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Surname Given Name Trade Year Notes
BEACH John Blacksmith 1859 John Beach, blacksmith, whitesmith. Born 1859 in Solihull, Warwickshire, England and died 1939 in Solihull, Warwickshire. 1872 - 1884 UK Midlands & Various UK Trade Directories 1770-1941 - Kelly's Directory. Census 1881 – 1911..  
BILLINGHAM Joseph Blacksmith 1854 Joseph Billingham, blacksmith, whitesmith, cutler. Born about 1854 in Birmingham, Warwickshire. The 1871 UK census lists him as 17yrs, a whitesmith, living at ?Cottage 10,House 3, Floodgate, Birmingham; with mother Charlotte, 48yrs, charwoman. In 1881 he was a metal worker/spoon forger, living at 34 Milk Street, Birmingham; with wife Eliza 27yrs. Children: Samuel 5yrs; Annie 3yrs; Albert 10mths infant and his mother Charlotte 59yrs,widow. In 1891 he was working as a Blacksmith still living in Milk Street. Joseph is listed in the Blacksmiths of Warwickshire, Cutlers & Whitesmiths Indexes..  
BISSELL Arthur. J. Blacksmith 1870 Arthur.J. Bissell, blacksmith. Born about 1870, Tanworth, Warwickshire, England. The 1901 UK census lists him as 31yrs, living at Salter Street, Tanworth..  
BISSELL George Joseph Blacksmith 1883 George Joseph Bissell, blacksmith. Born 1883 , died 1940. The 1901 UK census lists him as 17yrs, at Salter Street, Tanworth, Warwickshire; with mother Emma 53yrs, widow. Sister Mary.E. Bissell 13yrs; and Step-son Arthur J. Bissell 31yrs (blacksmith)..  
BISSELL Henry Hermann Blacksmith 1876 Henry Hermann Bissell, blacksmith, engineer. (1876-1975)Born 1876 in Leamington, Warwickshire. Died: 1975. Parents: Edward Henry Bissell and Emily Timms. Married Mary Nelly Wilson-Jerrim, nee Wade in Leamington in 1919. They had three children. Ran the family business with his two brothers later involving smithing, cycle and motor car maintenance. Self-styled engineer in 1901 census..  
BISSELL James Blacksmith 1687 James Bissell, blacksmith. Born: 1687. Died: 1721. Wife: Mary ?, seven known children. Born and lived in Loxley, Warwickshire..  
BISSELL John Blacksmith 1842 John Bissell, blacksmith. Born 1842, Warwickshire, England. The 1881 UK census lists him as 39yrs, at Salter Street, Tanworth, Warwickshire; with wife Emma 32yrs and daughter Ada 2yrs. They are living next door to John’s parents..  
BISSELL Joseph Blacksmith 1811 Joseph Bissell, blacksmith. Born about 1811, Warwickshire, England. The 1881 UK census lists him as 69yrs, at Salter Street, Tanworth, Warwicksh.  
BYWATER John Blacksmith 1825 John Bywater, blacksmith. Born circa 1825 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. The son of a journeyman blacksmith. In 1841 he was living and working in Dudley, Warwickshire. After his marriage in 1848 he moved to Combrooke, Warwickshire, where he was the village blacksmith until his death in 1881. John Bywater is buried in the churchyard of St Mary and St Margaret,Combrooke. Three of his sons also became blacksmiths and moved to different parts of the country to carry out their trade..  
BYWATER William John Blacksmith 1848 William John Bywater, blacksmith. Born circa 1848 in Combrook, Warwickshire, England and died 14 September 1905 in Heather, Leicestershire. He started working as a blacksmith in Combrook with his father (John Bywater - see Blacksmiths of Warwickshire) and then, after working for a while as a journeyman William settled in Staffordshire. He spent a few years in Wolverhampton and then 10+ years in Horninglow - he was blacksmithing there in both the 1891 and 1901 censuses, before his death in 1905. Listed in Blacksmiths of Staffordshire and Warwickshire..  
CASH Sidney Blacksmith 1895 Sidney Cash, blacksmith, farrier. Born 16 Feb 1895, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. The 1911 UK census lists Sidney as 17yrs, unmarried , blacksmiths assistant, living at the home of his sister Millicent (nee Cash) & brother-in-law William Buckley 33yrs (a blacksmith) and children. Also listed is blacksmith Richard Buckley, 85yrs, widower. Sidney cash served as a shoeing smith in WW1 (see the Indexes for Farriers; Blacksmiths of Shropshire; Warwickshire + Military..  
COWLEY Capel Blacksmith 1814 Capel Cowley, blacksmith. Born in 1814 in Willoughby Warwickshire was a blacksmith there in 1841 he moved to Birmingham some time between 1843 and 1850 and is a blacksmith in the Bordsley area of the city in 1851..  
COWLEY Martin Blacksmith 1820 Martin Cowley, blacksmith. Brother of Capel Cowley was born in 1820 in Willoughby Warwickshire was a blacksmith there in 1851. A wonderful Website has been designed ..  
DANGERFIELD Thomas Blacksmith 1790 Thomas Dangerfield, blacksmith. Thomas came to Birmingham Warwickshire from Tipton (part of the West Midlands) England in early 1790's with his first wife, a blacksmith by trade, but took up the license of the Boat Inn , Suffolk Street, and had rents from properties in Wharf Street Birmingham and was involved in the haulage of goods from Birmingham to the Black Country and back . He was soon widowered but rapidly remarried . His trade is listed as blacksmith on his Marriage Bond Allegation of 1795 of which I have a copy and his death certificate - of which I have a copy..  
DOYLE Daniel Blacksmith 1850 Daniel Doyle, shoeing smith. Born 1850-1851, Ireland. The 1891 UK census lists Daniel as 40yrs, living at high street Aston, Warwickshire; with wife Catherine 24yrs (born Hereford, England). Daughters Kathleen 5yrs; Margaret 3yrs; Mary Ann, 1yr infant. See Blacksmiths of Ireland and Warwickshire. Listed in County Carlow 1846 slaters directory..  
FLOWERS Frederick Blacksmith 1854 Frederick Flowers, blacksmith. Born 1854, Warwickshire, England. Son of master blacksmith James Flowers (born 1834) and Sarah. 1871 Frederick is listed as 17yrs a blacksmith journeyman working for his father (my grandfather). 1881: Frederick is 27yrs, living Lower Stokes (next door to parents) with wife Catherine 24yrs. Chlldren: Arthur.W. 4yrs; Frank.E. 3yrs; Wilfred 10yrs infant. See Blacksmiths of Warwickshire for his parents James and Sarah Flowers plus siblings..  
FLOWERS James (Jnr) Blacksmith 1834 James Flowers (Jnr), master blacksmith. Born 1834, Warwickshire, England. In the 1841 UK census James is 4yrs, living with his parents in Wolston, Warwickshire. Father James 40yrs (master blacksmith) and mother Elizabeth 35yrs. 1851 James is 16yrs, working as a blacksmiths labourer in the village, Berkswell, Warwickshire. 1861 James is 27yrs, living in Lower Stokes Warwickshire with wife Sarah 35yrs (born Coventry) and son Frederick 7yrs. They are living with Sarah’s parents Edward and Ann Spencer. The 1871 UK census lists James as 36yrs, living at Stoke Green, Warwick, Sarah 44yrs. Children: Frederick 17yrs (blacksmith with his father); Sarah 13yrs; Eliza 11yrs; Ellen 10yrs; Ann 4yrsFanny 1yr infant. In 1881 James is 46yrs, living at Lower Stoke, Warwickshire with wife Sarah 54yrs and daughter Annie 14yrs. Lodger: Rebecca Flowers 48yrs, unmarried. James was an employer blacksmith at Stoke Green Walsgrave On Sowe, Warwickshire. The smithy was near to the Bulls Head Inn Stoke and is shown in a map of 1889. Members of the Flowers family lived in and around Stoke Coventry and Walsgrave on Sowe up to the present day..  
FLOWERS James (Snr) Blacksmith 1806 James Flowers (Snr), blacksmith. Born about 1801, Warwickshire, England. The 1841 UK census lists James as 40yrs, living at Wolston, Warwickshire, with wife Elizabeth 35yrs. Children: Henry 12yrs; Rebecca 8yrs; Frederick 6yrs; James 4yrs; Amos 2yrs; Eliza 1yr infant. 1851: can’t find James and Elizabeth..  
HARBORNE Henry Blacksmith,
1814 Henry Harborne, blacksmith, wheelwright. Born about 1814, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England. Henry can be seen on various census. 1881 census lists Henry as 67yrs, living in Smith Lane, Snitterfield, Warwickshire with wife Jane 67yrs. Children: Thomas 33yrs, unmarried (blacksmith); George 30yrs,unmarried (wheelwright); Lucy 32yrs unmarried; Samuel 25yrs,unmarried (blacksmith); Thomas Harborne 65yrs, widower, boarder (bricklayer). Listed in Blacksmiths of Warwickshire and Wheelwrights Indexes..  
HILL William Henry Blacksmith 1840 William Henry Hill, blacksmith, whitesmith, fitter. Born 25th December 1840 to Richard Hill and his wife Charlotte nee Golby. He is on the 1861 census at Greyfriars Lane, Coventry occupation a Smith. He moved to Doncaster and on 3rd November 1868 married Rose Fletcher (1847-1918) in the parish church, occupation Fitter. The family moved to Leamington Spa and on 1871 census are at Bath St, occupation Whitesmith. Children: Lilian (1869-1870) Richard William (1871-1960) and George Henry (1872-1957). William gives his occupation as Whitesmith on their Bc, bpt records. The family move to Salford and have a son, Walter(1876-1879). 1881: they are at Queens Place, occupation Blacksmith. In Slater's Directory 1886 and 1896 his occupation is Whitesmith. In 1901 the family are at Lower Islington St , occupation Blacksmith(wrought iron gates, etc.) Slater's 1903 and 1909 states he is a Whitesmith. In 1911 he is in Coventry visiting friends, occupation Whitesmith (out of employ) William died in 1920. He was my GG grandfather. Listed in Indexes for Blacksmiths Lancashire & Warwickshire and Whitesmiths..  
HINES John Blacksmith & Coachbuilder 1839 John Hines, blackmisth, coachsmith. Born in Weston Favel, Northamptonshire in 1839. Wife: Elizabeth Smith, married in Caldecot, Rutland 1869. The marriage certificate states he was a Coachmaker. He then moved to Market Harborough and moved to Birmingham, Warwickshire. On his sons bith certificate in 1873 it states he was a coachsmith. The 1901 Census states he was a Blacksmith living at Hanover street in Birmingham. He died on he 18 November 1908 age 69 years as a Coachsmith Journeyman at 38 Bell Barn road in Birmingham. Also listed in Blacksmiths of Warwickshire & Northamptonshire and in the Cartwrights Index. Also listed in Cartwrights Index..  
HUGHES Thomas Blacksmith 1779 Thomas Hughes, blacksmith, convict, flogger, executionist. Born about 1779 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. Parents: Thomas Hughes & Mary nee Cox. He was convicted at the Warwick Assizes in 1801 of theft and sentenced to transportation to Sydney in 1801 for theft. Later he was given life and arrived in the colony in 1802 on the ‘Perseus’. He had a colourful life, hated by the populous because he became Sydney’s flogger and later executioner from 1804- he died in 1835. He had only 1 living daughter, Amelia Hughes b. 1815 to Convict Susannah Smith and I am descended from Amelia and her husband Richard Puckeridge ( Richard son of convict Joseph Puckeridge). See also Convicts Index + Blacksmiths of Australia. I have studied Thomas over the years and have put it into a booklet form..  
LEAKE Edward Blacksmith 1683 Edward Leake, blacksmith of Castle Bromwich, Warwickshire. Edward’s trade was recorded on a marriage settlement dated 1683..  
LEAKE Edward Blacksmith 1753 Edward Leake, blacksmith of Castle Bromwich Warwickshire. Edward’s trade was recorded as a counter part of a lease between Sir Orlando and Edward Leake 1753 for 21 years..  
LEAKE Henry. Blacksmith 1663 Henry Leake, blacksmith. Baprised 18 September 1663 - 1665 at Castle Bromwich Warwickshire. Henry Leake 18th September 1663 and Henry Leake 18th September 1665 must be the same person as I have in my family tree only one around these dates Henry Leake 1600/10 no spouse children. Parents were Henry Leake(born abt. 1638) and Jane Cox who married September 1662 at Castle Bromwich. Henry’s trade was recorded on part of a lease between Sir Orlando Bridgeman and Henry Leake blacksmith for 21 years..  
LEAKE Thomas Blacksmith 1663 Thomas Leake, blacksmith of Castle Bromwich, Warwickshire. Thomas’s trade was recorded on a marriage settlement dated 1663..  
LOACH Thomas Blacksmith 1803 Thomas Loach, blacksmith. Born about 1803 in Birmingham. One of (probably) seven children of John LOACH and Hannah (nee FINCHETT). In 1841 he is recorded as Journeyman Blacksmith. Thomas LOACH with his sons John and Henry (and other relatives) were employed by W & T Avery at their factory in Mill Lane, Digbeth, Birmingham . They worked on the ground floor with their underhands where they assembled and fitted weighbridges, which each took about 6 months to make. Wife: Sarah Howard, married in 1824. They had (probably) thirteen children. Thomas Loach died of cancer of Pylorus, on 7 October 1867 at 27 Thimble Mill Lane, Aston, Birmingham. He was 64..  
MARSTON John William Blacksmith 1875 John William Marston, blacksmith. Born 1875 at 56, Abbey St, Nuneaton, was a blacksmith with his father. He left home and joined the 14th Hussars and went to South Africa; he was a cavalry blacksmith and was awarded the Queens RSA medal. He returned to England in 1900 with injury. Married in Coventry. He then joined the AOC went on military service but sadly died at the age of 32 in Gibraltar. Listed in the Blacksmiths of Warickshire and the Military Blacksmiths Indexes..  
PATRICK Daniel Blacksmith 1838 Daniel Patrick, blacksmith. Born about 1838, Ireland. The 1861 UK census lists Daniel as 23yrs, a blacksmith living in oxford street Birmingham, with mother Margaret , brothers Daniel, Andrew, James sisters Mary, Catherine and Elizabeth. See Blacksmiths of Ireland and Warwickshire..  
PLANT Edwin Blacksmith 1890 Edwin Plant, blacksmith. Born 1890 in Drayton Bassett, Staffordshire, England and died 1958 in Warwick, England. Edwin worked as a blacksmith in Warwick. See Blacksmiths of Staffordshire Index for his father Henry Plant..  
POOLE John Blacksmith 1866 John Poole. Blacksmith. Born about 1866, Hampton-in-Arden, Warwickshire. The 1891 UK census lists him as 26yrs, unmarried, living with parents blacksmith Thomas and Julia, in the Village, Hampton in Arden, Warwickshire. In 1901 John is 34yrs, living in Solehull Road, Hampton-in-Arden; with wife Alice 34yrs (born Ombersley Worcestershire). Children: Harold Poole 8yrs; Percy Poole 7yrs; Alice May 5yrs; Leo Aberam Poole 4yrs; Doris Jessey 3yrs;Thomas Cecil 1yr infant. In 1911 census John is 45yrs, a widower, still living Hampton-in-Arden. Children: Harold 17yrs, unmarried; Percey 16yrs, unmarried; Leo 14yrs; Doris 13yrs; Tom 11yrs; Violet 10yrs; Teddy 8yrs; Winnie 4yrs. Boarder: Herbert Bury, 24yrs, single (striker blacksmith). See Blacksmiths of Warwickshire for his parents blacksmith Thomas & Julia Poole..  
POOLE Thomas (Jnr) Blacksmith 1860 Thomas Poole (Jnr),blacksmith. Born about 1860, Hampton in Arden, Warwickshire, England. See Blacksmiths of Warwickshire for parents Thomas (Snr) & Julia plus siblings..  
POOLE Thomas (Snr) Blacksmith 1838 Thomas Poole (Snr), blacksmith. Born about 1838, Meriden, Essex, England. Married at Hampton In Arden on 22nd December 1859 to Julia Gardener ?Brain (born 1839, Coventry). 1861: Thomas (Snr), is 22yrs, living in Holly Lane, Hampton in Arden, Warwickshire; wife Julia 22yrs. Son Thomas (Jnr) 6 months infant. They are living with Julia’s grandparents farmer Robert Gardener ?Brain 67yrs & Susannah 67yrs. Also listed is servant Joseph Lines 16yrs. 1871: Thomas (Snr) is 33yrs, at Church Hill, Hampton in Arden; Julia 33yrs. Children: Thomas (Jnr) 10yrs; Susannah 8yrs; John 6yrs; Julia 4yrs. Also listed is their parish apprentice blacksmith Jacob Weston 15yrs. 1881: Thomas (Snr) is 43yrs, living Village, South Side, Hampton in Arden; Julia 42yrs. Sons: Thomas (Jnr) 20yrs,unmarried (blacksmith); John 15yrs. Daughter Julia 14yrs. In 1891 Thomas (Snr) is 54yrs, still living in the Village; Julia 54yrs. Son: John Poole 26yrs, unmarried (journeyman blacksmith); In 1901 Thomas (Snr) is 63yrs, living at Solehull Road, Hampton-in-Arden; Julia 63yrs. Servant: George Reeve 47yrs, married (blacksmith). See Blacksmiths of Warwickshire for his son John and family (living next door in Solehull Road)..  
PULLEN Unknown Blacksmith 1817 Benjamin Pullen, blacksmith & letter receiver. Born about 1817, Whixley, Yorkshire, England. The 1851 UK census lists Benjamin as 34yrs, living at Whixley with wife Mary Ann 36yrs (born Leeds). Children: Mary Ann 15yrs; Martha 9yrs; George Henry 4yrs; Elizabeth 5mths infant. Also listed is apprentice blacksmith Thomas Smith 18yrs. In 1861 Benjamin is 45yrs, still at Whixley; Mary Ann 45yrs. Children: Martha 19yrs; George Henry 14yrs; Elizabeth 10yrs; Emma 8yrs. Elizabeth Pullen (born about 1836) was my maternal Great grandmother; she died 07 July 1944 (the day I was born)..  
REEVE George Henry Blacksmith 1854 George Henry Reeve, blacksmith. Born about 1854, Barrow-on-Loar, Leicestershire, England. The 1991 UK census lists him as 37yrs, at 68 Oak Street, Burton Extra, Staffordshire with wife Ellen.N. 30yrs (born Nettleton, Wiltshire). Children: Nellie.N. 6yrs; Albert G. Reeve 3yrs. In 1901 George is 47yrs, boarding with master blacksmith Thomas (& Julia) Poole, Solehull Road, Hampton-in-Arden, Warwickshire. George died 1905, Sculcoats,Yorkshire, aged 53yrs (see  
SANDERS Thomas Blacksmith,
Shoeing Smith
1837 Thomas Sanders, blacksmith. Born Ombersley, Worcestershire, England and Christened 08 Oct 1837. Thomas married Annie (surname unknown) . In 1881 Thomas was 43yrs, a shoeing smith, at 14 Bk 122 Arthur Street, Aston, Warwickshire. 1901: Thomas is 64 yrs, at 188 Church Lane, Aston. Thomas is listed in Blacksmiths of Warwickshire & Worcestershire plus the Farriers Indexes..  
SKELLETT William Blacksmith & Farrier 1812 William Skellett, blacksmith & farrier. Born ?when, and baptised in Appleby (on the Leicester, Derbyshire border), England. He was in Appleby for the 1841 UK census but did not remain there as his children William, Arthur and Theodora were born in Tamworth, Warwickshire between 1845-1850. In 1861 he was in Edingale, Staffordshire a blacksmith and in 1881 a blacksmith in Stapenhill, Derbyshire. William is listed on Blacksmiths of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire Indexes and on the Farriers Index..  
SMITH Frederick John Blacksmith 1845 Frederick John Smith, blacksmith. Born 1845 Warwick, Allesley and died 1913 Allesley Warwick. Wife: Sarah Ann Jones. See census 1861,1881,1891,1901. Children: Lewis William, Mary Elizabeth, Martha, Ann Mason, Ephraim Jones, Emily Mary C., Frederick Thomas, Sydney and Maurice..  
SMITH John Blacksmith 1813 John Smith, blacksmith. Born 1813 at Coton-in-the-Elms, Derby, England and died 1890 Australia, Victoria, Learmonth. Wife: Alice Haywood. See UK census 1851. Emigrated to Australia 1854. Children: Anne, Francis, Alice, Caroline, George, Emily, Agnes, Mary Helena, Frederick Lewis James, Henry Arthur & Louisa Elizabeth..  
SMITH Lewis Blacksmith 1817 Lewis Smith, blacksmith. Born 1817 at Coton-in-the-Elms, Derby, England and died 1853 in Allesley, Warwick. Wife: Mary Ann Price. See census 1841& 1851. Children: Elizabeth, Frederick John, Lewis William, Ann Mason, Thomas, Eliza..  
SMITH Lewis William Blacksmith 1874 Lewis William Smith, blacksmith. Born 1874 in Allesley, Warwick, England. Wife: Lizzie Jane Podmore. See census 1891. Wife: Lizzie Jane Podmore..  
SMITH Samuel Blacksmith 1796 Samuel Smith, blacksmith. Born 1796 in Warwick. Died: unknown. Parents unknown. Married Mary Claridge in 1818 in Warwick. Three known children. Lived in the Saltisford area of Warwick..  
SMITH Thomas Blacksmith 1833 1833: Thomas Smith, blacksmith. Born about 1833, Harewood, Yorkshire, England. The 1851 UK census lists him as 18yrs, apprenticed to master blacksmith Benjamin Pullen (and family), living at Whixley, Yorkshire. In 1861 Thomas is 28yrs, living at ?Ninson, Geen Lane (3 Fields Buildings),Birmingham,Warwickshire; with wife Louisa 27yrs and daughter Mary Ann 5mths infant. Listed in Blacksmiths of Warwickshire & Yorkshire..  
STARKEY Charles Blacksmith 1835 1835: Charles Starkey, blacksmith. Born about 1835. The 1861 census lists him as 26yrs. See Blacksmiths of Warwickshire for his father and brother William plus other family members. I have no other information..  
STARKEY John Blacksmith(Master) 1805 1805: John Starkey, master blacksmith, employs 2 men. Born about 1805 Leiscester. The 1851 census lists him as 56yrs living at Saltisford, St Mary, Warwick with wife Sarah 52yrs. Children listed: William 28yrs (blacksmith); Charles 26yrs (blacksmith); ?Emma (unclear) 21yrs (dressmaker); John 19yrs(cabinet maker). Listed in the Indenture of Apprenticeship Warwick 1800's Warwickshire. I have no other information..  
STARKEY WIlliam Blacksmith 1833 1833: William Starkey, blacksmith. Born about 1833. The 1861 census lists him as 28yrs. Apprenticed to his father John Starkey (master blacksmith) 8th June 1855 as seen in the "Indenture of Apprenticeship Warwick 1800's Warwickshire" See Blacksmiths of Warwickshire for his father and brother Charles plus other family members. I have no other information..  
WHEWAY Joseph Blacksmith 1836 Joseph Wheway, blacksmith. Born 1836 in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England. Died 11 Sept 1906 in Tamworth, Staffordshire. The 1841 UK census lists Joseph as 4yrs, living in Bond End, with parents William 30yrs and Sarah 30yrs,both born Warwickshire. Siblings: Ann 12yrs; William 10yrs; James 8yrs; George 1yr infant. In 1861 Joseph is 24yrs, living in Drayton Village, Staffs; with wife Ann 21yrs (born Staffs). Children: Emelia 1yr Infant; Elizabeth 2months infant plus sister-in-law Sarah Jenkins 12yrs. Joseph can be followed through to census 1901 where he is listed as 65yrs, widower, boarding at 2 Church Lane, Tamworth, Staffs. Listed in Blacksmiths of Staffordshire and Warwickshire..  
WILLIAMS Richard Blacksmith & Whitesmith 1789 Richard Williams, blacksmith, whitesmith. Born 1789 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. Richard was a White smith at the baptism of his daughter Caroline14 Jun 1821 and a blacksmith on 29 Dec 1824 baptism of son Rudall. Listed in Whitesmiths & Blacksmiths of Warwickshire Indexes ..  
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