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Surname Given Name Trade Year Notes
ARNOLD Edwin Locksmith 1818 1818: Edwin Arnold, locksmith, journeyman. Born about 1818, Willenhall, Staffordshire, England. The 1841 UK census lists Edwin as 20yrs. In 1851 Edwin is 31yrs, living in Walsall Street Willenhall with wife Sarah 25yrs. Children: Louisa 6yrs; Henry.A. 4yrs. Lodger: John Houlston 13yrs (apprentice locksmith). Maragret Mullington 12yrs (house servant). See Locksmiths Index for other family members. Contact Hazel by..  
ARNOLD George Locksmith 1827 George Arnold, locksmith. Born about 1827, Willenhall,Staffordshire, England. The 1841 UK census lists George as 14yrs. In 1861 George is a lock manufacturer. See Locksmiths Index for other family members..  
ARNOLD Henry Locksmith 1816 Henry Arnold, locksmith (keysmith). Born about 1816, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England. The 1861 UK census lists Henry as 45yrs, living at Wallsall with wife Hannah 33yrs. Children: Sarah. A. 9yrs; Alfred 7yrs; Harry 3yrs; John 1yr. Also listed Henry Arnold 28yrs, unmarried (keysmith).  
ARNOLD John Locksmith 1796 John Arnold, locksmith. Born 1796 in Sharehill Staffordshire Locksmith on Baptism of his son Edwin 1818 in Willenhall Staffordshire . The 1841 UK census lists John as 45yrs, living at Willenhall, Staffordshire with sons Edwin 20yrs (locksmith); Samuel 20yrs (locksmith); George 14yrs (locksmith). Apprentice locksmith John Biddle 14yrs. Sarah Brevite 13yrs servant. In 1871 John is 70yrs old, a Lock manufacturer..  
ARNOLD John Locksmith 1824 John Arnold, locksmith. Born about 1824, Willenhall, Staffordshire, England. The 1851 UK census lists John as 27yrs, living at Birchills, Walsall Foreign, Staffordshire; with wife Hannah 27yrs (born Willenhall). Children: Henry 5yrs; George 3yrs. Lodgers: Henry Kirtland 39yrs (lock maker) and Thomas Boden 21yrs (iron stone miner)..  
ARNOLD Samuel Locksmith 1818 Samuel Arnold, locksmith. Born about 1818, Willenhall, Staffordshire, England. The 1841 UK census lists Samuel as 20yrs. See Locksmith Index for other his father master lock maker John Arnold (born 1796) and family members..  
BISSELL Edward Henry Locksmith,
1849 Edward Henry Bissell, whitesmith, Locksmith and Bell Hanger. Born: 1849 in Leamington, Warwickshire. Died: 1909. Parents: Samuel Bissell and Clementina Ellard. Married Emily Timms at Leamington Priors (now Spa) in 1874. Six known children. Hardware and Bicycle shop started in Warwick Street, Leamington, alongside the smithing business. Shop known as "Bissell Bicycles" . Listed in both the Whitesmith Index & the Locksmiths Index..  
BISSELL Samuel Locksmith,
1842 Samuel Bissell, whitesmith, Locksmith and Bell Hanger. Born: 1842 in Leamingto, Warwickshire. Died: 1911. Parents: Samuel Bissell and Clementina Ellard. Married Emma Sergeant at Leamington Priors (now Spa), in 1868. Nine known children. Listed in both the Whitesmith Index & the Locksmiths Index..  
BISSELL William Ernest Locksmith,
1878 William Ernest Bissell, locksmith, whitesmith, engineer, fitter mechanic. Born 1878 in Leamington, Warwickshire. Died: 1972. Parents: Edward Henry Bissell and Emily Timms. Married Mabel Harriett Sewell in 1909 in Milverton, Leamington. Had five children. Worked in the family business with his two brothers later involving smithing, cycle and motor car maintenance. Listed in both the Whitesmith Index & the Locksmiths Index..  
CUTRI Trevor Locksmith 2005 Trevor Cutri, master locksmith, working and living in Perth,Western Australia.  
ELLARD Edward Locksmith 1836 Edward Ellard, locksmith. Born about 1836, in Willoughby Warwickshire but worked as locksmith's apprentice 1851-1881, Willenhall Baker & Locksmith became an Evangelist preacher C of E by 1901 when he was in Stoke on Trent. His brother Henry is also listed in this Locksmiths Index..  
ELLARD Henry Locksmith 1845 Henry Ellard, Locksmith, whitesmith. Born about 1845, Willougby, Warwickshire, England. In 1861 Henry is a locksmith apprentice with master locksmith Henry Arnold at Leave Lane, Willenhall, Staffordhire. 1881: Henry is 34yrs, a stamper and piercer. Still in Willenhall with wife Sarah 38yrs and daughter Gertrude 10yrs. Visitor: Alice Ellard 11yrs. See Locksmith Index for other family members..  
HADLEY Charles Locksmith 1805 Charles Hadley, keysmith. Born about 1805, Willenhall, Staffordshire, England. The 1871 UK census lists him as 66yrs, widower, living at the Sand Beds, Willenhall; with his brother John Hadley 64yrs; and John;s wife mary Hadley 65yrs. Also listed is lodger/boarder: Charles Simpson, ?27yrs (locksmith)..  
HADLEY John Locksmith 1810 John Hadley, locksmith. Born about 1810, Coven, Staffordshire, England. The 1871 UK census lists him as 61yrs, living at 240 Stafford Street, Walsall, Staffordshire; with wife Mary 56yrs. Children: Arthur William 21yrs, unmarried(law student); Mary 18yrs. Visitor: James Prince 11yrs. James PRINCE, is his apprentice, about to leave with his mother Mary, to join the “Mormons” going to Utah. James PRINCE's correct birthplace is Worlington, Suffolk..  
KENT John Locksmith 1850 John Kent, blacksmith, Whitesmith, locksmith and bellhanger, steel mill maker . Born about 1800, Criplegate London, England. The 1841 UK census lists John as 41yrs, amill maker, living in Noble Street, Middlesex (London); with wife Elizabeth 36yrs (born Middlesex). Children James 11yrs; Elizabeth 9yrs; Mary 5yrs; ; Thomas 2yrs; Jane age unknown. Also listed is Mary Richards 67yrs. In 1851 John is 50yrs, living at 8 noble street, Middlesex ; Elizabeth 44yrs. Children: James 21yrs, unmarried (born St.Andrews, Holborn) a steel maker journeyman; Thomas 12yrs; Isaac 11yrs; Henry 8yrs; William 5yrs. John worked with his sons in London. Seeking any info on where they worked etc., listed in indexes for blacksmith, Whitesmith, locksmith.. Visit site
KIRTLAND Henry Locksmith 1812 Henry Kirtland, locksmith. Born about 1812, Walsall, Staffordshire, England. The 1851 UK census lists Henry as 39yrs, unmarried, in Wallsall, lodging with master lockmaker John Arnold and family..  
MURRAY John Locksmith 1790 John Murray, locksmith journeyman. Born about 1790-1791 in Devon. The 1841 UK census lists him as 50yrs, at Batter Street, Plymouth Parish, St Charles the Martyr: with wife Ann 50yrs (born Devon)..  
NEWMAN Samuel Locksmith & Blacksmith 1681 Samuel Newman, locksmith & blacksmith of Epsom (Ebbisham), Surrey. Married 1681 Dorothy Wheeler of Epsom at Headley, Surrey. Will dated 27 August 1719; will proved 16 October 1719. Also listed in the Blacksmiths of Surrey Index..  
SIMPSON Charles Locksmith 1844 Charles Simpson, locksmith. Born about 1844, Armitage, Staffordshire, England. The 1871 UK census lists him as 27yrs, lodging at the Sand Beds, Willenhall; with locksmith brothers Charles and John Hadley and family. In 1871 Charles is 36yrs, at 116 Bentley Lane,Willenhall with wife Annie 29yrs. Children: Elizabeth 3yrs; Laura 17 months infant..  
SMALL Alfred Locksmith 1857 Alfred Small, locksmith. Born about 1857, Willenhall, Staffordshire, England. The 1881 UK census lists him as 24yrs, living at 58 Mayers Green, West Bromich, Satffordshire with wife Alice 20yrs. In 1891 Alfred is 34yrs, Alice 31yrs.95 Bloxwich Rd, Willenhall. Children: Arthur.E. Small 4yrs; Joseph Small 2yrs..  
SMALL James Locksmith 1806 James Small, locksmith. Born about 1806 in Willenhall,Staffordshire, England The 1851 UK census lists James as ,45yrs, living at house number 37 Mill Street, Willenhall; with wife Jane Worthington (? nee Barmer) 38yrs (born Wolverhampton, Staffordshire). Children: Elijah Small 8yrs; Enoch Small 6yrs; ?step-daughters Fanny Worthington 9yrs; Elizabeth Worthington 7yrs. ?step-son Reuben Worthington 4yrs. James married Jane in September 1850..  
SMITH Isaac Locksmith 1775 Isaac Smih, locksmith. No: 2, Milk Street, Bristol. Taken from a list of metal workers in the 1775 Bristol Directory, published by the Temple Local History Society. I have no other information..  
SMITH Joseph (Jnr) Locksmith 1830 Joseph Smith (Jnr), locksmith. Born 1830-1831,Willenhall, Staffordshire, England. The 1851 UK census lists Joseph as 20yrs, living at Willenhall with his family. See Locksmith Index for his parents master pad lock Joseph and Julia Smith plus siblings..  
SMITH Joseph (Snr) Locksmith 1814 Joseph Smith (Snr), locksmith Willenhall Staffordshire 1814 baptism of son Thomas 1861 - 62 year old locksmith still in Willenhall. The whole family (men) were apdsmiths or locksmiths..  
WORTHINGTON Joseph Locksmith 1811 Joseph Worthington, locksmith. Born about 1811, Staffordshire, England. The 1841 UK census lists him as 30yrs, living at Willenhall,Staffordshire; with wife Jane 25yrs (possibly nee Barmer). Children: John 6yrs; Mary Ann 8yrs; Joseph 2yrs. See UK Free BMDs: Joseph Worthington of Wolverhampton died 1848. Jane re-married in September 1850 to locksmith James Small (listed in this index)..  
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