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Surname Given Name Trade Year Notes
BARRINGER Dan Angel Blacksmith & wheelwright 1869 Dan Angel Barringer. Smith and Wheelwright Dan Angel Barringer of Ickenham Middlesex, married in 1869 to Emily Saich. Also listed in the Wheelwrights Index..  
COLE James Blacksmith,
1600 James Cole, blacksmith. Born 25 June 1600 in Highgate, London, Middlesex, England. In 1632 James Cole, his wife, Mary & two children came to Saco, ME,USA and in the following year located at Plymouth, Massachusetts,.USA. He owned Cole's Hill located just behind Plymouth Rock. His occupations in America are listed as shoemaker & then inn keeper. James died 1692 in the USA. See Blacksmiths of America for his grandson Ephraim Cole born 1659..  
GEESON Moses Henry Blacksmith 1851 Moses Henry Geeson, blacksmith. Born about 1851. Place of Baptism Bletchington Oxford. Moses moved to Middlesex before he was 10 years old. His last known address was 32 Locknager Street, Bromley, Middlesex..  
HAWLEY Charles Blacksmith 1800 Charles Hawley, born circa 1800 is listed on his son's marriage certificate as a blacksmith. Place of birth unknown, but lived in London, Middlesex from about 1829 when his son Charles was born..  
HAWLEY Charles Blacksmith 1829 Charles Hawley, born 1829, appears in 1881 and 1871 census as a blacksmith; Living at 77 Pulford Street, St George Hanover Square, Westminster. He married Mary Ann Harrison in 1851. Their eldest son, Charles†19yrs at the time appears in the 1881census as a blacksmith..  
HAWLEY Henry Samuel Blacksmith 1866 Henry Samuel Hawley, born 1866. Henry was the youngest son of Charles (of 1829). Charles' occupation on the birth certificate is 'Journeyman Blacksmith'. Henry grew up to be a blacksmith too, as shown on his marriage certificate. He married Annie Mead in 1884. Later he specialised his blacksmith skills as a toolsmith catering to the stonemason's trade. He appears in the 1901 census as a tool smith and on his youngest son's birth certificate as a tool smith. It is believed he made and repaired all of the stonemason's tools used on Tower Bridge. I believe the business name was "Henry Samuel Hawley and Sons" but I have no documents to prove it. I believe that the business was continued by Henry's son Frederick when Henry moved away from London in about 1906..  
PASSEY John Blacksmith 1830 John Passey, a blacksmith. Died in the 1830's in Hounslow, Middlesex, England. Looking for birth and other details..  
REYNOLDS Benjamin Blacksmith 1700 Benjamin Reynolds was a blacksmith in the late 1700ís & was apprenticed to a blacksmith named LUNN in Cove in the parish of Yateley Hampshire (now Berks). His family all came from local parts of this parish back to 1720. Died 1786 aged 30yrs leaving a wife and 5 children. He died in Isleworth Middlesex his wife having recently given birth to a son Thomas in Isleworth. Two of his other children were born in Cobham Surrey and Kingston also in Surrey. Also listed in Blacksmiths of Hampshire & Surrey. I believe that he was a travelling blacksmith with his family which would explain the births at these other parishes. I have not found any articles to verify this and wondered if this was a common practice assuming they could not afford their own premises..  
RIDDALL James Blacksmith 1790 James Riddall, born at Rotherhithe, Surrey, in 1790, youngest child of Thomas Riddall Blacksmith. By late 1821 he and his wife Ann were settled in Mile End Old Town, Middlesex, where three of their children were baptized. A fourth child was baptized at St Dunstan Stepney, Surrey, in 1830. See also Blacksmiths of Surrey..  
WHITLEY John Blacksmith - Journeyman 1882 John Whitley, born about 1882 in Tottenham, Middlesex, England. The exact year of his birth is unknown at this stage as it is different on every document related to him! I believe he was born around 1882. On the 8th Jun 1920, he married Emily Eliza Margaret RANN at the Church of the Precious Blood, Hertford Road, Lower Edmonton. His occupation was listed as journeyman blacksmith and his residence as 85 St Mary's Road, Edmonton, London, Middlesex, England. In 1925 the young family were living at 10 Grove Road, West Enfield Wash, Middlesex, England and John had become a fully qualified blacksmith. On the 8th Dec 1928 he left England on the SS Orsova for Australia. In 1931 he is living at 45 Myrtle St, Bendigo, Vic, Australia and is working as a blacksmith. In 1936 he is still in Bendigo, but now at 243 Queen St, Golden Square, Bendigo, Vic, Australia, working as a labourer. Listed in the Blacksmiths of Australia and Blacksmiths of Middlesex Indexes..  
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