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Surname Given Name Trade Year Notes
BATCHELOR George Blacksmith 1860 George Batchelor, blacksmith. Born about 1860, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire, England. The 1891 UK census lists George as 32yrs, living at Upper Inkford, Kings Norton, Worcestershire with wife Vernalle.M. 28yrs (born Stratford upon Avon). Children: William.K. 7yrs; Eva 6yrs; Vernella.M. 4yrs; George.H. 3yrs(became a blacksmith); Walter.H. 1yr; Thomas.H. 3 mths infant..  
BATCHELOR George Harris Blacksmith 1889 George Harris Batchelor , blacksmith, shoeing and general smith. Born about 1889, Kings Norton, Worcestershire, England. George lived in Salter Street in 1921 and before. The 1891 UK census lists George as 3yrs. See Blacksmiths of Worcestershire for his parents George and Vernella plus his siblings. The 1911 UK census lists George as 22yrs,unmarried, living at Portway, near ...Church, Kings Norton..  
CHILD Cyprian.L. Blacksmith 1881 Cyprian. L. Child, blacksmith. Born about 1881, twin to Thomas.W. Child. See entry for Enoch Child and family..  
CHILD Elizabeth Blacksmith 1848 Elizabeth Child (nee Lee), blacksmith. Born about 1848, Worcester. about Widow of Enoch. See entry for Enoch Child and family..  
CHILD Enoch Blacksmith 1852 Enoch Child, blacksmith. Born about 1852 in Staunton, Worcestershire, England, The 1861 UK census lists Enoch as 9yrs, living in Staunton with his parents, George Child (44 yrs blacksmith) & Ann 50yrs Child. Siblings: William 13yrs, George 11yrs. In 1971 Enoch is 18yrs, still in Staunton with his family. George 54yrs, Ann 60yrs and brother George 21yrs (blacksmith). 1881: Enoch is 28yrs, wife Elizabeth Lee is 33yrs. Sons Henry 3yrs & George 2yrs, plus twin boys 6 months old (1) Thomas. W. Child & (2) Cyprian. L. Child. Mother-in-law visiting Mary A. Lee 57yrs. Census 1891:Enoch 38yrs, Elizabeth 42yrs. Henry 14yrs; George 12yrs; Thomas.W. 9yrs; Cyprian. L. 9yrs; William 6yrs. The 1901 census lists Elizabeth Child as 46yrs, a blacksmith with her sons Thomas 19yrs (blacksmith) & Cyprian 19yrs (blacksmith). Enoch died in 1900..  
CHILD Thomas.W. Blacksmith 1881 Thomas W. Child, Blacksmith. Born about 1881, twin to Cyprian. L. Child, blacksmith. See entry for Enoch Child and family..  
GOODE Benjamin Blacksmith 1821 Benjamin Goode, blacksmith. Born 1821, Malvern, Worcestershire. The 1881 UK census lists Benjamin as 60yrs, at Pool Brooke, Great Malvern; with wife Mary 50yrs (born Gloucestershire). Children: Samuel 16yrs; Mary Ann 12yrs; John.H. 9yrs; Elizabeth 6yrs. Another daughter Lucy Pullham 21yrs unmarried. In 1895, Benjamin was at the "Three Horseshoes" in Upton on Severn, Worcestershire..  
NASH Edward Blacksmith 1800 Edward Nash, blacksmith. Born1800 - 1801 in Hallow, Worcestershire, England. Edward married Mary and had 10 children, Charlotte; William (born 1829 blacksmith in Staffordshire); Eliza, Matilda; Sara; Catherine; Ann; Rebecca; John and Susan. During 1841, 1851 and 1861 they lived in West Bromwich, Staffordshire. The 1871 census lists Edward as 70yrs, Mary 65yrs. They had relocated to Tudhoe in Durham, Edward and Mary lived with their daughter Catherine 29yrs and her husband James Gee 32yrs. Also listed is: William Gee 1yr and James Gee under 1yr infant. Cousin Philip Kilbey 20yrs (labourer iron works) . Boarder: Sydney Spade 24yrs (a puddler). Edward lived to the age of 82, and could also be found in the 1881 census. Listed in Blacksmiths of Staffordshire and Worcestershire..  
PALMER William Blacksmith 1820 William Palmer, blacksmith master. Christened 5th August 1820 in Great Witley, Grimley, Worcestershire. Parents James and Hannah. The 1841 UK census William as 20yrs, ?lodging in Grimley with the Bullock family, initially as an apprentice Blacksmith, and in 1841 as a fully qualified blacksmith. William married Hannah Gittins 10th May 1846 in Great Witley. In 1851 William is 30yrs, Hannah 23yrs and son James living in Seven Lane, Kidderminster. The 1861 census lists William as 40yrs, Hannah as 34yrs, living in Kidderminster, Worcestershire. Children: James 14yrs; Ellen 9yrs; William Thomas 7yrs; Lavinia 2yrs. In 1871 William was 50yrs, Hannah 42yrs, living in Wilde; Children: Ellen 19yrs; William T. 17yrs (a labourer); Lavinia 12yrs..  
RANDLE Charles Blacksmith 1819 Charles Randle, blacksmith. Born 1819 Chaddesley Corbett, Worcestershire. Christened 25 July 1819 in Worcester. See for details. Son of William and Jane Randle. The 1851 UK census lists Charles as 31yrs, living in Kingswinford, Worcestershire with wife (1) Susannah Ashmon. Charles later married wife (2)Margaret Newton of Dog Lane, Brierley. Charles was taken to court for bigamy and imprisoned. In 1871 Charles was living in FentonSt, Brierley Hill, Staffordhsire. 1881 still in Fenton Street, out of employ. Listed in Blacksmiths of Stafafordshire and Worcestershire. I have some indepth and interesting details of Charles’ life..  
SANDERS Fred Blacksmith 1890 Fred Sanders, blacksmith. Born 1890-91 and Christened 02 April 1891 in Ombersley, Worcestershire, England. The 1891 UK census lists Fred as under 9mths infant, living in Ombersley with family. See blacksmiths Of Worcestershire for parents Samuel and Mary Sanders plus siblings. In 1911 Fred is 20yrs, unmarried still living with his family in Ombersley. 1920-1936: shown as a Blacksmith on his children's marriage entries in the Ombersley Parish Records..  
SANDERS Robert Blacksmith 1829 Robert Sanders (Jnr), blacksmith. Born Ombersley, Worcestershire; Christened 09 Jun 1829, and died before 1881. The 1851 UK census lists Robert as 21yrs, living at Suddington, Ombersley with family. See Blacksmiths of Worcestershire for his parents Samuel and Ann Sanders plus other family members. 1871: Rober is 41 years, still at Ombersley; Married Sarah (surname unknown; born about 1835)..  
SANDERS Samuel Blacksmith 1712 Samuel Sanders, blacksmith. Born Ombersley, Worcestershire; Christened 10 Aug 1712. Buried 12 July 1733. Married Mary Randle (Christened 1707; buried 13 March 1758)..  
SANDERS Samuel Blacksmith 1807 Samuel Sanders, master blacksmith. Born Ombersley, Worcestershire; Christened. 01 July 1807. Buried Deember 1886. Married Ann Sanders (christened 23 Dec 1810; buried 07 June 1882). The 1841 UK census lists Samuel as 30 years, at Sinton, Ombersley; 1851: Samuel is 44yrs, at Suddington, Ombersley; 1861: Samuel 52yrs, a master blacksmith, at the Blacksmith Shop, Suddington. In 1871 Samuel is 63yrs, still at Suddington. 1881: Samuel 74yrs, Suddington..  
SANDERS Samuel Blacksmith 1843 Samuel Sanders (Snr), blacksmith. Born about 1843, Christened 06 Aug 1843 and buried 10 May 1927 in Ombersley, Worcestershire, England. The 1861 UK census lists Samuel as 17yrs, a journeyman blacksmith, at Suddington, Ombersley; In 1871 Samuel is 27 years, at Ombersley; 1881: Samuel 37 years, Suddington. The 1891 UK census lists Samuel as 47yrs, living in Ombersley with wife Mary 45yrs (born Ombersley; buried 17 December 1927,Ombersely). Children: Samuel (Jnr) 9yrs ; Mary.J. 8yrs; Eliza 6yrs; Harry 4yrs; Fred under 9mths infant. Sister-in-law: Ann Brooks 43yrs. In 1911 Samuel is 67yrs; Mary 65yrs; living in Suddington, Ombersley. Children: Samuel (Jnr) 29yrs, unmarried (blacksmith); Mary Jane 28yrs,unmarried; Harry 24yrs, unmarried; Fred 20yr, unmarried (blacksmith)..  
SANDERS Samuel Blacksmith 1880 Samuel Sanders (Jnr), blacksmith. Born 1881 and Christened 11 Sept 1880-81, Ombersley, Worcestershire, England. The 1891 UK census lists Samuel as 9yrs, living with his family in Ombersley. The 1901 UK census lists Samuel as 19yrs, at Suddington Farm, Ombersley. See Blacksmiths of Worcestershire for parents Samuel and Mary plus siblings. In 1911 Samuel (Jnr) is 29yrs,unmarried, still with his family in Ombersley..  
SANDERS Thomas Blacksmith,
Shoeing Smith
1837 Thomas Sanders, blacksmith, shoeing smith. Born Ombersley, Worcestershire. Christened 08 Oct 1837. Married Annie (surname unknown) . In 1881 Thomas was 43yrs, a shoeing smith, at 14 Bk 122 Arthur Street, Aston, Warwickshire; 1901: Thomas is 64 yrs, at 188 Church Lane, Aston. Thomas is listed in Blacksmiths of Warwickshire & Worcestershire plus the Farriers Indexes..  
SANDERS William Blacksmith 1778 William Sanders, blacksmith. Born Ombersley, Worcestershire. Christened 17 Oct 1778. Buried 12 Dec 1850. Married Mary Griffiths (born about 1781. Buried 10 Jan 1860). The 1841 UK census lists William as 60yrs,at Sinton, Ombersley..  
SANDERS William Blacksmith 1815 William Sanders, blacksmith. Born Ombersley, Worcestershire. Christened 17 Dec 1815. Buried 1891. Married Unknown between 1861-71, Widowed by 1881. The 1841 UK census lists William as 25 yrs, at Sinton, Ombersley; 1851: William is 35 years, at Suddington, Ombersley; 1861: he is 46 years, Suddington, Ombersley; 1871: William is 56yrs, Suddington, Ombersley; 1881: William 66yrs, still at Suddington, Ombersley..  
SAUNDERS Samuel Blacksmith 1679 Samuel Saunders, blacksmith. Born Ombersley, Worcestershir. Christened 10 Jan 1679/1680. Buried 12 July 1733. Married Sarah Lamb[e] (Sarah was Christened 18 April 1688; buried 21 April 1729)..  
SQUIRE Philip Blacksmith 1867 Philip Squire, born 1867 in Lynton, Devon, England. 1881 census apprentice to John Creek, blacksmith, in Lynbridge, Lynton, Devon. 1891 census a blacksmith, border in the house of John Launchbury, wheelwright, in Didbrook, Winchcombe, Glos. Married in 1892 to Mary Ann Biles. 1901 census blacksmith at Blockley, Aston Magna, Shipston-on-Stour, Worcs with wife & 4 children. He is also listed in the Blacksmiths of Devon Index..  
UNKNOWN B.L. Blacksmith-Prisoner 1799 B.L. Unknown, blacksmith. Born about 1799-1800, Cradley, Worcestershire, England. The 1851 UK census lists him as 51yrs, a prisoner at 1-Convict Prison Lidford, Tavistock, Devonshire. Listed in the Blacksmiths of Worcestershire and Prisoners Indexes..  
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