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Surname Given Name Trade Year Notes
EDWARDS William Anthony Blacksmith 1844 William (Anthony) Edwards, journeyman blacksmith. Born 1844 in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England. His father was a blacksmith too I think. (Could be Hensington, Bladon but not sure. Think this was a workhouse?). No more knowledge until found him in Nottingham in 1882 where he married Matilda Barton. He then lived in Kettering Northants (1891 and 1901 census) still working as blacksmith. Died Kettering 14 December 1911. Listed in Blacksmiths of Oxfordshire; Nottinghamshire; Northamptonshire..  
GUNBY John Blacksmith(Master),
Shoeing smith.
1814 John Gunby, blacksmith. Born 1814, Normanton on Trent, Nottinghamshire,UK. Died 1861in Newark, Nottinghamshire. Parents: William Gunby & Elizabeth Loughton Gunby of Normanton on Trent. See U.K. Census 1841, 1851. Resided Hawton Rd. Newark worked as whitesmith, blacksmith. Wife: Sarah nee Mitchell. See Whitesmiths & Farriers Index. See Blacksmiths of Nottinghamshire for son John(1844-1899)..  
GUNBY John Blacksmith & Whitesmith 1844 John Gunby, blacksmith. Born 1844. Died: 1899. See U.K. Census 1861, 1871 Beaumond Rd., Newark. Wife: Sarah nee Beeston of Blyth Nottinghamshire. Census 1881, Balby Cum Hexworth,YKS, and 1891 Cudworth YKS working as blacksmith. See Blacksmiths of Nottinghamshire for parents William & Elizabeth..  
LONGMATE John (Jnr) Blacksmith(Master) 1821 John Longmate, blacksmith. Born 1821 in East Markham, Nottinghamshire, England. He was the son of John Longmate born 1795 also a blacksmith in Nottinghamshire..  
LONGMATE John (Snr) Blacksmith 1795 John Longmate, blacksmith. Born 1795 in Nottinghamshire, England (probably in East Markham). Son: John born 1821(Blacksmith)..  
PACEY Samuel Blackmsith,
1785 Samuel Pacey, blacksmith, farrier, whitesmith. Born 17 November 1785, East Stoke Nottinghamshire, England. Samuel married Hannah Twinberry on 26 September 1811 at St Marys Orston, Nottinghamshire. When his daughter Mary was christened he was listed as a farrier at Cartergate, Nottingham. In 1825 he was listed as a whitesmith in Glovers Nottingham Directory at the same address. In 1841 he was listed as a blacksmith in Pigotts Directory at King Street, Newark. Samuel died in 1854 in Newark. Listed in Balcksmiths of Nottingham; Whitesmiths and Farrers index..  
WRIGHT George Blacksmith 1783 George Wright, blacksmith. Born about 1783 in Normanton, Nottinghamshire. Married Sarah Woodhouse in North Leverton, Notts and by 1841 was Blacksmith at Risby, Walesby, Lincolnshire. In 1861 living with son Joseph at Bole, Notts where he died in 1867 - buried St Martin's Church, Bole, Nottinghamshire..  
WRIGHT John Blacksmith 1811 John Wright, blacksmith. Born about 1811 in North Leverton, Nottinghamshire. Wife: Ann Porter of North Wheatley, Nottinghamshire. Blacksmith at North Leverton from (at least) 1841 to 1881..  
WRIGHT John William Blacksmith Striker 1870 John William Wright, blacksmith. Born: July 1870 at Bole, Nottinghamshire. Living and working in Gainsborough,Lincolnshire from c 1881..  
WRIGHT Joseph Blacksmith(Master) 1812 Joseph Wright, blacksmith. Born about 1812 Rampton, Nottinghamshire. 1941: living and working at North Wheatley, Nottinghamshire. Married Mary Isles at North Wheatley in November 1841. By 1851 living at the Smithy (now Glebe Farm) in the village of Bole, Nottinghamshire and now 'Blacksmith (Master)'. Married Jane Taylor at St Martin's Church, Bole, Nottinghamshire in April 1857. Died Feb 1900 and buried at Bole..  
WRIGHT Thomas Blacksmith 1650 Thomas Wright, blacksmith at Langor, Nottinghamshire c.1650. Probate of Will 1658..  
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