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Surname Given Name Trade Year Notes
BALL Robert Blacksmith 1858 Robert Ball, blacksmith. Born in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England and died 2nd July 1890 in Opawa New Zealand. Robert emigrated to NZ with his wife, Jane, and their sons, Robert Jnr and Hilton (born 1856 Mansfield). They left Gravesend on the Mystery on 29 December 1858, arrived Lyttelton Harbour March 20, 1859. Set up a farrier and smithy in Whately Road (now Victoria St) off Market Square. Imported an American coach and ran a coach service over the mountain range between Lyttleton and Christchurch..  
BARKER Alfred Blacksmith 1853 Alfred Barker, master blacksmith, publican and coal dealer. Born about 1853, Ratcliff on Soar, Nottingham. The 1871 UK census lists him as 18yrs, an apprentice to Herbert Woolley, in the village at Aston Upon Trent, Derbyshire. In 1881 Alfred is 30yrs, a blacksmith, publican and coal dealer at The New Inn, Shardlow, Derbyshire; with wife Mary 30yrs (born Derbyshire). Children: George 2months infant. Also listed: son-in-law John R.C.Twells, 10yrs; daughter-in-law Emma.C.Twells 8yrs; daughter-in-law Harriett Twells 6yrs. Brother-in-law George Cowlishaw (Assistant to head); apprentice blacksmith George Rice 18yrs; general servant Anne Maskey 19yrs. Listed in Blacksmiths of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire ..  
BROWN David Blacksm,
1886 David Brown, blacksmith, Farrier, MIlitary (see index for each one). Born about 1886-1887,Nottinghamshire, England. David served in Sherwood rangers yeomanry in WW1 at gallipoli, macedonia and mesopotamia and attained position of farrier staff sargent. He was at Suvla Bay (dismounted) receiving the kings colours for their actions. Then sent to macedonia (bulgaria) and on return to egypt was torpedoed while on the ship Cestrian. Then ,as part of Allenby's big push he fought from egypt through gaza, palestint (israel) and on as far as aleppo in syria as well as jerusalem Somewhere along the palesinian shore is mount carmel which was held by turkish artilliery which they charged while mounted and at sword point and took the turkish position. He was eventually demobbed in 1919 and spent the rest of his working life as a farrier/blacksmith at Creswell colliery, passing away in 1972 aged 85.These are just a few of Davidís talents..  
EDWARDS William Anthony Blacksmith 1844 William (Anthony) Edwards, master blacksmith. Born 1844 in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England. His father was a blacksmith too I think. (Could be Hensington, Bladon but not sure. Think this was a workhouse?). No more knowledge until found him in Nottingham in 1882 where he married Matilda Barton. He then lived in Kettering Northants (1891 and 1901 census) still working as blacksmith. Died Kettering 14 December 1911. Listed in Blacksmiths of Oxfordshire; Nottinghamshire; Northamptonshire..  
GUNBY John Blacksmith 1814 John Gunby, master blacksmith, whitesmith, shoeing smith. Born 1814, Normanton on Trent, Nottinghamshire,UK. Died 1861 Newark, Nottinghamshire. Parents William Gunby & Elizabeth Loughton Gunby of Normanton on Trent. See U.K. Census 1841, 1851. Resided Hawton Rd. Newark worked as whitesmith, blacksmith. Wife: Sarah nee Mitchell. See Whitesmiths & Farriers Index. See Blacksmiths of Nottinghamshire for son John(1844-1899)..  
GUNBY John Blacksmith 1844 John Gunby, blacksmith,whitesmith. Born 1844 and died 1899. See U.K. Census 1861, 1871 Beaumond Rd., Newark. Wife Sarah nee Beeston of Blyth Nottinghamshire. Census 1881, Balby Cum Hexworth,YKS, and 1891 Cudworth YKS working as blacksmith. See Blacksmiths of Nottinghamshire for parents William & Elizabeth..  
JOHNSON Arhur Harold Blacksmith 1895 Arthur Harold Johnson, blacksmith striker. Born about 1895, Burton, Staffordshire, England. The 1901 UK census lists Arthur as 16yrs, living with his grandparents at Hill Top, Greasley, Nottinghamshire. See Blacksmiths of Nottinghamshire for other family members..  
JOHNSON Charles.F. Blacksmith 1880 Charles Frederick Johnson, blacksmith. Born about 1880, Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England. The 1901 UK census lists Charles as 21yrs, unmarried, living with his parents, blacksmith John and Fanny Johnson, in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire. 1911: Charles is 31yrs, living in Barber Street, Eastwood, Nottinghamshire and has been married 5yrs to wife Lucy 33yrs (born Eastwood). No children listed. See Blacksmiths of Nottinghamshire for other family members..  
JOHNSON George Blacksmith 1845 George Johnson, blacksmith. Born about 1845, Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England. The 1851 UK census lists George as 8yrs, living with his family. In 1861 George is 16yrs and still with his family. See Blacksmith so Nottinghamshire for parents Thomas and Ann Johnson plus siblings..  
JOHNSON John Blacksmith 1836 John Johnson, blacksmith. Born about 1836 in Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England. The 1841 UK census lists John as 6yrs, living with his family in Eastwood. In 1851 John is 15yrs,still with his family in. See Blacksmith so Nottinghamshire for parents Thomas and Ann Johnson plus siblings. 1861: John is 26=5yrs, living at Hill Top, Greasley with wife Fanny 23yrs (born Greasley). Children: William 3yrs and George 11mths infant. 1901: John is 65yrs and Fanny 62yrs, at same address. Children listed 1901: Charles. F. 21yrs (blacksmith); Elizabeth 16yrs. 1911: Thomas is 75, Fanny 72yrs. Children listed: Thomas Johnson 47yrs, unmarried; Elizabeth Johnson 26yrs,unmarried. Grandson: Arthur Harold Johnson 16yrs (blacksmith)..  
JOHNSON Thomas (Jnr) Blacksmith 1832 Thomas Johnson (Jnr), blacksmith. Born about 1832, Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England. The 1841 UK census lists Thomas as 9yrs, living with his family in Eastwood. See Blacksmith so Nottinghamshire for parents Thomas and Ann Johnson plus siblings. In 1851 Thomas (Jnr) is 18yrs, still living with his family in Eastwood..  
JOHNSON Thomas (Snr) Blacksmith 1805 Thomas Johnson (Snr) blacksmith. Born circa 1805, Wellbow, Nottinghamshire, England. The 1841 UK census lists Thomas as 35yrs, living at Eastwood with wife Ann 30yrs (born Ratcliff, Nottinghamshire). Children: Thomas 9yrs; John 6yrs; William Charlotte 15yrs (stocking maker); Martha 12yrs, Anne 1yr infant. In 1851 Thomas is 45, living in Nottingham Road, Eastwood; Ann 44yrs. Children: Thomas 18yrs (blacksmith); John 15yrs; William 12yrs; Anne 10yrs; George 8yrs; Mary 5yrs; Henry 2yrs. In 1861: Thomas is 55yrs, still in Nottingham Road; Ann 54yrs. Children: Anne 21yrs; George 16yrs (blacksmith); Mary 16yrs; Henry 13yrs (scholar)..  
LONGMATE John (Jnr) Blacksmith 1821 John Longmate (Jnr), master blacksmith. Born 1820-1821 in East Markham, Nottinghamshire, England. He was the son of John Longmate born 1795 also a blacksmith in Nottinghamshire..  
LONGMATE John (Snr) Blacksmith 1795 John Longmate (Snr),blacksmith. Born1795 in Nottinghamshire, England (probably in East Markham). Son: John born 1821(blacksmith)..  
PACEY Samuel Blackmsith 1785 Samuel Pacey, blacksmith, farrier, whitesmith. Born 17 November 1785, East Stoke Nottinghamshire, England. Samuel married Hannah Twinberry on 26 September 1811 at St Marys Orston, Nottinghamshire. When his daughter Mary was christened he was listed as a farrier at Cartergate, Nottingham. In 1825 he was listed as a whitesmith in Glovers Nottingham Directory at the same address. In 1841 he was listed as a blacksmith in Pigotts Directory at King Street, Newark. Samuel died in 1854 in Newark. Listed in Balcksmiths of Nottingham; Whitesmiths and Farrers index..  
SHORT Charles. Blacksmith 1881 Charles Short, blacksmith. Information from the 1881 UK Census shows that Chakres worked at railway wagon works No further information supplied..  
SMITH Jesse Blacksmit,
1875 Jesse Smith, Born about 1875 in Kimberley, Nottinghamshire, England. The 1901 UK census lists Jesse aged 26yrs, living in Main Street, Kimberley with wife Mary 25yrs and daughter Barbara 4yrs, son Jesse 2yrs. 1911 UK census Jesses is 36yrs, Mary 35yrs, Barara 14yrs, Jesse 12yrs, and Gwendoline 8yrs. Jesses owned the forge in Kimberley Nottingham from about 1900 until the 1950s. Contact John by ..  
STEVENSON John Blacksmith 1933 John Stevenson, blacksmith & cottager of 3 acres of land. Born about 1833, Derbyshire, England. The 1851 UK census lists John as 18yrs, an apprentice blacksmith, living with the family of William Hunt Bullock yard Codnor and Loscoe, Derbyshire, England. The 1861 census list John as 28yrs & married to Eliza nee Bates, living in Tanners Lane Codnor. In 1871 John, 38yrs, a blacksmith is living in Main st Greasley, Nottingham; Eliza 37yrs and they have 3 children all born in Brinsley. John died on the 21st October 1871 and his probate records say blacksmith formerly of Codnor. Buried in Brinsley churchyard, Nottinghamshire. Listed in Blacksmiths of Nottingahmshire & Derbyshire.  
WOOLLEY Herbert Blacksmith 1842 Herbert Woolley, master blacksmith, employs 1 apprentice. Born about 1842, Ratcliff on Soar, Nottinghamshire. The 1861 UK census lists him as 19yrs, apprenticed to and lodging with master blacksmith Charles Walker and family at Cossington Village, Leicester. His sister Abigail Woolley 11yrs is visiting. In 1871 Herbert is 29yrs, living in the village at Aston Upon Trent, Derbyshire; with wife Agnes 25yrs(born Derbyshire). Children: Agnes 2yrs; Henry 1yr. Also listed: Alfred Barker 18yrs (apprentice blacksmith). Listed in Blacksmiths of Derbyshire, Leicester and Nottinghamshire ..  
WRIGHT George Blacksmith 1783 George Wright, blacksmith, Born about 1783 in Normanton, Nottinghamshire. Married Sarah Woodhouse in North Leverton, Notts and by 1841 was Blacksmith at Risby, Walesby, Lincolnshire. In 1861 living with son Joseph at Bole, Notts where he died in 1867 - buried St Martin's Church, Bole, Nottinghamshire. Contact Diane by..  
WRIGHT George Blacksmith 1820 George Wright,master blacksmith. Born January 1920, in Rampton, Nottinghamshire. Parents: George Wright (blacksmith) and Sarah nee Woodhouse. 1851: a Journeyman Blacksmith in Oweston, Lincolnshire. 1861: a Master Blacksmith in Low Burnham, Haxey, Lincolnshire where he seems to have settled to bring up his family with wife Ann. He is still there in 1901 and still apparently a Blacksmith of 'own account'at the age of 80. Listed in both Blacksmiths of Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire..  
WRIGHT John Blacksmith 1811 John Wright, blacksmith. Born about 1811 in North Leverton, Nottinghamshire. Wife Ann Porter of North Wheatley, Nottinghamshire. Blacksmith at North Leverton from (at least) 1841 to 1881..  
WRIGHT John William Blacksmith 1870 ohn William Wright, blacksmith striker. Born July 1870 at Bole, Nottinghamshire. Living and working in Gainsborough,Lincolnshire from c 1881..  
WRIGHT Joseph Blacksmith 1812 Joseph Wright, master blacksmith. Born about 1812 Rampton, Nottinghamshire. 1941: living and working at North Wheatley, Nottinghamshire. Married Mary Isles at North Wheatley in November 1841. By 1851 living at the Smithy (now Glebe Farm) in the village of Bole, Nottinghamshire and now 'Blacksmith (Master)'. Married Jane Taylor at St Martin's Church, Bole, Nottinghamshire in April 1857. Died Feb 1900 and buried at Bole..  
WRIGHT Thomas Blacksmith 1650 Thomas Wright, a blacksmith at Langor, Nottinghamshire circa.1650. Probate of Will 1658..  
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