Staffordshire Blacksmiths

Compiled by Ann Spiro

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ARNOLD Abraham ARNOLD Blacksmith 1762 Abraham Arnold, blacksmith. Born before 1762. Died 4 July 1833. Wife: Sarah Bickley. Whittington near Lichfield,Staffordshire.  
ARNOLD Abraham ARNOLD Blacksmith 1828 Abraham Arnold, blacksmith. Born abt. 1828. Died: 5 Jan 1864. Wife: Ann Jordan. Whittington near Lichfield,Staffordshire.  
ASHLEY William ASHLEY Blacksmith 1865 William Ashley, blacksmith. Born abt.1865 at Whittington near Lichfield,Staffordshire.  
BALLINGER William Henry BALLINGER Blacksmith 1849 William Henry Ballinger,blacksmith. Born abt.1849. Died: 14 December 1922. Wife: Elizabeth (surname unknown). Whittington near Lichfield,Staffordshire.  
BARNETT Jospeh BARNETT Blacksmith 1838 Joseph Barnett, Blacksmith. Born about 1838. Audley, Cheshire, England. Married Ann Thorneycrot in 1859 at the Parish Church, Chesterton. Son of blacksmith John Barnett (born about 1811) and Frances. In 1841 Joseph is 3yrs old with family at ?Wilderspool Road, Grappenhall, Cheshire District.1. The 1861 UK census lists Joseph as 23yrs, at Old Road, Chesterton, Staffordshire; wife Ann 22yrs and daughter Elizabeth Thorneycrot Barnett 7mths infant. 1871: Joseph is 33yrs, at Church Street, Chesterton, Staffordshire; wife Ann 32yrs. Children: Eliza 10yrs; John 8yrs; George 2yrs. In 1881 Joseph is 43yrs, still at Church Street, Chesterton; Ann 42yrs (born Chesterton). Children: Elizabeth 20yrs; John 18yrs; George 11yrs; Minnie 8yrs; Thomas Frederick 6yrs; Arthur 3yrs, Edwina 1yr infant. Joseph died November 4th 1888 as a result of injury to the ribs (kicked by a horse?). Listed in both Blacksmiths of Cheshire and Staffordshire.  
BATES George BATES Blacksmith 1811 George Bates, blacksmith. Born abt.1811. Died: before 12 Aug 1860. Wife: Eleanor Jane Robinson. Whittington near Lichfield,Staffordshire.  
BUCKINGHAM William Frederick BUCKINGHAM Blacksmith 1853 William Frederick Buckingham, blacksmith, died abt.1853. Wife: Ellen Balaam. Whittington near Lichfield,Staffordshire.  
BYWATER William John BYWATER Blacksmith 1848 William John Bywater, blacksmith. Born circa 1848 in Combrook, Warwickshire, England and died 14 September 1905 in Heather, Leicestershire. He started working as a blacksmith in Combrook with his father (John Bywater - see Blacksmiths of Warwickshire) and then, after working for a while as a journeyman William settled in Staffordshire. He spent a few years in Wolverhampton and then 10+ years in Horninglow - he was blacksmithing there in both the 1891 and 1901 censuses, before his death in 1905. Listed in Blacksmiths of Staffordshire and Warwickshire.  
CLAY Abraham CLAY Blacksmith 1868 Abraham Clay, blacksmith Journeyman. Born in 1868 and lived in Ashley, Morton Say, Market Drayton, Shropshire. I do not know where he did his Apprenticeship, sadly. He was married in 1888 to Martha Pitchford in Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire. He worked on the Trentham Gardens Estate in Trentham, Staffordshire as Blacksmith to the estate, and is listed in 1912 in the Newcastle Potteries and District Directory, (lists as an A. Clay, a Blacksmith in Ash Green, an area in Trentham which includes Longton Road,Staffordshire). Abraham died in 1939 in Longton, Staffordshire. Abraham is listed in Blacksmiths of Staffordshire and Shropshire.  
CLAY Francis CLAY Blacksmith 1821 Francis Clay, blacksmith. Born before 5 Aug 1821. Died: 3 Jan 1885. Wife: Emma Thompson (aka ?Topliss). Whittington near Lichfield,Staffordshire.  
COLLETT George COLLETT Blacksmith 1817 George Collett, master blacksmith. Born 1817 in Admington Gloucestershire. Died 1896 in Stoke on Trent Staffordshire. The 1851 UK census lists him as 53yrs, a blacksmith at Back Ends, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire; with wife maria (nee Jennings) 47yrs. They had ten children. In 1861: a blacksmith at Cow Fair, Chipping Campden, Glouscestershire. 1871: master blacksmith at The Butts, Mickleton, Gloustershire. 1881: an Inn Keeper/blacksmith, Swan Inn, Eccleshall, Staffs. 1891: Retired blacksmith at Cornwallis Street, Stoke on Trent Staffordshire. See Blacksmiths of Gloucestershire & Staffordshire for blacksmith sons Walter Collett and George(Henry George) Collett .  
COLLETT Henry George COLLETT Blacksmith 1858 Henry George Collett, blacksmith. Born about 1858 in Campjordan, Gloucestershire, England. The 1871 UK census lists him as 13yrs, apprentice, at 20 The Butts, Mickelton, Gloustershire. See Blacksmiths of Gloucestershire & Staffordshire for blacksmith father George Collett ; mother Maria and brother Walter Collett .  
COLLETT Walter COLLETT Blacksmith 1852 Walter Collett, blacksmith journeyman. Born about 1852 in Campjordan, Gloucestershire, England. The 1871 UK census lists him as 19yrs, at 20 The Butts, Mickelton, Gloustershire. See Blacksmiths of Gloucestershire & Staffordshire for blacksmith father George Collett ; mother Maria and brother George(Henry George) Collett .  
ELLARD Henry ELLARD Blacksmith 1845 Henry Ellard, blacksmith, whitesmith, locksmith. Born about 1845, Wellaughby, Warwickshire, England. The 1861 UK census lists Henry as 16yrs, apprenticed to Master Locksmith John Arnold at Willenhall. Between 1861 and 1891 in Willenhall ,Staffordshire. he was a locksmith, white smith and a Stamper and piercer. Listed in the Blacksmiths of Staffodshire, Whitesmiths & Locksmiths  
FARNSWORTH John FARNSWORTH Blacksmith 1825 John Farnsworth, blacksmith. Born before 1825. Died: before 22 Oct 1852. Wife: Ann Spooner. Whittington near Lichfield,Staffordshire.  
FARNSWORTH Thomas FARNSWORTH Blacksmith 1790 Thomas Farnsworth, blacksmith. Born abt.1790. Died: before 10 Nov 1852. Wife: Maria Belfield. Whittington near Lichfield,Staffordshire.  
FARROW John FARROW Blacksmith 1840 John Farrow, blacksmith. Occupation stated on daughter Hannah Hill (nee Farrow's) marriage certificate to Israel Clough in 1840. Place of marriage Prestbury, Cheshire, England. Listed in both Cheshire & Staffordshire Blacksmiths Indexes.    
FLOYD Henry FLOYD Blacksmith 1864 Harry Floyd, blacksmith stricker. Born 1864 in Birmingham, Stafforfshire, England. Wife: Emma Poole. Children: Leah, Gertrude, Earnest, Harry, George.  
GIBSON William GIBSON Blacksmith 1848 William Gibson, blacksmith. Born abt.1848. Died: after 1881. Wife: Eliza Hollis. Whittington near Lichfield,Staffordshire.  
GOODWIN Enoch GOODWIN Blacksmith 1826 Enoch Goodwin, blacksmith. Born 1826. Died 1896, Staffordshire, England. Enoch and his wife Frances (fanny) had a smithy in Wheel Lane Litchfield and later at 134 Beacon St Litchfield. My grandfather, George Goodwin took over the forge after his father's death.  
GOULDING John GOULDING Blacksmith 1814 John Golding aka Goulding /Golden, blacksmith. Born about 1814 in the Coalbrook/Rugeley area of Staffordshire, England. John married Elizabeth (poss Elizabeth Lowe on 1 Sep 1834 in Wednesbury) and had daughters Mary Ann c1835-1919 and Charlotte 1837-1919 and Charlotte 1837-1919. John was listed as a Blacksmith on the following census: 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871 and 1881. He died Dec qtr, 1881 in Wolverhampton.  
GREEN George GREEN Blacksmith 1820 George Green, blacksmith. Born about 1820-1821. Died: before 29 Oct 1878. Wife: Mary Anne. Whittington near Lichfield, Staffordshire.  
GREEN Stephen GREEN Blacksmith 1842 Stephen Green, blacksmith. Born about 1842, Walsall, Staffordshire, England. The 1861 UK census lists Stephen as 19yrs, Living at Walsall Wood with his family. Father Stephen 54yrs (a grocer); mother Ann 59yrs and sister Jane. E. Green 23yrs.  
GREY William GREY Blacksmith 1860 William Grey, blacksmith. Born about 1860, Tamworth, Staffordshire, England and died possibly June quarter 1894, Staffordshire (see free UK BMDs). The 1881 UK census lists William as 20yrs, living with his family at Bolehall & Glascote, Warwickshire. Parents: Morton & Eliza Grey. Siblings listed: Fanny 16yrs; John 14yrs; Edwin 9yrs.  
HANCOX Samuel HANCOX Blacksmith 1853 Samuel Hancox, blacksmith. born 1853. Died: 1925. Wife: Anne Harriet Matley. Whittington near Lichfield,Staffordshire.  
HAYCOCK John HAYCOCK Blacksmith 1816 John Haycock (Acock, Haywek), blacksmith. Born about 1816 in Oswestry, Sallop, Shropshire, England. John was the son of John Haycock (Heycock) born 1781 Wheaton Aston, bapt. 30 Dec. 1781 Lapley), a labourer-gardener and NN. John (born 1816) married Susan Dixon/Dickson on 28 Jan. 1850 at Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England. They had 9 children, 3 of which were born before the wedding. John finally had a son George with an unknown woman, who later became a blacksmith and served with the Royal Navy. Listed in Blacksmiths of Shropshire and Stafordshire.  
HOLLAND George HOLLAND Blacksmith 1803 George Holland, blacksmith. Born about 1818-1820 at Market Drayton Shropshire. Died 25 January 1896 Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs. Married Ann Wiltshaw 27 December 1841 Wolstanton, Staffs. On marriage certificate occupation recorded as blacksmith, later a coal miner. George is recorded as being blind from 1856. The 1891 census shows him living at 33 Hall Street, Tunstall, Staffs.  
HOLLAND George HOLLAND Blacksmith 1821 George Holland, blacksmith. Born about 1803, Brewood, Staffordshire, England. The 1851 UK census lists him as 48yrs, at Wolverhampton, Staffordshire with wife Mary 49yrs (surname unknown). Was a blacksmith at Whittington near Lichfield, Staffordshire.  
HUGHES William Hugh HUGHES Blacksmith 1786 William Hughes, blacksmith. Born about 1786, Leek,Staffordshire,England. The 1851 UK census lists him as 65yrs, at Rickwood Road, Leek and Howe, Staffordshire; with wife Mary 70yrs (born Burselem, Staffordshire).  
INNS James Thomas Norman INNS Blacksmith 1877 James Thomas Norman Inns, blacksmith. Born: 1877 in Walsall, Staffordshire, England. Was a Blacksmith in Walsall. Died:1949 in Walsall, Staffordshire.  
INNS Thomas William INNS Blacksmith 1857 Thomas William Inns, blacksmith. Born: 1857 in Gawcott,Buckinghamshire. Died: 1912 in Walsall, Staffordshire. He was a traveling Blacksmith.  
JACKSON Thomas JACKSON Blacksmith 1776 Thomas Jackson, blacksmith and Spade Moulder. Born 1776 Scropton, Derbyshire. Married Burton on Trent. Worked Yoxall, Staffordshire, England and died 1861 in Yoxall, Staffordshire. Listed in both Blacksmiths of Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Implements (Agricultural) Indexes.  
JOHNSON Thomas JOHNSON Blacksmith 1804 Thomas Johnson, blacksmith. Born abt.1804. Died: after 1871. Whittington near Lichfield,Staffordshire.  
JOHNSON Walter JOHNSON Blacksmith 1840 Walter Johnson, blacksmith. Born about 1840-1841 at Whittington near Lichfield,Staffordshire. Died after 1861(i.e. not seen on census after that).  
KEELING Alexander KEELING Blacksmith 1863 Alexander Keeling (Snr) blacksmith. . Born 1863 Walsall, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire,UK. He was my great grandfather was I believe he married Margaret Lloyd in Llanfyllin in 1885 (born 1865, Voel ?Flintshire). Children: Mary Keeling born 1888, Margaret.G.Keeling born1891, Elizabeth Sarah Keeling, b1892 (my Grandmother), Alexander Keeling(Jnr) born 1897, Rosie Keeling ?born 1902. The 1891 census states Alexander was living at 3 Lyon Street, Runcorn, Chester,UK. 1901 census states he is living at 13 Elan Village, Llanwrthwl, Brecon, Wales,UK.  
LARGE Samuel LARGE Blacksmith 1741 Samuel Large, blacksmith. Born 1741 Sandbach Cheshire., England. Died Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire, Church St Giles the Abbot . Burial Date 26 Jan 1812. Probably son of Joseph Large and Jane Turner. Samuel married Mary. Mary’s burial date16 Oct 1785 Newcastle under Lyme. No known details of Samuel's location in NUL or of his trade other than a Parish Register reference on baptism of several of his children. All baptised in NUL.  
LAW Job LAW Blacksmith 1799 Job law, blacksmith. Born 1799 West Bromwich, Staffordshire. Job was son of Thomas and Jane Law. Married Ann Pares 1822 at Handsworth. Children Hannah, Sarah, Mary, Samuel, Betsy, Phoebe, Ann, Jane and Thomas. O ccupation blacksmith in 1841, 1851 census, missing from 1861 grandfather in 1871 census. Died 1872. Described as a railway smith in 1858. His son Thomas born 1840 was also a railway smith.  
LOWE Thomas LOWE Blacksmith 1828 Thomas Lowe, blacksmith. Born about 1828 in Keele, Staffordshire, England. The 1851 UK census lists him as 23yrs, unmarried and living at 121 Soothay, Keele, Staffordshire with his sister Anne Lowe (born about 1830). Also listed are two lodgers Thomas Tompkinson 22yrs (coal miner) and Mary Tompkinson 21yrs plus Harriet Dean 8 months infant.    
MARSHALL Edward MARSHALL Blacksmith 1807 Edward Marshall, master blacksmith. Christened 26th July 1807 at Longdon, Lichfield, Staffordshire, England. Married 24 December 1834 to Elizabeth Hartshorn at Longdon Lichfield. The UK 1841 census has Edward living at Bednall Staffordshire. In 1851 30 March Census living next to Vicarage at Bednall as a shoeing and jobbing Smith. The 1861 7 April Census ; next to Post Office Bednall Master Blacksmith. 1871 2 April Census Three Houses from Vicarage Blacksmith and Farmer 6 Acres. Edward died 1880.  
MASON John MASON Blacksmith 1837 John Mason, apprentice blacksmith. Born about 1837, Staffordhsire, England. The 1851 UK census lists him as 14yrs, living at Fradley; apprentice to William Upton and family.  
MATTHEWS Thomas MATTHEWS Blacksmith 1879 Thomas Matthews, blacksmith. Born 26 February 1879 in Stourbridge, Staffordshire, England and died 1957. John was son of John Matthews and Lucy (nee Russon) John married Sarah Ann Tromans on 11 December 1898 in Rowley Regis. (daughter of Isaac Tromans and Emma Myatt).  
MILLINGTON James MILLINGTON Blacksmith 1918 James Millington, blacksmith. Born: unknown. Died: before 1918. Whittington near Lichfield,Staffordshire.  
MOBBERLY Elijah MOBBERLY Blacksmith 1838 Elijah Mobberly, blacksmith, hammer maker. Born about 1838, Lye, Worcestershire, England. Elijah married Matilda 21 September 1857, Old Swinford,Worcester. The 1861 UK census lists Elijah as 23yrs, a hammer maker, living at Lye with his wife (1) Matilda 23yrs (died 1885). Children: Hannah 3yrs; Alice 1yr infant. Also listed are his parents William and Ellen Mobberly. The 1891 UK census lists Elijah as 50yrs living at Wollescote, Worcestershire with wife (2) Mary 49yrs (married 1888). Children: Major 17yrs; Alice 14yrs; Ellen 10yrs; Herbert 8yrs. Elijah died ???1908 at Stourbridge, Worcestershire.  
MOODY George (Snr) MOODY Blacksmith 1834 : George Moody (Snr), blacksmith. Born abt 1834. Died: 8 Jun 1879. Wife: Harriet (surname unknown). Whittington near Lichfield,Staffordshire.  
MORGAN Thomas William MORGAN Blacksmith 1865 Thomas William Morgan, blacksmith. Born about 1865 in Oxford. Recorded as Boatsmith in 1881, 1891 and 1901. Married Sarah Ann Wood in 1888.  
NASH Edward NASH Blacksmith 1800 Edward Nash, blacksmith. Born1800 - 1801 in Hallow, Worcestershire, England. Edward married Mary and had 10 children, Charlotte; William (born 1829 blacksmith in Staffordshire); Eliza, Matilda; Sara; Catherine; Ann; Rebecca; John and Susan. During 1841, 1851 and 1861 they lived in West Bromwich, Staffordshire. The 1871 census lists Edward as 70yrs, Mary 65yrs. They had relocated to Tudhoe in Durham, Edward and Mary lived with their daughter Catherine 29yrs and her husband James Gee 32yrs. Also listed is: William Gee 1yr and James Gee under 1yr infant. Cousin Philip Kilbey 20yrs (labourer iron works) . Boarder: Sydney Spade 24yrs (a puddler). Edward lived to the age of 82, and could also be found in the 1881 census. Listed in Blacksmiths of Staffordshire and Worcestershire.  
NASH William NASH Blacksmit,Wheelwright 1829 William Nash, blacksmith, wheelwright. Born about 1829 in West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England. The 1841 UK census lists William as 13yrs, living in Church Lane, West Bromwich North East with his family. Father Edward Nash 40yrs (born 1801 blacksmith) and Mary 35yrs. Siblings: Charlotte 12yrs; Eliza 10yrs; Margaret 8yrs; Sarah 6ys; Catherine 2yrs and Ann under1yr infant. In 1851 William is 22yrs, unmarried, still with his parents in West Bromwich. 1861: William 32yrs, unmarried still with parents. In later census, William is listed as a wheelwright living in Bilston, Staffordshire with wife and family. 1891 William is a widower. Listed in Blacksmiths of Staffordshire and Wheelwrights Indexes.  
NEVILL William NEVILL Blacksmith 1823 William Nevill, blacksmith. Born before 1823. Died: unknown. Wife: Mary Ann Gretton (aka Sturges). Whittington near Lichfield,Staffordshire.  
ORME Henry ORME Blacksmith 1844 Henry Orme, blacksmith, shoe tip maker, locksmith. Born Jan-Feb-March quarter of 1844 at Whittington near Lichfield, Staffordshire, England. The 1851 UK census lists Henry as 7yrs, at Wolverhampton Staffordshire with parents Joseph 27yrs (joint edge tool maker - see tool makers index) and Maria 27yrs Orme and brother Josh 6yrs old. Apprentice ? …unclear...Cutter, 14yrs. In 1861 Henry is 17yrs, still with parents, same address and is a shoe tip maker. The 1901 UK census lists Henry as 57yrs, living at 30 Prospect Place, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire with wife Phoebe 42yrs. Children: Samuel 19yrs; Thomas 17yrs; Elijah 9yrs;. IN 1911 Henry is 67yrs,retired, at 2 House 1 Court, Charles Street, Wolverhampton with wife Phoebe 58yrs. Son Elijah 19yrs,unmarried and daughter Rose 7yrs.  
ORME Michael ORME Blacksmith 1811 Michael (Mickel) Orme, blacksmith. Born about 1811, at Newall, Staffordshire, England. The 1861 UK census lists Mickel as 50yrs, living at Whittington with wife Mary 38yrs. Children: John 10yrs born Coalville, Leicestershire; Sarah Ann 6yrs born Coalville, Leicestershire;David 3yrs born Darlaston,Stafforshire. Boarder John Carter 28yrs, unmarried. Boarder John Taylor 5yrs. Visitor Hannah Orme 77yrs, widow (born Newall). Married in 1847 to Mary (surname unknown possibly Bryson). Michael Died ?1870 Whittington near Lichfield, Staffordshire. see Free UK BDMs. Contact Phil by.  
OSBORN John Godfree OSBORN Blacksmith 1852 John Godfree Osborn, blacksmith. Born abt.1852. Died: After 1924. Whittington near Lichfield,Staffordshire.  
OSBORNE John OSBORNE Blacksmith 1819 John Osborne, blacksmith. Born about 1819, Kings Bromley, Staffordshire, England. The 1861 UK census lists him as 42yrs, at High Street, Kings Bromley with wife Martha 49yrs (born Elford). Children: Thomas 20yrs(blacksmith); Martha 10yrs; John 12yrs; William.G. 8yrs; John (Snr) was a Whittington near Lichfield, Staffordshire.  
OSBORNE Thomas OSBORNE Blacksmith 1840 Thomas Osborne, blacksmith. Born about 1840-41, Luthbirgh, Staffordshire, England. The 1861 UK census lists him as 20yrs, living High Street, Kings Bromley with family. See Blacksmiths of Staffordshire for his parents John and Martha Osborne plus siblings.  
PALMER George PALMER Blacksmith 1875 George Palmer, blacksmith. Born abt.1875. Died: after 1891. Whittington near Lichfield,Staffordshire.  
PALMER Thomas Haniford PALMER Blacksmith 1850 Thomas Haniford Palmer, blacksmith. Born abt.18150. Died: after 1891. Wife: Sarah Ann Walker. Whittington near Lichfield,Staffordshire.  
PLANT Henry PLANT Blacksmith 1850 Henry Plant, blacksmith. Born 1850 in Leeks, Staffordshire, England. Died: 1932 in Tamworth,Staffordshire. See Blacksmiths of Warwickshire for his son Edwin Plant. Henry worked as a Blacksmith in Fazeley, Staffordshire.  
RANDLE Charles RANDLE Blacksmith 1819 Charles Randle, blacksmith. Born 1819 Chaddesley Corbett, Worcestershire. Christened 25 July 1819 in Worcester. See for details. Son of William and Jane Randle. The 1851 UK census lists Charles as 31yrs, living in Kingswinford, Worcestershire with wife (1) Susannah Ashmon. Charles later married wife (2)Margaret Newton of Dog Lane, Brierley. Charles was taken to court for bigamy and imprisoned. In 1871 Charles was living in FentonSt, Brierley Hill, Staffordhsire. 1881 still in Fenton Street, out of employ. Listed in Blacksmiths of Stafafordshire and Worcestershire. I have some indepth and interesting details of Charles’ life.  
RAY John RAY Blacksmith 1864 John Ray, blacksmith. Born 10 Dec 1864 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England. Son of James Ray and Mary Ann Golding (Goulding). He is listed on the 1881 census (Eng) as a Blacksmith in Wolverhampton. He arrived in Victoria Australia about 1887 possibly on the ship Chimborazo. He married Amelia Brown d/o Walter Brown & Emma Jones, in Aug 1889 in Sth Melbourne Vic. Emma arrived from Wolverhampton in Aug 1889 on the Nurnburg. On his Australian marriage record he was listed as a Blacksmith, but later worked as a Handyman and Cook. John & Amelia had children Walter James 1891-1982 and Elizabeth Mary 1895-1973. Listed in Blacksmiths of Australia and Staffordshire.  
RICE Thomas RICE Blacksmith 1797 Thomas Rice, blacksmith. Born about 1797. In 1841 Thomas lived in Princes End, Sedgeley, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire. His date of birth is approx 1797. Thomas lived with his wife and large family of nine children. Two of his children John Rice and George Rice both born in 1826 were also blacksmiths.    
ROBINSON Abraham ROBINSON Blacksmith 1784 Abraham Robinson, blacksmith. Born before 15 Aug 1784. Died: 27 Feb 1871. Wife: Jane Matson. Whittington near Lichfield,Staffordshire.  
ROBINSON Joseph ROBINSON Blacksmith 1798 Joseph Robinson, blacksmith. Born before 25 April 1798. Died: unknown. Wife: Jane (surname unknown). Whittington near Lichfield,Staffordshire.  
ROBINSON Thomas ROBINSON Blacksmith 1816 Thomas Robinson, blacksmith. Born about 1816, place not listed. The 1851 UK census lists Thomas as 35yrs, living in Staffordshire with wife Mary 34yrs (birth place not listed): Sons Joseph 10yrs and Enoch 3yrs (born Staffordshire).  
RODDY Dominik RODDY Blacksmith 1816 Dominik Roddy was a blacksmith at Whittington near Lichfield, Staffordshire. No other details given (can’t find on census).  
ROUND Edward ROUND Blacksmith 1826 Edward Round, blacksmith. Born about 1826 (going by age in 1841 census), in Sedgley-STAFFS. The 1841 UK census lists him as ?25yrs, a blacksmith at Crop Street, Tipton, STAFFS. Others listed are Matilda Round 25yrs, Matilda 2yrs infant and Thomas Round 20yrs (blacksmith). In 1851 census Edward is a boiler maker, ?40yrs, at Tipton,Cross St. Sedgley, with wife (1) Matilda 25yrs (born Rowley-STAFFS) and son Thomas 9yrs. In 1861: a blacksmith 50yrs, at Campbell Terrace Birkenhead; . His wife (2) is now Eliza 48yrs (born London). In 1864 his is again listed as boilermaker, at Edmund Street. Married again in Parish Church Liverpool to (3) Margaret Connel, widow (born Liverpool). 1861 census: Edward is 60yrs, boilermake and wife Margaret 43yrs. 1881: Edward 70yrs, boilermaker, at 150 Athol Street,Liverpool; wife Margaret 53yrs. Edward died 20 Dec 1884 aged 72yrs , 150 Athol Street,Liverpool. Margaret still living. Edward See Blacksmiths of Staffordshire for his brother of Thomas Round born 1831.  
ROUND Thomas ROUND Blacksmith 1820 Thomas Round, blacksmith. Born about 1820 in Sedgley STAFFS. The 1841 UK census lists him as 20yrs, living with his brother blacksmith Edward ?25yrs, at Tipton,Cross St. See blacksmiths of Staffordshire for brother Edward and his family.  
RYAN Bernard RYAN Blacksmith 1887 Bernard Ryan, blacksmith, farrier, military. Born 30 June 1887 at 41 Forgate Street, Stafford, Staffordshire, England. The 1891 UK census lists him as 3yrs living at ?26 Gaol Road, Stafford with parents Patrick & Julie plus siblings. In 1901 he is 14yrs (blacksmith) at 40 Grey Friars, Stafford with parents & siblings. In the 1911 census his name appears as a blacksmith but the whole line has subsequently been crossed out. In the meantime the family have moved to 25 Forgate Street. I’m not sure why his absence occurred but in January 1913 he signs his Attestation form for the Territorial Force ( Staffordshire Yeomanry ) and gives his place of work as Corporation Stafford, Borough Hall and his trade as a Shoeing Smith. On his Military History Sheet his service is for 3 years and 177 days at Home and is discharged for defective vision on the 5th July 1916. Don't knowwho he worked for from 1916 up to when he married in 1929 to Elizabeth Mary Alcock. Children: John Daniel 1930, Elizabeth Agnes Anne 1931, Patrick 1933 and Michael 1936. Listed in Blacksmiths of Staffordshire, Farriers & Military Indexes. Any help appreciated.  
SHERRATT John SHERRATT Blacksmith 1825 John Sherratt, blacksmith. Born in Staffordshire about 1825. Recorded as Blacksmith on the 1881 census.  
SKELLETT William SKELLETT Blacksmith 1812 William Skellett, blacksmith & farrier. Born ?when, and baptised in Appleby (on the Leicester, Derbyshire border), England. He was in Appleby for the 1841 UK census but did not remain there as his children William, Arthur and Theodora were born in Tamworth, Warwickshire between 1845-1850. In 1861 he was in Edingale, Staffordshire a blacksmith and in 1881 a blacksmith in Stapenhill, Derbyshire. William is listed on Blacksmiths of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire Indexes and on the Farriers Index.  
SLATER Harry (Snr) SLATER Blacksmith 1782 Harry Slater(Snr), blacksmith. Born abt.1782. Died: unknown. Wife: Mary Stewart Norman. Whittington near Lichfield,Staffordshire.  
SLATER William SLATER Blacksmith 1897 William Slater. Date & place of birth unknown. Died: before 1897. Whittington near Lichfield,Staffordshire.  
SMITH William SMITH Blacksmith 1852 William Smith, blacksmith. Born 1852 in Anslow, Staffordshire, England. The 1881 census lists him as a Blacksmith, living in Tutbury. Wife: Caroline Crossley. I cannot find any trace of him in any other census although I believe that he died before the 1891 census as his wife shows in that census as a widow.  
SOMMERS John SOMMERS Blacksmith 1791 John Sommers, blacksmith. Born about 1791,Langdon, Staffordshire. The 1851 UK census lists John as 60yrs, at Aldergate, Warwickshire; with wife Jane 59yrs. Children: Charles 24yrs; John 19yrs; Emma 15yrs. Was a blacksmith at Whittington near Lichfield, Staffordshire.  
STANTON George Hugh STANTON Blacksmith 1852 George Hugh Stanton (called Hugh), blacksmith. Born about 1852, Austry, Warwickshire, England. G.Hugh and Fanny married September quarter 1871 at Lichfield. Fanny Jane nee Malkin was married previously to James Heathcote in 1861. The 1881 UK census lists G.Hugh as 29yrs, living at Bailey Square, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent with wife Fanny aka Heathcote (born Whittington near Lichfield). Children George 6yrs, Annie 2yrs. 1891 G.Hugh is 39yrs, Fanny 40yrs. Children: George 16yrs (fettlers apprentice) and step son John Heathcore 5yrs. In 1901 Hugh is 51yrs, working at a shoeing forge. Fanny is ?54yrs. Children: step-son John Heathcote 14yrs(ironstone miner and waggoner).  
TABERNER Charles TABERNER Blacksmith 1881 Charles Taberner, born 1881 at Marchington, Staffordshire, England. Son of Charles Taberner. See Blacksmiths of Staffordshire for other family members Grandfather John Taberner and brother Henry .  
TABERNER Henry TABERNER Blacksmith 1882 Henry Warren Taberner, blacksmith, shoeing smith. Born about 1882 at Marchington, Staffordshire, England. Henry married Alice Nightingale Wooley – see free UK BMDs for September 1904, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. The 1911 UK census lists Henry as 29yrs, living at Marchington with wife Alice 32yrs. Children: Hilda. A. 5yrs; John. W. 4yrs; William. W. 2yrs. See Blacksmiths of Staffordshire for other family members.  
TABERNER John TABERNER Blacksmith 1813 John Taberner, blacksmith. Born 1813 in Leith, Scotland. John married Harriet Marston, 29th June 1834 at Marchington, Staffordshire. Children: Stanford born 28th March 1842 at Marchington, Charles born 1833 at Marchington. Charles Taberner had two sons: John born 1856 at Marchington & Connell born 1861 at Trent Vale, Staffordshire. Also, John Taberner born 1856 had two sons, both Blacksmiths, namely Charles born 1881 at Marchington and Henry born 1883 at Marchington.  
THOMAS Edward THOMAS Blacksmith 1849 Edward Thomas,blacksmith. Born about 1849,Market Drayton, Shropshire, England. The 1871 UK census lists Edward as 22yrs, unmarried, lodging at Church Street, Chesterton, Staffordshire    
TINSLEY John TINSLEY Blacksmith 1820 John Tinsley, blacksmith. Born about 1820. In 1841 lived at Princes End, Sedgeley, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire. His dob 1821. Also living at this address was Hannah Tinsley dob 1821.    
TURNOCK Peter TURNOCK Blacksmith 1838 Peter Turnock, blacksmith striker. Was Christened 23 September 1838 St. James, Audley, Staffs. 1851 UK census Peter age 13yrs was a pupil at the Manchester Deaf and Dumb School, Old Trafford, Manchester. 1871 census a boarder with Baskeyfield family in Talke, Audley, Staffs - employed as a blacksmith and recorded as being deaf and dumb from birth. Son of Thomas Turnock b. 1796 and Hannah Wilshaw.  
TURNOCK Thomas TURNOCK Blacksmith 1796 Thomas Turnock, born 11 January 1796 Biddulph Moor, Staffs. 1851 census living Martins Bank, Talke, Audley, Staffs. Married Hannah Wilshaw.  
UNKNOWN G.B. UNKNOWN Blacksmith-Prisoner 1817 G.B. Unknown, blacksmith. Born about 1817, Tipton, Staffordshire, England. The 1851 UK census lists him as 34yrs, a prisoner at 1-Convict Prison Lidford, Tavistock, Devonshire. Listed in the Blacksmiths of Staffordshire and Prisoners Indexes.    
UPTON Edwin UPTON Blacksmith 1833 Edwin Upton, blacksmith. Born about 1833, Fradley, Staffordshire, England. The 1851 UK census lists him as 18yrs, living at Fradley with his family. See Blacksmiths of Staffordshire for parents William and Mary plus siblings. In 1871 Edwin is 38yrs, still at Fradley; with wife Ann (nee Lester) 41yrs. Children: Edwin Alfred 2yrs; Mary 8yrs; Hannah 5yrs. General servant: John Flavel 48yrs, unmarried (born Rigby,Warwickshire). Edwin was a blacksmith at Whittington near Lichfield, Staffordshire.  
UPTON William UPTON Blacksmith 1802 William Upton, blacksmith. Born about 1802,Fradley, Staffordshire, England. The 1851 UK census lists him as 48yrs, living at Fradley with wife Mary 50yrs (born Licthfield). Children: Edwin 18yrs, unmarried (blacksmith); Margaret 13yrs; Mary 11yrs. Boarder John Mason 14yrs,apprentice blacksmith (born Staffordshire). In 1861 William is 58yrs, a widower, living at the Cottage, Fradley.  
WHEWAY Joseph WHEWAY Blacksmith 1836 Joseph Wheway, blacksmith. Born 1836 in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England. Died 11 Sept 1906 in Tamworth, Staffordshire. The 1841 UK census lists Joseph as 4yrs, living in Bond End, with parents William 30yrs and Sarah 30yrs,both born Warwickshire. Siblings: Ann 12yrs; William 10yrs; James 8yrs; George 1yr infant. In 1861 Joseph is 24yrs, living in Drayton Village, Staffs; with wife Ann 21yrs (born Staffs). Children: Emelia 1yr Infant; Elizabeth 2months infant plus sister-in-law Sarah Jenkins 12yrs. Joseph can be followed through to census 1901 where he is listed as 65yrs, widower, boarding at 2 Church Lane, Tamworth, Staffs. Listed in Blacksmiths of Staffordshire and Warwickshire.  
WHITE George Harry WHITE Blacksmith 1876 George Harry (Henry) White, blacksmith. Born about 1876, Chatham, Kent, England. The 1911 UK census lists George as 35yrs, living at Church Street, Whittington, Staffordshire with wife Anne Emma 32yrs (born Caldecote, Bedfordshire). George and Anne Emma Smith married at Biggleswade 1902. Children listed in 1911: James George White 8yrs (born St Peter Pool, Guernsey) ; Florence Elizabeth 5yrs (born St Peter Pool, Guernsey) ; Emily Caroline 3yrs (born Northhampton); Arthur Reginald 1yr infant (born Lichfield, Staffordshire).  
WINDRIDGE Alfred WINDRIDGE Blacksmith 1876 Alfred Windridge, blacksmith. Born about 1876, Whittington near Lichfield, Staffordshir, England and died 25 Feb 1904. Alfred never married. His sister was Annie Elizabeth. See Blacksmiths of Staffordshire for parents, Richard 50yrs (born 1832) and Matilda 42yrs plus siblings. His brother Thomas (born 1884) also a blacksmith.  
WINDRIDGE Richard WINDRIDGE Blacksmith 1832 Richard Windridge, Blacksmith. Born about 1832, Comberford, Staffordshire, England and died 1st Oct 1899 Whittington near Lichfield, Staffordshir. Richard married Matilda Bridgen, March quarter 1886, Lichfield see Free UK BMDs Vol: 6B Page: 487 .  
WINDRIDGE Thomas WINDRIDGE Blacksmith 1884 Thomas Windridge, blacksmith. Born about 1884, Whittington near Lichfield, Staffordshire, England and died 7th Sept 1955. The 1891 UK census lists Thomas a 5yrs, living at Whittington with his family. See Blacksmiths of Staffordshire for parents, blacksmiths Richard 50yrs (born 1832) and Matilda 42yrs plus siblings. His brother Alfred (born 1876) also a blacksmith. Thomas married Ada Maria Biss December quarter 1912 at Walsall. See Free UK BMDs Vol: 6b Page:1406. Obituary in Lichfield Mercury 16th September 1955 Fifty Years a Blacksmith at Whittington The Late Mr. Thomas Windridge. It was with deep regret that the village of Whittington learned of the death of Mr. Thomas Windridge, who since the passing of his father, had carried on the business of a blacksmith during the last 50 years. He was highly respected and loved by all. At the time of his death Mr. Windridge was the “father” of Whittington parish council being elected on August 1 1922. He faithfully and loyally served the authority. He was also a trustee of the Manchester Unity of Oddfellows. During the past 50 years, Mr. Windridge undertook all the iron work and shoeing for the Freeford Estate. The funeral service at Whittington St Giles’ Church, on Saturday, was conducted by the vicar (the Rev. G.A. Meakin). Among those present were Mr. C. Nicholls (chairman of Whittington parish council), Mr. H.W.E. Berks (clerk), Mr. A.G. Coxe and Mr. T. Flaherty (members), Mr. George Britt and Mr. T. Wallis (Manchester Unity of Oddfellows), Major R.A. Dyott, Mr. and Mrs. G. Wakeman, Mr. Tom Hodgkins, Mr. H. Ball, Mr. S. Dewes, Mr. W. Pass and Mrs. Evans (Green Farm).  
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