garvey, all three moved to Canada, some working as blacksmiths there. John Andrew joined the Canadian Overseas Force and is killed in the First World..  
GOFF Robert.J. Blacksmith 1874 Robert.J.Goff, blacksmith. Yorkshire. No other information given and information as sent anonymously.  
GRAY William Blacksmith 1827 William Gray, blacksmith. Born about 1827, Bradford-Yorkshire. The 1851 UK c ensus lists him as 24yrs, Smith Hill, at North Bierley; with wife Martha 24yrs . In 1861: William (Blacksmith striker) & Martha are both 32yrs, living at 26 High Street, North Bierley. The 1871 census: William (Blacksmith) & Martha both 44yrs, at Smithy Hill (next door to Ruth Pickles & family), Horton. In 1881: William (Forge Blacksmith) & Martha both 54yrs at Smithy Hill. Children Samuel & Alice..  
GROOM John Blacksmith 1848 John Groom, blacksmth, living at Silver Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire. Found in the Directory for Bradford on Avon. I have no further information..  
GUNBY John Blacksmith 1844 John Gunby. blacksmith, whitesmith. Born 1844 Newark Nottinghamshire,UK. Died: circa 1899 Yorkshire. Wife:Sarah Beeston of Blyth Nottinghamshire,U.K. Listed in U.K. Census 1861,1871 working as blacksmith, whitesmith at Beaumond Rd., Newark. 1881:at Balby Cum Hexworth,Yorkshire. 1891:a blacksmiths at Cudworth Yorkshire. Also listed in Whitesmiths Index. Other Gunbys can be found if the Farriers Index, Whitesmiths Index & Blacksmiths of Yorkshire + Derbyshire + Nottinghamshire Indexes..  
HOLMES George William Blacksmith 1860 George William Holmes, blacksmith. Born in1860 in Lund, Yorkshire, England. 1881 Shoeing smith Beverley. 1901 Kelly's: Master Blacksmith, Tiger Lane, Beverley. Died 1917, buried at St Mary's Beverley (East Riding of Yorkshire)..  
HOLMES Joseph Blacksmith 1834 Joseph Holmes, blacksmith. Born in 1834 in Pocklington, Yorkshire, England. Apprenticed to Thomas Fields of Leconfield c1848. 1871. Master shoeing smith, Beverley (East Riding of Yorkshire). 1892 Bulmer's Directory: Joseph Holmes & son, blacksmiths, Tiger Lane, Beverley. Died 1905..  
HUNT David Blacksmith 1968 David Hunt, blacksmith. Born in New Zealand in 1968 to Peter and Margaret Hunt. David currently is a working Blacksmith in North Yorkshire. Also listed in Blacksmiths of Australia and New Zealand.  
HUNT John Blacksmith 1848 John Hunt,blacksmith. Living at St.Margaret Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire. Found in the Directory for Bradford on Avon. I have no further information..  
IBBERTSON Abraham Blacksmith 1829 Abraham Ibbertson, blacksmith. Born about 1829 in Hooton Roberts Rotherham Yorkshire England. The 1851 UK census lists him as 22yrs, with wife Mary (nee Ellis )23yrs & son Thomas.P.Ibberston 1yr infant. Living with in-laws Thomas Ellis 59urs(dock man) & Winifer 79yrs, at ?Providence Place, Spring Garden, Hooton Roberts Rotherham; In 1861 Abraham is 32yrs, journeyman blacksmith, living at 8 Leakley Square, Holbeck, Leeds. Mary 33yrs. Children: Thomas 10yrs; George 6yrs; Martin 3yrs; father-in-law Thomas Ellis 69yrs,wharf labourer. 1871: Abraham 42yrs, Mary 43yrs. Thomas 20yrs, unmarried (ships carpenter); George 16yrs (worsted hand); Martin 13yrs (worsted hand); Fred 8yrs; Polly 5yrs; Joe 3yrs. Father-in-law Thomas Ellis 75yrs (labourer)..  
KENDALL Fairbank Blacksmith 1842 Fairbank Kendall, blacksmith. Born 17th June 1842 in Thornton, Yorkshire, England. Parents: Thomas Kendall (blacksmith) & Ann nee Crabtree. Fairbank worked all his life as a blacksmith, emigrated to America in 1869 and settled for some years in Wisconsin, returning to England prior to the 1881 census. He died in 1935, at the age of 93..  
KENDALL Thomas Blacksmith 1815 Thomas Kendall, blacksmith. Baptised at Baildon on 16 April 1815 and died 17 July 1872 in Idle. Parents: Robert Mark & Mary nee Fairbank. Thomas worked as a Blacksmith in and around this area, certainly from the time of his marriage in 1839 until his death..  
MILLSOM Charles Blacksmith 1848 Charles Millsom, blacksmith. Living near the Bridge, Bradford, West Yorkshire . Found in the Directory for Bradford on Avon. I have no further information..  
MITCHELL / MITCHEL John Blacksmith 1798 John Mitchell (Mitchel),a blacksmith. Wife: Sarah nee Craven, married 17 May 1798. Daughter: Jane Mitchell (she married Joseph Briggs. According to death records all are from Yorkshire..  
MOODY James Blacksmith 1853 James Moody, master blacksmith. Thorpe, Salvin, Yorkshire. James was descended from a line of Blacksmiths from Warsop, Nottinghamshire and Thorpe Salvin, Yorkshire. He is listed as a Master Blacksmith in 1871. The 1881 UK census lists him as 28yrs, at the High Street at Gringley-on-the Hill, Nottinghamshire; with wife Harriett 23yrs. Children: Ellen 3yrs; Henry 1yr infant. Also listed is apprentice blacksmith John. R. Arrand 18yrs &servant Harriet. A. Newby 13yrs. Several of James’s brothers were also Blacksmiths. He died 1917..  
MORLEY George Oliver Blacksmith   George Oliver Morley, blacksmith (aka an agricultural engineer). My great-grandad was also a blacksmith and invented a plough called the Morley plough. They were from Beeford in East Yorkshire..  
NEWTON John Blacksmith 1859 John Newton, blacksmith & wheelwright. Born 1859 in Earlsheaton, Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England. Married Martha Clafton in 1881 & they emigrated to Canada soon after but returned when Martha was homesick. They lived in Low Road Hanging Heaton, and later on Commonside Hanging Heaton where he ran the Smithy, his sign read "John Newton Wheelwight and Smith Hanging Heaton" For the images provided, see the LINK "Interesting Stories" on the homepage of this website. John is also listed in the Wheelwrights Index. They had 4 children only 2 survived- Eliza and Herbert. Eliza's daughter Ida Morton was my grandma. Herbert served in WW1 he survived that and died the day before I was born in 1955. Ida married John Shannon at Ebenezer Chapel Hanging Heaton. Hanging Heaton is a small village on the hillside above Dewsbury and Batley West Yorkshire..  
NICHOLSON John Blacksmith 1792 John Nicholson, blacksmith. Born 1792 in Yorkshire, England. He married Arabella Hammond in 1820. John is listed on the 1841 census in Middlesborough and 1851 census in Over Darwen, as a blacksmith. John died sometime before 1867. John and Arabella lived in Northallerton, Thirsk, and Middlesborough then moved to Darwen in Lancashire..  
PEXTON Charles Blacksmith 1821 Charles Pexton, blacksmith master. Born abt 1821 Beverley, East Yorkshire 1861 Census. his father William Pexton and his grandfather Thomas Pexton were also blacksmiths, all in the village of Everingham, East Yorkshire. Charles' son, Vincent Joseph Pexton also started as a blacksmith but moved to York to work on the railways..  
RAYNER William Blacksmith 1781 William Rayner, blacksmith. Born 30 October 1781 in Yeadon. Blacksmith at Ilkley in 1807; Burley-in-Wharfedale 1808-1832; Timble 1832-1841; Burley-in-Wharfedale 1841-1866. Died Tanners Fold 3rd June 1866..  
ROBINSON Robert Blacksmith 1787 Robert Robinson, blacksmith. Born about 1787 in Lazenby, Yorkshire. Robert was a blacksmith in Skelton-in-Cleveland during 1820's & 1830's. Wife: Dorothy nee unknown. Robert died in 1856 and Dorothy in 1869 and are both buried in the old All Saints churchyard, Skelton. Children: Thomas born 1811 Brighton, Surrey; Ann born 1814 Brotton, North Yorkshire; William born 1815 Brotton; Martin born 1817 Brotton; Robert born 1821 Skelton-in-Cleveland, North Yorkshire, John born 1823 Skelton; Joseph born 1827 Skelton. Ann, William and Joseph all died in infancy. Son Thomas later became a blacksmith..  
ROBINSON Thomas Blacksmith 1811 Thomas Robinson (Snr), blacksmith. Born 1811 Brighton, Surrey. Son of blacksmith Thomas Robert Robinson(born 1787). Thomas married Elizabeth Saunders 1834 in Skelton. Children: Jane born 1836, Skelton; Thomas (Jnr) born 1839, Skelton; Ann born 1842 Skelton; Hannah born 1843, Skelton. Thomas (Jnr) and Ann both died in infancy. Thomas and Elizabeth also appear to have brought up a William Wrightson born 1837, Stokesley, North Yorkshire. Thomas died in 1877 and Elizabeth in 1885 and are both buried in the old All Saints churchyard, Skelton. White's 1840 directory shows Thomas as a blacksmith also the 1857 PO directory of N & E.R. of Yorkshire. He appears as a blacksmith in the 1841, 1851, 1861 and 1871 censuses..  
ROBSON Albert Blacksmith 1870 Albert Robson, blacksmith. Born about 1870 in Burnby, Yorkshire. The 1891 UK census lists him as 21yrs, at Barnby Moore, Yorkshire with parents blacksmith & carriage maker Richard Hessell Robson & Rebecca. Siblings listed: Vause 15yrs; Robert 13yrs; Henrietta 10yrs; Richard 8yrs; Emily 4yrs. The Robson family were blacksmiths in Pocklington for over 40 years. His father Richard is also listed in Cartwrights Index..  
ROBSON Richard Hessell Blacksmith 1842 Richard Hessell Robson blacksmith & carriage maker. Born about 1842 in Burnby, Yorkshire. The 1891 UK census lists him as 49yrs, at Barnby Moore, Yorkshire with wife Rebecca 57yrs. Children: Albert 21yrs (blacksmith); Vause 15yrs; Robert 13yrs; Henrietta 10yrs; Richard 8yrs; Emily 4yrs. The Robson family were blacksmiths in Pocklington for over 40 years. Richard is also listed in Cartwrights Index..  
SIMPSON David Blacksmith 1831 David Simpson, blacksmith from Yorkshire. Born 5th April 1831, Kildwick. Parents: John Simpson and Elizabeth Whitaker. David married Ellen Robinson in 1852, Kildwick. They had 3 children, only one survived to adulthood. Ellen died and the remaining child, Sarah was raised by Ellen's mother. David emmigrated to Australia and remarried. He married Elizabeth Ferrier in 1875. David is recorded as plus in the Farriers Index..  
SIMPSON George Blacksmith 1821 George Simpson, blacksmith of Yorkshire. Born on the 19th June 1821 at Kildwick. Parents: John Simpson & Elizabeth Whitaker. George married Mary Laycock at Kildwick in 1844. They had 4 children. Mary died young and three children were raised by her parents, the 4th having died as a baby. George died in 1854. He was recorded as a blacksmith in the 1841 census..  
SIMPSON James Blacksmith 1841 James Simpson, blacksmith from Yorkshire. Born: 12th May 1841, Kildwick, Yorkshire, England. Parents: John Simpson and Elizabeth Whitaker. After emmigrating to Australia he married Theresa Gertrude Hansbrow in 1862, Dubbo, NSW. They had 4 children (one stillborn). James died in 1894, Annandale, NSW, Australia and Theresa his wife died in 1876, Hay, NSW. Listed in both the Blacksmiths of Yorkshire and Australia Indexes..  
SIMPSON John Blacksmith 1793 John Simpson, a blacksmith. Born in 1793, Cracoe,(Rylstone) Yorkshire. He came with his family to Kildwick between 1800 and 1810. His father, William was the blacksmith at Kildwick and he in turn took over his fathers business at The Smithy on the corner, opposite the White Lion Hotel. John married Elizabeth Whitaker in 1815, they had 13 children. John died in 1889, Bingley, Yorkshire, at the home of one of his daughters. Many of John's sons also became blacksmiths and some took their craft to Australia. Listed in both the Blacksmiths of Yorkshire and Australia Indexes..  
SIMPSON Joseph Blacksmith 1819 Joseph Simpson, blacksmiths O Yorkshire. Born on the 19th May 1819 at Kildwick. He was the twin brother to Mary Simpson. Parents: John Simpson and Elizabeth Whitaker. Joseph married Margaret Overend in 1847. He is recorded as a blacksmith in 1841 census. Joseph and Margaret emmigrated to Australia and raised their family in Deniliquin, NSW, Australia. Joseph carried his blacksmith business there. They had 7 children. Joseph died in 1886, Deniliquin, NSW, Australia, and his wife Margaret also died in 1886, but in Melbourne, Vic, Australia. Listed in both the Blacksmiths of Yorkshire and Australia Indexes..  
SIMPSON Thomas Blacksmith 1835 Thomas Simpson, blacksmith & farrier. Born on the 26th April 1835, Kildwick, Yorkshire, England. Parents: John Simpson and Elizabeth Whitaker. He was recorded as a Smith and Farrier in the 1851 census. After emmigrating to Australia he married Mary Ann Stowell. They married in 1858 in Deniliquin, NSW, Australia. They had 8 children. Thomas died in 1905 in Kalgoorlie, WA, Australia. Listed in both the Blacksmiths of Yorkshire and Australia Indexes plus the Farriers Index..  
SIMPSON William Blacksmith 1763 William Simpson, blacksmith. Born circa 1763. Wife: Betty Gill, married in Giggleswick, North Yorkshire, England. They had 4 children born in Rylestone. Between 1800 and 1810 he moved with his family to Kildwick in Yorkshire. He took up the little blacksmith shop on the corner, opposite the White Lion Inn and worked their until he died aged 80, in 1843. It is possible William did his apprenticeship either in Kirkby Malham or Arncliffe, have not been able to find any details on that yet. His son took over the business after he died. The Blacksmith shop is still there but is now a tapestry/craft shop..  
SIMPSON William Blacksmith 1817 William Simpson, blacksmith from Yorkshire. Born on the 18th March 1817 in Kildwick. Parents: John Simpson and Elizabeth Whitaker. At the age of 22yrs he married Margaret Jackson, they were married at Otley, Yorkshire on the 12th August 1839. The 1841 census shows Williams occupation as a blacksmith. The family immigrated to Australia, where they raised there large family. William died in 1874, Deniliquin, NSW, Australia. Margaret, his wife died in 1896 also in Deniliquin. Listed in both the Blacksmiths of Yorkshire and Australia Indexes. Listed in both the Blacksmiths of Yorkshire and Australia Indexes..  
STEWART John Thomas Blacksmith 1860 John Thomas Stewart,blacksmith, tinsmith. Born 1860 in Hatfield,Yorkshire. Died in 1928 in Wallasea. Married Jane Elizabeth Alderson, Richmond,Yorkshire, and they had eight children. His grandson has copyof his Indentures dated 24 August 1874 on his 14th birthday. His parents were William Stewart 1828 and Charlotte Smith 1827 both from Yorkshire. Listed in the Blacksmiths of Yorkshire, Whitesmiths and Interesting Stories Indexes..  
SUMMERS George Blacksmith 1848 George Summers, blacksmith. Living at Pippit Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire . Found in the Directory for Bradford on Avon. I have no further information..  
TEAL George Blacksmith 1800 George Teal, blacksmith. Born inc1800. ?place. Married Elizabeth Addison. Died in 1870.  
TEAL William Blacksmith 1710 William Teal, blacksmith. Baptised in 1710 at South Dalton, Yorkshire, England. He married Elizabeth Raley in 1733. Had 10 children. Lived in Holme on the Wolds. Died in 1790..  
TEAL William Blacksmith 1770 William Teal, blacksmith. Born in 1770 at Holme on the Wolds, Yorkshire, England. Married Ann Marshall in 1791. Had 6 children.  
TEALL Richard Blacksmith 1746 Richard Teall, blacksmith. Baptised in 1746 at South Dalton, Yorkshire, England. Married Hannah Gibson in 1768. Had 5 children.  
WEST Arthur.M. Blacksmith 1881 Arthur M. West, blacksmith. Born in Middlesborough, Yorkshire, about 1881. Parents:Marshall and Jane West. He is listed in the 1901 Census as a Blacksmith in Manchester, Lancs. See others from the WEST family who are listed in indexes for Wheelwrights, Iron Workers & Blacksmiths of Lincolnshire, Lancashire & Yorkshire..  
WEST Marshall Blacksmith 1846 Marshall West, blacksmith. Born about 1846 in Beelsby. Parents:William and Elizabeth West. He is listed in the 1861 Census as a Blacksmith's Apprentice in Beelsby. in 1871 he is in Linthorpe, Yorks., as a Blacksmith, in 1881 in Manchester as a Whitesmith and Gasfitter, in 1891 in Manchester as a Blacksmith, General, and in 1901, still in Manchester, as a Blacksmith. Mashsall West and others of the WEST family, are listed in indexes for Wheelwrights, Iron Workers & Blacksmiths of Lincolnshire, Lancashire & Yorkshire..  
WESTERMAN John Blacksmith 1696 John Westerman, blacksmith. Born 1696 in Rothwell, Yorkshire. Christened 26 October 1696; Identified as blacksmith on various birth and death Parish Records between 1730 and 1760; John married Ann Wood 19 August 1723. He died 1760 and was buried 26 June 1760 in Rothwell.  
WESTERMAN William Blacksmith 1724 William Westerman, blacksmith. Born 1724 (son of John Westerman and Ann) christened 20 June 1724 in Rothwell, Yorkshire. William married Elizabeth Atkinson 07 June 1753. He was buried 23 December 1799 in Garforth, Yorkshire. His burial record says he was a blacksmith..  
WESTERMAN William Blacksmith 1760 William Westerman, blacksmith. Born 1760. Son of William Westerman and Elizabeth. Christened 24 August 1760 in Garforth, Yorkshire. William married Mary Allinson St Peters, in Leeds 27 July 1779; identified as blacksmith on numerous christening and burial records between 1782 and 1794; William died 17 November 1794 and was buried 19 November 1794 in Garforth, Yorkshire..  
WILSON David Blacksmith 1820 David Wilson\, blacksmith, iron worker. Born 1820 place not sure, but almost certain to be Scotland. In 1844 he is named on the birth certificate as the father (David Scotland) to a child (born in Whitby, North Yorkshire) of Hannah Bryan - his occupation is Blacksmith. in 1846 he married Hannah Bryan in Whitby, North Yorkshire. His marriage certificate shows him as David Wilson Scotland, bachelor aged 27yrs, an Iron Moulder, living at Baxtergate, Whitby,Nth.Yorkshire. On the 1851 census he is listed as David Wilson aged 30,an Iron Moulder, in Lower Bent, Oldham (ref A0180) with wife Hannah 26yrs. Children: Mary 2yrs & Elizabeth 1 month infant. Elizabeth's birth certificate for 20/01/1851 also gives David's surname as Wilson and his occupation as Iron Moulder. Elizabeth was born in Wigan. Also listed in Blacksmiths of Lancashire and in the Iron workers Index. David is a 2 x Great grandfather of mine..  
WOOD Thomas Blacksmith 1800 Thomas Wood, blacksmith. Born about 1800 in Yorkshire, England. Married 1824 in South Dalton and died between 1861 & 1871..  
WRIGHTSON William Blacksmith 1837 William Wrightson, blacksmith. Born 1837 Stokesley, North Yorkshire, father unknown, mother possibly Elizabeth Wrightson. He was brought up by blacksmith Thomas and Elizabeth Robinson and married their daughter Hannah in 1864 in Skelton. William & Hannah had a daughter Elizabeth Hannah in Oct 1864. Elizabeth died the following month and Hannah at the age of six months. William remarried and died in 1895 but is buried with his first wife and daughter in the old All Saints churchyard, Skelton. Bulmer's 1890 directory has William Wrightson as blacksmith living at 3 High St, Skelton. He also appears as a blacksmith in the 1861, 1871, 1881 and 1891 censuses..  
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