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Surname Given Name Trade Year Notes
ADAMS Henry Blacksmith 1851 Henry Adams, blacksmith Journeyman. Census 1851 lists him as 37yrs, born Fife Dunfermline. Wife: Jane 36yrs born England. Children: Henry 15yrs, Agnes 13yrs, Mary 7yrs, Jane 3yrs, Margaret 1yr infant. Lodger: John Mcgowon 21yrs (blacksmith)..  
AIKENAN Archibald Blacksmith 1851 Archibald Aikenan, blacksmith journeyman. Born Mid Lothian Currie . Scottish Census 1851 lists him as 25yrs, wife Barbra 25yrs. Daughter Isabella 2 months infant..  
ANDERSON John Blacksmith 1744 John Anderson, blacksmith. Born 1744. John is the earliest Anderson blacksmith in Rothes I have researched. His son Alexander Anderson took over the business and it continued through six generations. Eventually turning into a Bike shop and Taxi service..  
ANDREW Thomas Blacksmith 1650 Thomas Andrew, blacksmith. Born about 1650. Thomas worked as a blacksmith in Monjton Aryshire according to writing of William Macfie his grandson (records are held in Mitchell Library Glasgow) Thomas married Margaret McQuarter and had (from what I can tell at least 6 children) all born in Monkton - Thomas, william, John, James,David and a female who married a Tod..  
ARNOT David Blacksmith 1851 David Arnot 46yrs,Shore, Burntisland FIF. Born:FIF Burntisland. Widower..  
ARNOT David Blacksmith 1851 David Arnot 31yrs, 8 William Street,Milton LKS. Born: ELN---. Wife: Jane 32yrs born ANS Montrose..  
ARNOT David Blacksmith 1851 David Arnot, blacksmith master. 77yrs, Rars Close,High Street,Falkirk-STI. Born: MLN Edinburgh. Wife: Elizabeth 77yrs born Falkirk. Parents of David 37yrs..  
ARNOT David Blacksmith 1851 David Arnot 37yrs, Rars Close,High Street,Falkirk-STI. With parents David 77yrs & Elizabeth..  
ARNOT David Blacksmith 1851 David Arnot 50yrs, Baxters Wynd,Falkirk STI. Born: MLN Edinburgh. Wife: Margaret 33yrs born Falkirk..  
ARNOT William Blacksmith 1851 William Arnot, blacksmith journeyman. 21yrs, Croftanrigh No.9, Canongate MLN. Born:ANS Dundee. Lodges with W. Rowan..  
ARNOTT John Blacksmith 1851 John Arnott 9yrs, 29 Grove Street,St.George. Born: STI Falkirk. Wife: Catherine 32yrs born Falkirk..  
BELL John Blacksmith 1859 John Bell, blacksmith master. John Bell, blacksmith master. Born in 1859 in Port William, Wigtownshire, Scotland. John is listed in the census for 1881, blacksmith employing 1man, at Mochrum. In 1891 blacksmith at Cairnvyan Inch and in 1901 at 50 Lockryan Place Stranraer..  
BLACK James Blacksmith 1858 James Black , blacksmith journeyman & toolsmith. Born 16th July 1858 in Aberdeen. Died 16th March 1920 in Aberdeen. Married Williamina McKay 18th July 1882. They had 8 children of which Charles McKay Black is my husband's Grandfather. James' father, also named James was also a Blacksmith/Stoneware Hawker/Combmaker. He died 14th May 1869 at Ryehill, Oyne. Listed also in the Tool Makers Index..  
BLACK John Blacksmith 1883 John Black, blacksmit h journeyman. John was from the Isle of Lismor(e), Scotland. Wife: Catherine Donald from Enzie, married on 22nd Jan 1883 in Glasgow when he was 28 she was 29; it stated that he was a Blacksmith Journeyman. He died after a drowning accident on the 16th of Dec 1895 at Glasgow pier, Glasgow. One more Blacksmith to your wonderful website, many Thanks, Billy Anderson..  
BROWN Alexander Blacksmith 1871 Alexander Brown, blacksmith. Born about 1771-1772 in Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Alexander married Agnes Forrest on 1st June 1794 in Douglas, Lanarkshire. The 1841 census lists Alex as 70-72 a blacksmith and Agnes as 70, living in the Village Leadhills Flexholm, Lanarkshire. Both Alex and Agnes were deceased before the 1851 census. Their daughter Anne Brown married James Veitch (engine keeper). Anne died 18 Aug 1872 aged 65yrs. See memorial No: 199559722 on for the whole family.. Visit site
BROWN James Blacksmith 1821 James Brown, blacksmith & paper mill mechanic. Born 14 June 1821, Airdrie,Lanark,Scotland. Died: 28 July 1893, Ngawapurua,Woodville,New Zealand. Buried 31 July 1893 Woodville Cemetery, A. NZ. Parents: John Warrender Brown and Anne Brown(nee Taylor). Wife: Agnes Meikle, married 23 June 1848 at South Leith.Midlothian,Scotland. Came to NZ on the ship TALBOT and landed Auckland 21 Feb 1864..  
BROWN Thomas Blacksmith 1851 Thomas Brown, blacksmiths assistant. Born: Ireland. Aged 32yrs, living at 52, Hollinhirst; married but no other persons listed here. Old Monkland, ED 39, pages 16-20..  
BROWNLEE James Blacksmith 1851 James Brownlee 71yrs, blacksmith. Born: Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire. Wife: Grizel Russel 70yrs born Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire. Daughters: Marrion Brownlee 32yrs, Susan brownlee 38yrs. Son-in-law: James Lockie 33yrs(blacksmith) born Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire. Grandson: Thomas Lockie 6yrs..  
BROWNLEE/BROUNLEE James Blacksmith 1851 James Brounlee, blacksmith journeyman. Born Shotts, Lanarkshire. Scottish Census 1851 lists him as 51yrs, wife Agnes 51yrs.  
BRYCE James Blacksmith 1799 James Bryce, blacksmith at Omoa Iron Works and Anna Reid his Lawful spouse had a son Born there upon Friday the 31st day of May and Baptized 23d June Named (blank) Bryce). Taken from the Shotts, Lanark, Parish Register 1707-1855 Note 41. I have no other information..  
BURNS Bill Blacksmith 1964 Bill Burns, master blacksmith, apprenticeship Isle of Cumbrae Scotland 1964 -1970..  
BURNS James Blacksmith 1839 James Burns, blacksmith. Born Scotland. Married Elizabeth Kennedy in Old Machar, 1st February 1839. Lauralee has a copy of their marriage record which lists James as a blacksmith in Woodside, Aberdeen, Scotland..  
BUTLER George Blacksmith 1761 George Butler, blacksmith. Born 12 August 1761 in Barrowtowness (now Bo'ness), Linlithgowshire (now West Lothian), Scotland. He is listed as a Blacksmith on his son John Butler's Death Index entry retrieved from, reference: 1862 BUTLER, JOHN (Statutory registers Deaths 485/ 9)..  
BUTLER John Blacksmith 1794 John Butler, blacksmith. Born 18 December 1794 in Airth, Stirlingshire, Scotland and died 16 Jan 1862 in Carronhall, Stirlingshire. His occupation is listed as Blacksmith on his Death Index entry retrieved from Reference: 1862 BUTLER, JOHN (Statutory registers Deaths 485/ 9). From his Death Index entry, his father George Butler is also listed as a Blacksmih..  
CAIRNS John Blacksmith 1851 John Cairns, blacksmith. Born: Ireland. Aged 32yrs, living at 32 West Row with wife Mary Ann 23yrs. Son John 2yrs (born Lanark Old Monkland). See 1851 census, Old Monkland, ED 37, pages 6-10. I have no other information..  
CALDER Alexander Blacksmith 1851 1851 census: Alexander Calder,blacksmith journeyman. Born: Shotts, Lanark. Aged 42yrs, living in Stanes, Cambusnethan with wife Christina 35yrs. Children: Grace 7yrs, James 4yrs. I have no other information..  
CAMPBELL James Blacksmith 1826 James Campbell, blacksmith. Born about 1826, Lanark. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 25yrs, living at 22 West Row with wife Christina 24yrs plus sons John 3yrs & James 6 months infant. Lodger: George Hewitt, 27yrs (pig iron furnace labourer). See 1851 census, Old Monkland, ED 37, pages 6-10. I have no other information..  
CAMPBELL James (Jnr) Blacksmith 1834 James Campbell (Jnr), blacksmith. Born 1834 & died 24th Jan 1898 in Portskerra, North Scotland The 1851 Scottish census lists him 17yrs, living with & apprenticed to his brother master blacksmith Robert Campbell (listed here) . In 1891 James is still living with brother Robert. At time of death he was employed as a metropolitan policeman. James was son of blacksmith James Campbell (born circa 1794) & Elizabeth (Betty) nee McKay. His brother Robert (born 1826) is listed in Blacksmiths of Scotland..  
CAMPBELL James (Snr) Blacksmith 1794 James Campbell (Snr), blacksmith. Born about 1794, place unknown. Died 15 March 1841 and is buried at Golval, Scotland. He lived at Golval with wife Elizabeth (Betty) nee McKay. They married 21st June 1824 in Golval. Children: Mgt, died young, Robert born 1826 (blacksmith) & died 1910; Barbera born 1828 & died after 1860; Mgt born 1830, Thurso, died 1921 in Australia; Georgiana born around 1833 & died 1919 Strathy; James born 1834 (blacksmith) & died 1898; Janet born 1837 Reay, died Bighouse Reay 11th July 1886..  
CAMPBELL Robert Blacksmith 1826 Robert Campbell, blacksmith. Born 1826 in Golval, Scotland & died 2nd November 1910 in Portskerra, Scotland. He is bBuried at Golval. Robert (Jnr) was still living in Golval 1851 when he married Christina McDonald in 1888. One known child that I know of was Georgina Elizabeth born 1889 & died 8th September1891 in Portskerra. Robert was son of blacksmith James Campbell (born circa 1794) & Elizabeth (Betty) nee McKay. Borther James (born 1834) is listed in Blacksmiths of Scotland..  
CRANSTON William Blacksmith 1851 William Cranston, blacksmith. Born: Carnwath, Lanark. Living at Hollandbush 1, Cambusnethan, Middle Ward, Lanark. Aged 47yrs; wife Elizabeth 39yrs. Children: Janet 12yrs, Celilia 8yrs, William 5yrs, Agnes 4yrs, Margaret 2yrs..  
CRAWFORD Robert Blacksmith 1807 Robert Crawford, master blacksmith. Born 1807, Uddingston, Bothwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Died: 1871. Son of Hugh and Agnes (Paterson) Crawford, husband of Mary (Gray) Crawford, Master Blacksmith. Children: Jane born 1831, Hugh born 1833, Agnes born 1835, Mary born 1839, Robert born 1841, Margaret born 1847, and Isabella Gray born 1851..  
CUMBY William Blacksmith 1845 William Cumby. Whites History, Gazeteer & Directory of Norfolk. Chedgrave..  
CURRIE John Blacksmith 1816 John Currie, blacksmith. Born: year and place unclear? The 1891 Census states he was a Blacksmith born in 1816 in Smithholmans Scotland the 1881 Census states he was born in Roxboro Scotland. His son was James Currie born 1947 in Roxboro( another census mentions he was born in Berwick upon Tweed) and he was a Hammerman.? I would appreciate it if anyone could direct me to any further information..  
DOIG John Blacksmith 1799 John Doig, blacksmith. Born 1799 in Clunie, Perthshire, Scotland. John married Jean Logan1826 in Campsie, Stirling. John and Jean moved to Glasgow circa 1830. He worked as a blacksmith in Anderston and he died in Barnhill, 1867..  
DOIG Peter Blacksmith 1831 Peter Doig, blacksmith & wheelwright. Born 1831 Glasgow. Peter married Ann Moir in 1854, Manchester, England. He was a blacksmith in Glasgow; far northern areas of South Australia; and Wagin, Western Australia. Peter died 1922, in Subiaco, Westen Australia. He is listed in the Wheelwrights Index and in the Blacksmiths of Scotland and Australia..  
DON James Blacksmith 1824 James Don, born 1 Aug 1824 in Farnell, Angus, Scotland. Parents: Hercules Don & Ann Wales. James first married Mary McAndrew (cir 1825-1860) 3 Jul 1847 Edzel, they had 5 children. Next married Ann Dakers (1830-1909) 14 Dec 1861 Stracathro, they had 4 children. James was Blacksmith of Stracathro and Balrownie between 1841-1905. Died 12 Feb 1905 Mill of Balrownie Smithy..  
DONALDSON Thomas Blacksmith 1851 Thomas Donaldson, journeyman blacksmith. Born: Edinburgh, Mid Lothian. Aged 31yrs; living in Stane, Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire. Wife: Margaret 31yrs. Children: Alexander 6yrs, Isabella 4yrs, Margaret 1yr infant..  
DOWNS William Blacksmith 1851 1851 census: William Downs, blacksmith. Born: Old Monkland, Lanark. Aged 16yrs, living at 53, House al Gartsherrie School with parents William 44yrs & Margaret 40yrs. Siblings: Andrew 12yrs, Alexander 9yrs, James 6yrs, Robert 4yrs. Old Monkland, ED 39, pages 16-20..  
DUNCAN James Blacksmith 1852 James Duncan, blacksmith. Born 1852. Son of Robert Duncan and Anne. Individual Summary: Notes: His death certificate was signed by Dr J Stitt-Thompson MRCPE/LBCPE He had an article published in the Medical Journal in October 1891 on the use of the Koch Tuberculin test for detecting Phthisis Pulmanalis (Lung TB). He is in the County directory 1878/89 as living at Belmont, 47, Eskbank, Dalkeith about 1/2 a mile from the Sun Inn which seems to be 7, Lothian Bridge. Glasgow Herald 18th September 1883 "James Duncan, saddler, St George's Road, Gles- ?? friends omitted, please accept this iuti- mali on" Plot 25/11. He is in the same grave as Catherine Cunningham, aged 65, Old Blinkbonny, interred 14/09/1873. Also, 5 Liddle children, & Thomas Liddle aged 78: Thomas Liddle in the 1891 & 1901 census he is living at 23, 3rd Row Newattle working as a coal miner his wife was Mary Ann McEwan whom he married in Dalkeith in 1882. They have children recorded on the census Thomas b1887, James b1889, David b 1895, Mary Anne b 1883, Jessie b 1885. The two girls are not on the 1901 census. Elspit Duncan, age 88, Edinburgh, interred 16Jan1940..  
DUNCAN John Blacksmith 1851 1851 census: John Duncan, blacksmith. Born: Kirknewton. Aged 21yrs, lodging at 31 Hornock Row with Euphemia Shields 42yrs,widow & family. Old Monkland, ED 39, pages 6-10..  
DUNN John Blacksmith 1851 1851 census: John Dunn, blacksmith. Born: Langlone,Lanark. Aged 40yrs, living at 48, Gartsherrie Pit Row. Wife: Margare 36yrs born Stirlingshire . Children: Thomas 9yrs, John 7yrs, Samuel 4yrs, James 2yrs, Margaret 1month infant. Old Monkland, ED 39, pages 11-15..  
ERSKINE Burness Gordon Blacksmith 18136 Burness Gordon Erskine, blacksmith master, employs 1 man. Born about 1836 in Robislaw, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Son of William Erskine (a cooper, b. 1796-1858) and Mary Sinclair (b.1806-1883). Burness married Mary Ann Jaffray on 1st July 1858 at Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire, see marriages ScotlandsPeople_D1908_229_00_0001Z. They had many children. The 1971 census lists Burness as 35yrs, wife Mary Ann (born 20 Nov 1883 in Meldrum). Living in Gatesford, Meldrum, Aberdeenshire. Household schedule number 12, Line 4, Roll CSSCT1871_42. Mary Ann died 3rd November 1883 in Oldmeldrum. Burness died 12th January 1908 at Lower Cowsgate, Oldmeldrum. This is my 2x great-grandfather.  
FALCONER Alexander Blacksmith 1851 Alexander Falconer, blacksmith journeyman. 20yrs, Luthrie, Creich-FIF. Born: INV Ardorsier. Lodges with Janet Arnot (no relationship known)..  
FERGUSON John Blacksmith 1774 John Ferguson, born cira 1774,Glasgow,Lanarkshire(LKS). Died: ca.1840,Glasgow. He was a blacksmith in Camlachie, Glasgow at the birth of his first son. Wife: Judith Holm(e)s born ca.1774,Great Yarmouth,Norfolk,England. John founded a minor dynasty of 'metal workers'; blacksmiths to boilermakers to marine engineers..  
FERGUSON John Blacksmith 1806 John Ferguson, born 1806,Glasgow,Lanarkshire(LKS). Died 1866, Greenock, Renfrewshire(RFW). Initially, a blacksmith before 1837 and then a boilermaker; both whilst in Washington Street, Anderston, Glasgow. Wife: Christina Selkirk,1814-1890..  
FORBES Arthur Blacksmith 1781 Arthur Forbes, blacksmith, Born abt 1781 in Migvie Aberdeenshire. The son of William Forbes (1760-1832). The first record of Arthur as a blacksmith is in the 1841 census where Arthur is reported as a blacksmith working in the parish of Strathdon. The 1851 census in Strathdon parish shows him as retired at the age of 78. Arthur was married to Isobel Taylor (1785- 1874) and raised 11 children in the parish of Towie. His son James (1812-1884) followed in his fathers footsteps as a blacksmith practicing the craft in Easter Bucket, Aberdeenshire.  
FORBES James Blacksmith 1812 James Forbes,blacksmith master. Born in 1812 in Towie Aberdeenshire. The son of Arthur Forbes (1781-1853) who had also been a blacksmith. The first record of James as a blacksmith is found in the 1851 census where James is reported as a Blacksmith (w/ no laborers) working in the parish of Glenbucket. James was married to Mary Dawson (1812-1888) and raised 2 children (1 died young) in the parish of Easter Bucket before moving to Keith, Banffshire. He died in 1884 at his son in laws farm in Grange, Banffshire. His death certificate indicates he was a master blacksmith..  
FORDYCE George Blacksmith 1841 George Forsyce 72 years, Balthain, Monquhitter, Aberdeenshire. Born: 13 January 1769 ABD - Auchterless. Died: 09 May 1848 ABD - Cuminestown, Monquhitter. Wife: Christian Clarke, born about 1774, ABD - Turriff. Died 02 April 1837, ABD Monquhitter..  
FORSYTH Robert Blacksmith 1848 Robert Forsyth, blacksmith. Born about 1848 in Cockenzie, Haddingtonshire, Scotland. He married Mary McAlpine about 1876 and they were living in PrestonPans in 1881. Listed in 1891 Scottish census as a blacksmith. If you can share information on him it would help me a lot..  
GORDON John Blacksmith 1820 John Gordon, blacksmith. Born in Leith; moved to Glasgow in the 1820s; emigrated to Montreal c. 1843..  
GRANT James Blacksmith 1880 James Grant. Sometime in the ?early 1880's he moved from Glenshee,Perthsire, Scotland to New Zealand. Wife: Nancy Crombie, married in Wyndham NZ, 1876. They moved to Temuka approx 1887. He has been listed in the Gladstone and Geraldine electoral rolls as a Blacksmith living in Temuka with his own business, which included (at different times) his brother William,(Carriage Builder) son Peter (Blacksmith)and other son David (Coach Builder).He was then listed as Blacksmith in Herataunga St,Hastings in 1908,1911 & 1914 in the Hawkes Bay Elctoral roll. They all were listed at some point in the Stones directories also. See also Blacksmiths of New Zealand and Cartwights Indexes. Anyone wanting to contact me about these relations is most welcome..  
GRANT Peter Blacksmith 1877 Peter Grant, born New Zealand after 1876. See Blacksmiths of Scotland and New Zealand for his parents James Grant & Nancy nee Crombie. See Cartwrights Index for brother David & Uncle William..  
GRAY William Blacksmith 1851 William Gray, master blacksmith, employs 1 Man. Born: Ayrshire Monkton. Aged 37yrs; living in Stane, Cambusnethan,Lanarkshire. Wife Isabella 32yrs. Children: Charles 10yrs, Jean 6yrs, Grace 1yr infant..  
HAMILTON William Blacksmith 1891 William Hamilton, ?38yrs,Main Street,Hamilton,Scotland. Born: Douglas,Lanarkshire. Wife: Catherine 36yrs born ?Carnnath,Lanarkshire. Children: Susan.M. 15yrs, William.M. Hamilton ?13yrs, Robert.M.Hamilton 7yrs. See census 1891..  
HENDERSON Samuel Blacksmith 1851 Samuel Henderson, apprentice blacksmith. Born Bothwell, Lanarkshire. Aged 18yrs. Lodges with Robert Salmon 64yrs & family..  
HISLOP Adam Blacksmith 1851 Adam Hislop, blacksmith journeyman. Born Dumfriesshire Sanquhar. Living at 104 Bridge Stables; aged 37yrs, wife Janet 30yrs. Children: James 9yrs, William 7yrs, Janet 4yrs, Thomas 2yrs..  
HUME James Blacksmith 1931 James Hume [my cousin] born 1931 Bonhill, Dunbartonshire,Scotland.Learned his trade in Dennystown forge,Dumbarton. Married Margaret McGlashan in 1956 at Dumbarton. Died 1991 England..  
HUME Percy Blacksmith 1922 Percy Hume, blacksmith [my uncle]. Born 26 July 1922, Dumbarton,Scotland. Learned his trade in Dumbarton.Married Annie McQuade 1959 Dumbarton.Died 1989 Dumbarton..  
HUME Robert Percy Blacksmith 1918 Robert Percy Hume [my uncle] born 1918 Dumbarton,Scotland. Learned his trade in Dumbarton.M arried Annie McQuade in 1959 at Dumbarton.Died 1989 Dumbarton..  
JARVIE Walter Joseph Blacksmith 1902 Walter Joseph (Wally) Jarvie, blacksmith. Born 22nd May 1902, Craigmarloch, Kilsyth, Scotland. Walter was one of seven children of Archibald & Agnes Brechin Myles. Wally's father was Loch Master Canal Overseer at Craigmarloch on the Forth & Clyde Canal. When Wally completed his Blacksmith's apprenticeship he worked in the coal mines. The money was good but the prolonged miners' strike made him decide to emigrate to WA on the Orcades arriving Fremantle in 1924. After a brief spell of work in Dumbleyung and Calingiri, Wally settled in Miling. He set up a blacksmith's shop in a galvanised iron shed adjacent to the local store. When the Midland Railway Company split up nearly 40,000 acres into farming blocks, Wally acquired one in May 1928. He sold his blacksmith shop premises to the Bank of New South Wales and cleared his 1,500 acre farm block which he worked until his retirement. Wally died in Mandurah in 1996 only a few days after his wife Hilda Lillian nee Dennis. They had been married 65 years. Listed in Blacksmiths of Australia and Scotland..  
JEFFREY William Blacksmith 1809 William Jeffrey, born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1809. Wife: Agnes Porter, married 1839 at Dumbarton,Scotland. Died 1875 Dumbarton..  
JENNINGS John Blacksmith   1900s: John Jennings is listed as deceased husband of one of my relatives. His trade is listed as Blacksmith. His widow was Jessie (first husband Thomas Johnston, maiden name was Mowat. As far as I can tell they lived in Leith. She died in 1930. I have been unable to find anything else about him so far..  
JOHNSTONE George Blacksmith 1840 George Johnstone, master blacksmith. Born 4th September 1840 in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. George died aged 42yrs on 29th November 1882, in Methven, New Zealand. Wife: Janet Cameron Scott born 6th March 1843 in Redgorton, Perthshire, Scotland. Married: 7th December 1866 in St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Christchurch . Janet died aged 59urs on 8th June 1902, in Christchurch NZ. Listed in Blacksmiths of Australia & NZ and in Blacksmiths of Scotland..  
KIRK James Blacksmith 1851 James Kirk, blacksmith. Born 4 May 1851. Son of Thomas Kirk & Jemima Lockhart, living at 7 North Woodside Road, Glasgow. In 1861 the family were living at 9 North Woodside Road. In 1871 James KIRK was an apprentice blacksmith living at 71 Abingdon Road, Glasgow in the household of who I assume was his master William Boag and his family. James Kirk married Isabella McColl on the 31st December 1878. On the 17th October 1879, their son Thomas was born. In 1881, 28-year old James Kirk was a foundry blacksmith living at 15 Myrtle Street, Glasgow, with his wife and young son. The family left Glasgow for Australia on the 14th September 1883 per the “Berwick Law” with 462 immigrants on board of which 286 were Scottish, arriving in Moreton Bay on 23/12/1883. The family proceeded very quickly to the Gold Mining town of Gympie, where gold had been discovered 16 years earlier in 1867. The family stayed in Gympie with James calling himself a Miner on the children’s school enrolments and on the Lists of voters eligible to vote. On 1 November 1900, Isabella Kirk died in Gympie Hospital, aged 48. By the 17th November, the first of 3 advertisements appear in the Gympie Times for the sale of household furniture and blacksmith tools. The sale took place 5 days later on the 22 November. After the 22nd of November I can find no mention of James Kirk, he left behind his 15-year-old daughter and his older son Thomas my great grandfather. The family story has it that he went to Ireland and was involved with the building of the Titanic. I have not been able to find any mention of my James Kirk in Australia after 1900, and looking overseas so far has not resulted in success..  
LACEDON John Blacksmith 1851 John Lacedon, blacksmith journeyman. Born: Cambusnethan,Lanarkshire. Aged 35yrs, living in Stane, Cambusnethan,Lanarkshire. Wife: Agnes 34yrs. Children: mary 12yrs, William 5yrs, Thomas 3yrs..  
LEITCH David Blacksmith 1794 David Leitch, blacksmith journeyman. Was born in Glenluce Scotland about 1794 he followed the trade of Blacksmith as his father Thomas Leitch did before him, having a Smithy in Glenluce, he died in Inch Parish on the 22nd October 1878 I beleive he was about 83 years old. His wife was Agnes Bell Born in Glenluce in 1803 she died in Glenluce 30th Jan 1876 age 73 years..  
LEITCH Thomas Blacksmith   1790's: Thomas Leitch had a Smithy in Glenluce which was carried on by his son David Leitch (born abt.1794)..  
LOCKIE James Blacksmith 1851 James Lockie 33yrs, blacksmith. Born: Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire. See Blacksmiths of Scotland for son Thomas 6yrs. Father-in-law James Brownlee & other family members..  
LOURIE John or James Blacksmith 1841 Census shows his wife Janet 27yrs, a widow living at 4 Sronecraigs Row, Cambusnethan, Lanark. Children: Marion 10yrs, John 7yrs, Helen 4yrs, James 3yrs, Betsey 7 months infant. Judging by the infants age he died within the past 12 month..  
MacKAY Hugh Blacksmith 1844 Hugh MacKay, blacksmith master. Born 1844 in Tain, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland. Hugh died in 1930, in Tain. On 2nd February 1877 Hugh 30yrs, married Jessie G. Lawson McIntyre, Ross 26yrs, in Tarbat. Witnesses Donald Murray; Andrew Ross and John Ross. He can be traced through all censuses to 1911. One of his sons, Willliam Hugh Mackay (1877-1954) became a blacksmith. His grandson Robert MacKay (1914-1989) also became a blacksmith..  
MacKAY Robert Blacksmith 1914 Robert MacKay, blacksmith. Born 1814 and died 5th March 1989, in Tain, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland. Buried at Portmahomack, Highland, Scotland. Cant’ find him in the Scottish census for 1911-1921. Parents: master blacksmith William Hugh MacKay (1877-1954) & Annie nee MacRae. Grandparents: master blacksmith Hugh MacKay (1844-1930) and Jessie Ross (1852-)..  
MacKAY William Hugh Blacksmith 1877 William Hugh MacKay, blacksmith. Born 1877 in Tarbat, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland. William died 20 Nov 1954, in S/Fearn, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland and is buried at Tarbat Burial Ground, Portmahomack, Highland, Scotland. He was the son of master blacksmith Hugh Mackay (1844-1930) and Jessie Ross (1852-). William H. married dressmaker Annie MacRae (1874-1948) on 2nd August 1901, in Cadboll, Fearn, Scotland. They had several children. One son Robert (1914-1989) was a blacksmith. One of their sons Robert (1814-1989) became a blacksmith. See William H. MacKay’s memorial at Find a grave memorial np: 183506139..  
MAIR Robert Blacksmith 1851 Robert Mair, blacksmith. Born: Lanarkshire, Lanark. Aged 38yrs, living at 26 South Row with wife Jean 40yrs. Sons: James 15yrs & Charles 12yrs. See 1851 census, Old Monkland, ED 37, pages 16-20. I have no other information..  
MANNERS John Blacksmith 1842 John Manners, blacksmith, wheelwright, Agricultural implement maker. Born 1842 Greenock, Scotland. Emigrated to Australia 1857. First listed 1868 as Blacksmith, Wheelwright, Agricultural Implement Maker, Taree, New South Wales. 1894 moved to Sydney, continued business in Sussex St. John died 1909. John is listed in the Blacksmiths of Scotland, Australia, Wheelwrights Index and Tool Makers Index.  
McAFFER Neil Blacksmith 1851 Neil McAffer, blacksmith journeyman. Born Island of Islay. Scottish Census 1851 lists him as 29 yrs, wife Isabella 40yrs. Daughter Janet 6 months infant..  
McCARLIE Alexander Blacksmith 1821 Alexander McCarlie, born 10 Aug 1821 in Scotland. Worked: at Balmesh Farm, in the Parish of Old Luce, Wigtownshire, Scotland. Died: 06 Jan 1898 at Dunskey Home Farm,Portpatrick, Wigtownshire. Married 06 Dec 1867 to Agnes Graham at Balmesh..  
McCONNELL Alexander Blacksmith 1860 Alexander McConnell, born circa1860 in Dumfries, Scotland. Wife: Janet McKie married on Nov 28, 1876. No other information at this time..  
McCUAIG Donald Blacksmith   1760's: Donald McCuaig. Not a blacksmith but liked to tell tales about them. Wife: Margaret McArthur - Lived in "Glenastin" which may be a variant of the present day Glenegedale, one of the principle villages of Kildalton, Islay, Argyll in the 1760's..  
McDOUGAL Allan Blacksmith 1851 Allan McDougal, blacksmith journeyman. Born Argyleshire Cuam. Aged 39yrs, wife Janet 44yrs. Children: John 15yrs, Catharine 14yrs, Janet 12yrs, Mary Ann 10yrs, Alexander 7yrs..  
McFADYEN Alexander Blacksmith 1876 Alexander McFadyen, blacksmith. Born 4th August 1876, at Kinning Park, Lanarkshire. The son of Alexander McFadyen and Agnes Campbell (who died shortly after his birth). Listed in the 1901 census as a Blacksmith. Married Margaret Laing Finlayson in 1905, Edinburgh. According to the census he worked in 1911 as a Blacksmith in an iron foundry and in 1921 for Forth & Clyde Sunnyside Iron Co. Alexander died 20th December 1950, Falkirk, Stirling..  
McFARLANE Robert Blacksmith   Robert McFarlane, blacksmith. Emigrated with son Archibald to Massachusetts. There he remarried (to Minnie Berry)..  
McGOWON John Blacksmith 1851 John Mcgowon, blacksmith apprentice. Census 1851 lists his as 21yrs, born Glasgow. Lodging with blacksmith Henry Adams & family..  
McGREGOR Archibald Blacksmith 1797 Archibald McGregor, blacksmith. Born 4 Apr 1797 at Dalnacaboig, Glenfoechan, Kilmore, Argyll, Scotland. Archibald married Mary McIntyre on 29 Nov 1821 in Kilchrenan. Listed as a blacksmith at Collaig at marriage. In the 1841 census he is blacksmith at Cleigh, 1851, 1861, and 1871 census he was a blacksmith at Inveresragen, Ardchattan, Lorn. In 1881 he was at 118 High Street in Renfrew and enumerated as a blacksmith. Archibald died 08 Jul 1882 in Renfrew..  
McINTOSH Finlay Blacksmith 1803 Finlay McIntosh, blacksmith. Born 1803 in Newtavie, Inverness, Scotland. Contributor information informs us that in 1821 Finlay aged 18 years, was boarding with blacksmith Alex Reid & family at Rockfield Mills, Portmahomack, Easter Ross. Scotland. Finlay would have worked at Rockfield Smiddy with blacksmiths, Alex and Sinclair Reid. The 1841 census lists him living in Escard, Inverness (no other information). Census 1851 Finlay 47yrs and wife Mary 34yrs were living at 39 N S Military Road, Newtonmoor, Inverness. Daughters Jess 10yrs, Catherine 2yrs. Sons Donald 8yrs, Evan 6yrs, Charles 4yrs. 1851 cess: Finlay 43yrs, Mary 43yrs. Children: Jessie 14yrs, Catherine 11yrs, Charles 14yrs, John 9yrs. 1861 in Newton Mre. In 1871 Finlay is 67yrs a labourer and Mary 60yrsin Urquhart. Finlay died 1889, buried in the Dunlichity Churchyard in Inverness, Highland, Scotland. See for his memorial, number 181176116/..  
McKAY John Blacksmith 1790 John McKay, blacksmith. Born about 1790, not in Scotland. The 1841 census lists John as 50 years, living in South Side Old Town, Peebles, a Scottish Border town. No other information given on census..  
McKELL Donald Blacksmith 1941 Donald McKell [husband of cousin] born 1941,Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire,Scotland. Married Maria Fotheringham,1971, Helensburgh.Still living in Helensburgh..  
McKERRELL Archibald Blacksmith 1934 Archibald McKerrell, born in Scotland in 1934. Wife: Christina Stewart Gibb, married in 1954 at Cambuslang, Scotland. Possibly still alive 2008..  
McLEOD Kenneth Blacksmith 1838 Kenneth McLeod, blacksmith. Born 1838 in Lochs Ross, Isle of Lewis, Scotland. Listed as Blacksmith for Hudson Bay Company, in Moosefactory, Hudsons Bay, in 1867. Photo available.  
MOIR Alexander Blacksmith 1832 Alexander Moir, 1832? - 1907. Scotland. No other information available..  
MOIR Duncan Blacksmith 1851 Duncan Moir, blacksmith. Born: Stirling, Larbert. Aged 25yrs, lodger at 13 South Row with family of Peter McLaren (pig iron Furnace worker). See 1851 census, Old Monkland, ED 37, pages 11-15. I have no other information..  
MOIR John Blacksmith 1859 John Moir, master blacksmith. Address on daughter's Marriage Certificate Hattoncrokk, District of Bourtie, Udny Aberdeenshire. Wife Mary nee Florence. Daughter Elizabeth m Alexander Nicol 15 Jab 1859. They are my great grandparents. Can't find any information about their dates of death..  
MUIRHEAD Gavin Blacksmith 1851 Gavin Muirhead, apprentice blacksmith. Born: Cambusnethan,Lanarkshire. Aged 16yrs, living in Stane, Cambusnethan,Lanarkshire Mother: Janet 47yrs,widow. Brother: John 18yrs(apprentice Engineer)..  
NOBLE Walter Blacksmith 1851 1851 census: Walter Noble, 24yrs, blacksmith. Born: Carstairs. Lodging with Matthew Reid (blacksmith) & family. Old Monkland, ED 39, pages 16-20..  
PETTIGREW James Blacksmith 1851 James Pettigrew, blacksmith journeyman. Born ? Cambusnethan, Scotland. Scotland. Scottish Census 1851 lists him as 32yrs, wife Isabella 30yrs. Children: Gavin 5yrs, Mary 4yrs, David 2yrs, Jane 3 weeks infant..  
RALSTON Thomas Blacksmith 1851 1851 census: Thomas Ralston, blacksmith. Born: Lanarkshire Old Monkland. Aged 19yrs lodging at 15, Hornock Row with Thomas Neilson & family. ld Monkland, ED 39, pages 1-5..  
REID Alexander Blacksmith 1882 Alex Reid, blacksmith master. Born in 1882 at Logie, Easter Ross, Scotland. The 1901 census show him as an Apprentice Blacksmith. In 1911 he was 28 years old and working at Rockfield Smiddy, Portmahomack, Ross-shire with his brother, Sinclair Reid age 23, also a Blacksmith. In 1921 he is living at Rockfield Mills with his wife Margaret Ann (Fraser) and 3 children. They have a boarder Finlay McIntosh, a Blacksmith age 18. Alex was believed to be a travelling Master Blacksmith..  
REID Matthew Blacksmith 1851 1851 census: Matthew Reid, blacksmith. Born SHotts, Lanark. Aged 37yrs, living at 50 , Hollinhirst; with wife Janet 31yrs. Children: Sarah 11yrs, Ann 10yrs, Janet 8yrs, John 6yrs, Alexander 3yrs , Elizabeth 7months infant. House servant: Jane Hogg 20yrs. Lodgers: Walter Noble 24yrs (blacksmith). Walter Alexander 18yrs, John Noble 17yrs. Old Monkland, ED 39, pages 16-20..  
REID Sinclair Blacksmith 1887 Sinclair Reid, blacksmith. Born in 1887 at Geanies, Tarbat, Easter Ross, Scotland. In 1911 he was working at Rockfield Smiddy, Portmahomack with his older brother blacksmith, Alex Reid. In 1921, Sinclair has married Flora Fraser and they live there with their son David. The smiddy was still there in the 1960's although not working, Sinclair died in 1965 age 78..  
ROBERTSON Hugh Blacksmith 1851 Hugh Robertson, 27yrs, Blacksmith Journeyman living at the Collector's House, Cambusnethan, Lanark. Born: Lanark, Lanark, Scotland. Wife: Marion 22yrs born Cambusnethan, Lanark. Sons: James 2yrs & John 1yr..  
ROSS James Blacksmith 1835 James Ross, blacksmith. Born about 1835 Perthshire, Scotland. James was the son of George Ross, (also a blacksmith) and Margaret Cameron, James worked on; and in 1859 emigrated to Souh Africa on a goverment aided programme and landed in Table Bay in December of that year. While in South Africa he had 3 children and returned to Scotland cica 1868. He appears in the 1881 Census..  
RUSSELL James Blacksmith 1851 James Russell 49yrs, blacksmith. Born: Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire. Wife: Jean 44yrs born Edinburghshire West Calder. Sons: William 21yrs (blacksmith), James 10yrs, John 8yrs. Daughter: Elizabeth Russell 15yrs.Visitor: Jean Haddow 7yrs..  
RUSSELL Robert Blacksmith 1851 Robert Russell, blacksmith Journeyman. Born Lanarksh Cambusnethan. Scottish Census 1851 lists him as 47yrs, wife Christina 42yrs. Lodger: Hugh Baird 32yrs,s tore manager..  
RUSSELL William Blacksmith 1851 William Russell 21yrs, blacksmith. Born: Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire. See Blacksmiths of Scotland for parents James 49yrs & Jean 44yr. Brothers: James 10yrs, John 8yrs. Sister: Elizabeth Russell 15yrs. Visitor: Jean Haddow 7yrs..  
RUSSELL William Blacksmith 1851 William Russell, blacksmith. Census 1851 lists as 51yrs, born Lanark Carluke. Wife: Helen 51yrs born Lanark Carluke. Children: William 17yrs, John 15yrs, Robert 13yrs, James 10yrs, Francis 7yrs..  
RUSSELL William Blacksmith 1851 William Russell, blacksmith journeyman. Born Lanarkshire Cambusnethan. Scottish Census 1851 lists him as 60yrs, wife Janet 58yrs. Son: Robert 35yrs. Mother-in-law: Christina Agnew 82yrs, widow..  
SCOTT Alexander Blacksmith 1772 Alexander Scott, blacksmith. Per the Baptism registers of his children from 1772 to 1786 in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, Alexander Scott was noted as a Blacksmith in Techmuiry in the Patish of Fraserburgh..  
SCOTT David Blacksmith 1834 David Scott, blacksmith. Born in 1834 in Bedrule, Roxburghshire, Scotland. The 1851 census, lists David as 16yrs, a blacksmith apprentice, living in the home of John Manual, master blacksmith, in Lilliesleaf, Roxburghshire. David, a journeyman blacksmith residing in Garston near Liverpool, marries Janet Riddell in Wilton Parish, Roxburghshire, Scotland in 1859. Birth records show that six children are born to David and Janet Scott while they are living in Wilton: Mary, Thomas, Janet (who dies as a baby), Janet, Jean, and Walter (who also dies as a child). In the 1871 census, David Scott's occupation in Wilton is "Engine Smith at Factory". David Scott and his family emigrate to Canada in 1874..  
SCOTT George Blacksmith 1851 George Scott, blacksmith journeyman. Born Cambusnethan, Lanark. Aged 26yrs. With parents George 52yrs & Christine 53yrs (farmers of several acres) . Brother Robert 13yrs. Servants: Peter Russel 24yrs, Thomas Jack 23yrs, William Brown 19yrs..  
SCOTT John Blacksmith 1780 John Scott, blacksmih. Botn about 1780 (not in Scotland). The 1841 census lists John as 60 yrs, a blacksmith living in South Side Old Town, Peebles, a Scottish Border town. No other information given on census..  
SHANKS George Blacksmith 1869 George Shanks, blacksmith. Born: 24th May 1869, in Uphall, West Lothian, Scotland. The 1891 census shows him ages 21yrs, a blacksmith journeyman, boarding with Alexander Pendergest & family in Robert’s Wynd, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland. Wife: Agnes Waugh, married 1892 in Falkirk. The 1901 census lists him as 31yrs, blacksmith, living at 34 High Station Road, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland. Agnes 28yrs. Children: Annie. L. 7yrs; Alexr 5yrs; John.W. 4yrs; Maggie.W. 1yr infant. Neice: Lizzie.B.Waugh 16yrs..  
SHARP Nathaniel Blacksmith 1851 Nathaniel Sharp, 37yrs, Blacksmith Journeyman living at Cambusnethan, Lanark, Scotland. Born: ClackmannanTillicoultry . Wife: Agnes 34yrs born Lanark, Shotts. Children: George 2yrs & James 1yr..  
SKELLY Charles Blacksmith 1821 Charles Skelly. OPR Marriage record shows Charles Skelly Smith in Port Glasgow & Ann Leggat residing there. Charles son John (1) born in Port Glasgow was also a Blacksmith - Boiler Maker as shown on the 1841 Scotland Census. Charles is also listed in the Boiler Makers Index. John Skelly (1) (born 1822)is also in many editions of Pigot's Directory. Of John Skelly's sons, John (2) (born 1853) also became a boiler maker and Alexander (born 1861 - my great Grandfather is shown as a Marine Engineer on the 1881 Scotland Census). I believe that John's (2) son Thomas also became a Boiler Maker Journeyman. Fast forward - my nephew Jaysun O'Scalleigh is a blacksmith on Salt Spring Island, North Vancouver Island, British Columbia..  
SMEATON David Blacksmith   David Smeaton, 84 John Street, Glasgow. More information welcome..  
SMITH Archibald Blacksmith 1851 Archibald Smith, blacksmith. Born: Fifeshire Leven. Aged 24yrs living at Stane, Cambusnethan, Lanark. Mother: Helen 58yrs,widow. Sister: Margaret 21yrs. Lodger: Alexander Foster ,16yrs (iron founder)..  
STEWART Lockhart Blacksmith 1851 Lockhart Stewart , blacksmith. Born: Cambusnethan. Lanarkshire. Living at Burnbrae. Aged 65yrs, wife Weir 65yrs. Son: William 23yrs (see iron founders index). Grandsons: John Ferguson 13yr, Henry Ferguson 11yrs. Grandaughters: Marion Ferguson 8yrs & Jane Shaw 9yrs. Lodger: John Deveen 30yrs..  
THOMSON James Blacksmith 1851 James Thomson 21yrs, Pittencrieff Street, Dunfermline FIF. Wife: Mary. Has George Arnot as a lodger (no relationship known)..  
THOMSON Robert Blacksmith 1824 Robert Thomson. OPR for Barony (Glasgow)has the following record: Thomson: Robert Thomson, blacksmith, in Calton and Mary Shields residing there. Banns were read on 6th June 1824 and the marriage took place on 25 June 1824. Marriage performed by Rev. Jas Turnbull..  
TROTTER Robert Blacksmith 1850 Robert Trotter,blacksmith. Born on 15th April 1850 at Whitsome, Berwickshire. The son of James Trotter and Jane Smith. Married Marion Robertson on 30 December 1874 at Govan, Lanarkshire (divorced 1896). Died 8 May 1931 (aged 79 years) and buried at Swinton, Berwickshire. In 1871 Census, Robert (aged 20 years) was living and working as a Blacksmith for David Young, Blacksmith Master, at Hassington, Eccles, Berwickshire. According to, David Young was making the Norwegian harrow from c.1864. In 1881 Census, Robert Trotter, blacksmith, was living in Govan; after that at Southampton, England and by the 1891 census, at South Stockton, Yorkshire, before returning to Govan by 1893..  
VEITCH John Blacksmith 1856 John Veitch, blacksmith, blacksmith. Born 5th July 1856 at Leadhills, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Died 28th April 1911 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Son of blacksmith William Veitch (1842-1899) and Agnes Paterson (1841-1883). Grandson of blacksmith Alexander Bown & Agnes Forrest..  
VEITCH William Blacksmith 1842 William Veitch, blacksmith. Born 1842 in Leadhills, Lanarkshire, Scotland and died in 1899 in Leadhills. Son of engine keeper James Veitch (1801-1896) and Ann Brown (1804-1872). William married Agnes Paterson on 17th March 1865 at Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland. He was a blacksmith in Flexholm, Crawford. They 5 daughters and one son John, a blacksmith (1856-1911) who died in South Africa. See memorial No: 199559722 on for the whole family..  
WALKER John Blacksmith 1851 John Walker, blacksmith. Born Stirling Falkirk. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 22yrs, living at 53 Herriot Row; with wife Mary 20yrs. Others listed are William Muirhead (head fo family) 22yrs. Elizabeth Muirhead 22yrs (sister), Joseph Muirhead 10yrs(brother) , Samuel 8yrs(brother). Maybe Mary’s maiden name was Muirhead??? See 1851 census, Old Monkland, ED 40, pages 11-15..  
WEST Mungo Blacksmith 1816 Mungo West, blacksmith journeyman. Born about 1816, ?place, not in Aberdeen. The 1841 Scottish census lists him as 25yrs, living in Commerce Street, St Clements, Aberdeen; appears to be sharing digs with William Abernethy, 20yrs, labourer..  
WHITE Unkown Blacksmith 1851 Mr. White first name unknown. Was deceased before census 1851 which shows his widow Grace 40yrs, at Kirkton Village Burntisland. Born: FIF Kinghorn. Son: William 14yrs born Kinghorn..  
WILSON John Blacksmith 1851 1851 census: John Wilson, blacksmith. Born: Edinburg. Aged 45yrs living at 14, Sunnyside Square with wife Mary 45yrs born Edinburgh. Son Andrew 16yrs, smith assistant. Servant: Helen McLure 9yrs. Old Monkland, ED 39, pages 1-5..  
WILSON William (Jnr) Blacksmith 1851 William Willson (Jnr),apprentice blacksmith. Born: Shotts, Lanarkshire. Aged 14yrs, living in Stane, Cambusnethan,Lanarkshire. See blacksmiths of Scotland Index for parents William 40yrs & Margaret 39yrs plus siblings..  
YOUNG David Watson Blacksmith 1867 David Watson Young, born at 29 Tait's Lane, Hawkhill, Dundee, 21 May 1867. Married Mary Ann Henry at 13 Westfirld Lane, the bride's residence. Lived at various Dundee addresses. Entered in Dundee Directory, 1898-99, as a Laundryman. Managed the Pearl Steam Laundry. Family emigrated to New Zealand in 1912. Lived at Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland and owned a laundry there. About 1918 went to Te Aroha and returned to blacksmithing. Worked for D. McL Wallace(?)..  
YOUNG John Blacksmith 1851 John Young, 28yrs, Blacksmith living at Cambusnethan, Lanark, Scotland. Born: Carluke, Lanarkshire. Wife: Helen 31yrs born Carluke Lanarkshire. Children: Helen 8yrs, Robert 6yrs, Catharine 3yrs, Matthew.M. 6 months infant..  
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