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Surname Given Name Trade Year Notes
BRIGGS William Blacksmith 1842 William Briggs, blacksmith. Seen on IGI on marriage certificate of his son Henry Brigg. Henry was living at Star Tavern, Fulham Rd, Chelsea. On 22 November 1842, at the Parish Church, Chelsea, London, Henry (a widower) married after Banns to Louisa Claxton..  
DAVIS Ephraim Blacksmith 1820 Ephraim Davis, blacksmith. Born in 1820 in Bisley, Gloucester, England. The 1841 census shows he was apprenticed to William Smith in Bisley, learning the blacksmith trade. Sometime soon after he married Jane ? and lived in the Bristol area before coming to Clerkenwell, London where he worked for the remainder of his days as a blacksmith, (according to the census's) ; he died approx 1876. Listed in both the Gloucestshire & London Indexes..  
ELBRA John Blacksmith 1800 John Elbra, blacksmith, coachbuilder in the Lambeth area London early to mid 1800s. See also the indexes for Cartwrights/Coachbuilders, Blacksmiths of London & Blacksmiths of Australia..  
EVANS George.H. Blacksmith 1834 George. H. Evans, born about 1834-1835 in Boston Lincolnshire, England. The 1881 census shows him as a blacksmith living in Hackney, London. The 1891 census shows him as a blacksmith back in Boston Lincolnshire. Listed in Blacksmiths of London & Blacksmiths of Lincolnshire Indexes..  
GRACE James George Blacksmith 1814 James George Grace, blacksmith. Born 1814 in Westminster London. Wife: Charlotte Oaks. James was a blacksmith in the Lambath area and died in 1896 in Camberwell Workhouse..  
JONES George Blacksmith 1824 George Jones, blacksmith & wheelwright. Born in Lambeth, London in 1824. He immigrated to Australia in 1855, and worked as a blacksmith in Newtown, Sydney until 1858. He then moved to Maryborough Queensland where he worked as a blacksmith and wheelwright from 1859 till his death in 1888. His business was "The Original Blacksmith and Wheelwright establishment" on the corner of Kent and Adelaide Sts Maryborough. I also do some blacksmithing in Brisbane to "keep the home fires burning". He is listed in both the Blacksmiths of Australia and London Indexes plus the Wheelwrights Index..  
JONES Wm Blacksmith 1821 William Jones. From sample of 1821 census for Hendon, London, shows inhabitants are 2 males (includes William) ,2 females, pays rent of 12 pounds, has 3 windows & 1 dog..  
LAWRENCE/LAURENCE William Charles Blacksmith 1830 William Charles Lawrence, blacksmith, whitesmith. was born in Stroud, Gloucestershire, England abt. 1830. He married Mary Ann Walker also of Stroud on the 29th of January 1854. their known children are: Ellen (b-1855), Frederick (b-1856), Alexander (b-1861), William (b-1863), Catherine (b-1866), Florence (b-1868, Manole (?) (b-1870), and Lillian (b-1875). William C. Lawrence may have been employed as a Blacksmith at Shanks Coachbuilders on Great Queen Street in Lincoln's Inn Fields, London.. Contact Jeremny at jeremy.masterson at  
MERRITT William Blacksmith 1830 William Merritt, blacksmith, coachsmith. My great grandfather and his sons and his father, also called William Merritt were blacksmiths. Originally from Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK but moved to London in the 1830's--Bethnal Green area of the eastend of London--I am interested in anything to do with these ancestors. Listed in both the Blacksmiths of London and Hampshire Indexes and also the Cartwrights Index..  
MORRISBY James Blacksmith 1757 James Morrisby, blacksmith and a watchman (a type of policeman). Born in 1757 and died in 1839. James was sentenced at the Old Bailey, Central Criminal Court, London, England for stealing a 10lb. iron bar, value 10d. from Thomas and William Morris on 6 July 1784. Morrisby was found guilty and sentenced to transportation for seven years. James Morrisby arrived in the colony of New South Wales (Australia) on the First Fleet vessel Scarborough in 1788. Details of his trial are available on the Old Bailey website. At the time Morrisby had a wife and five children. He did not return to England. After arriving at Port Jackson in 1788 he was sent to Norfolk Island with other convicts working as a blacksmith there. There he married convict Ann BROOKS (alias LAVENDER) in a mass ceremony in 1791. Ann had brought a son with her. In December 1807 (by then James Morrisby's sentence had been served), the authorities decided to send ex-convicts to Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania). James and Ann had four children on Norfolk Island. They took their five children with them to Tasmania on the Porpoise arriving in January 1808. James had taken up farming on Norfolk Island where he rented 34 acres. Once in Tasmania, he took up land on the Clarence Plains (now Rokeby) across the Derwent River from Hobart. James Morrisby died at Clarence Plains on 29 May 1839 and is buried in the graveyard at St Matthew's, Rokeby. Listed in Blacksmiths of London, Australia & Convicts..  
OVENS John Blacksmith 1817 John Ovens, blacksmith. Born in 1817 at Donhead St Mary, Wiltshire, England. The son of James and Hannah Ovens. He is recorded as a blacksmith working with Lot Millard at Gussage St Michael, Dorset in 1841, but then moved to London. He married Harriet Heyward at St. Pancras, London in 1855 noted as a blacksmith, then recorded working as a blacksmith at Middlesex in 1861 and Marylebone, London in 1871. He was noted as a blacksmith whilst in Marylebone Workhouse in 1875, and died at Marylebone in 1878..  
RAMPTON George Blacksmith 1801 George Rampton, blacksmith & farrier at the Rose and Crown Yard, Knightsbridge, London. This was also his home address. Born about 1801. His father Jonathan Rampton was also also a Blacksmith. George is also listed in the Farriers Index. See Blacksmiths of Hampshire for other family members..  
SKIPPER Philip Blacksmith 1851 Pjilip Skipper 29yrs, Church Road, Blofield, Norfolk. Born London-MID. Lodges with Mary Barker 58yrs School Mistress. Also listed in Blacksmiths of Norfolk Index..  
TATUM James Blacksmith 1861 James Tatum, blacksmith of Southwark (London), England; 1 Mansfield Street, which was first turning on right on Borough Road, going from Obelisk to Kings Bench Prison. In 1861 census, also London Trades Directory 1861 and 1869..  
TYAS William Thomas Blacksmith 1796 William Thomas Tyas, born circa 1796 at St.Giles, Cripplegate, London. For full story see Stories from the Past Link on the Home Page..  
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