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Surname Given Name Trade Year Notes
AHERN Thomas Farrier & Military Sergent 1916 Thomas Ahern was a farrier sergeant in the 1st world war. He was mentioned in dispatches according to the london gazette, on 1st January 1916 & 9th November 1916. I have no other information. Listed in both Farriers Index and Military Index..  
BAILEY Thomas Blacksmith,
Shoeing Smith
1825 Thomas Bailey, born about 1825 Launceston, Tasmania. Thomas moved to the Brighton district. Thomas married Mary Ann Barber at Green Ponds in 1847 and raised a large family. He followed his trade at Green Ponds, Bothwell, Broadmarsh, Hamilton, Pontville and New Norfolk. He died at New Norfolk on 15th April 1920. His sons were all skilled artisans and served in the Boer War as shoeing smiths. See also in the Farriers Index & the Blacksmiths of Australia Index..  
BENOY George Henry Blacksmith,
Royal Navy
1877 George Henry Benoy, born in Devonport 26 Nov 1877. Died: Plymouth 14 Aug 1941. He was indentured as a blacksmith apprentice on 23 May 1893 and completed his apprenticeship on 20 Dec 1898. He joined the navy in 1902 and served until 22 Dec 1923. He was also a clown and worked as a bootmaker when he left the navy. Also listed in the Blacksmithsof Devon Index . Copy of Apprenticeship Contract can be seen in the Interesting Stories Link..  
BILES William (2) Blacksmith,
1800 William Biles (2), bapt. Nettlecombe, Powerstock, Dorset. Died 25 January 1920 age 89yrs & buried in Portsmouth, Hampshire. Before enlistment aged 19yrs, as a Gunner in the Royal Marines 30/1/1854 at Portsmouth, it is stated on his Naval Records that he was a blacksmith. Left with 3 Good Conduct Medals and CHINA MEDAL with CLASP for Canton. He married and had children. See also Blacksmiths of Dorset..  
BINDING John Blacksmith 1800 1800: John Binding, blacksmith. Born 1800 in Stogursey, Somerset, England. Johnís listed in the 1st Somerset Militia in 1825 as a blacksmith. Married Mary Aish and moved to Westminster in London around 1838. Died in London in 1857. Census records of 1841 and 1851 evidence his trade and address in New Peter Street. Listed in Blacksmiths of SOmerset and Military Blacksmiths. Contact Darrell by .  
BROWN Alfred Kethero Blacksmith 1873 Alfred Kethero Brown, military blacksmith, miner, shoeing smith, saddles and harness. Born about 1973 in Oxford, Cowley,England. Enlisted at Kalgoorlie 21st February 1917. Regimental number 280. Alfred served in Palestine in the Imperial Camel Corps Brigade and later in 15th light horse1st 11th company ICC.. Before enlisting Alfred lived in Laverton West Australia where he operated a mine. Alfred married Christina Campbell, they lived in Bibra Lake (near Perth, Western Australia) and raised a family there. Listed in Blacksmiths of Australia, Oxfordshire and Militery..  
BROWN David Blacksm,
1886 David Brown, blacksmith, Farrier, Military (see index for each one). . Born about 1886-1887,Nottinghamshire, England. David served in Sherwood rangers yeomanry in WW1 at gallipoli, macedonia and mesopotamia and attained position of farrier staff sargent. He was at Suvla Bay (dismounted) receiving the kings colours for their actions. Then sent to macedonia (bulgaria) and on return to egypt was torpedoed while on the ship"Cestrian". Then ,as part of Allenby's big push he fought from egypt through gaza, palestint (israel) and on as far as aleppo in syria as well as jerusalem Somewhere along the palesinian shore is mount carmel which was held by turkish artilliery which they charged while mounted and at sword point and took the turkish position. He was eventually demobbed in 1919 and spent the rest of his working life as a farrier/blacksmith at Creswell colliery, passing away in 1972 aged 85.These are just a few of Davidís talents. For more information.  
BROWN John Blacksmith. Military 1830 John Brown, blacksmith. Born in Cromford, Derbyshire, England. John started 100 years of blacksmiths in the Manchester area 1830-1930's . Listed in Blacksmiths Derbyshire and Military Blacksmiths Indexes..  
BROWN Solomon Blacksmith,
1818 Solomon Brown, blacksmith,farrier,military. Born in 1818 in Beaminster Dorset,he enlisted in the Army (10th Hussars) at Dorchester as a blacksmith on the 24th December 1839 and he achieved the rank of Farrier Major,serving in the East Indies and The Crimea,and was in service for a total of 24 years 55 days on his retirement he went back to Beaminster wher he died in 1871,he was my great great great grandfather. See him also in the Blacksmiths of Dorset and the Farriers Index..  
BUTLER Thomas Shoeing smith RFA 1889 Thomas Butler, shoeing smith RFA. Military number 70689 Farrier Sgt Major (WO1) Royal Field Artillery , 31 yrs Colour Service . 1889 - 1920, Served in India, UK and Ireland, and part of 57 Bty RFA in WW1..  
CASH Sidney Blacksmith,
1895 Sidney Cash, blacksmith, farrier. Born 16 Feb 1895, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. The 1911 UK census lists Sidney as 17yrs, unmarried , blacksmiths assistant, living at the home of his sister Millicent (nee Cash) & brother-in-law William Buckley 33yrs (a blacksmith) and children. Also listed is blacksmith Richard Buckley, 85yrs, widower. Sidney cash served as a shoeing smith in WW1 (see the Indexes for Farriers; Blacksmiths of Shropshire; Warwickshire + Military..  
CAVILL John Henry Blacksmith,
1873 John Henry Cavil, blacksmith, farrier, military. My great-grandfather (1873-1930) was a sergeant-farrier in the Monmouth Artillery. In 1900 he was manager of J B Dobbs Shoeing Forge in Moor Street, Chepstow. At various times he was also the landlord of several pubs in Monmouthshire. He had a brother called Charles Edward Cavill, who during the Boer War, was a was a civilian volunteer shoeing smith with the Cardiff troop of the Royal Gloucestershire Hussars. At the entrance to a public park in Welsh Street, Chepstow, can be seen a set of park gates made by John at his forge. Also listed in Blacksmiths of Wales...  
COOK Henry Blacksmith,
Military Gunr Driv.
1828 Henry Cook, blacksmith journeyman. Born about 1828 in Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England. The 1851 UK census lists Henry as 23yrs. Gunr Dviv. 1-Frederick & Legonier Squares Artillery Barrack, Devonshire. Listed in Blacksmiths of Northumberland and Military Smiths Indexes..  
CORNISH George Boilermaker,
Military Gunr Driver
1828 George Cornish, military boiler maker, gunr.driv. Born about 1828, Redruth, Lancashire , England. The 1851 UK census lists George as 23yrs, at I-Frederick & Legonier Squares Artillery Barrack, Devonshire..  
CUTLAND James Blacksmith,
Military Gunr Driv. (2d).
1823 James Cutland, blacksmith, military gunr driv. Born about 1823, Charles, Devon, England. The 1851 UK census lists James as 28yrs, at Stoke Town, Barnstaple, Devon; lodging with the THORNE family..  
DARRAN Joseph (Jnr) Gunsmith,
1822 Joseph Darran (Jnr). Gunsmith, armourer. military. Born about 1822, Chatham, Kent. The 1891 UK Census lists him as 69yrs, living at Rainham, Kent with wife Mary. A. 65yrs and son Alfred.G. Darren, 24yrs (coach builder). Joseph (Jnr) joined the 40th foot in 1840 as armourer sergeant. He was discharged 1862 and was gun maker in Essex (see 1871 census). In 1876 became an armourer in Chatham Kent for ten years and gave 32 years service as armourer to army. He later worked as a gunsmith, until his death 1899. Listed in the Gunsmiths and the Military Indexes..  
DEADMAN William James Blacksmith,
1878 William J, Deadman, master blacksmith, farrier. Born about 1878 at Gravesend, Kent, England. The 1891 census for Kent lists William as 13 years old, working as a market gardener, living with his parents William Douglas Deadman and Mary Deadman (nee Mary Spice), Possibly around this time, becoming a Blacksmithís apprentice, as seven years later, on 2nd July 1898, at the age of 20, he marries Florence Turner. On his Wedding certificate, he is recorded as a blacksmith. The 1911 census of England and Wales William is recorded as a blacksmith at Cobham, Kent. Children followed are Eva, William Douglas, John and in 1907, Horace (Snr). William James, now a Master Blacksmith. The first World War started on 28th July 1914, William would have been one of the first recruits, the date on his military record as 31st August 1914. On 8th June 1915, William J now in France is promoted to Corporal, two weeks later on 22nd June 1915, he was promoted again, this time to Farrier Sergeant. William Jís role in the war was looking after the horses, moving the guns, as well as being a gunner in the brigade of medium-sized guns and Howitzers behind the front line. In June 1918, with only five months to go till the end of the war, William J was again promoted, now Farrier Staff Sergeant. On William Jís army records, a note from the Dispersal Centre reads ĎReleased in Errorí, now William Jís contract states Ďretained until the war is overí, William J did not get to finish his war following the four years of conflict, he is now being sent to Southern Russia. As WW1 finished, the BMM started, the British Military Mission to fight in Russia. William was attached to the Army of the Black Sea in Novorossiysk, Southern Russia, to assist and fight with the White Russians against the Bolsheviks. Also listed in Blacksmiths of Kent. Census record available on request and for a collection of images, please contact Michael..  
DRISCOLL Albert Farrier,
1890 Albert Driscoll, shoeing smith, farrier, military. Born 1890 in Kentish Town, London, England. Albert joined the Royal Horse Artillery in 1908 as a shoeing smith. He was with J Battery when the Army went to France in August 1914. Experienced the retreat from Mons towards Paris and was present in the Battle for The Marne assisting the French Army. The Battery was sent on a long march to join the bulk of the army near Ypres in the battle of the Aisne. Transferred to V Battery in 8th Division which spent the remains of the war in various actions around the Somme until the final advance to Germany. At this time he was a Farrier Staff Sergeant. He went on to be posted to India and home again in 1927. Despite surviving WW1 uninjured in some of the great battles, he was killed by a German bomb during the Blitz. Listed in Farriers and Military Indexes..  
ELLWOOD John William Blacksmith,
1896 John William Ellwood, blacksmith, military. Born about 1896, Kirby THore, Cumberland (Westmorland), England. Died aged16 years at Thessaloniki, during the 1914-18 War. Lest we Forget! The 1911 UK census lists John as 15yrs, apprentice blacksmith living with his family at Coppin Hill, Kirby Thore. See Blacksmiths of Cumberland for his parents master blacksmith Thomas.A. and Francis Ann Ellwood plus siblings. John is listed in Blacksmiths of Military and Cumberland..  
FORD Manalcus.C. Blacksmith,
1826 Manalcus C. Ford, blacksmith and Baptist Minister and Calvary Captain. Born July 10, 1826, in Princeton, Caldwell County, KY. He the son of William Ford Jr. and Sarah Chapman married Maria Sawyer July 9, 1849. Manalcus was a Blacksmith and Baptist Minister. Also served in Kentucky Calvary as Captain CSA. He was the Superintendent of the Centertown Sabbath School in Centertown, Ohio County, KY in 1894. "Mack" died March 12, 1896 at Centertown. Listed in Blacksmiths for Military and for USA..  
HALPIN James Blacksmith,
1846 James Halpin, blacksmith British Army. Born Tipperary/Limerick , Ireland. James was a blacksmith for British army until emigration to USA circa 1846. Later based in Pennsylvania. Listed in Blacksmiths of Ireland and Military Blacksmith..  
HENRY James Blacksmith 1835 James Henry, blacksmith, Army Service Corps. Born about 1835, Ireland. The 1871 UK census lists James as 35yrs, living at Woolwich, London, England with wife Mary 42yrs (born Ireland. Children: Charles 12yrs (born Montreal Canada 1859); daughter Bann 5yrs (born 1866 Woolwich); William 4yrs (born 1867 Woolwich). 1871: James is listed as 'Smith, Army Service Corps. The ASC had only just been formed (1870) and presumably he had been transferred in quite recently. James was presumably in the Montreal Garrison in 1859 when son John was born. The next definite sighting is in 1901 when James is retired and sharing a house with his wife and son and family, still in Woolwich. There is a possible sighting in 1891 again in Woolwich and another in 1911 however neither is certain. Obviously there are no records for the ASC before 1870 and so far no trace of James in earlier Cavalry or Artillery regiments nor has anything yet been found about the Montreal garrison around 1859. Listed in Blacksmiths of London plus Military Blacksmiths. Any help is appreciated..  
JESSE Frank Blacksmith RAN 1881 Frank (Francis)Edward Jesse, blacksmith in Royal Navy based in Portsmouth. Born December quarter 1881 Portsea, Hampshire. See Vol: 2b Page: 440 and died December quarter 1962 Portsea, aged 81yrs, Vol: 6b Page 463. In WW1 Frank was on HMS Hampshire and lost a leg at Scapa Flow as the result of an accident. Ship was sunk with no survivors while he was in hospital. He later became a watch maker in Denmead, Hants. Listed in the Clock/Watch Makers, Military & Hampshire Blacksmiths Indexes. Two descendants are following Frank..  
JONES D. Farrier,
1916 D. Jones, farrier, military. Commemorated on a war memorial in Llandysul Parish Church in Ceredigion, Wales. Served with the Royal Field Artillery. Died 1919 at home (presumably as a result of wounds or illness). Listed in Farriers and Military Indexes..  
JUNIPER Japeth John Blacksmith 1918 Japeth John Juniper, blacksmith, wheelwright. His Australian Imperial Forces (AIF) records have him listed as a Blacksmith. The Juniper family were well known for their Blacksmithing in Innisfail. Listed in Blacksmiths of Australia + Military..  
LEECH Herbert James Saddler 1895 Herbert James Leech, saddler. Born 1895, Chingford, Essex, England. Herbert followed in his father's footsteps and became a saddler possibly working for Jones Brothers of Chingford. 1914 war joined Army Service Corps number 4893 using his trade in France. Listed in both the Saddlers Index and Military Index..  
LEECH William James Saddler,
Harness Maker
1868 William James Leech,saddler, harness maker. Born 1868, Chingford, Essex, England. William aas a saddler/harness maker during 1914 war joined the Royal Regiment of Artillery/Royal Horse & Royal Field Artillery his regimental number 82681 served in France as a saddler. Listed in both the Saddlers Index and Military Index..  
LONG Frank Blacksmth,
1864 Frank Long, blacksmith, farrier. Born about 1864, Coggs, oxfordshire, England. Frank is the son Arthur, blacksmith, 1st forge at Fordwells & then Cogges, Witney, Joined the Army Veterinary Corp, in 1915 went to Aldershot School of Farriery,as farrier instructor until 1919,then returned to the forge at Cogges. Listed in Blacksmiths of Oxfordshire and Military Blacksmiths..  
LONGDEN John Thomas Blacksmith 1877 John Thomas Longden, blacksmith. Born 1877, Macclesfield, Cheshire, England. Married Amanda Sherratt December qtr 1898. Daughter Ellen Longden born 1899 Stockport, Cheshire. 1901 census living 2a Derby Street, Stockport, Cheshire. On the outbreak of hostilities in August 1914, John Thomas Longden enlisted as a Shoeing Smith with the Royal Field Artillery. He served throughout the war. He died on 4th December 1920 of wounds/illness directly attributed to his war service. Listed in Blacksmiths of Cheshire and Military Blacksmiths..  
McCOURT Robert Blacksmith,
Military Gunr Driv.
1827 1827: Robert McCourt, blacksmith journeyman, Gnr. Driver. Borna bout 1827 in Armagh, Ireland. The 1851 UK census lists Robert as 24yrs, at 1-Frederick & Legonier Squares Artillery Barracks, Stoke Damerel, Devon..  
McGOWAN Samuel Farrier,
Military Gunr.Driv.
1832 Samuel McGowan, military farrier. Born about 1832, Down Banbridge,Ireland. The 1851 UK census lists Samuel as 19yrs, at 1-Frederick & Legonier Squares Artillery Barracks, Stoke Damerel, Devonshire..  
McGRATH James Blacksmith 1811 James McGrath, blacksmith. Born about 1811, Carlow, Ireland. Occupation blacksmith in 1830, when he joined 34th Foot Regiment in Milbank, Kildare, Ireland. See Blacksmiths of Ireland Index as well..  
McPHERSON John Blacksmith,
Military Gunr Driv.
1830 1830: John McPherson, blacksmith journeyman, Gnr. Driver. Born about 1830 in Inverness, Scotland. The 1851 UK census lists John as 21yrs, at 1-Frederick & Legonier Squares Artillery Barracks, Stoke Damerel, Devon..  
MURPHY Michael (Army Major) Blacksmith Awarded Victoria Cross 1860 Major Michael Murphy, born in Cahir, Tipperary , Ireland. Awarded Victoria Cross 1860 whilst serving in The British Army in India. Died 1893 in Darlington. Listed in Blacksmiths f fIreland & Military Indexes..  
OTTY (OTTEY) Robert Farrier & Coal Miner 1883 Robert Otty born 1883 in Hetton le Hole was a coal miner he served in a British Artillery Regiment in world war 1 as a farrier, in Gallipoli and France. Also listed in the Farriers Index. 1833: Robert born 1883 in Hetton le Hole was a coal miner he served in a British Artillery Regiment in world war 1 as a farrier, in Gallipoli and France. Also listed in the Farriers Index. See Blacksmiths of Norfolk, Durham & Australia for other family members..  
PATTERSON Frederick.H. Blacksmith,
1889 Frederick. H. Patterson, blacksmith, farrier. Born about 1889, Backworth, Northumberland, England. The 1901 UK census lists Frederick as 12yrs, living in Backworth with his parents John and Margaret plus siblings. Frederick worked at Plessy Hall around 1920,and Eccles Colliery Backworth. Married Mary Anne Scott of Bedlington. Royal Engineer Corps 1915-1920 WW1. Listed in Blacksmiths Northumberland and Military..  
PAUL John Blacksmith,
1860 John Paul, Royal Navy Blacksmith. Born 1860, Penzance, Cornwall . England. John joined the navy in 1881, serving as an Armourer's Cooper, then as a Shipwright, although his official rating was Blacksmith. He was pensioned off in 1901. He was my Great-grandfather. I still possess a pair of brass smoothing irons that he made in the 1890s..  
POPE James William Blacksmith,
1876 James William Pope, blacksmith. Born 1876, Exeter, Devon, England. James William Pope became a Stoker in the Royal Navy and saw action during the Boxer Rebellion aboard HMS Algerine at the taking of the Taku Forts in 1900. He served in the Royal Navy during WW1 as a stoker first class and died as a result of injuries in 1921. He is buried at Exeter Higher Cemetery and is listed on the War Memorial. He is listed in the 1891 Census as a relative of George Pope (blacksmith) born 1859 in Shobrooke, Devon. George Pope was James William Pope's uncle. James. W. Pope is listed in both Blacksmiths of Devon and Military Blacksmiths Indexes..  
PRINN William James Blacksmith 1910 William James Prinn, blacksmith, farrier. from Rottingdean, near Brighton. Widely known as a trainer of pugilists, wrestlers and athletes. Widely known as a trainer of pugilists, wrestlers and athletes. Formerly held the rank of Farrier Sergeant Ė Major, Royal field Artillery and during his army life he took a prominent part on organising boxing and athletic events. His house at Rottingdean was the resort of many well known athletes who made use of his blacksmiths gym. These include Stanislaus. Kybosko, Polish wrestler and Johnny Summers , English boxer. Information obtained from newspaper, dated 02 Oct 1910. Listed in Sussex and Military Blacksmiths..  
RACK Edward Farrier,
1814 Edward Rack, farrier with the RFA in WW1 1914-1918. No other information given. Listed in the Fariers and the Military Indexes..  
REYNARD Mr. Blacksmiths A.R.P. Special Constable 1940 1940s: Mr. Reynard. Hardley Smithy Forge was in a cottage near what is now Hardley roundabout and, during World War 2, Mr. Reynard the Smith was a special constable with A.R.P. duties, killed on duty in the bombing. He is commemorated on the War Memorial plaque in All Saints Church, Fawley. Information compliments of David Dowd, HANTS..  
REYNOLDS Ernest William Blacksmith,
1887 Ernest William Reynolds, born in Roughton, Norfolk in 1887. Sergeant Blacksmith (Farrier) in Norfolk Regiment. Later a Smith in Cromer, worked at Cromer Hall. Married Mary Elizabeth WARD 1909. See him also in the Blacksmiths of Norfolk Index and Farriers Index..  
ROBERTS Fred Blacksmith 1914 Fred Roberts, blacksmith Yorkshire and Military 1914-1918 WWI. I would like know (if possible) of any details about the military service that my grandfather served during World War One. Email is bouncing but try to.  
ROSS William Blacksmith,
Military Gunr Driv.
1829 William Ross, blacksmith journeyman. Born about 1829 in Oldmacker, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The 1851 UK census lists William as 22yrs, at 1-Frederick & Legonier Squares Artillery Barracks, Stoke Damerel. Listed in Blacksmiths of Devon and Military blacksmiths..  
RYAN Bernard Blacksmith,
1887 Bernard Ryan, blacksmith, farrier, military. Born 30 June 1887 at 41 Forgate Street, Stafford, Staffordshire, England. The 1891 UK census lists him as 3yrs living at ?26 Gaol Road, Stafford with parents Patrick & Julie plus siblings. In 1901 he is 14yrs (blacksmith) at 40 Grey Friars, Stafford with parents & siblings. In the 1911 census his name appears as a blacksmith but the whole line has subsequently been crossed out. In the meantime the family have moved to 25 Forgate Street. Iím not sure why his absence occurred but in January 1913 he signs his Attestation form for the Territorial Force ( Staffordshire Yeomanry ) and gives his place of work as Corporation Stafford, Borough Hall and his trade as a Shoeing Smith. On his Military History Sheet his service is for 3 years and 177 days at Home and is discharged for defective vision on the 5th July 1916. I suppose Iím curious has to who he worked for from 1916 up to the time he got married in 1929 when he married Elizabeth Mary Alcock. Children: John Daniel 1930, Elizabeth Agnes Anne 1931, Patrick 1933 and Michael 1936. Listed in Blacksmiths of Staffordshire, Farriers & Military Indexes. Any help appreciated..  
SOUTH Alfred James Farrier,
1914 Alfred James South, shoeing smith, military Apprenticed in Norfolk he had a successful blacksmiths business in Chandlers Ford. He Volunteered in November 1914, and in the following year was sent to France, where he was engaged on special duties with his unit. In 1916 he was drafted to the East and did good work in Egypt, Salonika and Palestine, as a shoeing smith. He was often under fire in the forward areas, and in 1919 returned to England and was demobilised in July of that year. He holds the 1914/15 Star, General Service and Victoria Medals. After the war he suffered Malaria and shell-shock and was unable to work for the rest of his life yet he was refused a war pension. (Most of the above is a quote from the national roll, which accords with his Army service record, which I have a copy of, plus a few good pictures). See Farriers and Military Indexes..  
STANDEN Elias Farrier,
1779 ELias Standen, born 1779 at Burwash, Sussex, son of Samuel Standen & Frances(nee Fuller). Married Barbara Heathfield, they lived sometime in Canterbury. Elias was a Sergeant Farrier at Waterloo. After Napoleonic war lived in Waresley,Hunts. Died: 1867 at Gamlingay, Cambridge. Elias & Barbara are grandparents of Harry Henry Standen who married Annie Pashley, daughter of George & Emma..  
SUTTON Mark Farrier,
1832 Mark Sutton,farrier, shoeing smith in the Crimean War. He received medals with three clasps. He is my great, great grandfather. He was born about 1832 in Leire, Leicestershire, England. He joined the Royal Regiment of the Artillery around 1850. He served as a shoeing smith and his father was a blacksmith - seems a line of blacksmiths. Mark Sutton died while still in the service, stationed in Limerick, Ireland, on Feb. 8, 1864. His wife was Eliza Ann,"with the company." They married in Charlton, England. Mark was stationed in Athlone, Ireland, in 1863, Ballincollig, Ireland, in 862, Aldershot in 1859 and Woolwich, England, several times. He received several medals for his service in the Crimean War in 1855-? and was with the Royal Regiment of Artillery of Battalion. His Crimea War Medals included three clasps: Inkerman (battle) and Turkish (battle), and also Seb(v)astapol. My mother has his war docket and, I believe, a photo. It is believed his medals are with an uncle in our family..  
SYMONS Henry Blacksmith,
Military Ordnance
1818 Henry Symons, military blacksmith. Born about 1818, Plymouth, Devon, England. The 1851 UK census lists Henry as 33yrs, at 13 Charlotte Row, Morie Town, Devon; with wife Ann 31yrs (born Plymouth)..  
THOMPSON Joseph Blacksmith,
Military Gunr Driv.
1830 Joseph Thompson, military blacksmith, farrier. Born aout 1830, Barnstaple, Devon, England. The 1851 UK census lists Joseph as 21yrs, at 1-Frederick & Legonier Squares Artillery Barracks, Stoke Damerel, Devonshire..  
VINSON Reginald Stewart Blacksmith,
Wheelwright & Farrier-Military
1920 Reginald Stewart Vinson. In the 1920's he was a blacksmith/wheelwright/iron worker, he served his apprenticeship with Metters of Tavistock. His daughter Valerie say "my knowledge is a bit vague im afraid but it must have been about the late 1920s. At the time Reginald lived at Devon Great Consols Lamerton. We however shifted to quite a few moorland villages as the work dried up. When the horse was supplanted by the tractor he went to work at Devonport dockyard and was sent to Gibraltar just after WW2. He also served so I believe as a farrier in the N/Devon Hussars" Reginald is also listed in the Wheelwrights, Ironworkers,Blacksmiths of Devon & Farriers Indexes.. To share information contact Reg's daughter Valerie  
WILSON Frederick William Richard Blacksmith,
1891 Frederick William Richard Wilson, blacksmith, farrier. Born 1891 and died 1964 or 1965 in Klerksdorp, Northern Cape, South Africa. Married Lillian Wilson lived in Kimberley. Had 3 daughters, one who disowned her family and became a famous Carven model in Paris (Audrey/Irene). His medal from the great war records him as Pte W Wilson of the 2nd S.A.H. (South African Horse). Listed in Blacksmiths of South Africa; Farriers and Military Indexes..  
WRIGGLESWORTH Robert Edward Henry Farrier 1877 Robert Edward Henry Wrigglesworth, farrier, military. Born 28 September 1877, London England and died 1966 in London. Robert served in the 1st World War as a farrier with the Royal Horse Artullary later the Royal Field Artillary He married Amy Louise Dale on 3rd August 1902 at Notting Hill, Middlesex. Listed in farriers and military indexes..  
YOUNG William Blacksmit,
Military Gunr Driv. (2d).
1830 William Young, blacksmith journeyman and Gunr. Born 1830-1831 in St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland. The 1851 UK census lists William as 21yrs, at 1-Frederick and Legonier Squares Artillery Barracks, Stoke Damerel, Devon. Listed in Blacksmiths of Devon, Scotland and Military Indexes..  
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