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Surname Given Name Trade Year Notes
BARKER Thomas Blacksmith 1802 Thomas Barker, born 18th July 1802 in Culmington, Shropshire, England. Wife: Celia nee Barklem, married 28th July 1839. During his lifetime he worked as a Blacksmith. Thomas died in Ludlow in 1887. Celia died in 1900. I have Thomas Barker's family tree going back to 1570 (before Cromwell). It is believed that he comes from a long line of blacksmiths..  
BLOCKLEY Edwin Blacksmith 1834 Edwain Blockley, born about 1834 in Sheriffhales, Shropshire. One of six children of Cornelius Blockley and Fanny (nee Parry) . Apprentice Blacksmith in 1851. Blacksmith on every other census. Lived in Sheriffhales all his life. Married Rhoda Parry (mother's niece) in 1863. Son Arthur born and died in 1864. Divorced in 1863. Died in 1913..  
CHESHIRE John Blacksmith 1940 John Cheshire, blacksmith. I understand my grandfather´s brother John Cheshire was a blacksmith in Bagley, Ellesmere, Schropshire, England. I have acopy of his orbituary but no date. I guess it must have been in the late 1940´s or early 50´s. Can you shed any light on this. Any help appreciated..  
CLAY Abraham Blacksmith-Journeyman 1868 Abraham Clay, blacksmith Journeyman. Born in 1868 and lived in Ashley, Morton Say, Market Drayton, Shropshire. I do not know where he did his Apprenticeship, sadly. He was married in 1888 to Martha Pitchford in Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire. He worked on the Trentham Gardens Estate in Trentham, Staffordshire as Blacksmith to the estate, and is listed in 1912 in the Newcastle Potteries and District Directory, (lists as an A. Clay, a Blacksmith in Ash Green, an area in Trentham which includes Longton Road,Staffordshire). Abraham died in 1939 in Longton, Staffordshire. Abraham is listed in Blacksmiths of Staffordshire and Shropshire..  
DAVIES John Blacksmith 1806 John Davies, born about 1806 in Fitz, shropshire, 1841 - 1871 he was living in Shropshire with his wife and family. There is a possible marriage for him to a Jane Nicholas in 21th September 1829 Pontesbury, Shropshire..  
DAVIES Samuel Blacksmith 1832 Samuel Davies, born about 1832 In Fitz Shropshire, by 1871 he was living in Boughton, Denbighshire (Wales) with his wife and two children, he died before 1901..  
DOWNES Thomas Blacksmith 1841 Thomas DOWNES and his sons John and Benjamin were blacksmiths at Knowle near Burford in 1841. In 1851 John and Benjamin were still there. In 1861 Benjamin had moved to Nash and John to Bennett's End. In 1871, Benjamin and his son Thomas were back at Knowle and a younger son, also Benjamin was assistant blacksmith to Frederick William Ellt at Kyre Magna. In 1881, Benjamin Junior had taken over the family blacksmiths at Knowle. By 1891, Benjamin junior had left the trade to become an innkeeper. One of his brothers, Paul Briscoe, became a soldier and was my great grandfather. Confusingly, there was another Benjamin DOWNES, also a blacksmith at Nash, but I have not followed his tree. Acton Scott, now a working Victorian farm in Shropshire, was also the home of Downes families in the 19th century..  
EDWARDS Joseph Blacksmith 1808 Joseph Edwards, blacksmith. Born in Stapleton, Shropshire, England (IGI); Married his 2nd wife in Smethcote 16 May 1808. (Shropshire marriages) Had 7 children including Thomas, a blacksmith, born about 1814 (Find my past)..  
EDWARDS Thomas Blacksmith 1836 Thomas Edwards, blacksmith master. Thomas Edwards (my great grandfather) was the 3rd generation of blacksmiths in the Edwards family. He was born in 1836 and baptised in Church Stretton, Shropshire, England on 22 Jan 1837 (Find my Past and Shropshire Baptisms 1837 p.123 no. 976). His parents were Thomas Edwards and Jane nee Grainger. He appeared in the 1841 census (Condover), 1861 census (Atcham), and 1871-1901 Census (Wroxeter). He married Harriett Griffiths in Acton Burnell on 12/5/1864 (Find my past and Marriage Certificate) and had 8 children. He died on 19/6/1905 of Bronchitis and Cardiac syncope (Death Certificate) and is buried in St. Andrew's Church, Wroxeter (Shropshire Family History Society and listed in Monumental Inscriptions (no surname). His wife and some of his family are buried in Manchester..  
EDWARDS Thomas Blacksmith 1814 Thomas Edwards, blacksmith. Christened 16 February 1814 in Stapleton, Shropshire, England. Thomas’ was the son of Joseph Edwards (Condover Baptisms + IGI). Married to Jane Grainger, 01 June 1835, Acton Burnell (Find my Past, Condover Baptisms. etc.) 3 children including a son Thomas on 1836, (a future blacksmith). He was a blacksmith in Condover until about 1861 when he appeared in the Census as a Master Blacksmith living in Acton Burnell. In the 1871 Census, he has an apprentice blacksmith - Andrew Perks. In the 1881 Census, he was living in Berrington, a retired blacksmith, with one of his sons, John. He died in Berrington Workhouse of paralysis, on 12/3/1885 (Death Certificate) and was buried on 16th March 1885..  
FORD Thomas Arthur Blacksmith 1817 Thomas Arthur Ford, blacksmith. Born ?date, in Fauls, Prees, Shropshire. Parents: John and Mar. Apprenticed to John Rogers, blacksmith, Fauls Green. Went to South Africa, married twice, three children by first wife, one, posthumously, by second. He went down on the Mendi, a Colour Sergeant, on 21 February, 1917 and is remembered with honour on the Hollybrook Memorial, Southampton. His medals are in the family of his second wife, claimed only recently from Pretoria. We have never been able to contact his English family and would so like to do so. See www dot  
FURMSTON David (Jnr) Blacksmith 1850 David Furmston, blacksmith. Born 10.12.1850 Wilcott Gr. Ness. Shropshire, England. Died 28.12.1896. Buried in St. Andrews Church yard at Gt. Ness. Married Elizabeth Lewis of Mongomery 1875 in the Parish Church Gt. Ness. See Blacksmiths of Shropshire for his parents David Furmston (blacksmith) & Sarah nee Sockett..  
FURMSTON David (Snr) Blacksmith 1820 David Furmaston, blacksmith. Baptised 18.4.1820, Cockshutt, Shropshire, England. Orphaned at approx 10yrs of age. Died March 1891. Father: Samuel Furmston (Baker). Mother: Mary Griffiths (daughter of David Griffiths Blacksmith of Ruyton of the Eleven Towns). Married Sarah Sockett Loppington Parish Church on 3.5.1844. See Blacksmiths of Shropshire Index for his grandfather David Griffiths..  
GRIFFITHS David Blacksmith 1841 David Griffiths aged 70yrs, blacksmith, was born Ruyton of the Eleven Towns, Shropshire, England. Daughter Mary married Samuel Furmston a Baker on the 11.1.1819 at Ruyton. Both Samuel Furmston and Mary nee Griffiths died very young leaving a small family. See Blacksmiths of Shropshire Index for their eldest son David Furmston, baptised April 1820, who worked as a servant in his grandfather David Griffiths household..  
JAMES David Haywood Bright Blacksmith 1904 David Haywood Bright James, Engineering Blacksmith. Born 1904 Ellesmere. Served his time with the Sentinal Wagon Works Shrewsbury. Married Ada Beatrice Lambon. Died 1965 BirmingHam buried in Brandwood End Cem. B'Ham. See Blacksmiths of Shropshire Index for father Henry James b.1871 (Master Blacksmith), mother Sarah Elizabeth Furmston born 1886(daugher of David Furmston Blacksmith born 1850 died 1896)..  
JAMES Henry Blacksmith 1927 Henry James, Blacksmith. Born 1871. Died 1927 Shrewsbury. Father Joseph James - farm labourer (cowman) of Whittington. Mother Elizabeth Griffiths. Married Sarah Elizabeth Furmston Atcham Register Office 1903..  
PIDGEON Thomas Blacksmith 1701 Thomas Pidgeon, blacksmith. Born about 1701. Died 17th November 1773 aged 71 years. Blacksmith at Arbrington, Salop, Schropshre, England. Will dated 14th ?month 1775. Held by National Archives Kew, Public Reco (dated 18 Septemebr 1729) . PROB 11/632/183. Married twice. Ann died aged 27yrs on 8th September 1728. Martha died aged 82yrs on 22nd September 1779. Contact adress supplied..  
SHOTTON Benjamin Blacksmith 1795 Benjamin Shotton, born about 1795 in Sheriffhales. Recorded as Blacksmith in 1851 and 1861in Sheriffhales. Died in 1871. See Blacksmiths of Shropshire Index for son Samuel..  
SHOTTON Samuel Blacksmith 1826 Samuel Shotton, born about 1826. Parents: Benjamin SHOTTON and Mary. Recorded in 1851 as Blacksmith in Sheriffhales. See Blacksmiths of Shropshire Index for his father Bejamin..  
SUTTON George Blacksmith 1901 George Sutton, blacksmith. Born: 22nd April 1902, at The Smithy, Burlton, Shropshire, England. Died: 1970s, Shrewsbury, Shropshire. No issue. George was the last smithy at Burlton. The Smithy at Burlton in George Sutton's time was used as the model for the Shropshire Women’s Institute’s commemorative plates celebrating rural activities. The Smithy is now a private house. See Blacksmiths of Shropshire for his father William Sutton born 1867..  
SUTTON William Blacksmith 1867 William Sutton,blacksmith. Born:10th August 1867, Sandford, Prees, Shropshire, England. Died: 9th October 1952, Weston Lullingfields, Shropshire. Buried: Loppington, Shropshire. 1891 UK Census lists him as 23yrs, and a servant to William Rogers (Blacksmith) at Corre Rd, Whitchurch, Shropshire. 1901 UK Census lists him as Blacksmith at Burlton. Also listed: Harry Thomas ('blacksmith apprentice) born Prees. See Blacksmiths of Shropshire for his son George born 1902..  
WELLINGS Humphrey (Jnr) Blacksmith 1834 Humphrey Wellings (Jnr), blacksmith. Born about 1834, Stottesdon, Shropshire, England. The 1841 UK census lists him as 7yrs, living at Wrickton, Shropshire. In 1851 Humphrey (Jnr) is 17yrs, still in Wrickton. 1861: Humphrey (Jnr) is 27yrs, living at “Cottages’ in Stottesdon with wife Mary 25yrs and daughter Jane 3yrs. Also listed is Thomas Felton 18yrs(apprentice blacksmith) and John Taylor 27yrs(boarder/farm labourer). See Blacksmiths of Shropshire for parents blacksmith Humphrey Wellings (Snr) and Lettisha; plus other family members..  
WELLINGS Humphrey (Snr) Blacksmith 1791 Humphrey Wellings (Snr), blacksmith Born 23 January 1791, Stottesdon, Shropshire, England. The 1841 UK census lists him as 50yrs, living at Wrickton, Shropshire; with wife Lettisha 40yrs. Others listed: Joseph Wellings 20yrs; Isabella Wellings 12yrs; Humphrey Wellings 7yrs; Jane Wellings 50yrs; Benjamin Wellings 2mths infant; Elen Wellings 30yrs. In 1851 Humphrey is in Wrickton, aged 60yrs; Lettisha 53yrs. Humphrey Wellings (Jnr 17yrs (blacksmith); Jane Wellings 15yrs; Benjamin Wellings 10yrs. Visitor: Isabella Hall 23yrs and her daughter Jane Hall 5mths infant.  
WHITTINGHAM John Blacksmith 1791 John Whittingham, born about 1791 and baptised in Sheriffhales. Recorded as Blacksmith in Sheriffhales between 1816 and 1820. Son of John Whittingham and Mary (nee Bray). Married Elizabeth Brown in 1814. Had five children. Died in 1836 aged 45..  
WHITTINGHAM Thomas Blacksmith 1822 Thomas Whittingham, born about 1822 in Shifnal, Shropshire, England. Died in 1908 aged 86. Parents: George Whittingham & Ellen/Eleanor Smith. Recorded as Apprentice Blacksmith in 1841 and as Blacksmith from 1851 to 1901 (except 1881 when he was recorded as Innkeeper). Married three times. In 1846 he married Sarah Dean who died (date not known), in 1856 he married Mary Ann Whittingham (relationship unclear)who died in 1877, and in 1878 he married Mary (Hill or Rudge)..  
WILLIAMS John Blacksmith 1795 John Williams, blacksmith master. Born 1795 in Withington, Shropshire, England. John married Hannah Holbrook in Withington in 1816. They had at least eight children. He appears on the 1841, 1851 and 1861 censuses, all in Withington. His son Thomas (b.1833) was also a blacksmith. They appear in the 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881 and 1891 censuses, all in Withington..  
WILLIAMS Thomas Blacksmith 1819 Thomas Williams, blacksmith journeyman. Born 1819 in Withington, Shropshire, England. The 1851 census lists him as 31yrs, working with his father, blacksmith master John Williams (b.1795) & Hannah Holbbrook. Thomas married Margaret Yeomans in 1859 and they had at least 7 children. He & his parents appear in the 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881 and 1891 censuses, all in Withington..  
WILSON John Blacksmith 1871 John Wilson, master blacksmith. Born about 1841 in Salop, Weston, Shropshire, England. The 1871 UK census lists John as 30yrs, at Stanton-Shropshire; with wife Martha 30yrs (born Shropshire). The 1881 census lists John as 40yrs, at Whitchurch Black Park Lodge Farm, Shropshire; Martha 40yrs. Children: John.W. 12yrs; Edwin 10yrs; Walter.H. 3yrs..  
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