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Surname Given Name Trade Year Notes
ADAMS George Blacksmith 1826 George Adams, master blacksmith. Born about 1826 Titsey near Godstone, Surrey, England. Died March quarter 1881. The 1841 UK census sows George married to Ann Lisney (born in Newbury, Berkshire, England). The 1871 UK census lists George as 48yrs, living near the Church, Titsey, Surrey with wife Ann 46yrs. Children: James 11yrs; Edward 4yrs; Eliza. A. 14yrs; Fanny 13yrs; Mary. E. 10yrs; Rhoda 6yrs. In 1881, Ann (Annie) is 57yrs. Children: James 21yrs, unmarried; Rhoda 16yrs; Edward 14yrs; Fanny Wellard (nee Adams), 23yrs, married. Grandchildren: Alfred. C. Wellard 3yrs; Albert. W. Wellard 1yr infant. He was my great great grandfather..  
AYLING Charles Blacksmith 1806 Charles Ayling, blacksmith. Born 1806, Surrey, England. Charles was the younger brother of William (born 1794 - the Chertsey blacksmith). Charles settled in Sunbury and worked as a blacksmith there from at least 1851 for the next 30 years or so. The local archivist reports that there was a blacksmiths forge near the Goat Public House in Halliford, near Sunbury, and this is the most likely location of Charles' business. Charles (bn 1806) was the younger brother of William (bn 1794 - the Chertsey blacksmith). Charles settled in Sunbury and worked as a blacksmith there from at least 1851 for the next 30 years or so. The local archivist reports that there was a blacksmiths forge near the Goat Public House in Halliford, near Sunbury, and this is the most likely location of Charles' business..  
AYLING William Blacksmith 1794 William Ayling , blacksmith. Born 1794, Surrey, England. William started a blacksmiths business in Bridge Street, Chertsey with his uncle Thomas. It apparently either closed or moved premises in the 1820s - to Guildford Street Chertsey, where it was taken over by William Ayling (Jnr) (or 1819) and continued into the 1870s. It was eventually taken over by the Thompson family..  
BERRY Daniel (Snr) Blacksmith 1786 Daniel Berry (Snr), blacksmith. Born 1786 - ?place(not in Surrey) and died 1841. The 1841 UK census lists him as 55yrs, at London Street Chertsey, Surrey. Also listed: Daniel Berry 31yrs (blacksmith); Thomas Berry 13yrs; John Berry 21yrs(printer); Henry Berry 18yrs(blacksmith); William Berry 13yrs; Elizabeth Berry 33yrs; Ellen Berry 15yrs..  
BERRY Henry Blacksmith 1823 Henry Berry, blacksmith. Born about 1823 in Surrey. The 1841 UK census lists him as 18yrs, living at London Street Chertsey, Surrey. See Blacksmiths of Surrey for father Daniel (born 1786) and siblings: Thomas Berry 13yrs; John Berry 21yrs(printer); William Berry 13yrs; Elizabeth Berry 33yrs; Ellen Berry 15yrs..  
BLESS William Blacksmith 1821 1821: William Bless, blacksmith journeyman. Born about 1821 in Bermondsey, Surrey. The 1851 UK census lists him as 30yrs,living at 101 Great Suffolk Street with wife Ann 31yrs (born Surrey) plus daughters Mary Ann 5yrs and Frances 1yr infant..  
BROCKWELL John Blacksmith 1828 ohn Brockwell, blacksmith. Born about 1828, Hamburg Surrey, England. The 1841 UK census lists John as ?14yrs living in Kingston upon Thames with his parents, Frank and35yrs and Fanny 35yrs. In 1851 John is 23yrs, living at Forty Acres, Kingston with wife Martha 21yrs and son Francis 2yrs. In 1861 UK census lists John as 33yrs, living at Fairfield Court, Kingston, Surry with wife Martha 31yrs (born Hamburg). Children: James 12 yrs; Sophia 6yrs; Martha 3yrs. 1871 shows John as 40yrs and Martha 41yrs. Children: James 19yrs (blacksmith); William 6yrs..  
BUNCH Frank (Francis) Blacksmith 1846 Frank (Francis) Bunch, blacksmith. My 2 x great grandfather. Born about 1846 Yateley, Surrey, England. Parents Thomas Bunch and Elizabeth Spiers. Lived at Eversley Cross where he had a forge until his death in 1930. Married Eliza Runnacus (formerly Atkins) 1870 in Reading. Had three sons, a stepson and a daughter. See Census 1851 thru' 1911. Kelly's Trade Directory 1890. I have birth, marriage and death certificates, plus one photograph..  
BYGRAVE Robert Blacksmith 1813 Robert Bygrave, blacksmith, 1813, Southwark Surrey. No other details given..  
CONISBEE Alfred Blacksmith 1830 Alfred Conisbee, blacksmith apprentice. Born about 1830 in Lily, Hertfordshire, England. The 1851 UK census lists him as 21yrs, living at Chruch Street, Cobham with his aunt Drusilla Sheryer (widow of blacksmith Daniel Sheryer), propriatress of houses..  
COPPIN John Blacksmith 1718 John Coppin, blacksmith. Born about 1718, ?Kent or ?Addington, Surrey, England. The Coppin family were first mentioned in the St. Mary the Blessed Virgin parish records, in Addington Surrey, in 1767 with the baptism of a female child, Elizabeth, who died within eleven days of birth. Further research has discovered that the family had come to Addington Surrey from Shoreham Kent, and Tonbridge Kent before that. From the land tax register it appears that John Coppin, 1718-1792, was taxed for a house and shop in 1780. What kind of shop it was is unknown but the blacksmith family business was not recorded until 1803 when Mrs Coppin was taxed for a forge. This family business was continued down the generations until the beginning of 1930s..  
COURT Richard Blacksmith 1754 Richard Court, blacksmith. Born 1754, Thursley and died 1821 at Thursley, Surrey, England. Richard married Lucy Boxall in 1794 at Thursley. Their children: Mary, Richard, James, Thomas, Ann, Samuel, Henry. Richard parents were Richard Court and Elizabeth Tousell..  
CUTTS James Blacksmith 1834 James Cutts, blacksmith. Born about 1834 in Oulton (?Catton), Suffolk, England. The 1851 UK census lists James as 17yrs and his sister Rebekkah 15yrs, visiting with Innkeepers Samuel & Mary Ann Huggins at 22 Briggate Worstead, Tunstead, Norfolk. In 1881 James is 47yrs , living at Hatfield Grove, Penge, Surrey with wife Elizabeth 47yrs. Children: Arthur 12yrs; Minnie 10yrs and Earnest 6yrs. Listed in Blacksmiths of Suffolk, Norfolk and Surrey..  
DAWES / DAWS Henry Compton Blacksmith 1821 Henry Compton Dawes / Daw, blacksmith. Born in Surrey, baptised at Merrow in 1821. He was a Blacksmith in Stoke Next Guildford (Surrey)as it was known. Now it would just be Guildford - Stoke being a small area of Guildford..  
EAST Thomas Blacksmith,
1880 Thomas East, blacksmith, farrier. Thomas operated from Howard Street Lambeth Surrey, England in the 1880's. Also listed in the Farriers Index. Any info will be very helpful thank you..  
ETHERINGTON Michael Blacksmith,
1855 Michael Etherington, blacksmith, farrier. Born 1855, Leatherhead Surrey, England. The 1881 Uk census lists him as a shoeing smith. The 1891 census "blacksmith" and 1901 census, master farrier & blacksmith all in the Shere/Abinger/Holmbury areas. Michaels mother Emma Etherington (nee Trusler) was related to the Trussler blacksmiths in the same area (See Blacksmiths of Surrey). In 1914 his blacksmiths shop was in Abinger Hammer and is mentioned in a 1993 publication "A Short History and Guide to Abinger Hammer ". Michael and his wife Hannah had eleven children..  
FLINT George Blacksmith 1870 George Flint, blacksmith, owner forge smithy at Tapners Rd, Leigh,Surrey cc1870 to 1909..  
FORD Henry Blacksmith 1832 Henry Ford, blacksmith. Born about 1832, Croydon, Surrey, England. Parents: Samuel (a bricklayer) & Ann Ford. The UK census 1841 lists him as 9yrs old. You can follow his life through from census 1841 to 1901. Married: Mary Moore in September 1853 in Croydon. Children: Elizabeth Ann, Mary Ann, Henry (Jnr), Edith & Lottie.E, By 1901 Henry (Snr) was blind; he died in Croydon, in 1904 aged 75yrs..  
FOX George Daniel Blacksmith 1853 George Daniel Fox, blacksmith. Daughter Sarah Eleanor married William John Amner 16 May 1853, Southwark,Surrey. More information welcome..  
FRY Albert Edward Blacksmith 1863 Albert Edward Fry, blacksmith. Born 31 May 1863 in Lambeth Surrey..  
GIBSON James (Jnr) Blacksmith,
1836 James Gibson (Jnr), blacksmith, artist and decorator in wrought iron. Born 18 Sept. 1836, Surrey, England. James married Louisa Chuter in 1857. The 1871 UK census lists James as 35yrs, living on Regent St. Chelsea; Louisa 36yrs (born Hamburg). Children: S (boy) 12yrs; E (girl) 6yrs; L (boy) 5yrs; H (boy) 3yrs. Listed also in Iron Workers Index. His father was a Blacksmith (James Gibson born 1808)..  
GIBSON James (Snr Blacksmith 1808 James Gibson (Snr), blacksmith. Born about 1808, Marsham, Surrey, England. The 1861 UK census lists James as 52yrs, living at Richmond, Surrey with wife Lucy 44yrs (born Richmond). Children listed: Henry 18yrs; Jeannette 15yrs; Alfred 13yrs; Arthur 11yrs..  
GODSONE William Pope Blacksmith 1600 William Pope Godstone, blacksmith went to Limpsfield Surrey In the 1600s where he became a Master Blacksmith. No other information sent (not even sender's name)..  
GOODYER/GOODYEAR   Blacksmith 1600 Alexandroff Goodyer, blacksmith of Guildford, Surery, is listed in the document at the link below. This manuscript is an original arrest document signed by agents of the English king. The charge was that he and the others listed took part in an unauthorized religious service "not according to the Liturgy of the Church of England." Presumably, he was a Catholic. The manuscript is owned by the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington DC and is available to view on line: I have done a transcription of this manuscript if it is of interest. Contact Carl by..  
HAMSHAR Daniel Blacksmith 1794 Daniel Hamshar, blacksmith. Born 1794, Dorking Surrey and died 1873. Worked: Dorking, Surrey. See 1841-1851-1861 Census. Aged: 56yrs in 1851..  
HAMSHAR Edward Blacksmith(Master) 1822 Edward Hamshar, master blacksmith. Born 1822, Dorking Surrey and died 1893. Worked: Great Bookham, Surrey. See 1861-1871-1881-1891 Census. Aged: 28yrs in 1851..  
HAY John Blacksmith & Shoeing smith 1822 John Hay, blacksmth, shoemaker. Born in Carshalton Surrey approx 1822. Wife: Mary Ann (Selwood??),married approx.1845/46 in Erith Kent. Children(5 in all): Elizabeth, Selena, John, Eleanor, William. The census for 1861 & 1881 shows John as a blacksmith. The 1891 Census as a Shoeing Blacksmith. He spent the rest of his life in Kent. He had moved from Erith to Plumstead by 1881 and then to Woolwich in 1891 where he lived with his youngest son William.I am looking for a record of his birth in Carshalton and his death (I assume in Woolwich). If anyone can help it would be appreciated..  
HEDGER Frank Blacksmith 1848 Frank Hedger, blacksmith. Born about 1848, Ewhurst, Surrey, England. The 1871 UK census lists Frank as 23yrs, living in Ewhurst with parents James & Rebecca Hedges and other family members. (see Blacksmiths of Surrey for James and George)..  
HEDGER George Blacksmith 1838 George Hedger, blacksmith. Born about 1838, Farcomb/Ewhurst, Surrey, England. George came from a family of blacksmiths, Ewhurst, Surrey. Marriage entry in the Rudgwick (Ssx) PR transcriptions states on 26th March 1864, aged 24, he married Mary Garman aged 23 of Rudgwick. See Blacksmith of Surrey for his father James and brother Frank. . George & Mary had two babies baptised in Rudgwick..  
HEDGER James Blacksmith 1796 James Hedger, blacksmith. Born about 1796, Cranleigh, Surrey,England. The 1871 UK census lists James as 75yrs, at Ewhurst, Surrey with Wife Rebcecca 60yrs. Children: Betsy Hedger 25yrs, unmarried; Frank 23yrs(blacksmith); George 33yrs (blacksmith. George’s wife Mary (nee Garman )30yrs and their two children James 2yrs; Betsy 6yrs..  
HILL Timothy (Jnr) Blacksmith,
Furnishing Ironmonger,
1778 Timothy Hill (Jnr) , blacksmith, ironmonger. Lived circa 1778-1818. Following the death of his mother in 1794, Timothy Hill (jnr) succeeded to the Ironmongers business at 1 Surrey foot of Westminster Bridge Lambeth, but not being of full age his uncle "Interesting Stories" Link on the home page for an image of his work. The HILL family is also listed in the Iron Workers Indexes; the history is very complicated..  
INSTONE William (Jnr) Blacksmith 1834 William Instone (Jnr) , blacksmith. Born 1834 in Blackwater, Surrey, England. The 1841 UK census lists William (Jnr) as 7yrs, living with his family at Yately, Hampshire. See Blacksmiths of Hampshire for parents master blacksmiths William (born 1800) and Hannah plus other family members. William (Jnr) as still a blacksmith at Ash Vale on the 1901 census. The Instone family is spread between Blacksmiths of Hampshire and Surrey and the Cartwrights and Wheelwrights Indexes..  
INSTONE William (Snr) Blacksmith 1800 William Instone (Snr), master blacksmith. Born Clapham, Surrey in 1800. The 1841 UK census lists William as 40yrs, living in Yately, Hampshire with wife Hannah 37yrs. Others listed with the surname Instone: mother Ann 72yrs. Children: Thomas 13yrs; Mary 11yrs; Hannah 9yrs; William 7yrs; George 4yrs; Joseph 1y infant. In 1851 William is 50yrs, widower, still in Yately. Children: Thomas 23yrs (blacksmith); William 16yrs (blacksmith); Joseph 11yrs and William (Snr) mother Ann 84yrs. 1861: William is 60yrs, living at Yately, Hampshire with second wife Mary 51yrs (born Amhurst, Bucks). Children: George 23yrs, unmarried, blacksmith, born Blackwater, Hampshire. Also listed is visitor Alice Goddard 15yrs. In 1971: William is 70yrs,widower again, living in Cove with son George and other family members. 1881: William is 80yrs old living with another son William and his wife Coleen. William died at Farnham Surrey in 1881. The Instone family is spread between Blacksmiths of Hampshire and Surrey and the Cartwrights and Wheelwrights Indexes..  
ISTED Edward Blacksmith 1783 Edward Isted , blacksmith. Born about 1783, Surrey, England. The 1841 UK census lists Edward as 58yrs, living at beddington, Surrey with William Isted 21yrs (blacksmith) and Ann Isted 19yrs..  
ISTED William Blacksmith 1814 William Isted, master blacksmith, farrier, employs 1 man. Born about 1814, Beddington, Surrey, England. William was a a farrier all his working life. The 1841 UK census lists William as 21yrs, at Beddington, Surrey. Also listed Edward Istead 58yrs(blacksmith) and Ann Istead 19yrs. In 1851 William is 37yrs, a master blacksmith, living in Church Lane, Beddington, with wife Emily 29yrs (born Croyden, Surrey). Children: Walter 3yrs; Frederick 1yr; plus cousin Mary Istead 38yrs..  
ISTED / ISTEAD John Blacksmith 1806 John Isted (Istead), blacksmith. Born about 1806, Surrey, England. The 1841 UK census lists John as 35yrs, living in Beddington Surrey with wife Sarah 35yrs. Children: Sarah 2yrs; David 6mths infant. Also listed James Istead 30yrs, labourer..  
ISTED / ISTEAD John Blacksmith 1785 John Isted (Istead), blacksmith. Born about 1785, Eastginstead, Surrey, England. The 1841 UK census lists John as 55yrs, living at Beddington with wife Mary 50yrs (born Kent). Children: James 25yrs; Mary 20yrs; Sarah 15yrs; Robert 10yrs. Also listed Elizabeth Betchley 20mths infant. In 1851 John is 66yrs, living in Church Lane, Beddington, with wife Mary 63yrs plus daughters Mary Instead 32yrs, unmarried and Sarah Instead 26yrs, unmarried..  
JUPP James Blacksmith 1842 James Jupp, blacksmith. Born about 1842 in Billingshurst, Sussex, England. The 1851 UK census lists James as 8yrs, living in Billingshurst with parents George 46yrs (born 1805 blacksmith) and Caroline 44yrs (born West Tarring, Sussex). Siblings of James: William 22yrs (born 1829 blacksmith); George 17yrs (ag. Labourer) and Jane 11yrs. In 1861 James is 20yrs and in the Royal Navy at Sea and in Ports Abroad. See for details. James married Jane Best 1866 in Dorking. See for details. The 1871 UK census lists James as 29yrs, living in Westcott, Dorking, Surrey with wife Jane 26yrs (born Dorking, Surrey).Children: James Geo. 3yrs and William Arthur 1yr infant. In 1881 James is 38yrs, Jane 35yrs living in Kingston, Surrey. Children: James 14yrs; William 11yrs; Ruth 6yrs; Martha 4yrs. Lodgers: Henry Jno Joney 33yrs (wheelwright) and his wife Mary Ann Joney 29yrs. They are seen on later Census in Kingston on Thames. Listed in Blacksmiths of Surrey and Sussex..  
KNIGHT Charles Blacksmith 1843 Charles Knight, blacksmith. Born about 1843 at Godstone, Surrey. See Blacksmiths of Surrey for parents John Knight (blacksmith) & Elizabeth plus siblings Matilda; Elizabeth; Mary Jane. John and Charles both lived in The Forge, High St, Godstone, Surrey..  
KNIGHT John Blacksmith 1812 John Knight, blacksmith. Born about 1816 in Surrey, The 1841 Uk census lists him as 25yrs, living at Tylers Green, Godstone, Surrey. The 1851 census lists him as ?39yrs, living at same address with wife Elizabeth 23yrs. Children: Charles 8yrs; Matilda 6yrs; Elizabeth 3yrs; Mary Jane 1yr infant. Son Charles became a blacksmith and John and Charles both lived in The Forge, High St, Godstone, Surrey..  
LAMBERT William Blacksmith 1800 William Lambert, blacksmith. Born about 1800, Shere, Surrey, England. The 1841 UK.  
NEWMAN Hugh Blacksmith 1757 Hugh Newman, blacksmith, of Epsom, Surrey. Married Elizabeth (died 1757), daughter of John Spurlyn..  
NEWMAN Samuel Blacksmith & Locksmith 1681 Samuel Newman, locksmith & blacksmith of Epsom (Ebbisham), Surrey. Married 1681 Dorothy Wheeler of Epsom at Headley, Surrey. Will dated 27 August 1719; will proved 16 October 1719. Also listed in the Locksmiths Index..  
NUTTMAN John Blacksmith 1744 John Nuttman, blacksmith. Born 1744 place unknown. Married Rebecca Rose 1772 in the her parish of Malden, Surrey, England. They had 2 known sons, John and Richard and one known daughter Rebecca. They moved several miles from Malden to a village called Cheam by 1776 as John Nuttman is registered as assaulting a shoe maker and residing in Cheam. John died in 1801 but his descendents remained in Cheam up until the present day..  
PINNICK Joseph Blacksmith 1780 Joseph Pinnick, blacksmith. Born about 1780 in Camberwell, Surrey, England. The 1851 UK census lists Joseph as , Devon). See census 1851 for grand children listed. Listed in Blacksmiths of Surrey and Devon..  
REEVES James Blacksmith,
1853 James Reeves, blacksmith, farrier. Born about 1853, Sevenoaks, Kemsing, Surrey, England. In 1891: James is 38yrs, at Haversham with Emily 38yrs. Children: James. H. 14yrs; Walter .I (Isaac). 12yrs; John. ?J, 5months infant. 1901 UK census lists James as 48yrs, at Haversham, Surrey with wife Emily 48yrs (born Kemsing). Children: Walter I. 22yrs (see Blacksmiths of Surrey index); Grace.E. 8yrs; Mabel F. 6yrs. In 1911: James is 58yrs, Emily 58yrs still in Kemsing. Children: Grace 18yrs, unmarried; Mable 16yrs, unmarried; Walter 32yrs, unmarried. The family is listed in both Blacksmiths of Surrey and Farriers Index..  
REEVES Walter Isaac Blacksmith,
1878 Walter Isaac Reeves, blacksmith, farrier. Born September quarter 1878, Reigate, Surrey, England. The 1901 UK census lists Walter as 22yrs, at at Haversham, Surrey with parents James and Emily(see Blacksmiths of Surrey) and sisters Grace and Mabel. In 1911 Walter is 32yrs, unmarried, living with parents and sisters at Kemsing. From 1895 until his death in 1952, Walter was at Heverham forge, Kemsing Surrey. The family is listed in both Blacksmiths of Surrey and Farriers Index..  
REYNOLDS Benjamin Blacksmith 1700 Benjamin Reynolds, blacksmith, during the late 1700’s. Benjamin was apprenticed to master blacksmith LUNN in Cove in the parish of Yateley Hampshire (now Berks). His family all came from local parts of this parish back to 1720. Died in Isleworth Middlesex in 1786 aged 30yrs leaving a wife and 5 children (including a new born son Thomas). Two other children were born in Cobham Surrey and Kingston also in Surrey. Also listed in Blacksmiths of Middlesex & Surrey. I believe that he was a travelling blacksmith with his family which would explain the births at these other parishes..  
RIDDALL James Blacksmith 1790 James Riddall, blacksmith. Born 1790, at Rotherhithe, Surrey, England. James was the youngest child of blacksmith Thomas Riddall. By late 1821 he and his wife Ann were settled in Mile End Old Town, Middlesex, where three of their children were baptized. A fourth child was baptized at St Dunstan Stepney, Middlesex, in 1830. Listed in both Blacksmiths of Middlesex & Surrey Indexes..  
RIDDALL Thomas Blacksmith 1740 Thomas Riddall, blacksmith. Born circa 1740. Thomas married Elizabeth Orton Webb at Southwark, Middlesex (London) in 1763. Thirteen children all baptized in Rotherhithe, Surrey, where he died in 1815. Listed in both Blacksmiths of Middlesex & Surrey Indexes..  
SHARP Francis Blacksmith 1771 Francis Sharp, blacksmith. Born about 1771 in Rotherhithe, Surrey, England. Francis married Elizabeth Logan. The 1841 UK census lists Francis as 70yrs, Elizabeth as 70yrs, living at Rotherhithe..  
SHERYER Danuel (Jnr) Blacksmith 1782 Daniel Sheryer (Jnr), blacksmith. Born about 1782 in Cobham, Surrey. Died before 1841 census. Married Ann (Rogers nee Jaackman). See blacksmiths of Surrey for other family members including blacksmith son Daniel (Jnr) who married Mary Longhurst; they had several children..  
SLY William Blacksmith 1763 William Sly, blacksmith. Born in approx 1763 in Warminster, Wiltshire. He was buried on 10th July 1834 in Goldaming, Surrey where he was a Blacksmith. He married Sophie Rampton - daughter of John Rampton and Sarah Humphries of Hampshire. Listed in both Blacksmiths of Surrey & Wiltshire Indexes..  
TATUM James Blacksmith 1822 James Tatum, blacksmith. Born about 1822, Newington, Surrey, England. The 1861 UK census lists James as 38yrs, at No: 1 Mansfield Street, Southwark, which was first turning on right on Borough Road, going from Obelisk to Kings Bench Prison. With him is his wife Emma 38yrs(born Brighton Sussex). Children: Emma 15yrs; James 11yrs; Sarah 9yrs; George 7yrs; Frances 2yrs. James is also listed in the London Trades Directory 1861 and 1869..  
TRUSLER (TRUSSLER) Meshach Blacksmith 1828 Meshach Trusler, blacksmith. Born 5 Feb 1828, Fellday, Surrey and died 3 Apr 1885, Cranleigh, Surrey. Father: Michael Trusler. Brothers: Shadrach & Michael..  
TRUSLER (TRUSSLER) Michael Blacksmith 1821 Michael Trusler, blacksmith. Born 18 Feb 1821 in Abinger, Surrey and died 30 Apr 1847. Father: Michael Trusler. Brother: Shadrach Trusler..  
TRUSLER (TRUSSLER) Shadrach Blacksmith 1827 Shadrach Trusler, blacksmith. Born about 1828 in Shere, Surrey. The 1851 UK census lists Shadrach as 23yrs, at Cranleigh, Surrey. Died: 19 Oct 1892 in Cranleigh, Surrey. Father: Michael Trusler..  
TRUSLER (TUSLER) Michael Blacksmith 1795 Michael Trusler, blacksmith. Born in Westhumble, Mickleham, Surrey, England. 1829: Blacksmith of Fellday. 1841: 45yrs, at Shere, Surrey. 1861: 65yrs, Shere, Surry. Died: 20 Apr 1869 in Sutton, Shere, Surrey. The surname started out as Tusler and this changed top Trusler somewhere along the line..  
UFFOLD John Blacksmith 1811 John Uffold, blacksmith. Born about 1811 in Surrey, England. The 1841 UK census lists him as 30yrs, at Shere, Surrey; with wife Hannah 30yrs (born Surrey). Children: John 7yrs, Hannah 5yrs, Esther 2yrs. In 1851 John is ?39yrs; Hannah ?41yrs. Children: John 17yrs (blacksmith); Hannah 15yrs; Esther 12yrs; Charles 9yrs; William 7yrs; Maria 4yrs; James ?2yrs infant. Also listed is lodger George Shurlock, 22yrs,unmarried, ag. labourer. The 1861 census lists John as 49yrs; Hannah 53yrs. Children: Esther 22yrs; Charles 19yrs; William 17yrs; Maria 14yrs; James 11yrs; By 1871 John is a widower..  
UNKNOWN T.W. Blacksmith 1820 T.W. Unknown, blacksmith. Born about 1820-21, Guildford, Surrey, England. The 1851 UK census lists him as 30yrs, a prisoner at 1-Convict Prison Lidford, Tavistock, Devonshire. Listed in the Blacksmiths of Surrey and Prisoners Indexes..  
VICARY Walter Thomas Blacksmith 1869 Walter Thomas Vicary. Blacksmith (ornamental). Born about 1869 in Devon, England. The 1871 UK census lists Walter as 2yrs, living in Kenn, Devon with his family. Parent: Walter 30yrs (born 1840 blacksmith) and Grace 31yrs. Siblings: Robert. G. 3yrs and Ella. A. under 1yr Infant. Visitor: Mary. G. Short 11yrs. In 1881 Walter is 12yrs. Parents: Walter is 39yrs, Grace 41yrs, living in Trodd’s Lane, Merrow, Surrey. Siblings: Robert 13yrs; Alice 10yrs; Eva 8yrs; James 4yrs; Mary under 1yr infant. The 1891 census lists Walter Thomas as 22yrs, wife Catherine.Y. 26yrs and daughter Kate under 1yr infant. Living in Rigault Road, Fulham, London. Listed in Blacksmiths of Devon, London and Surrey..  
VICARY Walter. Blacksmith 1840 Walter Vicary, blacksmith. Born 1840-1841 in Wetheridge, Devon, England. The 1841 UK census lists Walter as under 1y infant living in Hutswell, Oakford, Devon with his family. Parents: Thomas 30yrs (born 1810) and Elizabeth 25yrs. In 1851 Walter is 10yrs, a servant with Thomas Wayburn 51yrs ( a farmer 41 acres) in Oakford, Tiverton, Devon. 1871: Walter is 30yrs, wife Grace 31yrs, living at Haldon Farm, Kenn, Devon. Children: Robert. G. 3yrs; Walter. T. 2yrs and Ella. A. under 1yr Infant. Visitor: Mary. G. Short 11yrs. 1881: Walter is 39yrs, Grace 41yrs, living in Trodd’s Lane, Merrow, Surrey. Children: Robert 13yrs; Walter.T. 12yrs (born 1869 blacksmith); Alice 10yrs; Eva 8yrs; James 4yrs; Mary under 1yr infant. Listed in Blacksmiths of Devon and Surrey..  
WEBBER Benjamin Blacksmith 1885 Benjamin Webber, blacksmith & wheelwright. Born in 1885 Uffculme, Devon, England. Benjamin worked as a blacksmith for his father who was also a blacksmith from a very young age. He served in the 1st world war as a blacksmith in the RFA. At the end of the war with his brother also a blacksmith, they set up a forge on windmill road in Croydon. Ben lived the remainder of his life working at the forge until he passed away in 1966. Ben is listed in Blacksmiths of Surrey, Wheelwrights & Military Indexes..  
WEBBER Joseph William Blacksmith 1910 Joseph William Webber, blacksmith. Born on the 30th of September 1910, in Croydon Surrey, England to John Webber who was working as a blacksmith. As was normal Joseph followed his father John into the family blacksmithing business. Joseph worked with his father John and his uncle Benjamin in the family forge in windmill road in Croydon. (I have a photograph of both Joe and the forge if it is of any use)?.  
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