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Surname Given Name Trade Year Notes
BAILEY Robert Blacksmith 1751 Robert Bailey, blacksmith. Born about 1751, being baptised at St Peterís Church in Theberton, Suffolk on 19th April 1751 to parents Thomas bailey and Susan Almond. He married Ann Canham on 12 October 1775 and fathered 11 children. Robert died 6th September 1814 and was buried at St Peterís on 11th September. The blacksmithís house and forge are still standing in Theberton and are currently still occupied..  
BALLS George Blacksmith,
1845 George Balls, blacksmith & farrier. Born about 1845 in Suffolk, England. The 1861 UK census lists him as 15yrs, lodging with and apprenticed to Jeremiah Hambling in Beccles Suffolk. George married Mary Ann Halifax at Bethnal Green, London in 1866. His marriage certificate states he is a farrier. In 1871 he was 26yrs, in East Ham, Essex with Mary Ann 26yrs. Also listed: daughters Emily 3yrs, Elizabeth 1yr; and lodger Thomas Pearce 23yrs unmarried (blacksmith). In 1881 - 1911 George lived at 13, Paragon Place, Hackney, Middlesex. George is listed in both the Blacksmiths of Suffolk and Farriers Indexes..  
BLOWER Ephrain. G. Blacksmith 1800 Ephraim G. Blowers, blacksmith. Born 1800 Ilketshall St Margaret. Suffolk. The 1881 UK census lists him as a 1yr infant, with parents. See Blacksmiths of Suffolk for parents blacksmith & inn keeper George Blowers & Harriet plus other family members..  
BLOWER George Blacksmith 1849 George Blowers, master blacksmith & inn keeper. Born 1849 in Halesworth, Suffolk. George married Harriet Goodrum in 1851 & they had 13 children. The 1881 UK census lists him as 32yrs, an inn keeper & master blacksmith (Greyhound Inn); wife Harriett 30yrs. Children listed: Rose. A. 11yrs; John William Blowers 10yrs (see blacksmiths of Suffolk); Gertrude. S. 8yrs; Anna. L. 6yrs; Eliza. M. 3yrs; Ephraim. G. Blowers 1yr infant (see blacksmiths of Suffolk). Son John William Blowers, my Great Grandfather migrated to Australia in 1888 at the age of 17yrs Also listed: Weeding. W. Ford, 21yrs, unmarried (blacksmith journeyman) as boarding at the Greyhound Inn..  
BLOWER John William Blacksmith 1871 John William Blowers, blacksmith. Born about 1871 in Rumburgh, Suffolk. The 1881 UK census lists him as a 10yrs, with parents. John William (my g-grandfather) migrated to Australia in 1888 at the age of 17yrs See Blacksmiths of Suffolk for parents blacksmith & inn keeper George Blowers & Harriet plus other family members..  
CALVER George Last Blacksmith 1829 George Last Calver, born circa 1829. Wife: Mary Mansfield, married 24th Nov 1855 in Drinkstone Suffolk. George was the son of a blacksmith George Calver and his wife Elizabeth Last. In the 1881 census age 73 George appears as a Blacksmith Journeyman. George Calver, the father of George Last Calver was also the son of a blacksmith James Major Calver. Mary Mansfield's sister Susan married a Walthamstow blacksmith called Thomas Nichols (see Blacksmiths of Essex Index)..  
CANDLER Samuel Blacksmith 1856 Samuel Candler of Northgate Street, Beccles, Suffolk is listed as a blacksmith. Wife Georgiana (nee Playford). This information comes from my ancestors birth certificate..  
CLARKE Charles Blacksmith 1836 Charles Clarke, blacksmiths. Born about 1836 in Ilketshall, St Andrew, Suffolk. The 1861 UK census lists him as 25yrs, at Blacksmiths Common, Beccles, Suffolk with parents blacksmith William Clarke (born 1806) and Clementina. No other information given..  
CLARKE William Blacksmith 1806 William Clarke, blacksmith and Methodist local preacher. Born about 1806 in Thorington, Suffolk. The 1861 UK census lists him as 55yrs, at Blacksmiths Common, Beccles, Suffolk with wife Clementina 51yrs and son Charles 25yrs, unmarried (see Blacksmiths of Suffolk)..  
COOPER Michael Blacksmith 1800 Michael Cooper, blacksmith. Born 1800 in Polstead, Suffolk, England. Died 1883 in Boxted, Essex. Blacksmith in Boxted for all his adult life. Married Mary Gardiner and they had nine children. One of them George James Cooper went on to become Blacksmith and Farrier to Lord Burton Michael Bass in Staffordshire..  
DOWNS John Blacksmith 1804 John Downs, a blacksmith, born about 1804 in Livermere Suffolk., England. His daughter Sophia Downs married George Mansfield (a butcher) in 1848. They and their family appear to have gone to Canada and then the USA where they settled in Bay City Michigan. George's sisters Susan and Mary Mansfield also married Blacksmiths - Susan married Thomas Nichols from Walthamstow Essex and Mary married George Last Calver from Suffolk. The Mansfield's father George was a farmer in Drinkstone..  
FARTHING George Blacksmith 1863 George Farthing, blacksmith. Born about 1863, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. The 1881 UK census lists him as 18yrs, an apprentice blacksmith to William & Sarah Wretham; living at High Street Lane, Lakenheath, Suffolk,England..  
FORD Weeding Blacksmith 1860 Weeding. W. Ford, blacksmith journeyman. Born about 1860, Ilketshall St Margaret Suffolk. The 1881 UK census lists him as 21yrs, unmarried, lodging at Greyhound Inn owned by blacksmith George Blowers. The 1891 UK census lists him as Weedon Ford 31yrs, at Low Street, Ilketshall St Margaret ; with wife Emma nee Barber 27yrs & son Herbert 2yr infant (born September quarter of 1889, Wangford). Weeding & Emma married December quarter of 1886 in Wangford, Suffolk. Weeding died in march quarter of 1947 at Yarmouth. See UK Free BMDs..  
HALIFAX Zachariah Blacksmith 1818 Zachariah Halifax, blacksmith. Born about 1818, Uggeshall Suffolk. The 1841 to1871 Census all say he is a smith or blacksmith; in 1841 in Badingham, Suffolk. In 1851 Zachariah is in Framlingham, Suffolk; in 1861 in Westleton, Suffolk; in 1871 in Coddenham, Suffolk. He married (1) Ann Goodwin in 1838 and (2) Ann Newson in 1863. Zachariah died in 1874..  
HAMBLING Jeremiah Blacksmith(Master) employs 1 boy 1789 Jeremiah Hambling, master blacksmith employing 2 men and 1 boy. Born about 1789 in Ilketshall, St Andrews, Suffolk. The 1861 UK census lists him as 72yrs, at Blacksmiths Common, Beccles, Suffolk; with wife Hannah Maria ?70yrs and apprentice blacksmith George Balls 15yrs (see Blacksmiths of Suffolk)..  
LING William John Blacksmith 1859 William John Ling, master blacksmith. Born about 1859, Edington, Somerset. The 1891 UK census lists him as 32yrs, at Boundary Mews, Paddington London; with wife Ellen 32yrs (born Somerset) and daughter Ellen 7yrs. Also listed: visitor Frederick John Emery, 22yrs, unmarried(coachbuilder) and lodger Robert Girling, 27yrs, unmarried, born Charsfield Suffolk, (coachbuilder)..  
MOTUM George Blacksmith 1821 George Motum, blacksmith. Born 1820,in Charsfield, Suffolk, England. The 1841 UK census lists him as 20yrs, living in Church Street, Charsfield with family. The 1861 UK census lists George as 41yrs, living Charsfield Street, Charsfield with wife Hannah (nee Leech) 37yrs. They had no children. George remained in Charsfield as a blacksmith and died there in 1889. In 1865 in the Post Office Directory for Charsfield the entry says MOTUM Hannah (Mrs) blacksmith. There is no mention of George. See blacksmiths of Suffolk for parents Thomas (born abt.1786) and Ann Motum plus siblings..  
MOTUM Hannah Blacksmith 1825 Hannah, born Hannah Leech in 1825 in Charsfield, Suffolk, England. Hannah married blacksmith George Motum in 1856. They had no children. In 1865 in the Post Office Directory for Charsfield the entry says MOTUM Hannah (Mrs) blacksmith. There is no mention of George. She died in Charsfield in 1888..  
MOTUM James Blacksmith 1846 James Motum, blacksmith. Born 1846, in Grundisburgh,Suffolk, England. James was the son of Jeremiah (a blacksmith) & Susan Motum. The 1861 census lists him as 14yrs, a blacksmith & working with his father. In 1871 he was a master blacksmith employing 1 apprentice at Holbrook, Suffolk. In 1881 he was still at Holbrook; but by 1892 he was blacksmithing in Chelmsford, Essex. In 1901 he was a blacksmith at Bury St Edminds, Suffolk, where he stayed and died there in 1922..  
MOTUM Jeremiah Blacksmith 1819 Jeremiah Motum, blacksmith. Born 1819, in Charsfield, Suffolk, England. Jeremiah was a blacksmith in Grundisburgh, Suffolk from at least 1841 until 1902 where the UK census lists him as "retired blacksmith". He died in Grundisburgh in 1902. See blacksmiths of Suffolk for parents Thomas (born abt.1786) and Ann Motum plus siblings..  
MOTUM Thomas Blacksmith 1786 Thomas Motum, blacksmith. Born 1784, in Dallinghoo, Suffolk, England. The 1841 UK census lists him as 55yrs, living at Church Street, Charsfield, Suffolk; with wife Ann 45yrs. Children listed: George 20yrs (blacksmith); James 15yrs; Abraham 15yrs. Thomas remained in Charsfield until his death in 1856. Another son Jeremiah born 1819 is also listed in Blacksmiths of Suffolk..  
MOTUM William Blacksmith,
1854 William Motum, blacksmith, farrier. Born 1854, in Grundisburgh, Suffolk, England. William was the son of Jeremiah (blacksmith) & Susan Motum. By the age of 16yrs he was a blacksmith working for his father. In 1881 & 1891 he was called a shoeing smith and by 1901 he was a registered farrier working at Prittlewell, Essex where he died in 1911. Listed in both the Farriers Index and Blacksmiths of Suffolk..  
NEAVE†† George Blacksmith & Workman 1859 George Neave, blacksmith. Born about 1859, Castleacre, Norfolk, England. The 1881 UK census lists him as 22yrs, a blacksmith working for William & Sarah Wretham; living at High Street Lane, Lakenheath, Suffolk,England..  
PIGGOTT John Blacksmith 1833 John Pigott, born to Elizabeth Piggott, schoolmistress (unmarried), at Lakenheath. His mother married Henry Brown, blacksmith of Lakenheath, Christmas Day 1841, and John took his stepfather's trade. On his travels he married Sarah Reading at Stamford, Lincs in 1860. 8 children were born to this marriage, in Lakenheath, Peterborough and Stamford, of whom 5 (3 boys, 2 girls) lived to adulthood. Ended his life our of work living in poor housing in Stamford after his wife died in childbirth 1873;he died in May 1892. His daughters moved to Leicester, and did not marry; two of the sons joined the railway, married and had families in Rugby and Nuneaton/Stamford; and the eldest surviving son (George Henry) stayed in business in Stamford, where he married but had no children. Also listed in Blacksmiths of Lincolnshire...  
STOLLERY Edward Blacksmith & Coachsmith 1797 Edward Stollery, blacksmith & coachsmith. Born about 1797 in Ipswich, Suffolk, England. Married 1823 Bethnal Green. Died 1875 Bethnal Green. Listed in both the Cartwrights Index & Blacksmiths of Suffolk Index..  
STONE Edward Blacksmith 1853 Edward Stone, blacksmith. Born latter quarter of 1853 at Bungay, Suffolk, England. Parents: Jeremiah & Mary Ann Stone. The 1871 through to 1911 UK census list him as blacksmith in Bungay; residing at Staithe Rd. & Beccles Rd. John died in 1916, buried 15th August 1916 at Bungay Holy Trinity. He married to (1) Ann Elizabeth Davis in 1878 (Ann died 1885) & to (2) Louisa Catling in 1886. They had 11 children: Herbert, Mary Ann, Charles, Edward, Ellen, Frederick, George, Rosina, Flora, Lucy May & Ernest..  
STOW George Blacksmith 1771 George Stow blacksmith. Born 1771/2. Wife:Mary Farrow, married 5th October 1795 at Bildeston, Suffolk (ref:/see Bildeston Parish Records) His occupation was given as Blacksmith..  
STRIBLING Nathanial (Jnr) Blacksmith 1822 Nathanial Stribling (Jnr), born in Mildenhall,Suffolk,England,1822. 1841: at Cock Inn Lane,Mildenhall. 1851: at Mill Street,Mildenhall. 1861: at Goal Lane Thetford,Norfolk,England. 1881: at 47 Rattray Road,Lambeth London as a retired Blacksmith. Died: Decemebr quarter of 1887 in Lambeth..  
STRIBLING Nathanial (Snr) Blacksmiths & Coachsmith 1787 Nathanial Stribling (Snr), born in Lavenham 1787. In 1841: living in Cock Inn Lane Mildenhall,Suffolk,England. 1851: living in High Street Mildenhall. Died: 1858. Buried: Mildenhall,Suffolk. See also Coachsmiths Index..  
WARD William Blacksmith 1834 William Ward, blacksmith. Born December 1834 in Monewdon, Suffolk. Father John Ward Blacksmith..  
WHITMORE Taylor Blacksmith 1836 Taylor Whitmore, born about 1836 ar Lakenheath, Norfolk, England. 1851:at Feltwell, Nortfolk, apprentice with William Wretham born abt.1821(blacksmith) & Sarah at East Harling, Norfolk, England..  
WRETHAM John Blacksmith(Master) employs 1 boy 1855 John Wretham, blacksmith. Born about 1855, Lakenheath,Suffolk,England. In 1881 he was living at 24 High Street, Lakenheath. John died October 1895, buried at Lakenheath 16 October 1895. Wife Ellen (born about 1855 at Lakenheath). See Blacksmiths of Suffolk for parents William (born abt. 1823)& Sarah Wretham plus siblings..  
WRETHAM William (Jnr) Blacksmith 1850 William Wretham(Jnr), born about 1851 at Lakenheath,Suffolk,England. See Blacksmiths of Suffolk for parents William (born abt. 1823)& Sarah Wretham plus siblings..  
WRETHAM William (Snr) Blacksmith 1823 William Wretham (Snr), blacksmith. Born about 1823, at Market-Harling, Lakenheath Suffolk. The 1851 UK census lists him as 30yrs, at High Street, Lakenheath; with wife Sarah 25yrs (born Lakenheath). Children: Lavinia 5yrs; Edward 3yrs; William 10months infant (later a blacksmith). Also listed: Taylor Whitmore 15yrs(apprentice blackmsith). The 1871 lists William as 48yrs, at High Street Lakenheath, Suffolk; Sarah 44yrs Children: John 16yrs (blacksmith) and Sarah 14yrs; Harriet 10yrs; Eliza 7yrs. In 1881 William is 58yrs, living at High Street Lane, Lakenheath; Sarah 54yrs. Children: Harriet Elizabeth 20yrs; Eliza Ann 17yrs; Lavinia Charlotte 9yrs; Also listed: George Neave 22yrs(blacksmith and George Farthing 18yrs(apprentice blacksmith)..  
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