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Surname Given Name Trade Year Notes
BERRY Peter Blacksmith 1860 Peter Berry, blacksmith. Born 24 March 1860 in Cathcart, Eastern Cape, died 1937 in Potchefstroom. The son of Joseph and Catherine Berry. Peter Married Johanna Elizabeth Pyper in Klerksdorp in 1902. 4 children..  
BRIGHT Walter Blacksmith 1869 Walter Bright, blacksmith. Born about Sept 1869 in King William's Town, died 1925 in Cathcart, Amatole, Cape Province. Walter married Mary Ellen Flack in Cathcart 1910 and they had 2 children. Mary Ellen was the daughter of Joseph William FLACK and Mary Ellen BERRY.  
FLACK Joseph William Blacksmith 1857 Joseph William Flack, blacksmith & wagon builder. Born in 1857 in Lakenheath,Suffolk, England. The of Joseph Flack and Mary Anne Matthews. Baptised 3 May 1857, St.Mary's, Lakenheath. His father had died two months prior to his birth leaving his mother, himself and an older sister. His mother married John Garner Parish in Oct 1857 ( St.Mary's, Lakenheath). In 1862 Mary and John together with an infant and Mary's children from her previous marriage immigrated to Grahamstown, Cape Province. In 1883 in King William's Town he married Mary Ellen Berry, daughter of John Joseph and Catherine Berry. The couple had 10 children..  
FORD Thomas Arthur Blacksmith 1861 Thomas Arthur Ford, blacksmith. Born at Fauls, Prees, Shropshire. Parents: John and Mar. Apprenticed to John Rogers, blacksmith, Fauls Green. Went to South Africa, married twice, three children by first wife, one, posthumously, by second. He went down on the Mendi, a Colour Sergeant, on 21 February, 1917 and is remembered with honour on the Hollybrook Memorial, Southampton. His medals are in the family of his second wife, claimed only recently from Pretoria. We have never been able to contact his English family, and would so like to do so..  
PILGRIM Herbert William Blacksmith 1878 Herbert William Pilgrim, blacksmith, wheelwright. Born in 1878 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England. He married Alice May Sewell in 1899 and they moved to London. They had seven children. Census record of 1901 show they lived at 118 Corlton Road, St Pancras, London. He left his family in Jan of 1911 to go to South Africa - East London Port bound for Cape Town. Passenger record shows his trade being a Wheelwright Smith. We don\'t know if the plan was for his family to join him once he'd settled or he just abandoned them? Sadly, we also don't know what happened to him. Herbert is listed in the Blacksmiths of Norfolk; Blacksmiths of London and Blacksmiths of South Africa + Wheelwrights.  
WARRY Gaius Edward Blacksmith 1856 Gaius Edward Warry, blacksmith. Born Jan-Feb-Mar quarter 1856, Chad, Somerset, England. See Vol: 5c Page: 537. Gaius immigrated to South Africa where he met and married Maria Dingley, in Stanger, my Grandmother was his daughter. Listed in Blacksmiths of Somerset and South Africa..  
WILSON Frederick William Richard Blacksmith 1891 Frederick William Richard Wilson, blacksmith, farrier. Born 1891 and died 1964 or 1965 in Klerksdorp, Northern Cape, South Africa. Married Lillian Wilson lived in Kimberley. Had 3 daughters, one who disowned her family and became a famous Carven model in Paris (Audrey/Irene). His medal from the great war records him as Pte W Wilson of the 2nd S.A.H. (South African Horse). Listed in Blacksmiths of South Africa; Farriers and Military Indexes..  
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