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Surname Given Name Trade Year Notes
ALLEN James (1) Blacksmith 1797 James Allen, blacksmith. Born in 1797 in Deddington Oxfordshire, England. James was a blacksmith between 1823(baptism of son Joseph) and 1861 (last census before his death) He lived and worked in Middle Barton Oxfordshire. His son and grand son (both James) were also blacksmiths..  
ALLEN James (2) Blacksmith 1829 James Allen, blacksmith. Born 1829, Middle Barton Oxfordshire, England. Worked 1851-1861 Middle Barton 1871; Duns Tew and Oxford Canterbury New Zealand.1882-1908. See Blacksmiths of Oxfordshire & New Zealand for his son James (born 1852)..  
ALLEN James (3) Blacksmith 1851 James Allen, blacksmith. Born 1852, Middle Barton Oxfordshire worked 1851-1861 Middle Barton 1871; Duns Tew and Oxford Canterbury New Zealand.1882-1908. See Blacksmiths of Oxfordshire & New Zealand for his father James (born 1829)..  
BAKER William Blacksmith 1882 William Baker, married to Elizabeth Jeffey, at Kaiapoi NZ,1882..  
BARR James Blacksmith & Farrier 1849 James Barr (Snr), blacksmith & farrier. Born 5th August 1849, in Mavisbank, Little Paisley, Dunedin, NZ. James died 9th May 1929, in Dunedin, NZ). He was the son of John Barr (from Paisley, Scotland) who was one of the group of weavers who formed Little Paisley, Dunedin, NZ. In 1879, James married Martha Uren at Dunedin. Martha was born 25th Nov 1856,in Tavistock, Devon; & died 7th February 1939, Dunedin. They had two children (1) James Stewart Barr, born 1880, Dunedin, NZ†& died. 20th Nov 1944, Dunedin. James (Jnr) married Ellen Lavinia Waghorne in 1921 - no issue. (2) Elizabeth Minnie Barr, born 1884, Dunedin, NZ & died 11th May 1950, Dunedin, NZ) unmarried. See also the Farriers Index..  
BARWICK John George Blacksmith 1892 John George Barwick marriage at Akaroa NZ, to Elizabeth Slater Munro 1892. Parents John and Elizabeth nee Donnett..  
BRODIE William Blacksmith 1878 William Brodie, blacksmith of Pigeon Bay, Banks Peninsula NZ 1878, witness at a marriage in Leeston. In 1883: William Brodie, married at Pigeon Bay, Banks Peninsula NZ 1883, to Jane Pettigrew. William was full age, born Orkney Isles..  
BROWN Charles Blacksmith 1897 Charles Brown, blacksmith. Taken from marriage certificate of his daughter Margaret Millar, 41, widow, born England. Charles' wife was Margaret nee Ligoe..  
BURTON George Alfred Blacksmith & Coachbuilder 1828 George Alfred Burton, coachbuilder, blacksmith. Born16th March 1828 at St. Pancras, Christened 29th June, 1828. Died 6th March 1904 aged 76 yrs at Lilydale, Victoria Australia. Married Elizabeth Jane Jenner. (my g.grandparents). George Alfred was blacksmith in Charlton Victoria, (where most of his 12 children were born) employing five people; in later years they lived in Lilydale together with sons Ebenezer and William Burton and also had Funeral Parlours "'Burton Bros". See Cartwrights Index for other family members. George Alfred Burton is listed in both the Blacksmiths of Australia Index & the Cartwrights Index..  
CAMERON Donald Blacksmith 1881 Donald Cameron, witness at a marriage in Leeston New Zealand 1881..  
CAMERON James Blacksmith 1905 James Cameron, married to Mabel Maria PYE, at Kowai Bush,New Zealand 1905..  
CAMPBELL George Blacksmith 1842 George Campbell, born 1842, Aberdeen, Scotland. Died: 9th May 1904, Auckland, New Zealand. Wife: Christina Fraser. Emigrated to New Zealand 25 May 1864. They had several children, too many to list here. Also listed in the Blacksmiths of Scotland. See the Brownsmiths Index for son George(Jnr) who was a brass moulder..  
COULL Edward Blacksmith 1906 Edward Coull, married at Akaroa (lived Christchurch)1906 to Ethel Margaret Hammond..  
GIBBS George Blacksmith 1904 George Gibbs, married at Duvauchelle, Banks Peninsula NZ,1904 to Edith Barwick..  
GILES Edward George Blacksmith 1906 Edward George Giles, married to Emily Alice Smither, at Prebbleton NZ 1906..  
GLASSON Paul Roach Blacksmith 1911 Paul Roach Glasson, seen on marriage of daughter Mary Jane in Christchurch 1911. Paul's wife was Emily Hyde nee Crompton..  
GRANT James Blacksmith 1870 James Grant. Sometime in the ?early 1870's he moved from Glenshee,Perthsire, Scotland to New Zealand. Wife: Nancy Crombie, married in Wyndham NZ, 1876. They moved to Temuka approx 1887. He has been listed in the Gladstone and Geraldine electoral rolls as a Blacksmith living in Temuka with his own business, which included (at different times) his brother William,(Carriage Builder) son Peter (Blacksmith)and other son David (Coach Builder).He was then listed as Blacksmith in Herataunga St,Hastings in 1908,1911 & 1914 in the Hawkes Bay Elctoral roll. They all were listed at some point in the Stones directories also. See also Blacksmiths of Scotland & Cartwights Indexes..  
GRANT Peter Blacksmith 1876 Peter Grant, born New Zealand after 1876. See Blacksmiths of New Zealand & Scotland for his parents James Grant & Nancy nee Crombie. See Cartwrights Index for brother David & Uncle William..  
GRIFFITHS Martin Blacksmith 1969 Martin Griffiths, blacksmith. Hi, I was an apprentice blacksmith in 1974. It was a 5-year apprenticeship. With Colwyn bay council. Finishing off as the blacksmith for a further 4 years then moved on and worked my trade around the world in 37 different countries. Finishing off in New Zealand where I am today. Listed in Blacksmiths of NZ & Wales..  
HARRIS John Blacksmith 1882 John Harris, married to Elizabeth Haynes, at Kaiapoi NZ 1882..  
HAYES John Blacksmith 1877 John Hayes, Southbridge, witness to a marriage 1877..  
HESLOP George Blacksmith 1893 George Heslop, witness to marriage of John Heslop (blacksmith,listed in this index) at Irwell NZ 1893..  
HESLOP John Blacksmith 1893 John Heslop, married at Irwell NZ 1893, son of William and Ruth nee Griffiths..  
HESLOP Joseph Blacksmith 1903 Jospeh Heslop, married at Leeston NZ 1903, aged 25, son of William and Ruth nee Griffiths..  
HESLOP William Blacksmith 1893 William Heslop, son John married at Irwell NZ 1893. In 1903 son Joseph married at Irwell. William's wife was Ruth nee GRIFFITHS..  
HUMPHREYS Richard Blacksmith 1902 Richard Humphries, seen on marriage of daughter Susan Jane at Lincoln, 1902. Richard's wife was Susan nee Shakespear..  
HUNT David Blacksmith 1968 David Hunt was born in New Zealand in 1968 to Peter and Margaret Hunt. David currently is a working Blacksmith in North Yorkshire. Also listed in Blacksmiths of Yorkshire..  
JOHNSTONE George Blacksmith(Master) 1840 George Johnstone, master blacksmith. Born 4th September 1840 in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. George died aged 42yrs on 29th November 1882, in Methven, New Zealand. Wife: Janet Cameron Scott born 6th March 1843 in Redgorton, Perthshire, Scotland. Married: 7th December 1866 in St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Christchurch . Janet died aged 59yrs on 8th June 1902, in Christchurch NZ. Listed in Blacksmiths of Australia & NZ and in Blacksmiths of Scotland..  
JOHNSTONE John Blacksmith 1912 John Johnstone, marriage of son Robert at Akaroa NZ, 1912. John's wife was Elizabeth nee Miller..  
JOHNSTONE Robert Miller Blacksmith 1912 Robert Miller Johnstone, married at Akaroa NZ,1912 to Amy Ida Haylock. Son of John and Margaret nee Miller..  
KELLY Robert Dyson Blacksmith 1910 Robert Dyson Kelly, marriage of daughter Alice Sarah Mary at Pigeon Bay, Bank Peninsula, NZ 1910. Robert's wife was Elizabeth nee Cranefield..  
KELLY Robert William Blacksmith 1942 Robert William Kelly, marriage of son Albert Stanley at Akaroa NZ, 1942. Robert's wife was Gladys Emily nee Reynish..  
KEOGH James Blacksmith 1857 James Keogh, born abt 1857, County Wexford, Ireland,son of Patrick Keogh and Margaret Gregan Immigrated to New Zealand on the ship 'Rangitikei', which arrived in Lyttleton 21 Sept. 1881. his wife Mary Hamill travelled on the same vessel. Lived in Caledonian Rd, Christchurch. A little street running off there is named after him (Keogh lane.). 1909 Christchurch Directory James Keogh- Blacksmith - ratepayer-Caledonian Rd - own. Died 1926 and buried Bromely cemetery. Also entered in Blacksmiths of New Zealand..  
KIRBY/COURVILLE Michael Blacksmith 1845 Michael Kirby/Courville, blacksmith. Michael came out from Canada on an American whaling ship in about 1845. He later changed his name to Kirby. Lived and worked as a roading labourer, later at Anderson's Foundry in Christchurch, then owning his own blacksmith business in Geraldine. He was buried at the Sydenham cemetery at the turn of the century..  
LAMONT William Blacksmith 1916 William Lamont, seen on marriage of daughter Euphemia at Addington, Christchurch 1911. William's wife was Catherine nee Mossie..  
Le PROU Edmund Blacksmith 1888 Edmund Le Prou, marriage of daughter Lucy at Akaroa Z 1888. Edmund's wife was Mary Madaline nee Gerzan..  
LIBBY Henry Ernest Blacksmith 1888 Henry Ernest Libby, witness to a marriage at Akaroa NZ, 1888..  
MARTIN Charles Roger Blacksmith,
1834 Charles Roger martin, blacksmith, farrier. Born 1834 in Canterbury City, Kent, England. Charles married (1) Caroline Styles in 1853. He served as errand boy then a blacksmith to a master blacksmith Lewis and Mary Pilcher of Herne Bay, Kent. Charles married (2) Sophia Coltma in 1874. Sailed for New Zealand arriving in Lyttelton, NZ on the 6th June 1874. Died in Lyttelton 1876. Listed in the Farriers Index plus the Blacksmiths of Kent & New Zealand Indexes..  
MARTIN Thomas Blacksmith 1876 Thomas Martin, Southbridge, marriage of Thomas, 28, to Janet Ross 1876..  
MAYZE James Blackmith and Coachbuilder 1863 James (Jaz) Mayze, was born in Scotland 1863. He migrated with his parents to Invercargill, New Zealand where he began his career as a blacksmith & coachbuilder. In 1886, he sailed for Victoria, Australia ; after spending a year at Moonee Ponds, he came to Traralgon where he settled down to do his part in creating a prosperous town and district. In the early days, Jas. Snr., became associated, in partnership, with the late Mr. Walter West, as Coachbuilder and Blacksmith. Their smithy was in Seymour Street, at the rear of where the National Bank is today. Listed in Australian Blacksmiths Index, Cartwrights Index..  
McCUTCHEON William John Blacksmith 1875 William John McCutcheon, married to Anna McKIBBON, near Rangiora NZ 1875..  
McKENZIE John Blacksmith 1892 John McKenzie, married to Caroline Lilly Aldridge. John born in Scotland 1892..  
McLEAN John Blacksmith 1863 John McLean, witness to a marriage at Kaiapoi NZ 1863..  
McPHERSON Charles Blacksmith 1908 Charles McPherson, seen on marriage of daughter Margaret at Christchurch 1908. Charles' wife was Jane nee Duncan..  
MUSKER Charles Blacksmith 1940 Charles Musker Wilson, marriage of son Leslie Richard Henry at Akaroa NZ, 1940. Charles' wife was Maud Ward Priscilla nee HUTT..  
NAISH Robert George Blacksmith 1890 Robert George Naish, married at Springston NZ, to Margaret Muir 1890..  
OLIN James Augustus Blacksmith 1904 James Augustus Olin, blacksmith. Wife: Clara Constantia nee Gaunt, married 22nd November 1904 In Fitzroy Victoria, NSW. His occupation on the wedding certificate says, blacksmith. The family emmigrated to New Zealand about 1909 where he continued this occupation..  
PETRIE Alexander Blacksmith 1863 Alexander Petrie, married to Mary Ann Woods, at Saltwater Creek, North Canterbury..  
PETTERSON Ira John Blacksmith 1938 Ira John Petterson, witness to a marriage at Akaro NZ, 1938..  
PRESTON John Blacksmith 1877 John Preston, witness to a marriage at Little Akaloa, Banks Peninsula NZ,1877..  
RADFORD James Blacksmith 1873 James Radford, married, in Christchurch NZ 1873, to Ellen Asenoth Middleweek..  
ROBB John Blacksmith 1883 John Robb, marriage at Leeston NZ 1883, of daughter Jessie, 22, born Scotland. John's wife Margaret/Marjorie.  
ROBB John Givens Blacksmith 1890 John Givens Robb, marriage at Doyleston NZ 1890, of John Givens, aged 23, born Scotland, son of John and Marjorie nee GIVENS..  
ROWE William Blacksmith 1892 William Rowe, marriage of daughter Elizabeth at Akaroa NZ 1892. William's wife was Selina nee Trenwith..  
SMITH George Blacksmith 1899 George Smith, marriage at Akaroa NZ, to Jean Ann McDonald 1899..  
SMITH George William Blacksmith 1847 George William Smith, born 1847 in Bryansford, Co. Down, Ireland. George was 2yrs old when he came to New Zealand in 1849 on the "Oriental Queen"Parents: William (was a 'Fencible') & Sarah. The family settled at Onehunga NZ. George William Smith served his apprenticeship as a Blacksmith with James McIntyre, engineer and blacksmith of Onehunga. He was a Blacksmith in the Waikato region of New Zealand, probably between 1872 and 1887 and ran his own business in Morrinsville and had branches in Waitoa and Richmond. He was in Dargaville for a short period after that, before returning to the family seat in Auckland. George married Ellen Mary Redwood who was born on board the ship 'Egmont' on the way to New Zealand in 1855. Her father John was commissioned to supervise the building of the Onehunga Blockhouse in 1860. George died on September 9th 1928 aged 81yrs..  
STEEL Joseph Robinson Blacksmith 1832 Joseph Robinson Smith, born in Addingham, Yorkshire, in 1832, was married in 1857 and shortly afterwards emigrated to Victoria Australia, going to goldfields there, his wife following the following year. In 1863 the family moved from Victoria to Christchurch, New Zealand, where Joseph set up his business as a blacksmith, trading as the Victorian Shoeing Forge. He had, in the old coaching days, a contract with Cable & Co to keep their horses shod. About 1872 Joseph moved to Winslow, near Ashburton, and did a short spell of farming before again setting himself up as a blacksmith under the name of Victorian Carriage Works. Before leaving England Joseph had done a short course in dentistry, and in Ashburton he used to put his dentistry skills into practice, dusting off the forge and seating the patient thereon, then pulling out the offending tooth with his pliers. In 1897 Joseph's two sons took over the business. Joseph died in 1919 in Ashburton, New Zealand..  
STEWART Colin Blacksmith 1905 Colin Stewart, married at Akaroa NZ, 1905 to Harriet Jones..  
THOMPSON William Blacksmith 1899 William Thompson, witness to a marriage at Leeston NZ,1899..  
TILLYSHORT Thomas Henry Blacksmith 1907 Thomas Henry Tillyshort, seen on certificate as witness to a marriage in Christchurch 1907..  
TRAIL William Blacksmith 1863 William Trail, witness to a marriage at Kaiapoi NZ 1863..  
VOIGHT Johannes Carl Blacksmith & Wheelwright 1880 Johannes Carl Voigt, blacksmith & wheelwright. He went by the name of John Charles Voight as it sounded less German. Born in 1880 in Queensland, Australia. Died in 1964 in New Zealand. He came to New Zealand with his family after his mother died in1885? When first in NZ he worked for Turnbulls as a wheelwright at Waikiwi and Invercargill. In 1901 John went of to the Boer War along with another man named Watts (who later, in 1905, married Johnís sister Ruth Voight). In 1907 John had a blacksmith business in Waipahi which he kept until 1913; then the family moved to Pleasant Point, near Timaru. His main business here was on the main street near the town hall. The only other Smithy in the area was in Totara Valley and this was managed by a Mr. Anderws. In 1919 John bought a farm of 400 acres not far from Albury. He sold the farm in the 1950s and retired to Geraldine. He was one of those men who was already ready to help others out; he was also a great Church man. In WW1 he was the local recruiting officer. Also listed in the Wheelwrights Index..  
WADDELL James Blacksmith 1906 James Waddell, blacksmith. Marriage of son John at Wainui, Banks Peninsula(NZ), 1906. James' wife was Mary nee ANDERSON..  
WADDELL Oliver James Blacksmith 1911 Oliver James Waddell, blacksmith. Married at Pigeon Bay, Banks Peninsula(NZ), 1911, to Olive Jane CORRIGALL..  
WATSON Alexander Blacksmith 1868 Alexander Watson, witness to a marriage near Rangiora NZ 1868..  
WATSON Henry Ernest Blake Blacksmith 1901 Henry Ernest Blake Watson, married at Tai Tapu to Margaretha Adelheit GRABAU 1901..  
WATSON John Blacksmith 1889 John Watson, marriage of daughter Agnes Mary at Lincoln NZ, 1889. John's wife was Barbara nee HARVEY..  
WATSON John Fordyce Blacksmith 1889 John Fordyce Watson, witness to marriage at Lincoln NZ, 1889..  
WEBSTER Alex Blacksmith 1883 Alex Webster, blacksmith. Witness to a marriage at Kaiapoi NZ 1883. Alex was from Southbridge..  
WILSON Alexander Blacksmith 1911 Alexander Wilson, blacksmith. Seen on marriage of son Alexander in Christchurch 1911. Alexander jnr was aged 54, born in Edinburgh. The wife of Alexander snr was Catherine nee COLLINSON..  
WILSON Alexander Blacksmith 1911 Alexander Wilson, seen on marriage of son Alexander in Christchurch 1911. Alexander jnr was aged 54, born in Edinburgh. The wife of Alexander snr was Catherine nee Collinson..  
WILSON Charles Musker Blacksmith 1940 Charles Musker Wilson, marriage of son Leslie Richard Henry at Akaroa NZ, 1940. Charles' wife was Maud Ward Priscilla nee HUTT..  
WILSON Charles Musker Blacksmith 1940 Charles Musker Wilson, blacskmith. Marriage of son Leslie Richard Henry at Akaroa NZ, 1940. Charles' wife was Maud Ward Priscilla nee HUTT..  
YOUNG Robert George Blacksmith 1878 Robert George Young, married at Lincoln NZ, to Eliza Broome 1878..  
YOUNG Robert George Blacksmith 1878 Robert George Young, married at Lincoln NZ, to Eliza BROOME 1878..  
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