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ADAM Robert Blacksmith 1847 Robert Adam, blacksmith. Robert married Susan Reid or Reed of Banchory 5/1/1847 in St. Nicholas, Aberdeen, Scotland. Robert is likely the son of Davidson Adam, Shoemaker, and Isabel McCombie. Cannot find a death or burial for him. Robert and Susan had at least 4 children, Elspet, Mary, Robert and John Reid (My GG Grandfather)..  
ADAM THomas Blacksmith 1786 Thomas Adam, blacksmith. Born 19 Apr 1786 in Govan, Lanarkshire, Scotland and died 24 Sep 1848 in Govan, Lanarkshire. Parents: Thomas Adam and Christian Duncan..  
ADAMS Henry Blacksmith 1814 Henry Adams, blacksmith Journeyman. Born about 1814, Fife Dunfermline.. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 37yrs; wife Jane 36yrs (born England). Children listed: Henry 15yrs; Agnes 13yrs; Mary 7yrs; Jane 3yrs; Margaret 1yr infant. Lodger: John McGowon 21yrs (blacksmith)..  
ADAMS William Robertson Blacksmith 1875 William Robertson Adams, blacksmith. Born 1875 Glasgow, Scotland. Parents William Adams and Ann nee Robertson. He worked in the Clyde shipyards and was a union organizer..  
AIKENAN Archibald Blacksmith 1826 Archibald Aikenan, blacksmith journeyman. Born about 1826, Mid Lothian Currie The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 25yrs; wife Barbra 25yrs; daughter Isabella 2 months infant..  
ALLAN Alexander Blacksmith 1789 Alexander Allan, blacksmith. Born in December 1789 at the Bush of Muldearie, Morayshire, Scotland. His father James was a Blacksmith his mother was called Margaret McWilliam. Alexander was married to Jane Milne and had 7 children. He was the Blacksmith at Allanbraes Garbity near Rothes Morayshire. He died 10/12/1855. His 2 sons were James and John were Blacksmithsat Allanbraes Garbity too..  
ALLAN James Blacksmith 1831 James Allan, blacksmith. Morayshire, Scotland. James was Alexander Allan’s son and John Allan’s brother. He was born1/8/1831 and married Mary Grant, they had 5 daughters. James died 31/3/1898. He was the Blacksmith at Allanbraes at Garbity, he rented the Smithy. John I think continued to work there after his brother died..  
ALLAN James Blacksmith 1769 James Allan, blacksmith. Born in Morayshire/Banffshire. As yet I have no date details re his birth/marriage or death. James was my 3rd great grandfather. His son Alexander Allan(b. 1789) was a blacksmith, also his grandsons James and John Allan, whom I will write about too. James worked at bush of muldearie, near Keith..  
ALLAN John Blacksmith 1836 John Allan, blacksmith journeyman. Morayshire, Scotland. John was Alexander Allan’s son born 19/12/1836 he was married twice, the first time to Euphemia Mowat whom he met in Dundee, they had 11 children she died aged 37. He married Annie Innes when he was 53 and they had 2 children. John was my great grandfather. He died 19/12/1917. He worked with his brother James.  
ALLEN George Blacksmith 1853 George Allen, blacksmith. Born about 1853, Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, Scotland. The 1871 Scottish census lists George as 18yrs, living at living at Bonjedward, Jedburgh, working for master blacksmith John Dodds..  
ARMSTRONG Thomas Blacksmith 1861 Thomas Armstrong, blacksmith. Born 15th Sept.1861, Bonhill, Dumbartonshire, Scotland. Emigrated on the "Dunedin"in 1874 with parents John & Mary & 12 siblings. Married 1890 to Elizabeth Haisty, 1 dtr Lilian. He died in Greymouth, NZ, 2nd Dec.1939. Thomas died Greymouth, West Coast, N.Z. on 2nd Dec. 1939. Listed in Blacksmiths of Scotland and New Zealand..  
ARNOT David Blacksmith 1774 David Arnot , master blacksmith. Born about 1774, MLN Edinburgh. . The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 77yrs, at Rars Close, High Street, Falkirk-STI; with wife Elizabeth 77yrs born Falkirk. Parents of blacksmith David Arnot, 37yrs (born 1851)..  
ARNOT David Blacksmith 1801 David Arnot, blacksmith. Born about 1801, MLN Edinburgh. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 50yrs, at Baxters Wynd, Falkirk STI; with wife Margaret 33yrs born Falkirk..  
ARNOT David Blacksmith 1805 David Arnot, blacksmith. Born about 1805,FIF Burntisland. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 46yrs, at Shore, Burntisland FIF. Widower..  
ARNOT David Blacksmith 1814 David Arnot, blacksmith. Born about 1814. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 37yrs, at Rars Close, High Street, Falkirk-STI; with father blacksmith David Arnot 77yrs & mother Elizabeth..  
ARNOT David Blacksmith 1820 David Arnot, blacksmith. Born about 1830, Born: ELN. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 31yrs, at 8 William Street, Milton Lanarkshire; with wife Jane 32yrs (born ANS Montrose)..  
ARNOT William Blacksmith - Journeyman 1831 William Arnot , blacksmith journeyman. Born about 1831, ANS Dundee. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 21yrs, at Croftanrigh No.9, Canongate MLN. Lodges with W. Rowan..  
ARNOTT John Blacksmith 1822 John Arnott , blacksmith. Born about 1822, STI Falkirk. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 29yrs, at 29 Grove Street, St.George; with wife Catherine 32yrs born Falkirk..  
ATKINSON Joseph Blacksmith 1832 Joseph Atkinson, blacksmith, iron forger. Joseph was born in England. He married Elizabeth Ford, 1832, Cramond, Midlothian, Scotland. Lived in Lanarkshire, Scotland in 1851 Scotland census. Listed in the Blacksmiths of Scotland and Iron Workers Indexes..  
BAIN John Blacksmith,
1791 John Bain, tinsmith, blacksmith. Born about 1791 in Lanarkshire Scotland. Married 13 November 1818 in Glasgow to Agnes Blackwood (Born about 1796 in Alloa Scotland) . John and Agnes had at least 3 children all born in Glasgow (Andrew Born 8 September 181;. Agnes born about 1826 ;Jane also born about 1826. John is my 3x great grandfather. Listed in both Blacksmiths of Scotalnd and Whitesmiths Indexes..  
BELL James Blacksmith,
1801 James Bell, blacksmith & farrier. Born about1801 and is listed in the 1841 census with occupation blacksmith at No 29 St Leonard Street Edinburgh. Gray\'s Street Directory of Edinburgh 1832 lists him at 108 St Leonard St Edinburgh..  
BELL James Blacksmith 1820 James Bell, blacksmith. Born about 1820-1821. The 1841 census for Scotland lists James at Pleasance 8 Edinburgh..  
BELL William Blacksmith 1824 William Bell, blacksmith. Born about 1824. The 1851 census for Scotland lists William ay 29 St Leonard St Edinburgh. At the time of the 1861 census his address was Hamiltons Follie Edinburgh and in 1871 it was No 9 Richmond St Edinburgh..  
BEVERIDGE Thimas Blacksmith 1819 Thomas Beveridge, blacksmith. Thomas married Janet Monro (Munro ) on June 8th, 1819 in Canongate. Her father John Monro was also a blacksmith. I know that they had three children, but that is all I know about Thomas and John. I wish I could find out more, but so far there is no other information available..  
BEVINS Robert Blacksmith 1824 Robert Bevins, hammer-man in an ironworks. Born about 1824 in Cavan County, Ireland, son of Robert Bevens and Elizabeth Findley. Married a widow Isabella Miller who was child of Edward Miller and Catherine Knox born about 1 826 in Donegal County Ireland. Robert died in Glasgow 25 march 1883 aged 52yrs, of inflammation of the lungs for 4 days. They had at least 2 children, both born in Hutchesontown in Glasgow. Listed in both Blacksmiths of Ireland and Scotland. Catherine born 5 May 1856; Robert born 1 July 1858..  
BLACK Gavin Blacksmith 1903 Gavin Black, blacksmith. Born in 1903 Kirkintilloch , Scotland. Parents: John Black and Isabella Duff. Gavin married Bridget Currie McAuley on the 14 Sep 1928..  
BLACK James Blacksmith & Toolsmith 1858 James Black , blacksmith journeyman & toolsmith. Born 16th July 1858 in Aberdeen. Died 16th March 1920 in Aberdeen. Married Williamina McKay 18th July 1882. They had 8 children of which Charles McKay Black is my husband's Grandfather. James' father, also named James was also a Blacksmith/Stoneware Hawker/Combmaker. He died 14th May 1869 at Ryehill, Oyne. Listed also in the Tool Makers Index..  
BLACK John Blacksmith - Journeyman 1883 John Black, blacksmith, was from the Isle of Lismor(e), Scotland. Wife: Catherine Donald from Enzie, married on 22nd Jan 1883 in Glasgow when he was 28 she was 29; it stated that he was a Blacksmith Journeyman. He died after a drowning accident on the 16th of Dec 1895 at Glasgow pier, Glasgow. One more Blacksmith to your wonderful website, many Thanks, Billy Anderson..  
BROWN Alexander Blacksmith 1872 Alexander Brown, blacksmith. Born about 1771 and deceased before 1872(note on daughters death certificate In Alexander married Agnes Forrest 01 July 1794 in Douglas, Lanarkshire. Their daughter Anne Brown married James Veitch, blacksmith listed in this index.. Visit site
BROWN James Blacksmith & Mechanic (in Paper Mill) 1821 James Brown,blacksmith, mechanic. Born 14 June 1821, Airdrie,Lanark,Scotland. Died: 28 July 1893, Ngawapurua,Woodville,New Zealand. Buried 31 July 1893 Woodville Cemetery, A. NZ. Parents: John Warrender Brown and Anne Brown(nee Taylor). Wife: Agnes Meikle, married 23 June 1848 at South Leith.Midlothian,Scotland. Came to NZ on the ship TALBOT and landed Auckland 21 Feb 1864..  
BROWN Thomas Blacksmith 1819 Thomas Brown, blacksmiths assistant. Born about 1819, in Ireland. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 32yrs, living at 52, Hollinhirst; married but no other persons listed here. Old Monkland, ED 39, pages 16-20..  
BROWNLEE James Blacksmith 1780 James Brownlee, blacksmith. Born about 1780, Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 71yrs; wife Grizel Russel 70yrs born Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire. Daughters: Marrion Brownlee 32yrs, Susan Brownlee 38yrs. Son-in-law: James Lockie 33yrs(blacksmith) born Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire. Grandson: Thomas Lockie 6yrs..  
BROWNLEE/BROUNLEE James Blacksmith 1800 James Brounlee, blacksmith journeyman. Born about 1800, Shotts, Lanarkshire. Scottish Census 1851 lists him as 51yrs, wife Agnes 51yrs.  
BRYCE James Blacksmith 1799 James Bryce, blacksmith at Omoa Iron Works and Anna Reid his Lawful spouse had a son Born there upon Friday the 31st day of May and Baptized 23d June Named (blank) Bryce). Taken from the Shotts, Lanark, Parish Register 1707-1855 Note 41. I have no other information..  
BURNS Bill Blacksmith 1964 Bill Burns, master blacksmith, apprenticeship Isle of Cumbrae Scotland 1964 -1970..  
BURNS James Balcksmith 1839 ames Burns, blacksmith. Born Scotland. Married Elizabeth Kennedy in Old Machar, 1st February 1839. Lauralee has a copy of their marriage record which lists James as a blacksmith in Woodside, Aberdeen, Scotland..  
CAIRNS John Blacksmith 1819 John Cairns, blacksmith. Born about 1819 in Ireland. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 32yrs, living at 32 West Row with wife Mary Ann 23yrs; son John 2yrs (born Lanark Old Monkland). See 1851 census, Old Monkland, ED 37, pages 6-10. I have no other information..  
CALDER Alexander Blacksmith 1809 Alexander Calder, blacksmith journeyman. Born about 1809, Shotts, Lanark. The 1851 Scottish census lists Alexander as 42yrs, living in Stanes, Cambusnethan with wife Christina 35yrs. Children: Grace 7yrs, James 4yrs. I have no other information..  
CAMERON Peter Blacksmith 1900 Peter Cameron, general black smithing and quarries in Scotland (including Glasgow). Four generations worked as Blacksmiths..  
CAMPBELL James Blacksmith 1826 James Campbell, blacksmith. Born about 1826, Lanark. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 25yrs, living at 22 West Row with wife Christina 24yrs plus sons John 3yrs & James 6 months infant. Lodger: George Hewitt, 27yrs (pig iron furnace labourer). See 1851 census, Old Monkland, ED 37, pages 6-10. I have no other information..  
CAMPBELL James (Jnr) Blacksmith 1834 James Campbell (Jnr), blacksmith. Born 1834 & died 24th Jan 1898 in Portskerra, North Scotland The 1851 Scottish census lists him 17yrs, living with & apprenticed to his brother master blacksmith Robert Campbell (listed here) . In 1891 James is still living with brother Robert. At time of death he was employed as a metropolitan policeman. James was son of blacksmith James Campbell (born circa 1794) & Elizabeth (Betty) nee McKay. His brother Robert (born 1826) is listed in Blacksmiths of Scotland..  
CAMPBELL James (Snr) Blacksmith 1794 James Campbell (Snr), blacksmith. Born about 1794, place unknown. Died 15 March 1841 and is buried at Golval, Scotland. He lived at Golval with wife Elizabeth (Betty) nee McKay. They married 21st June 1824 in Golval. Children: Mgt, died young, Robert born 1826 (blacksmith) & died 1910; Barbera born 1828 & died after 1860; Mgt born 1830, Thurso, died 1921 in Australia; Georgiana born around 1833 & died 1919 Strathy; James born 1834 (blacksmith) & died 1898; Janet born 1837 Reay, died Bighouse Reay 11th July 1886..  
CAMPBELL Robert Blacksmith 1826 Robert Campbell, blacksmith. Born 1826 in Golval, Scotland & died 2nd November 1910 in Portskerra, Scotland. He is bBuried at Golval. Robert (Jnr) was still living in Golval 1851 when he married Christina McDonald in 1888. One known child that I know of was Georgina Elizabeth born 1889 & died 8th September1891 in Portskerra. Robert was son of blacksmith James Campbell (born circa 1794) & Elizabeth (Betty) nee McKay. Borther James (born 1834) is listed in Blacksmiths of Scotland..  
CARNEGIE Andrew Blacksmith 1874 Andrew Carnegie, blacksmith. Born 17 November 1874 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland. Andrew worked at John Brown Shipyards. He married Isabella Morrison Mowat and they had four daughters: Isabella, Jean, Catherine (my granny) and Chris. Andrew is my great grandfather ..  
CHAMBERS James Blacksmith 1825 James Chambers, blacksmith. Born January 1825-1826, near Annan Scotland. Married Mary McKenzie. Drowned on the Monkhouse property when damn destructed on 19th June 1858. James was 32 yrs, 4 months and 25 days old at time of death..  
CHARTERS John Blacksmith 1784 John Charters, blacksmith journeyman. Born 1784, Troqueer . John’s wife was Agnes Wallace, and they had 7 children. No other information given..  
CRANSTON William Blacksmith 1804 William Cranston, blacksmith. Born about 1804, Carnwath, Lanark. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 47yrs, Living at Hollandbush 1, Cambusnethan, Middle Ward, Lanar; with wife Elizabeth 39yrs. Children: Janet 12yrs, Celilia 8yrs, William 5yrs, Agnes 4yrs, Margaret 2yrs..  
CRAWFORD Robert Blacksmith 1807 Robert Crawford, master blacksmith. Born 1807, Uddingston, Bothwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Died: 1871. Son of Hugh and Agnes (Paterson) Crawford, husband of Mary (Gray) Crawford, Master Blacksmith. Children: Jane born 1831, Hugh born 1833, Agnes born 1835, Mary born 1839, Robert born 1841, Margaret born 1847, and Isabella Gray born 1851..  
CUMBY William Blacksmith 1845 William Cumby, blacksmith. Whites History, Gazeteer & Directory of Norfolk. Chedgrave..  
CURRIE John Blacksmith 1816 John Currie, blacksmith. Born: year and place unclear? The 1891 Census states he was a Blacksmith born in 1816 in Smithholmans Scotland. The 1881 Census states he was born in Roxboro Scotland. His son was James Currie born 1947 in Roxboro( another census mentions he was born in Berwick upon Tweed) and he was a Hammerman.? I would appreciate it if anyone could direct me to any further information..  
DAWSON Benjamin.G. Blacksmith 1787 Benjamin.G. Dawson, blacksmith. Born 1787 Heughead, Strathdon, Scotland. Emmigrated to Canada. 1852 Niagara Census, lists Benjamin as a blacksmith, died 25 Nov 1869. Have wife and children info, pic of stone, pic of Heughead blacksmith shop. Listed in Blacksmiths of Scotland and Canada..  
DENHAM George Blacksmith 1827 George Denham, iron founder, blacksmith. Born about 1827, in ?Shotts. Lanark. The Scottish census 1851 lists him as 24yrs; wife Janet 19yrs. Also listed in Iron Workers Index..  
DODDS John Blacksmith 1807 John Dodds, master blacksmith, gester, employing 3 men. Born about 1807, Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, Scotland. The 1871 Scottish census lists John as 64yrs old, living at Bonjedward, Jedburgh with wife Christin 66yrs. Also listed: George Whittier 24yrs (blacksmith); Walter Murray 19yrs (blacksmith); George Allen 18yrs (blacksmith); Elizabeth Aitchison 17yrs (general servant)..  
DOIG John Blacksmith 1799 John Doig, blacksmith. Born 1799 in Clunie, Perthshire, Scotland. John married Jean Logan1826 in Campsie, Stirling. John and Jean moved to Glasgow circa 1830. He worked as a blacksmith in Anderston and he died in Barnhill, 1867..  
DOIG Peter Blacksmith 1831 Peter Doig, blacksmith,wheelwright. Born 1831 Glasgow. Peter married Ann Moir in 1854, Manchester, England. He was a blacksmith in Glasgow; far northern areas of South Australia; and Wagin, Western Australia. Peter died 1922, in Subiaco, Westen Australia. He is listed in the Wheelwrights Index and in the Blacksmiths of Scotland and Australia..  
DON James Blacksmith 1824 James Don, blacksmith. Born 1 Aug 1824 in Farnell, Angus, Scotland. Parents: Hercules Don & Ann Wales. James first married Mary McAndrew (cir 1825-1860) 3 Jul 1847 Edzel, they had 5 children. Next married Ann Dakers (1830-1909) 14 Dec 1861 Stracathro, they had 4 children. James was Blacksmith of Stracathro and Balrownie between 1841-1905. Died 12 Feb 1905 Mill of Balrownie Smithy..  
DONALDSON Thomas Blacksmith-Journeyman 1820 Thomas Donaldson, journeyman blacksmith. Born about 1820, Edinburgh, Mid Lothian. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 31yrs; living in Stane, Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire; with wife Margaret 31yrs. Children: Alexander 6yrs, Isabella 4yrs, Margaret 1yr infant..  
DOUGLAS John Blacksmith 1884 John Douglas, blacksmith. Born about 1884, Montrose, Forfarshire, Scotland. The 1901 census for Scotland lists John as 17yrs, living at 56 Castle Street, Montrose, Angus County, Scotland.Parents William and Margaret Douglas..  
DOUGLAS John Blacksmith 1900 John Douglas, blacksmith. May have worked in Roxburghshire / Berwickshire around 1900 ( approx). May be the John Douglas born 1884..  
DOWNS William Blacksmith 1825 William Downs, blacksmith. Born about 1835, Old Monkland, Lanark. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 16yrs, living at 53, House al Gartsherrie School with parents William 44yrs & Margaret 40yrs. Siblings: Andrew 12yrs, Alexander 9yrs, James 6yrs, Robert 4yrs. Old Monkland, ED 39, pages 16-20..  
DUNCAN John Blacksmith 1830 John Duncan, blacksmith. Born about 1830, Kirknewton. . The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 21yrs, lodging at 31 Hornock Row with Euphemia Shields 42yrs,widow & family. Old Monkland, ED 39, pages 6-10..  
DUNN John Blacksmith 1811 John Dunn, blacksmith. Born about 1811, Langlone, Lanark. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 40yrs, living at 48, Gartsherrie Pit Row; with wife Margaret 36yrs born Stirlingshire . Children: Thomas 9yrs, John 7yrs, Samuel 4yrs, James 2yrs, Margaret 1month infant. Old Monkland, ED 39, pages 11-15..  
EDWARD(S) William (1) Blacksmith 1848 William Edward(s) (1), blacksmith. Born in 1848 in St Vigeans, the son of John (I) Edward. 1871 census shows address as Bridgeton Cottar House, St Vigeans, the employee of blacksmith John Haddon. 1881 census shows address in Dundee, 1891 and 1901 both show Colliston Mill, St Vigeans. His two sons George and William (II) also become blacksmiths..  
EDWARDS George Blacksmith 1875 George Edwards, blacksmith. Born about 1875 in Dundee, the son of John (II) Edward(s). 1891 census shows occupation as Apprentice Blacksmith, 1901 shown as Blacksmith, living with parents at Colliston Mill, St Vigeans..  
EDWARDS James (1) Blacksmith 1853 James Edwards(1), blacksmith. Born 1853 in Seaton (St Vigeans), died 1939 in Arbroath, the son of John (I) Edward. 1871 census shows address as Auchmithie Road, St Vigeans, 1881 census shows Seaton Cottage, the 1891, 1901 and 1911 censuses all show Newbarns Smithy (currently a private house renamed “Anniston Smithy”). Buried in Western Cemetery, Arbroath together with son John (IV) Edwards and John’s infant sons Norman and David..  
EDWARDS James (II) Blacksmith 1877 James Edwards (II), blacksmith. Born 1877 in St Vigeans, the son of James (I) Edward(s). At the time if his 1904 marriage he was shown at an address in Arbroath. 1911 census shows him with his wife and two daughters at another address in Arbroath as a Blacksmith in the General Engineering industry..  
EDWARDS James (III) Blacksmith 1918 James Edwards (III), blacksmith. Born 1918 in Arbroath, Scotlamd the son of James (II) Edwards. Emigrated to Australia with his wife around 1954 on the “New Australia” and settled in the Melbourne suburb of Deer Park. Exact death date not known but possibly around 1985. Appears on the Australian electoral rolls for 1963, 1968, 1972, 1977 and 1980 with all showing occupation as Blacksmith. Exact death date not known but possibly around 1985 based on sale date of house. Identity confirmed through correspondence with his niece. If you are related and have more information please make contact..  
EDWARDS John (1) Blacksmith 1819 John Edwards (1), blacksmith. Born 1819 in St Cyrus, died 1861 in St Vigeans. 1841 census shows address as Johnsonhaven District 3. 1851 census shows address as Tarry Bank Seaton Blacksmith’s House. At time of death in March 1861 he was at Seaton Smithy. His widow Magdalene is shown on the 1861 census at Seaton Smithy with occupation Blacksmith’s Widow and on the 1871 and 1881 censuses she is shown still at Seaton Smithy employing two men. Three sons, six grandsons and at least one great-grandson of John and Magdalene also became blacksmiths and the family had a long association with Seaton Smithy..  
EDWARDS John (II) Blacksmith 1839 John Edwards (II), blacksmith. Born 1839 in Benholm, died 1902 in St Vigeans, the son of John (I) Edward. 1861 shows address as Seaton Smithy, 1871 shows Seaton Lodge, 1881 shows Seaton Poultry (?) House, while 1891 and 1891 both show Seaton Smithy with an employee blacksmith..  
EDWARDS John (III) Blacksmith 1863 John Edwards (III), blacksmith. Born in 1863 in Arbroath, the illegitimate son of Agnes Edward(s) and the grandson of John (I) Edward. 1881 census shows occupation as Blacksmith at address in Arbroath with mother, 1891 shows address as North British Chemical Works with wife and family..  
EDWARDS John (IV) Blacksmith 1875 John Edwards (IV), blacksmith. Born 1875 in St Vigeans, died 1939 in Dundee Royal Infirmary, the son of James (I) Edward(s). At the time of his marriage in 1897 he was at Drunkendub Smithy. 1901 census shows address as Village of Arbilot. He appears to have taken over Seaton Smithy around 1903 after the death of his uncle John (II) Edward(s) in 1902, with children born there in 1903 (David who also died there 1904), 1905 (twins Jane and Helen) and 1907 (Nora). Son Norman also died at Seaton Smithy in 1905 when he was crushed by a falling cartwheel. At the time of the 1911 census just after the death of his wife Agnes and youngest child Jessie he was living with his father James in Newbarns and working as a Fireman at a Brickworks. In 1915 he enlisted with the Service Corps where he served in Scotland for the duration of World War I as a Farrier. Buried in Western Cemetery, Arbroath together with father James (I) Edward(s) and his infant sons Norman and David..  
EDWARDS William (II) Blacksmith 1878 William Edwards (II), blacksmith. Born about 1878 in Dundee, Scotland. Son of John (II) Edward(s). 1901 census shows occupation as Blacksmith, living with parents at Colliston Mill, St Vigeans..  
EDWARDS William (III) Blacksmith 1884 William Edwards (III), blacksmith. Born 1884 in Montrose, died 1932 in Dundee, the son of James (I) Edward(s). 1901 census shows him living with his parents in Newbarns and occupation as Apprentice Blacksmith. 1911 census shows him as a Railway Porter in Inverkeilor. His brother James (IV) Edwards had also ceased working as a Blacksmith by 1911..  
FALCONER Alexander Blacksmith - Journeyman 1831 Alexander Falconer, blacksmith journeyman. Born about 1831, INV Ardorsier. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 20yrs, Luthrie, Creich-FIF. Lodges with Janet Arnot (no relationship known)..  
FERGUSON Alexander Blacksmith 1805 Alexander Ferguson, blacksmith of Aberdeen. Scotland. Alexander was listed as blacksmith on his marriage record and on the baptismal records of children 1805-1812. He married Ann Dyce on 19 January 1805. They had the following children: James (1807), Alexander (1809) and Hector McLean(1812). These records are found in the Parish of St Nicholas, Aberdeen..  
FERGUSON John Blacksmith 1774 John Ferguson, blacksmith, born cira 1774,Glasgow,Lanarkshire(LKS). Died: ca.1840,Glasgow. He was a blacksmith in Camlachie, Glasgow at the birth of his first son. Wife: Judith Holm(e)s born ca.1774,Great Yarmouth,Norfolk,England. John founded a minor dynasty of 'metal workers'; blacksmiths to boilermakers to marine engineers..  
FERGUSON John Blacksmith 1806 John Ferguson, blacksmith, born 1806,Glasgow,Lanarkshire(LKS). Died 1866, Greenock, Renfrewshire(RFW). Initially, a blacksmith before 1837 and then a boilermaker; both whilst in Washington Street, Anderston, Glasgow. Wife: Christina Selkirk,1814-1890..  
FERRIER Henry Bow Blacksmith 1811 Henry Bow Ferrier, blacksmith. Born 1811 in Liberton, Monington, Midlothian, Scotland. Died 1879 in Leith, Scotland. Henry married Martha Fairgrieve in Duddingston in 1834. See the URL attached which shows him living in Leadwork Lane Duddingston in 1842. He moved around Scotland on a regular basis. In 1871 he was working on ‘5 Dhuhearlach Lighthouse Works’ and living on Iona.. Visit site
FINDLAY John Blacksmith 1790 John Findlay, master blacksmith, farmer. Born about 1790, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The 1841 census for Scotland lists John as 51yrs, living in the North Seat of Inkhom, Aberdeenshire, with wife Jean 42yrs. Children: James 15yrs; Andrew 10yrs; George 8yrs; Peter 5yrs; Christian 2yrs. John is listed as the master blacksmith at Inkhorn on census 1841 through to 1871. John died at Inkhorn in 1873. The blacksmith 'smithy' still stands at Inkhorn. I have a photograph of it..  
FINDLAY Thomas Blacsksmit,
1864 Thomas Findlay, blacksmith,Wheelwright. Thomas trained as a wheelwright in Wigtonshire, Scotland and immigrated to New Zealand in 1864. He had a business partnership in Invercargill, New Zealand named “Anderson and Findlay - Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights”. Listed in Blacksmiths of Scotland and New Zealand plus Wheelwrigths Index..  
FORBES Arthur Blacksmith 1773 Arthur Forbes, blacksmith. Born about 1773, in Migvie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The 1841 Scotland census Parish: Strathdon; ED: 3; Page: 8; Line: 370; Year: 1841 indicates Arthur Forbes is a blacksmith living in Bickford with wife Isobel and family. The 1851 Scotland census Parish: Strathdon; ED: 3; Page: 8; Line: 13; Roll: CSSCT1851_51; Year: 1851 shows him as a retired blacksmith living in Bickford with wife Isobel and family. Contact Bob by..  
FORDYCE George Blacksmith 1769 George ForDyce, blacksmith. Born 13 January 1769 ABD - Auchterless. Died: 09 May 1848 ABD - Cuminestown, Monquhitter. The 1841 Scottish census lists him as 72 years, at Balthain, Monquhitter, Aberdeenshire with wife Christian nee Clarke, born about 1774, ABD – Turriff anad died 02 April 1837, ABD Monquhitter..  
FORSYTH Robert Blacksmith 1848 Robert Forsyth, blacksmith. Born about 1848 in Cockenzie, Haddingtonshire, Scotland. He married Mary McAlpine about 1876 and they were living in PrestonPans in 1881. Listed in 1891 Scottish census as a blacksmith. If you can share information on him it would help me a lot..  
FRASER John Blacksmith 1854 John Fraser, master blacksmith employing one man. Born about 1854 in Garmouth, Moraysgire, Scotland. The 1881 census for Scotland lists John as born 1854 at the Garty Smithy, Kilmuir Easter, Ross & Cromarty. Jane Fraser, also born in Garmouth, was his wife and they had 3 children - James Bannerman b. 1880, Annie Bell b. 1881 and Charles Robert (my grandfather) b. 1884. His father, also John and a blacksmith, was born 1n 1828 according to the 1861 census He worked out of Bog Joutan, Forgue, Aberdeenshire. He was born in Keith, Banffshire and his wife Ann was born in Inveravon, Banffshire. Their children were John b. 1854, Ann L b.1856, Margaret b.1858 and Mary b.1861. Both families seemed to have moved around a bit and as far as Killearnan in the NW..  
FRASER John Blacksmith 1780 John Fraser, blacksmith master. Born about 1780 in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire Scotland. This was attested from the death certificates of at least two of his children. He was married to Elspet/Elizabeth Stewart and probably died prior to 1841. There is very little documentation about his life except for the notes on the death certificates of his children which were listed after documentation rules changed in 1855.  
FRASER Thomas Blacksmith 1803 Thomas Fraser, blacksmith. Born about 1803 & died 4th November 1874, The 1841 Scotland Census, Thomas Fraser was married to Jane Ironside. It was his first marriage and her second. She brought several children with her to the marriage. They subsequently had 5 children of their own. Thomas was the son of John Fraser (b. 1780), a master blacksmith in Fraserburgh..  
GRANT Alexander Blacksmith 1841 Alexander Grant, blacksmith. Aberdeen, Scotland. Seen on the baptism of his son William Grant by Rev. John Murray 11th July 1841..  
GRANT James Blacksmith 1880 James Grant, blacksmith Sometime in the ?early 1880's he moved from Glenshee,Perthsire, Scotland to New Zealand. Wife: Nancy Crombie, married in Wyndham NZ, 1876. They moved to Temuka approx 1887. He has been listed in the Gladstone and Geraldine electoral rolls as a Blacksmith living in Temuka with his own business, which included (at different times) his brother William,(Carriage Builder) son Peter (Blacksmith)and other son David (Coach Builder).He was then listed as Blacksmith in Herataunga St,Hastings in 1908,1911 & 1914 in the Hawkes Bay Elctoral roll. They all were listed at some point in the Stones directories also. See also Blacksmiths of New Zealand and Cartwights Indexes. Anyone wanting to contact me about these relations is most welcome..  
GRANT Peter Blacksmith 1877 Peter Grant, blacksmith, born New Zealand after 1876. See Blacksmiths of Scotland and New Zealand for his parents James Grant & Nancy nee Crombie. See Cartwrights Index for brother David & Uncle William..  
GRAY William Blacksmith 1814 William Gray, master blacksmith, employs 1 Man. Born about 1814, Ayrshire Monkton. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 37yrs; living in Stane, Cambusnethan,Lanarkshire; with wife Isabella 32yrs. Children: Charles 10yrs, Jean 6yrs, Grace 1yr infant..  
HALLY David Blacksmith 1814 David Hally, blacksmith. Born 25th October 1814 in Blackford, Perthshire, Scotland and died 8th December 1908 in Auchterader, Perthshire. Scottish Census 1841: David ‘s address is Old Street, Blackford. Census 1851, 1861,1871, 1881, 1891,1901: All at Ruthven St, Auchterader, Perthshire..  
HALLY George Blacksmith 1843 George Hally, blacksmith. Born 17th July1843 in Blackford, Perthshire, Scotland and died 16th July 1926 in Blackford. The 1861 census for Scotland lists George’s address as Hally House (apprentice blacksmith). Census 1871 & 1881 George is in New Street, Blackford(blacksmith). In1891 he lives at Sunnyside Cottage, Blackford (blacksmith)..  
HALLY George Blacksmith 1910 George Hally, blacksmith. Born 7th October 1910 in Blackford, Perthshire, Scotland and died 25th April 1984 Perth General Hospital, Perth, Perthshire, Residence New Street, Blackford, Perthshire. No census exists to cover his occupation as a blacksmith, however I had spoken to his wife who confirmed that he had been such, while I was there in Blackford in 1998, I could see for myself that the building was still standing & being used by the employee who inherited the business when George died. I also have a photo or two given to me of George at work during WW2..  
HALLY John Blacksmith 1812 John Hally, blacksmith. Born 14th Oct 1812 in Blackford Perthshire, Scotland and died 1st Jan 1895 in Blackford . The Census for Scotland for 1841,1851,1861,1871,1881,1891 show John to be in New St, Blackford Occupation: Blacksmith..  
HALLY John Blacksmith 1840 John Hally, blacksmith. Born 8th Oct 1840in Blackford, Perthshire, Scotland and died 1910 in Blackford, The 1861 census for Scotland gives his address as Hally House, Blackford (blacksmith journeyman). 1871 Census: address is New Street, Blackford (blacksmith). 1881 Census: address F.C. (Free Church???) Schoolhouse, Blackford (blacksmith). Census 1891:address is New street, Blackford (blacksmith) and census 1901 John is still in New Street, Blackford (Blacksmith)..  
HALLY John Blacksmith 1870 John Hally, blacksmith. Born 12th October 1870 in Blackford, Perthshire, Scotland and died 10th December 1941, Blackford. The 1891 census for Scotland lists John’s address as New Street, Blackford In 1901John is at Anderson House, Blackford..  
HALLY John Blacksmith 1857 John Hally, blacksmith. Born 6th April 1857 in Auchterader,Perthshire, Scotland and did 2nd September 1920. The Scottish census for 1881shows John living in Rose Street, Edinburgh. In 1891 and 1901: blacksmith in both Ruthven Wynd, Auchterader, Perthshire..  
HALLY William Blacksmith 1855 William Hally, blacksmith. Born 10th April 185 in Auchterader, Perthshire, Scotland and died 10th March 1922 in Blairgowrie, Perthshire. Scottish census for 1871 shows him at Ruthven Street, Auchterader. Not yet found census for 1881 and 1891. The census for 1901 shows William living in Upper Allan Street, Blairgowrie, Perthshire..  
HAMILTON William Blacksmith 1853 1853: William Hamilton, blacksmith. Born about 1853, Douglas,Lanarkshire. The 1891 Scottish census lists him as ?38yrs, at Main Street, Hamilton, Scotland; with wife Catherine 36yrs born ?Carnnath,Lanarkshire. Children: Susan. M. 15yrs; William.M. Hamilton ?13yrs; Robert.M.Hamilton 7yrs. See census 1891..  
HENDERSON Andrew Blacksmith 1850 Andrew Henderson, master blacksmith, employing 1 man. Born about 1850, Aberdour, Fifeshire, Scotland. The 1881 Scottish census lists Andrew as 30yrs. living in Burntisland with wife Agnes 31yrs and sons Robert 6yrs; Margaret.W. 1month infant. Andrew is my great grandfather..  
HENDERSON Samuel Blacksmith 1833 Samuel Henderson, apprentice blacksmith. Born about 1833, Bothwell, Lanarkshire. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 18yrs; lodging with Robert Salmon 64yrs & family..  
HISLOP Adam Blacksmith-Journeyman 1814 Adam Hislop, blacksmith journeyman. Born about 1814, Dumfriesshire Sanquhar..  
HOUSTON Francis Blacksmith 1820 Francis Houston, blacksmith. Born about 1820’s (I think). Francis married Mary nee Docherty. Francis had a son named James who married Jane McDonald; their marriage certificate names his father as Francis Houston and mother as Mary nee Docherty (deceased). James & Jane married at the Manse, Johnstone 1866; address listed is Graham Street, Johnstone. Any information welcome..  
HUME James Blacksmith 1814 James Hume, blacksmith. Born about 1814, The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 37yrs, Living at 104 Bridge Stables; with wife Janet 30yrs. Children: James 9yrs, William 7yrs, Janet 4yrs, Thomas 2yrs..  
HUME Percy Blacksmith 1922 Percy Hume, blacksmith [my uncle]. Born 26 July 1922, Dumbarton,Scotland. Learned his trade in Dumbarton.Married Annie McQuade 1959 Dumbarton.Died 1989 Dumbarton. Contact Joe by..  
HUME Robert Percy Blacksmith 1918 Robert Percy Hume [my uncle] born 1918 Dumbarton,Scotland. Learned his trade in Dumbarton. Married Annie McQuade in 1959 at Dumbarton.Died 1989 Dumbarton..  
HUNTER David Blacksmith 1832 David Hunter, master blacksmith. Born about 1832 in Lasswade, Midlothian. His father John was a grocer in Bonnyrigg in the parish of Cockpen, but may have been a blacksmith previously. David married Mary Hope on the 17th October 1856 at Ravensaugh, Prestonpans. She too was from Bonnyrigg. David was living at 13 Ponton Street, Edinburgh, and was a blacksmith. In the 1861 census, as a blacksmith journeyman, he is living at 2 Hermitage Place, virtually the next street. He is listed in the 1871 census as a blacksmith at 12 Market Place in Edinburgh. By the 1881 census, he has moved with his family to 3 Glengyle Buildings, St Cuthberts, still in Edinburgh. in 1886, his wife Mary died while they were living at 18 Beaverbank Place, Edinburgh. David would remain at this address now. In 1888, describing himself as a master blacksmith, he remarried. His second wife was his cousin Elizabeth Hunter, who was a spinster working as a domestic servant in Dalkeith. In the 1891 census, he is listed as master blacksmith of 18 Beaverbank Place. On the 6th December 1891 David died at the same address. The cause of death was alcoholism (5 years) and pneumonia. it suggests that he became an alcoholic on the death of his first wife. (Unfortunately it has not yet been possible to identify him in the 1851 census)..  
JARVIE Walter Joseph Blacksmith 1902 Walter Joseph (Wally) Jarvie, blacksmith. Born 22nd May 1902, Craigmarloch, Kilsyth, Scotland. Walter was one of seven children of Archibald & Agnes Brechin Myles. Wally's father was Loch Master Canal Overseer at Craigmarloch on the Forth & Clyde Canal. When Wally completed his Blacksmith's apprenticeship he worked in the coal mines. The money was good but the prolonged miners' strike made him decide to emigrate to WA on the Orcades arriving Fremantle in 1924. After a brief spell of work in Dumbleyung and Calingiri, Wally settled in Miling. He set up a blacksmith's shop in a galvanised iron shed adjacent to the local store. When the Midland Railway Company split up nearly 40,000 acres into farming blocks, Wally acquired one in May 1928. He sold his blacksmith shop premises to the Bank of New South Wales and cleared his 1,500 acre farm block which he worked until his retirement. Wally died in Mandurah in 1996 only a few days after his wife Hilda Lillian nee Dennis. They had been married 65 years. Listed in Blacksmiths of Australia and Scotland..  
JEFFREY William Blacksmith 1809 William Jeffrey, blacksmith, born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1809. Wife:Agnes Porter, married 1839 at Dumbarton,Scotland. Died 1875 Dumbarton..  
JENNINGS John Blacksmith 1900 John Jennings, blacksmith, is listed as deceased husband of one of my relatives. His trade is listed as Blacksmith. His widow was Jessie (first husband Thomas Johnston, maiden name was Mowat. As far as I can tell they lived in Leith. She died in 1930. I have been unable to find anything else about him so far..  
JOHNSTONE George Blacksmith(Master) 1840 George Johnstone, master blacksmith. Born 4th September 1840 in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. George died aged 42yrs on 29th November 1882, in Methven, New Zealand. Wife: Janet Cameron Scott born 6th March 1843 in Redgorton, Perthshire, Scotland. Married: 7th December 1866 in St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Christchurch . Janet died aged 59urs on 8th June 1902, in Christchurch NZ. Listed in Blacksmiths of Australia & NZ and in Blacksmiths of Scotland..  
LACEDON John Blacksmith-Journeyman 1851 John Lacedon, blacksmith journeyman. Born about 1816, Cambusnethan,Lanarkshire. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 35yrs, living in Stane, Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire; with wife Agnes 34yrs. Children: Mary 12yrs, William 5yrs, Thomas 3yrs..  
LANDELLS James Blacksmith 1878 James Landells, blacksmith. Born 1878 in Dunbar Scotland. James was the son of a fish buyer. He served his apprenticeship locally which could have been with Thomas Sheriff West Barnes...have a photograph from this period. Moved down to Berwick on Tweed sometime between 1899-1901 where he worked for Wm Elders of Berwick Implement makers where he worked for 30 years. I have his letter of reference when he finished in 1929.Died in 1973 aged 95..  
LAWRIE Robert Blacksmith 1830 Robert Lawrie blacksmith. Born about 1830 St Boswells, Roxburghshire, Scotland. Died 1909. See Blacksmiths of Scotland for his father, master blacksmith Thomas Lawire and family. 1871 Census he was living at 30 Mill's Green, St Boswells, Roxburghshire; in 1881 at The Green Blacksmiths House, St Boswells, Roxburghshire. His wife was Margaret Little..  
LAWRIE (LOURIE) John or James Blacksmith 1840 John (or James) Lourie – blacksmith deceased. The 1841 Scottish census shows his wife Janet 27yrs, a widow living at 4 Sronecraigs Row, Cambusnethan, Lanark. Children: Marion 10yrs, John 7yrs, Helen 4yrs, James 3yrs, Betsey 7 months infant. Judging by the infants age he died within the past 12 month..  
LAWRIE (LOURIE) Thomas Blacksmith 1782 Thomas Lawrie (Lourie), master blacksmith. Born about 1782 Bowden, Roxburghshire. Scotland. The 1841 Scottish census lists Thomas as 55yrs; at St Boswells Green, St Boswells, Roxburghshire, with wife Christian 40yrs. Children: Helen 15yrs; Elizabeth 15yrs; Jane 13yrs; Robert 11yrs; James 9yrs; Thomas 7yrs; Catherine 5yrs; Ann 2yrs. Also present James Scott 20yrs (journeyman blacksmith). In 1851 Thomas as 69yrs, living at St Boswells Green, St Boswells, Roxburghshire; with wife Christy Hill (1780 -1877). Others listed: Robert 21yrs; Catherine 15yrs; Ann 11yrs; Agnes 8yrs. Plus Alex Learmonth 32yrs (blacksmith journeyman)..  
LEARMONTH Alexander Blacksmith 1819 Alex Learmonth, blacksmith. Born about 1819, St. Boswells, Roxburghshire, Scotland. The 1851 Scottish census lists Alex as 32yrs, a blacksmith journeyman with master blacksmith Thomas Lawrie (Lourie) and family; living at St Boswells Green, St Boswells, Roxburghshire..  
LEITCH David Blacksmith 1794 David Leitch, blacksmith. Born in Glenluce Scotland about 1794 he followed the trade of Blacksmith as his father Thomas Leitch did before him, having a Smithy in Glenluce, he died in Inch Parish on the 22nd October 1878 I beleive he was about 83 years old. His wife was Agnes Bell Born in Glenluce in 1803 she died in Glenluce 30th Jan 1876 age 73 years..  
LEITCH Thomas Blacksmith 1790 Thomas Leitch, blacksmith, had a Smithy in Glenluce which was carried on by his son David Leitch (born abt.1794)..  
LESLIE Andrew Blacksmith 1850 Andrew Leslie, blacksmith. Born about 1850 and christened on 19 August 1850 in Berwick, Gordon, Scotland. Occupation given on Marriage Certificate dated 22 November 1872 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Married Alice (Allison) TAYLOR. Came to Australia (South Australia) on the Ship "Ashmore" on 1 September 1883 with wife and 4 children. Refer newspaper article on Monday 3 September, 1883 of names of passengers. Died on 15 May 1910 at Broken Hill West, NSW. Australia and was buried in the Broken Hill Cemetery on 17 May 1910. His occupation- Blacksmith also entered on daughter, Ann's marriage certificate on 22 August 1906. Listed in the Blacksmiths Australia & Scotland..  
LESLIE Robert Blacksmith 1822 Robert Leslie, blacksmith. Robert married Ann McLEAN who was the daughter of Donald and Christina McLean baptized on 6th April 1822 in Kilmarlie, Scotland, migrated to South Australia on the 'Navarino' in 1836. Robert and Ann were married in Adelaide in 1842. They did not have any children. Robert became a blacksmith in Belvidere, near Strathalbyn. His blacksmithy partner was Jeffrey JEFFRIES. Robert died in 1848. He was the first white man to be buried in the Strathalbyn district. Ann married Jeffrey in 1851. She died in 1910..  
LOCKIE James Blacksmith 1851 James Lockie, blacksmith. Born about 1818, Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 33yrs, See Blacksmiths of Scotland for son Thomas 6yrs. Father-in-law James Brownlee & other family members..  
MacARTHUR Archibald Blacksmith 1814 Archibald MacArthur,(McArthur), master Blacksmith. Born about 1814 in Muckairn, Argyll, Scotland. Archibald married Isabella McKenzie in 1838 Glasgow. The 1841 census for Scotland lists Archibald as 26yrs and Isabella 26yrs, living in Glassary Parish, Kilmore Argyll. The 1851 census has the family in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis. Children John, Christian, Isabella, Malcolm..  
MacKENZIE James Blacksmith 1798 James McKenzie, blacksmith. Born 1798, Scotland. Wife: Jane McPheson. Children x 5: Daniel born 1832; Child: in 1834??? Catherine born 1838; Margaret born 1843; Thomas born 1846 and died 1929. On 20th September 1867, Thomas married Mary Bushnall (born 1848).  
MAIR Robert Blacksmith 1813 Robert Mair, blacksmith. Born about 1813, Lanarkshire, Lanark. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 38yrs, living at 26 South Row with wife Jean 40yrs. Sons: James 15yrs & Charles 12yrs. See 1851 census, Old Monkland, ED 37, pages 16-20. I have no other information.  
MANNERS John Blacksmith,
Tool Maker
1842 John Manners, blacksmith, wheelwright, Agricultural implement maker. Born 1842 Greenock, Scotland. Emigrated to Australia 1857. First listed 1868 as Blacksmith, Wheelwright, Agricultural Implement Maker, Taree, New South Wales. 1894 moved to Sydney, continued business in Sussex St. John died 1909. John is listed in the Blacksmiths of Scotland, Blacksmiths of Australia and Tool Makers Index.  
MARTIN James Blacksmith 1843 James Martin, blacksmith. Born 1843 n Dundee, Scotland. Jame emigrated to New Zealand in 1873 and worked as a blacksmith at 63 Tuam Street West, Christchurch . Listed in Blacksmiths of Scotland and New Zealand..  
McAFFER Neil Blacksmith 1822 Neil McAffer, blacksmith journeyman. Born about 1822, Island of Islay. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 29 yrs, wife Isabella 40yrs. Daughter Janet 6 months infant..  
McCARLIE Alexander Blacksmith 1821 Alexander McCarlie, blacksmith. Born 10 Aug 1821 in Scotland. Worked at Balmesh Farm, in the Parish of Old Luce, Wigtownshire, Scotland. Died: 06 Jan 1898 at Dunskey Home Farm, Portpatrick, Wigtownshire. Married 06 Dec 1867 to Agnes Graham at Balmesh..  
McCARTNEY Hugh Blacksmith,
1940 Hugh McCartney, blacksmith, farrier. Hugh was the local Blacksmith and Agricultural Engineer in the Village of Ceres in Fife from 1940 to 1955. He was an active member of the village life and he looked after the local Cupar Hunt horses and main shire and Clydesdale horses were reshot at the forge..  
McCONNELL Alexander Blacksmith 1860 Alexander McConnell, blacksmith. Born circa1860 in Dumfries, Scotland. Wife: Janet McKie married on Nov 28, 1876. No other information at this time..  
McCONNELL James Blacksmith 1873 James McConnell, blacksmith. James as a blacksmith in Wallacetown, Ayrshire, Scotland . See census for Scotland 1841-71. James died 31 Dec 1873 aged 86yrs. I have a photo of headstone Wallacetown..  
McCONNELL John Blacksmith 1823 John McConnell, blacksmith. John died 25 Sept 1823 at Dailly, Ayrshire, Scotland aged 80. A headstone erected at Dailly by his son Primrose (I have a photo)..  
McCONNELL John Blacksmith 1900 John McConnell, blacksmith. He was the son of blacksmith James McCOnnell (died 1873). The 1851 Scotland census lists John as a blacksmith in Straiton, Ayrshire, Scotland . He later worked on railways. John died 1900 in London aged 78 blacksmith at Straiton..  
McDOUGAL Allan Blacksmith - Journeyman 1807 Allan McDougal, blacksmith journeyman. Born about 1807, Argyleshire Cuam. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as wife Janet 44yrs. Children: John 15yrs, Catharine 14yrs, Janet 12yrs, Mary Ann 10yrs, Alexander 7yrs..  
McGOWON John Blacksmith 1830 John Mcgowon, blacksmith apprentice. Born about 1830, Glasgow. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 21yrs, born Glasgow; lodging with blacksmith Henry Adams & family..  
McINNES Duncan Blacksmith 1828 Duncan McInnes , blacksmith. Born about 1828 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Duncan and his wife Mary and most of their children emigrated to Australia per "Devon" 17th Oct 1878 arriving in Brisbane 05 Feb 1879. He lived in the Brisbane suburb of New Farm till his death 08 Jul 1912. He was a blacksmith from 1851 till his death..  
McINTYRE Donald Blacksmith 1839 Donald McIntyre, blacksmith. Born 30th October 1839 and died 11 October 1923 in Scotland. Donald married Mary Cruickshank (born 18th September 1840 and died 21st October 1927). They married in Dalguise, Little Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland..  
McKAY Donald Blacksmith 1860 Donald MacKay, blacksmith. Donald married Margaret MacKay. His trade is indicated on the Marriage Register for their daughter Alexandrina MacKay when she married Thomas Hobson in 1860 at Blythswood, Glasgow (p 214, entry 427)..  
McKAY William Blacksmith 1860 William McKay, blacksmith journeyman. Born about 1860 in Renton, Dunbartonshire, Scotland. In 1869 William married Elizabeth Turnbull in Bonhill, Dunbartonshire. The 1891 Scottish census lists William as 31yrs, Elizabeth 30yrs. Children: Elizabeth 6yrs; Robina 3yrs; William.S. 2yrs. On their daughter Mary Turnbull McKay's birth certificate (11November 1894) William is listed as a Blacksmith in Renton and is a resident of 20 Main Street, Renton, Dunbartonshire, Scotland.  1901: William 40yrs; Elizabeth 39yrs. Children: Elizabeth1 6yrs; Robina 13yrs; William.S. 13yrs; John 9yrs; Mary 4yrs; Sarah 2yrs..  
McKELL Donald Blacksmith 1940 Donald McKell, blacksmith, [husband of cousin]. Born 1940-1941,Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire,Scotland. Married Maria Fotheringham,1971, Helensburgh.Still living in Helensburgh..  
McKERRELL Archibald Blacksmith 1934 Archibald McKerrell, blacksmith, born in Scotland in 1934. Wife: Christina Stewart Gibb, married in 1954 at Cambuslang, Scotland. Possibly still alive 2008..  
McLEAN Alexander Blacksmith   Alexander McLean, blacksmith. My great great grand father was a blacksmith in Glasgow. No further details given and therefore of no help to anyone!!!.  
McLEAN Daniel Blacksmith 1804 Daniel McLean, blacksmith. Born 13th August 1804 in Argylshire, Scotland. His parents were Angus McLean and Christian Buchanan. My great great grandfather, is listed in 1841 and 1851 censuses as a blacksmith, address Spring Burn, Glasgow St Mungo. Daniel married Agnes Paterson (born 13.03.1803) in Barony, Glasgow on 21.11.1830. They had 4 children: Mary (b1834), John (also a blacksmith b 1836), Jean b 1838 and Duncan b 18.08.1840. Duncan became a doctor in 1861 at Anderson's University (later Strathclyde) and was ship's doctor London to New Zealand 1st on the Echunga dip 10.9.1862 and then on the Lancashire Witch dip 4.7.1863. He married Ann Le Bers who was a dressmaker age 16 when she sailed on the Echunga. They married 03.05.1865 and lived in Waipawa, New Zealand. He, Duncan, died of TB age 31..  
McNAY Joseph Blacksmith 1862 Joseph McNay , blacksmith. Born 20 October 1862, Dumfrieshire, Scotland. Son of blacksmith Robert McNay born 1827. Grandson of master blacksmith Joseph McNay born 1787.  Sheriff Court Paternity Case index lists Joseph as Defender, Blacksmith, Cummleys Cottages, Kirkmichael, Dumfriesshire 1887. Source: Scotland, Selected Sheriff Court Paternity Case Index, 1748 - 1914 - MyHeritage. NRS Reference SC15/7/36p213..  
McNAY Joseph (Snr) Blacksmith 1787 Joseph McNay (Snr), master blacksmith. Born about 1787, Bengall, Dumfrieshire, Scotland and died seventh November 1869 aged 82yrs, at Cummleys Cottages. Source: Death Certificate. Tombstone record at Dryfesdale Parish Kirk, Dumfries, Scotland. I have a copy of the death certificate and a photo of his tombstone. Listed on his son’s (Joseph Jnr) marriage certificate as a master. I have a copy of this marriage certificate. Joseph was my grandfather three times removed . See Blacksmiths of Scotland for other family members..  
McNAY Robert Blacksmith 1827 Robert McNay, blacksmith. Born 13 September 1827, Dumfrieshire, Scotland and died 04 March 1905. See Blacksmiths of Scotland for his father Joseph born 1787. Also listed is Robert’s son Joseph (3rd) born 20 October 1862. I have a copy of the 1851 Scottish census..  
McNICHOL Angus Blacksmiths,
1840 Angus McNichol, blacksmith, shoemaker in Appin, Argyllshire. Born where and when? Angus worked at Port Appin and Appin between 1841 to 1884 when it went to his son John McNicol till 1910..  
MILNE David Blacksmith 1793 David Milne, blacksmith. Born 1793 in Inverkeilor, Angus, Scotland and died in 1875 in Arbroath , Angus, Scotland. The 1841 Scottish census lists David’s employment is a blacksmith. He is my ggg grandfather ..  
MOIR Alexander Blacksmith 1832 Alexander Moir, blacksmith. 1832? - 1907. Scotland. No other information available..  
MOIR Duncan Blacksmith 1826 Duncan Moir, blacksmith. Born about 1826, Stirling, Larbert. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 25yrs, a lodger at 13 South Row with family of Peter McLaren (pig iron Furnace worker). See 1851 census, Old Monkland, ED 37, pages 11-15. I have no other information..  
MOIR Francis Forbes Blacksmith 1813 Francis Forbes Moir, master blacksmith. Born 1813 Scotland and died 1895 age 82 years in Aberdeen. He was my great great great grandfather. Francis married Margaret Harper 1840 in Banchory Ternan. Listed as living at westmains Inchmarlo,Banchory Ternan in 1851 census with his Wife Margaret and 6 children and his nephew. He was a master blacksmith..  
MORRISON Alexander Blacksmith 1846 Alexander Morrison, blacksmith. Born about 1846, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. See the 1881 and 1891 Scottish census for Stonehaven, for Alexander and his wife Jessie. He was my great grandfather, and I would like to find more information about him!.  
MUIRHEAD Gavin Blacksmith-Apprentice 1835 Gavin Muirhead, apprentice blacksmith. Born about 1835, Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 16yrs, living in Stane, Cambusnethan,Lanarkshire; with mother Janet 47yrs, widow and brother John 18yrs(apprentice Engineer)..  
MUNRO David Logan Blacksmith,
1916 David Logan Munro, blacksmith, farrier. Born 18 December 1916 in Renfrewshire , Scotland and died 23 November 1998. David worked in Houston Renfrewshire. Hoping to find more information..  
MUNRO James (Jnr) Blacksmith   James Munro (Jnr), blacksmith, farrier. Born ?when in Houston, Renfrewshire, Scotland and died about 1930 ?where. His father James Munro (Snr) was also a blacksmith, farrier in Fearn, Rosshire. See Blacksmiths of Scotland for David Logan Munro (son of James (Jnr born 1915 ?). Looking for more information..  
MUNRO William Blacksmith 1841 William Munro, blacksmith. Aberdeen, Scotland. Witness to the baptism of William Grant (son of blacksmith Alexander Grant) by Rev. Murray 11th July 1841.  
MURRAY Alexander Blacksmith 1795 Alexander Murray, blacksmith. Born 1795 and died 1865. Alexander was a son of James Murray, of Abernethy and worked/lived in Forgandenny Perthshire, Scotland..  
MURRAY George Blacksmith 1788 George Murray, blacksmith. Born to James Murray (blacksmith) in 1788 and remained in Abernethy, Perthshire, Scotland..  
MURRAY James Blacksmith 1750 James Murray, blacksmith. Born about 1750 and was a blacksmith in Abernethy. He seems to have had several wives and 7 sons, most of whom were blacksmiths too..  
MURRAY James Blacksmith 1770 ames Murray , blacksmith. 1770-1861 was born in Abernethy, the eldest son of James Murray, a blacksmith. He moved to Leslie, Fifeshire to work and raised a large family there..  
MURRAY Mungo Blacksmith 1773 Mungo Murray, blacksmith. Born in 1773 in Abernethy, Perthshire to James Murray, Blacksmith. He and most of his brothers became blacksmiths and moved throughout the region. See 1851 Census..  
MURRAY Walter Blacksmith 1852 Walter Murray, blacksmith. Born about 1852, Minto, Roxburghshire, Scotland. The 1871 Scottish census lists Walter as 19yrs, living at living at Bonjedward, Jedburgh, working for master blacksmith John Dodds..  
MURRAY William Blacksmith 1782 William Murray, blacksmith. Born in Abernethy to James Murray, blacksmith, in 1782, and was blacksmith in Strathmiglo, Fife..  
NOBLE Walter Blacksmith 1827 Walter Noble, blacksmith. Born about 1927, Carstairs. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 24yrs, lodging with Matthew Reid (blacksmith) & family. Old Monkland, ED 39, pages 16-20..  
PETTIGREW James Blacksmith 1819 James Pettigrew, blacksmith journeyman. Born about 1819, ?Cambusnethan, Scotland. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 32yrs, wife Isabella 30yrs. Children: Gavin 5yrs, Mary 4yrs, David 2yrs, Jane 3 weeks infant..  
PONTON George Blacksmith 1818 George Ponton, blacksmith master, agricultural implement maker, employing 4 men. Born about 1818 and died 1871, Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland. The 1851 Census for Scotland lists George as 33yrs and his wife Janet Janet 30yrs. They had four daughters, Elizabeth, Jane, Mary, and Janet, and one son George (apprentice blacksmith). Later they have three more daughters, Marion, Agnes Helen, and Frances Anne. Information from his family bible, census records, death certificate and letters concerning an order for ploughs with a double set of mountings for the King of Hanover. Listed in Blacksmiths Scotland and Agricultural Instrument Makers..  
RAE George Blacksmith,
1835 George Rae, blacksmith, farrier. Born about 1835, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. George was the son of George Rae – Shoemaker and Margaret . George aged 22yrw married Jane Smith Fowlie aged 28yrs (dressmaker), on 4th June 1859 in the Parish of Fyvie in the County of Aberdeen. Jane’s parents were John Fowlie, a farmer and Elizabeth Rae(deceased). The 1871 Census for Scotland lists George as 36yrs, living at 12 Innes St, St Nicholas, Aberdeen City, Aberdeen. Listed in both the Blacksmiths of Scotland and farriers Index..  
RALSTON Thomas Blacksmith 1832 Thomas Ralston, blacksmith. Born about 1832, Lanarkshire Old Monkland. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 19yrs; lodging at 15, Hornock Row with Thomas Neilson & family. ld Monkland, ED 39, pages 1-5..  
REID Matthew Blacksmith 1801 Matthew Reid, blacksmith. Born about 1801, Shotts, Lanark. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 37yrs, living at 50 , Hollinhirst; with wife Janet 31yrs. Children: Sarah 11yrs, Ann 10yrs, Janet 8yrs, John 6yrs, Alexander 3yrs , Elizabeth 7months infant. House servant: Jane Hogg 20yrs. Lodgers: Walter Noble 24yrs (blacksmith). Walter Alexander 18yrs, John Noble 17yrs. Old Monkland, ED 39, pages 16-20..  
RENFREW David Blacksmith 1855 David Renfrew, blacksmith. David and his wife Jean and 3 children arrived from Scotland on the William Miles which landed at Morton Bay Brisbane on 19th January 1855. They made their way down to Ballarat (gold fields)Victoria where he worked as a blacksmith until 1858. The family then moved to Carngham Victoria where again he worked as a blacksmith. David and Jean had 14 children, 4 boys and 10 girls. The boys followed all became blacksmiths. In 1873 as the gold rush was waning the family all moved to Plattsburg Newcastle NSW. Listed in Blacksmiths of Australia and Scotland..  
RIDDELL Charles Jnr Blacksmith 1854 Charles Riddell (Jnr), blacksmith. Born 14 April 1854 in Rhynie Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Charles died 17 June 1904 in Elgin. He married Margaret Grant. In 1871 he was an apprentice Blacksmith aged 16yrs in Rhynie in his father Charles business. The 1881 census lists him as a Horseshoer living in Elgin. In the 1891 census, he was working as a Blacksmith in 106 High Street, Elgin..  
RIDDELL Charles Snr Blacksmith 1822 Charles Riddel (Snr), blacksmith master. Born 28 November 1822 at Cushnie, Alford, Aberdeenshire, Scotland and died in Muir of Rhynie 26 April 1904. The 1861 census lists Charles as a blacksmith staying in Rhynie with his wife Catherine Mitchell and family. In 1871, he was a master blacksmith employing one boy, his son Charles then aged 16 years..  
RIDDELL Robert Blacksmith 18565 Robert Riddell, blacksmith. Born 22 July 1855 in Muir of Rhynie, Aberdeenshire. The 1871 census lists Robert as a farm servant. He appears as a blacksmith (journeyman) in the 1881 census and in 1901 he was stated to be a Blacksmith. He died in 1919 and is buried in Rhynie..  
RIDDELL William Blacksmith 1783 William Riddell, blacksmith master. Born in 1783 and died in 1855. He was married to Euphemia Baird and they had 9 children. In the 1841 Census and on his death certificate he was stated to be a Master Blacksmith..  
ROBERTSON Hugh Blacksmith 1824 Hugh Robertson, blacksmith. Born about 1824, Lanark, Lanark, Scotland. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 27yrs, living at the Collector's House, Cambusnethan, Lanark; with wife Marion 22yrs born Cambusnethan, Lanark. Sons: James 2yrs & John 1yr..  
ROSS James Blacksmith 1835 James Ross, blacksmith. Born about 1835 Perthshire, Scotland. James was the son of George Ross, (also a blacksmith) and Margaret Cameron, James worked on; and in 1859 emigrated to Souh Africa on a goverment aided programme and landed in Table Bay in December of that year. While in South Africa he had 3 children and returned to Scotland cica 1868. He appears in the 1881 Census..  
RULE Robert Blacksmith 1823 Robert Rule, blacksmith. Born 1823 in Labert, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland. Robert married Agness Kerr in Larbert in 1847. The 1851 census for Scotland lists Robert as 26yrs, living at Bainsford Stirlingshire; Agness is 20yrs. Children: Helen 2yrs and Henry 11mths infant. In 1861 Robert is 37yrs, living in Grahamston, Stilingshire and working at the foundry there. Agness is 31yrs. Children: Henry 10yrs; Andrew 8yrs(became a moulder and immigrated to Australia); Robert 7yrs; James 4yrs; Agness 10mths infant..  
RUSSELL James Blacksmith 1802 James Russell, blacksmith. Born about 1802, Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 49yrs, at Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire; with wife Jean 44yrs born Edinburghshire West Calder. Sons: William 21yrs (blacksmith), James 10yrs, John 8yrs. Daughter: Elizabeth Russell 15yrs.Visitor: Jean Haddow 7yrs..  
RUSSELL Robert Blacksmith 1804 Robert Russell, blacksmith Journeyman. Born about 1804, Lanarkshire, Cambusnethan. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 47yrs, wife Christina 42yrs. Lodger: Hugh Baird 32yrs, store manager..  
RUSSELL Robert Blacksmith 1812 Robert Russell, blacksmith. Born about 1812 in Scotland. The family travelled from Stonehouse, Lanarkshire, Scotland, arriving Port Adelaide 13th September 1857, on the ship "Henry Moore" Robert aged 45yrs with wife Janet aged 45yrs and sons William 20yrs (blacksmith); John 17yrs (blacksmith); Robert 13yrs (blacksmith). Found on www dot theshipslist dot com No other information found.  
RUSSELL William Blacksmith 1791 1791: William Russell, blacksmith journeyman. Born about 1791, Lanarkshire Cambusnethan. The Scottish census 1851 lists him as 60yrs, wife Janet 58yrs. Son: Robert 35yrs. Mother-in-law: Christina Agnew 82yrs, widow..  
RUSSELL William Blacksmith 1800 1800: William Russell, blacksmith. Born about 1800, Lanark Carluke. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 51yrs, wife Helen 51yrs born Lanark Carluke. Children: William 17yrs, John 15yrs, Robert 13yrs, James 10yrs, Francis 7yrs..  
RUSSELL William Blacksmith 1830 William Russell, blacksmith. Born about 1830, Cambusnethan,Lanarkshire. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 21yrs. See Blacksmiths of Scotland for parents James 49yrs & Jean 44yr. Brothers: James 10yrs, John 8yrs. Sister: Elizabeth Russell 15yrs. Visitor: Jean Haddow 7yrs..  
SAUNDERS James Blacksmith 1829 James Saunders, master blacksmith. Born 27 Oct 1829 in the Kirkton of Auchterhouse, Scotland. James Saunders is listed in the census as a blacksmith in1851 in Lochee, 1861 in Tealing,1871, &1881 in Lochee..  
SAUNDERS John Blacksmith 1803 John Saunders, blacksmith. Born circa 1803 in Kirkton of Auchterhouse, Scotland. John Saunders is listed in the Auchterhouse census as a blacksmith in the 1841, 1851 & 1861..  
SAUNDERS Thomas.G. Blacksmith 1860 Thomas G. Saunders, master blacksmith. Born 12 May 1860 in Tealing, Thomas G. Saunders is listed in the 1881 Lochee census as a Master Blacksmith. Shortly thereafter he married and emigrated to the United States..  
SCOTT George Blacksmith 1825 George Scott, blacksmith journeyman. Born about1826, Cambusnethan, Lanark. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 26yrs; with parents George 52yrs & Christine 53yrs (farmers of several acres) and brother Robert 13yrs. Servants: Peter Russel 24yrs, Thomas Jack 23yrs, William Brown 19yrs..  
SCOTT James Blacksmith 1821 James Scott, blacksmith. Born about 1821, St. Boswells, Roxburghshire, Scotland. The 1841 Scottish census lists James as 20yrs,a blacksmith journeyman with master blacksmith Thomas Lawrie (Lourie) and family; living at St Boswells Green, St Boswells, Roxburghshire..  
SHANKS George Blacksmith 1869 George Shanks, blacksmith. Born: 24th May 1869, in Uphall, West Lothian, Scotland. The 1891 census shows him ages 21yrs, a blacksmith journeyman, boarding with Alexander Pendergest & family in Robert’s Wynd, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland. Wife: Agnes Waugh, married 1892 in Falkirk. The 1901 census lists him as 31yrs, blacksmith, living at 34 High Station Road, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland. Agnes 28yrs. Children: Annie. L. 7yrs; Alexr 5yrs; John.W. 4yrs; Maggie.W. 1yr infant. Neice: Lizzie.B.Waugh 16yrs..  
SHARP Nathaniel Blacksmith 1814 athaniel Sharp, blacksmith journeyman. Born about 1814, ClackmannanTillicoultry . The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 37yrs, living at Cambusnethan, Lanark, Scotland with wife Agnes 34yrs born Lanark, Shotts. Children: George 2yrs & James 1yr..  
SKELLY Charles Blacksmith 1821 Charles Skelly, Blacksmith, boiler maker. Born 1821 scotland. OPR Marriage record shows Charles Skelly Smith in Port Glasgow and Ann Leggat residing there. Charles son John (1) born in Port Glasgow was also a Blacksmith - Boiler Maker as shown on the 1841 Scotland Census. Charles is also listed in the Blacksmiths of Scotland Index. John Skelly (1) (born 1822)is also in many editions of Pigot's Directory. Of John Skelly's sons, John (2) (born 1853) also became a boiler maker and Alexander (born 1861 -my great Grandfather is shown as a Marine Engineer on the 1881 Scotland Census). I believe that John's (2) son Thomas also became a Boiler Maker Journeyman. Fast forward - my nephew Jaysun O'Scalleigh is a blacksmith on Salt Spring Island, North Vancouver Island, British Columbia..  
SMALE Henry Blacksmith 1806 Henry Smale, blacksmith. Born about1806 in Devon. See census 1841: Henry 35yrs, living at Navy Row, Plymouth, Devon, England with wife Betsy 35yrs (born in Devon). Children: Mary 12yrs, Sarah 10yrs, George 6yrs, Caroline 4yrs..  
SMALE William Blacksmith 1791 William Smale, blacksmith first in Plymouth, the in Kent. Born about 1791 in Plymouth. See 1841 census: William 50yrs living at Navy Row, Plymouth. Wife: Ann 40yrs. Children: William 20yrs, JHH 14yrs (my great great grandfather); Mathew 12yrs, Phillipa 9yrs, Joseph 7yrs and Jane Hancock, stepdaughter aged 27yrs. See 1851 census: family are living at 13 Charlton Tce, Woolwich, Kent. Listed in both Devon and Kent Blacksmiths Indexes. See Shipwrights Index for sons Matthew & Joseph..  
SMEATON David Blacksmith   David Smeaton, blacksmith. At 84 John Street, Glasgow. my  grandfather was a blacksmith in an engineering works. More information welcome. Contact Megg by..  
SMITH Archibald Blacksmith 1827 Archibald Smith, blacksmith. Born about 1827, Fifeshire Leven. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 24yrs living at Stane, Cambusnethan, Lanark with his mother Helen 58yrs,widow and sister Margaret 21yrs. Lodger: Alexander Foster ,16yrs (iron founder)..  
SMITH William (Snr) Blacksmith 1786 William Smith (Snr), blacksmith. Born about 1786, Roxburghshire, Scotland . The 1841 census for Scotland lists William as 55yrs at Roxburghshire, Scotland Civil Parish: Cavers. His address was Denholm M Parish Number: 785. For more information and website URL. Visit site
STEEL John (Jnr) Blacksmith 1782 John Steel (Jnr), blacksmith, Born 3 September 1782, at Midsummercairn, Fyvie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. He married Susan Moffat (wife #1, no marriage record) and their first daughter was baptized on 13 July 1812 at Penicuik, near Edinburgh. (a second record gives year as 1914). This location and the fact that he was in receipt of a pension, points to him being in the army. There is no supporting evidence, but I think this would probably be the Aberdeenshire Millitia. John and Susan returned to Fyvie. The 1841 census records him as an 'Independent Blacksmith and Innkeeper' at Cromblet, just south of Fyvie. He died in August 1845, age 65 years and is buried in Fyvie Churchyard..  
STEEL John (Snr) Blacksmith 1760 John Steel (Snr), blacksmith. Born ?date unknown. Have chosen 1760 as a starting date, assuming he was at least 20years old when son born in 1782). Aberdeenshire, Scotland. John was a blacksmith at Midsummercairn, Fyvie, Aberdeenshire, at the baptism of his daughter, Elizabeth on 13 March 1791. John was married to Janet Jaffrey (no marriage record found). His first son, John, was born in 1782 at the same address, so John was probably a blacksmith at that date. His occupation is not stated on the record. His date of death is uncertain..  
STEEL John Manson Blacksmith 1837 John Manson steel, master blacksmith, crofter, employing 2 men,1 woman. Born on 28 September 1837 at Easter Crichie, near Fyvie, Aberdeen, Scotland. Parents: John Steel and his 2nd wife Helen Gracie (note Susan Moffat was wife #1). Following the death of his father, John was boarded at a neighbouring farm as a labourer. In May 1865 he married a younger daughter of the farmer and moved to Old Meldrum, between Fyvie and Aberdeen where he established his blacksmith business. His business did well and in 1878 he advertised for an apprentice. He was also a crofter in 1881, employing 2 men and a woman. When Jane died in 1881, John married a relative named Isabella Steel Morrison. John died on 17 July, 1897 and is buried in Fyvie graveyard..  
STEEL Thomas Blacksmith 1827 Thomas Steel, blacksmith. Born on 15 April 1827 at Cromblet, near Fyvie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. He was the son of John Steel and Susan Moffat. He was a blacksmith at Peterhead in 1851 then moved to Aberdeen. By 1857 he was back in the Fyvie area but had returned to Aberdeen by 1862. He married Margaret Wilson on 30 March 1850. There are continuous records showing he was a blacksmith in Aberdeen until at least 1891 when he was a lodger with his son. Thomas died on 31 July 1901 and is buried in Aberdeen..  
STEWART John Blacksmith 1864 John Stewart, blacksmith. Born 4th November 1864 Govan, Glasgow, Scotland. See Blacksmiths of Scotland for parents Leslie Stewart and Rachel nee Forrest. The 1891 UK census lists John as 26yrs, unmarried, but may have been providing for his recently widowed mother, sister and her three children!!!! Life was tough in those days. They were all living in Tradeston in Glasgow. Brothers William and Leslie were also in the trade..  
STEWART Lesie Blacksmith 1827 Leslie Stewart, blacksmith. Born 16 August 1827, Greenock/Glasow/Govan,Scotland. One of the first of two sets of twins in the family!!! At least Three sons followed in his trade :- John born in Whiteinch on 4 November 1864, Leslie Born in Govan in about 1854, William born in Glasgow 4 November 1864. Unfortunately I do not have any record of where they worked..  
STEWART Lockhart Blacksmith 1766 Lockhart Stewart , blacksmith. Born about 1766, Cambusnethan. Lanarkshire. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 65yrs, Living at Burnbrae; with wife Weir 65yrs. Son: William 23yrs (see iron founders index). Grandsons: John Ferguson 13yr, Henry Ferguson 11yrs. Grandaughters: Marion Ferguson 8yrs & Jane Shaw 9yrs. Lodger: John Deveen 30yrs..  
STEWART William Blacksmith 1867 William Stewart, blacksmith. Born 16th October 1867 in Govan, Glasgow,Scotland. See Blacksmiths of Scotland for his parents Leslie Stewart and Rachel nee Forrest; plus his brother John..  
TAIT John Blacksmith 1861 John Tait, blacksmith. Born about 1861, Ballantrae, Ayrshire, Scotland. The Scottish Census 1891 lists John as 30yrs, living at Davy Row, Muirkirk, Ayrshire; with wife Maggie 31yrs (born Mauchline, Ayrshire). Children: Elizabeth 9yrs; Agnes 5yrs; Alexander 1yr infant. Whole generations of Tait blacksmiths worked in Cathcart parish and at Waterfoot, Eaglesham parish. I was asked to help with research..  
TAIT Robert Cecil Blacksmith 1841 Robert Cecil Tait (Snr), blacksmith. Born 28th March 1841 in Largo, Fifeshire, Scotland. Robert was one of six (6) sons of William Tait and Christina nee Arnott. See for details. Robert (born married Ann Grieve. Robert (Jnr) was my great grandfather and he became a military tailor with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.  My father, Robert Cecil (born 1892) and he was nearly 60 when I was born - my mother was 23 years his junior..  
TAIT William Blacksmith 1840 William Tait, blacksmith. Born about 1840 in Largo, Fifeshire, Scotland. William married Christina Arnot 1st April 1830 in Largo. They had six (6) sons) William, Alexander, Robert, David, John and James. William died 11th May 1882 aged 41years, after a horse kicked him. I am not sure which of  his sons took over the blacksmith - I think it may have been William as Robert (born 1841) who was my grandfather, was only 14 when his father died.  .  
TELFAR Alexander Blacksmith 1836 Alexander Telfar, blacksmith. Born on 23 Mar 1836 at Shotts, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Parents: James Telfar [a blacksmith] and Mary nee McLean. He emigrated to New Zealand in the early 1860s, and after spending time in Otago went to Taranaki during the New Zealand Land Wars with the Otago Contingent about 1865. He was stationed at Urenui with Captain Goode's forces and was later awarded a Crown Grant of 50 acres of land there. Alex established a smithy at Urenui on his land, the size of which doubled when he purchased another 50-acre block. Alex married Mary Johnson at New Plymouth, Taranaki, in 1870 and the couple raised a family of 3 sons. Alex died at Urenui on 18 October 1902 at the age of 67 and was buried at Urenui Cemetery the following day. Listed in Blacksmiths of Scotland and New Zealand..  
TELFAR James Blacksmith 1805 James Telfar, blacksmith. Baptised 30 Jun 1805 at Lasswade Parish Church, MLN. He was the son of Alexander Telfar and Mary McDonald. On 1st Feb 1833 James married Mary MacLean, daughter of Daniel MacLean and Sarah McDonald, at Carnwarth, Lanarkshire, by which time James was working as a blacksmith. James and Mary had at least four children between 1833 and 1847, all of them born around the village of Wishaw in the parish of Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire. It is assumed that James died some time before 1855, as Mary Telfar married James Wallace on 7 Sep 1855 at Bonkle in Cambusnethan..  
THOMSON Anderson Blacksmith 1878 Anderson Tomson, blacksmith. Born 19 January 1878 in Lanarkshire, Shotts. Scotland. The 1891 census for Scotland lists Anderson as an apprentice blacksmith in the 1891 census (see GRO Scotland C1891_673_01_005_000_2_008Z). Unable to identify where he went after that. No Scottish marriage or death records and no further appearance in any later census. Any help appreciated..  
THOMSON James Blacksmith 1789 James Thomson, blacksmith. Born about 1789, Dunfermline, fifeshire, Scotland. The 1851 census cor Scotland lists James as 62yrs, living at 20 Pittencrieff Street, Dunfermline Fife; with wife Mary 50yrs (born Dunfermline). Lodger: George Arnot 45yrs (general labourer). Lodger Robert Brown 52yrs (Damask Weaver)..  
THOMSON Robert Blacksmith 1824 Robert Thomson, blacksmith. The OPR for Barony (Glasgow) has the following record: Thomson: Robert Thomson, blacksmith, in Calton and Mary Shields residing there. Banns were read on 6th June 1824 and the marriage took place on 25 June 1824. Marriage performed by Rev. Jas Turnbull..  
TROTTER Robert Blaksmith 1815 Robert Trotter, blacksmith. Born about 1815 in Country Cork. Robert was the son of William Trotter and Elizabeth Gorman. In 1834, Robert married Mary Collins, in Antrim, Northern Ireland. He moved to Glasgow, Scotland where he worked as a blacksmith. He died there in 1865. His son Robert Trotter (Jnr) born 1848, in MIlton, Glasgow married Mary Mutch. Robert is listed in Blacksmiths of Ireland & Scotland.  
WALKER John Blacksmith 1829 John Walker, blacksmith. Born about 1829, Stirling Falkirk. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 22yrs, living at 53 Herriot Row; with wife Mary 20yrs. Others listed are William Muirhead (head fo family) 22yrs. Elizabeth Muirhead 22yrs (sister), Joseph Muirhead 10yrs(brother) , Samuel 8yrs(brother). Maybe Mary’s maiden name was Muirhead??? See 1851 census, Old Monkland, ED 40, pages 11-15..  
WALLACE John Blacksmith 1805 John Wallace, master blacksmith. Born about 1805, Scotland. The 1841 Scottish census lists John as 36yrs, living at Hunter Street, Dundee with wife Magdalene (nee Burns) 40yrs. Children: Martha 12yrs; Margaret 8yrs; Robert 3yrs; Agnes 2yrs. John and Magdalene Burns married n 1836, and emigrated to New Zealand in 1842. Occupation listed as blacksmith on ship’s record. Seeking any information on his family in Scotland. Listed in Blacksmiths of Scotland and New Zealand..  
WEBSTER George Blacksmith 1841 George Webster, blacksmith. Aberdeen, Scotland. Witness to the baptism of William Grant (son of blacksmith Alexander Grant) by Rev. Murray 11th July 1841.  
WEST Mungo Blacksmith 1816 Mungo West, blacksmith. Born about 1816, ?place, not in Aberdeen. The 1841 Scottish census lists him as 25yrs, living in Commerce Street, St Clements, Aberdeen; appears to be sharing digs with William Abernethy, 20yrs, labourer..  
WHITE Alexander Blacksmith 1816 Alexander White, blacksmith journeyman. Born about 1816, Fife, Scotland. Married Ann Inglis February 1835 in Burntisland, Fife (seen on The 1841 Scottish census lists Alexander as 25yrs, living at High Street South. Burntisland Burgh; with wife Anna 30yrs. Also listed Margaret Ronaldson 15yrs..  
WHITE John Blacksmith 1811 John White, blacksmith (see John was deceased before the 1851 Scottish census which shows his widow Grace nee Page, 40yrs, born and still living at Kirkton Village Burntisland with her son William Arnot 14yrs (born Kinghorn from first marriage. Children from second marriage: Betsy White 11yrs; Mary White 8yrs; George White 6yrs; James White 2yrs; John White 1yr infant..  
WHITE/WHYTE James Blacksmith 1784 James White (Whyte), blacksmith. Born Scotland. James and Jean Croll contracted 25th July 1784 an were married on 7th August 1784 at Fordoun, Kincardine, Scotland (seen on and Information taken from the Burgess Roll of Dundee Project (Batch) number M11259-6 System Origin: Scotland-ODMGS Film number: 993316 Ref ID: 1821-22 October. White James Blacksmith at Bountrie Bush near Montrose  married  second wife May (or Marjory) Mitchell, daughter of Thomas Mitchell, Merchant Burgess. There is a gravestone on a MI book that records the deaths of family members “by Jas White smith at Boutry bush imo s Jas 8.21794 2y 10m, my w Jean Croll 20.3.1799. Jas White 11.5.1802 13. Jas White 12.11.1837 79, w May Mitchell 12.7.1757 80”..  
WHITTIER George Blacksmith 1847 George Whittier, blacksmith. Born about 1847, Sprouston, Roxburghshire, Scotland. The 1871 Scottish census lists George as 24yrs, living at living at Bonjedward, Jedburgh, working for master blacksmith John Dodds..  
WILSON John Blacksmith 1806 John Wilson, blacksmith. Born about 1806, Edinburgh. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 45yrs, living at 14, Sunnyside Square with wife Mary 45yrs born Edinburgh. Son Andrew 16yrs, smith assistant. Servant: Helen McLure 9yrs. Old Monkland, ED 39, pages 1-5..  
WILSON William (Jnr) Blacksmith 1837 William Willson (Jnr),apprentice blacksmith. Born about 1837, Shotts, Lanarkshire. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 14yrs, living in Stane, Cambusnethan,Lanarkshire. See blacksmiths of Scotland Index for parents William 40yrs & Margaret 39yrs plus siblings..  
YOUNG David Watson Blacksmith 1867 David Watson Young, blacksmith. Born at 29 Tait's Lane, Hawkhill, Dundee, 21 May 1867. Married Mary Ann Henry at 13 Westfirld Lane, the bride's residence. Lived at various Dundee addresses. Entered in Dundee Directory, 1898-99, as a Laundryman. Managed the Pearl Steam Laundry. Family emigrated to New Zealand in 1912. Lived at Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland and owned a laundry there. About 1918 went to Te Aroha and returned to blacksmithing. Worked for D. McL Wallace(?)..  
YOUNG John Blacksmith 1823 John Young, blacksmith. Born about 1823, Carluke, Lanarkshire. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 28yrs, living at Cambusnethan, Lanark, Scotland; with wife Helen 31yrs born Carluke Lanarkshire. Children: Helen 8yrs, Robert 6yrs, Catharine 3yrs, Matthew.M. 6 months infant..  
YOUNG Robert Blacksmith 1800 Robert Young, a blacksmith in Cadder, Lanarkshire, Scotland Robert was named as Blacksmith on his daughter Janet's Death Cert in 1877. Probably operated there from 1800-1840 - no trace in 1841 Census ..  
YOUNG Robert Blacksmith 1822 Robert Young, blacksmith. Born about 1822, Cadder, Lanarkshire, Scotland. The 1841 census for Scotland lists Robert as 19yrs, living at Bishop Bridge, Cadder..  
YOUNG William Blacksmith 1830 William Young, blacksmith journeyman and Gunr. Born 1830-1831 in St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland. The 1851 UK census lists William as 21yrs, at 1-Frederick and Legonier Squares Artillery Barracks, Stoke Damerel, Devon. Listed in Blacksmiths of Devon, Scotland and Military Indexes..  
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