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Surname Given Name Trade Year Notes
AINGE Alban Blacksmith 1716 Alban Ainge, blacksmith & framesmith for hosiery machine industry. Born 1716 in Wigston, Leicestershire, England. Some of his descendants (also on this Index) moved to Syston, Leicestershire and worked as blacksmiths. See this Index for other family members. For more information and URL to family tree. See this Index for other family members. Tree can be found on  
AINGE Alban Blacksmith 1817 Alban Ainge, blacksmith. Born about 1817, Wigston, Leicestershire, England. The 1851 UK census lists Alban as 34yrs living at Syston Leicester with wife Ann 34yrs (born Evington Leicester). Children: George 6yrs; William 4yrs; (born 1847) Edward 2yrs. See this Index for other family members. Tree can be found on  
AINGE Edwin Blacksmith 1847 Thomas Ainge, blacksmith & framesmith for hosiery machine industry. Father was Alban Ainge (born 1817). See this Index for other family members. Tree can be found on  
AINGE George Blacksmith 1833 George Ainge, blacksmith, enginesmith & framesmith for hosiery machine industry. Born about 1833 Leicestershire, England. George was the son of blacksmith Thomas Ainge (born 1780-82). 1851: George is 18yrs living with parents Thomas (1870-72) and Elizabeth Ainge. 1861: George is 28yrs living in Wigston Street, Leicester with wife Mary (born Leicester) 29yrs and son John Thomas 1yr infant. 1871: George is 38yrs, living at Gladstone Street St Margaret Leicester; Mary is 39yrs. Children: John.Thos. 11yrs (born 1860); Florence 5ys; George 4yrs; Minnie 1yrs; Alboun 1 month infant. Where is 8yrs old Arthur? In 1881 George is 48yrs, living in Upper Kent Street Leicestershire; Mary 48yrs. Children: John Thos. 21yrs blacksmith, engine fitter; Florence 15yrs; George 14yrs; Minnie 11yrs; Arthur 8yrs; Alboun (Alban) 6yrs (born 1817). See this Index for other family members. Tree can be found on  
AINGE John Thomas Blacksmith 1860 John Thomas Ainge, blacksmith, enginesmith & framesmith for hosiery machine industry. Born about 1860, Leicestershire, England. Son of blacksmith George Ainge (born 1833). The 1871 UK census lists John as 11yrs. In 1881 John is 21yrs, unmarried, living with his family at Upper Kent Street, Leicestershire. The 1891 UK census lists John is 31yrs, living at 10 Ruby Street, New Found Pool, Leicestershire; with wife Hester 28yrs (born Leicestershire). Children: George 8yrs; Florence.E. 7yrs; Minnie 3yrs. 1911: John.T. is 51yrs, living at Hoxton Street, Bradford, Yorkshire; Hester (Esther) 49yrs. Children: John.T (Jnr) 20yrs and Esther 16yrs; Alice 15yrs; Harry 13yrs; May 11yrs. Boarder Frank Hodson 30yrs (a manager). John.T. died at Bradford Yorkshire, June 1929, aged 69yrs See this Index for other family members. Tree can be found on  
AINGE Thomas Blacksmith 1780 Thomas Ainge, blacksmith. Born between1780-82 (depending on which census), Wigston, Leicestershire, England. Son of Alban Ainge (born 1716). The 1841 UK census lists Thomas as 60yrs, living at Wigston Magna, Leicester. No wife mentioned but also listed at same address is Rebecca Aldridge 65yrs (independent) and Harriett Newby 15yrs. I think this is the same Thomas Ainge on the 1851 census: Thomas is 69yrs living at St Margaret Leicester with wife Elizabeth 60yrs. Children: George 18yrs (blacksmith born 1833) and Rebecca 16yrs. See this Index for other family members. Tree can be found on  
AINGE William Blacksmith 1782 William Ainge, blacksmith & framesmith for hosiery machine industry. Born 24 November 1782 at Wigston Magna, Leicestershire, England and died 14 May 1926 at Wigston. Son of Alban Ainge (born 1716). William married Elizabeth Cox. See this Index for other family members. Tree can be found on  
BRAMLEY William Blacksmith 1768 William Bramley, blacksmith. Born circa 1768 at Wymeswold, Leicestershire. Died 14 July 1841, cause fo feath "dropsy". 1841 Census for Syerston lists him as a blacksmith, aged 70, not born in county. Married Ann (Nanny) Wragby in 1792. The 1851 census lists his children as: James 30yrs (ag.labourer); Catherine 45yrs(?died E Stoke on 3 MAR 1850); Eliza 15yrs; Thomas Marshall, 10yrs; Joseph Oliver 7yrs. In 1826 he made the gates for Syerston Hall, but they were apparently destroyed when the original owner went bankrupt about 1990. The hinges on the new gates (2000) have his name written on them. In 1996 these had been recently outlined in gold. The name of the owner of the hall was also on the hinges..  
BRIGGS Thomas Blacksmith - Apprentice 1831 Thomas Briggs, blacksmith. Born about 1831 at Lobro, Civil Parish of Cossington, Leicestershire. The 1851 UK census lists him as 20yrs, apprenticed to and living with master blacksmith Charles Walker and his family; at Cossington Village, Leicestershire. In 1861 Thomas is 31yrs, living at High Street, Sileby, Leicestershire; with wife Mary 34yrs (born Sileby).and son Henry 4yrs. Border: ?brother-in-law John Barradell, 24yrs, unmarried, tailor. The 1871 census lists Thomas as 40yrs, ?mechanic & publican; Mary 43yrs. Children: Harry 14yrs;. Sister-in-law Anne Barradale 22yrs..  
COLLINS John Blacksmith 1804 John Collins, blacksmith journeyman. Born about 1803 in Gumley, Leicestershire,England. The 1861 UK census lists John as 57yrs, unmarried, living at New Lane, Kebworth Beauchamp, Leicestershire..  
DALBY John Blacksmith,
1841 John Dalby, born 1841 at Loughborough-LEICS. 1861: 20yrs, with father William. 1871: Married. Mechanic at Hosiery Factory, Loughborough. 1881: 49yrs, Heanor, Derby, Mechanic. 1901 at Nottingham, Fitter Lace Machinist..  
DALBY William Blacksmith - Master 1811 William Dalby, born about 1811, Willoughby, NOTTS. Wife Sarah Harriman of Loughborough, married 1839. 1861: 50yrs, at Mill Hill, Loughborough LEICS.. 1871: 62yrs, 'On the Banks' Seagrave. 1881: 69yrs, Widower at 68 Woodgate, Loughborough. 1891: 80yrs, by then had re-married, 68 Woodgate,Loughborough. Died: 1892 aged 82yrs..  
DANN (DAN) George Blacksmith,
1821 Dan(Dann) George, blacksmith, whitesmith. Born about 1821, ?Kent. The 1841 UK census lists george as 20yrs, living at No.1, North Place, Clerkenwell, Middlesex; with wife Elizabeth 20yrs (born Loose, Kent). Children Listed: George 2yrs; James 7monhs infant. In the 1851 census George is not listed with family; Elizabeth is 34yrs (whitesmiths wife) is at Loose Road with children: George. W. 12yrs; James.T. 10yrs; Elizabeth 8yrs; John 6yrs; Sheriff 11mths infant boy. Georgeís daughter Elizabeth Dan married Orlando Buzzard on April 5th 1861 in the parish of St Martins, Leicester. Their marriage certificate identifies that George Dan was at that time the Blacksmith at Kibworth Beauchamp in Leicestershire. Listed in Blacksmiths Middlesex and Leicestershire + the Whitesmiths Index. **** possibility - George Dann 34yrs (born Kent) lodging at 105 Archway Court, Wandsworth. See census 1851 for Wandsworth, Surrey, District 15, image 31. I think George must have died between 1851 and 1861..  
ENGLISH John Blacksmith 1793 John English, blacksmith, Baptism 18 January 1793, St Mary, Leicester. Died: 1870. Johnís 1st marriage circa 1825 was to Sarah Woods. John and Sarah are listed on the UK census 1841 and 1851; living with children in the parish of St Mary, Leicester; BY 1857 Jon is widowed. John remarried in 1858 to Ann Jewsbury. In 1861 he is still living in parish of St Mary, Leicester..  
HINES John Blacksmith & Coachbuilder 1839 John Hines was born in Weston Favel, Northamptonshire in 1839. Wife: Elizabeth Smith, married in Caldecot, Rutland 1869. The marriage certificate states he was a Coachmaker. He then moved to Market Harborough and moved to Birmingham, Warwickshire. On his sons bith certificate in 1873 it states he was a coachsmith. The 1901 Census states he was a Blacksmith living at Hanover street in Birmingham. He died on he 18 November 1908 age 69 years as a Coachsmith Journeyman at 38 Bell Barn road in Birmingham. Also listed in Blacksmiths of Northamptonshire & Warwickshire. Also listed in Cartwrights Index..  
KEMPIN George Blacksmith 1827 George Kempin, blacksmith journeyman. Born about 1827, Hallaton, Leicestershire, England. The 1861 UK census lists George as 34yrs, at Main Street, Kibworth Beauchamp, Leic; with wife Mary Ann 33yrs (born Quordon Leic.) and daughter Anne Jane 6 months infant..  
LOSEBY George Blacksmith 1850 George Loseby, blacksmith. Born 1850, in Gunthorpe Rutland , England. Son of William & Sarah Loseby. He married Jane Savage of Great Ponton Lincs on 6th March 1878 at St Andrews Prestwold, & is living in Burton on the Wolds. 1871 census George is 20yrs old an apprentice blacksmith'with Herbert Cotten (may be Cotton) in the parish of Ockbrook Derbyshire. The address is shown as Spondon Moss/Moor (unclear). The 1881 UK census shows George & family living at the forge Walton on the Wolds. He is listed in 1884 & 1889 Burton Directories, & 1886 Kelly's Directory. The 1889 Burton Directory states he 'attends the forge Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Saturdays'. The 1891 census shows George now living in Burton, & he moved to Meton Mowbray between 1895 & 1898, becoming a furnace labourer. George died 4th November 1928 in Hathern, having spent his final years there..  
PALMER Arthur John Blacksmith 1885 Arthur John Palmer, blacksmith. Born 1885 at Grimsby Lincolnshire, England. Arthur was the son of John Palmer a Market Gardner. Worked at Market Rasen, Married 1908 Ellen Wilkinson. Moved to Gartorpe Leicestershire then†on to Sproxton where he worked as†a blacksmith in the Iron works. Arthur died 1951. Listed in Blacksmiths of Lincolnshire and Leicestershire. He was my grandfather..  
PEARSON George Blacksmith 1786 George Pearson, blacksmith. born 1786 and baptised at Sileby, Leicestershire, England. George was the second son of Matthew Pearson and his wife Elizabeth Monk. On 7th December 1799 Master Blacksmith Daniel Gutteridge at Walton on the Wolds, Leicestershire, 4 miles north of Sileby, paid the necessary duty for George, who was his Apprentice. In 1814 George married Elizabeth Pettifer, from Hoby, Leicestershire, where he established his Blacksmith's business at the Smithy in Thrussington Road. By 1835 the family had moved to neighbouring Frisby on the Wreake. The 1841 to 1871 censuses and Leicestershire Trades Directories of the same period record George as a Blacksmith. His business prospered and was the basis of several generations of Blacksmiths in Frisby. The business was in Main Street (sometimes called Post Office Street) where the Blacksmith's Shop lay. On 19 October 1872 the Grantham Journal recorded 'Pearson.- At Frisby-on-the-Wreake, on the 14th inst., Mr. George Pearson, blacksmith, in the 87th year of his age See Blacksmiths of Leicestershire, wheelwrights & Cartwrights & Cutlers Indexes for other family members ..  
PEARSON George Solomon Blacksmith 1870 George Solomon Pearson, blacksmith,wheelwright,carriage builder. Listed in Blacksmiths of Leicesterhsire, Cartwrights and wheelwrights Indexes. Born and baptised at Frisby on the Wreake, Leicestershire, the second son of Blacksmith Matthew Pearson and his wife Sarah. George Solomon was apprenticed to his father about 1870. Each year he produced an Apprentice Piece, each one more complex than the last. Four of these are owned by his great grandson. In 1879 he married Emma Mason at Frisby and by 1881 they were living in Leicester where he was a Wheelwright. In 1885 they had moved back to Frisby, where he assisted his father who died in 1891. Between 1891 when he was Forman Wheelwright to 1901 when he was a Carriage Builder, the family lived again in Leicester. George Solomon died in 1909 at Leicester and is buried in the churchyard at Frisby. His sons did not follow their father's profession, although his second son George Harry Pearson was a capable amateur metal worker, presumably using skills taught him by his father . See Blacksmiths of Leicestershire, Wheelwrights & Cartwrights & Cutlers Indexes for other family members ..  
PEARSON Matthew Blacksmith 1697 Matthew Pearson, blacksmith. Born in 1697 at Sileby, Leicestershire, England. He was the second son of John Pearson of Seagrave and Sileby. Matthew was the Sileby village blacksmith. He married Ruth Wilcox at Sileby in 1720 and had four sons and five daughters. His son George became a cutler in Sileby. Matthew became churchwarden of Sileby and was a freeholder of land in the parish, enabling him to vote. He died and was buried in Sileby in 1747. See Blacksmiths of Leicestershire, Wheelwrights/Cartwrights/Cutlers Indexes for other family members ..  
PEARSON William Henry Blacksmith 1856 William Henry Pearson, blacksmith. Like several of his relatives, William Henry Pearson combined his Blacksmith trade with other businesses. In this case, William Henry, who was born at Frisby on the Wreake, Leicestershire, England in 1856 to Blacksmith Henry Pearson and his wife Eliza, was also Grocer (1901) and Sub Postmaster (1911). Until 1896 he worked as Blacksmith with his father. In 'Memories of Frisby', published in 1975, it was written that 'Whilst waiting for their horses to be shod the men would grind their axes,hedge splashers, gorse hooks and scythes on the grindstone outside the Blacksmith's shop. ' William Henry did not marry and died in 1940 at Frisby. For the last years of his life he is recorded as a Farmer, rather than Blacksmith, although he was the last of the Pearsons to work in Frisby as a Smith as shown in the 1912 edition of Kelly's Directory of Leicestershire and Rutland 'Frisby on the Wreake....Parish Clerk, William Henry Pearson...Post and Telegraph Office...sub-postmaster. Letters arrive from Leicester 7.25am & 2.35pm...blacksmith. See Blacksmiths of Leicestershire; Wheelwrights & Cartwrights & Cutlers Indexes for other family members . Contact David by.  
PEARSON/PIERSON Matthew Blacksmith 1607 Matthew Pierson, fabri Ferrarii (blacksmith). Born about 1607, Prestwold, Leicestershire, England. The family had been established in the area at least since about 1185 when Anketil filius Petri was born. Filius Petri is Son of Peter or Pier's son. Matthew married Edith Godebe at Leicester St Martin in 1628. They had four sons and a daughter. When the children were baptised, the Prestwold Parish Register recorded Matthew as 'fabbri ferrarii' or blacksmith. See Blacksmiths of Leicestershire, Wheelwrights/Cartwrights/Cutlers Indexes for other family members ..  
POOLEY / POOLIE Willie Blacksmith 1812 Willie Poolie, blacksmith. Born about 1812,Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire,England. The 1851 UK census lists him as 39yrs, working for and lodging with master blacksmith Charles Walker and his family; at Cossington Village, Leicestershire. Listed in Blacksmiths of Cambridgeshire and Leicester..  
RETALLACK James Blacksmith 1871 James Retallack, blacksmith. Born 1871, in Northampton. James was the son of George Retallack a Cornishman (1831-1898) who was imprisoned at Pentonville for 10 years in 1880-1890 for being architect of the Great Leather Robberies in Northampton (5 others imprisoned too), so as James mother had died, then son James was sent to Northampton workhouse (Census 1881).. In 1891 Census James is a Blacksmith in Leicester, then married Agnes Mary Preston, no children, and joined Royal Artillery, Ammunition Column (Regimental Number 91330) . James died in General Hospital, Kimberley, N Cape, Sout Africa Dec 1900. He is on two Medal Roll Indexes dated 1903! Probate not granted until 30 Dec 1914 ! (why so late?) and sum of ¬£50 to his wife who had re-married. Listed in the Blacksmiths of Northampton and Leicestershire. See my tree for more information.  
SKELLETT William Blacksmith & Farrier 1812 William Skellett, was a Blacksmith & farrier in Appleby (on the Leicester, Derbyshire border) in 1851. He was born and baptised in Appleby and was there in 1841 but had not remained in Appleby throughout as his sons William and Arthur and daughter Theodora were born in Tamworth, Warwickshire between 1845-1850. In 1861 he was in Edingale, Staffordshire a blacksmith. He was still described as a blacksmith in 1881 in Stapenhill, Derbyshire. Listed on Blacksmiths of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire. Indexes and on the Farriers Index..  
TEMPLER Charles Blacksmith 1829 Charles Templer, born 1829 at Gretton, Northamptonshire. Father: Jacob Templer(a Blacksmith). 1853: he married Hannah Tee and they had five children. Charles and Hannah stayed in Gretton until 1855. From 1856 to 1858 they were in Caldecot, Rutland and by 1860 they had moved to Great Easton, Leicestershire, where they spent the rest of their lives. Charles and Hannah both died in 1892. Also listed in Blacksmiths of Northampstonshire & Rutland..  
WALKER Charles Blacksmith 1809 Charles Walker, master blacksmith. Born about 1809, at Cossington, Civil Parish of Cossington, Leicestershire. The 1841 UK census lists Charles as 32yrs, at Cossington Village with wife lucy 33yrs (born St Margaretís Parish, Leicester; but it seems from Leicester indexes that she was married & baptised at St Nicholas. although the marriage won't give her fathers name Married at Leicester, St. Nicholas, 07-Jul 1834 B Charles Walker of this Parish married, Lucy Adcock of this Paris - Lucy Adcock d/o Thomasn & Elizabeth,1807 26-May St.Nicholas. In 1851 Charles is 42yrs, at Cossington Village; Lucy 43yrs. Children: Anne 8yrs; Lucy 6yrs; Richard 4yrs. Apprentice blacksmith Thomas Briggs, 20yrs, unmarried. Willie Pooley 39yrs(blacksmith). 1861. Charles is 52yrs, a shoeing smith at Cossington. Lucy is 52yrs. Children: Ann 17yrs; Lucy 16yrs; Richard 14yrs. Also listed: William Dexter 32yrs, unmarried (blacksmith); Herbert Woolley 19yrs (apprentice blacksmith) and Abigail Woolleyy 11yrs(visitor)..  
WALKER Thomas Blacksmith 1812 Thomas Walker, blacksmith. Born about 1812,Cossington, Leicestershire. The 1841 UK census lists Charles as 29yrs, at Cossington Village with wife (1) Hannah (possibly nee Whitby) 31yrs (born Leicester, died 1842). Children: Mary Ann 2yrs; William 10mths infant. Also listed Charlotte Gilbert 11yrs. 1861: Thomas is 48yrs, at Cossington with wife (2) Elizabeth 32yrs(born Buckinghamshire). Children: William 20yrs;Thomas 18yrs; Caroline 14yrs; Edward 11yrs..  
WOOLLEY Herbert Blacksmith 1842 Herbert Woolley, master blacksmith, employs 1 apprentice. Born about 1842, Ratcliff on Soar, Nottinghamshire. The 1861 UK census lists him as 19yrs, apprenticed to and lodging with master blacksmith Charles Walker and family at Cossington Village, Leicester. His sister Abigail Woolley 11yrs is visiting. In 1871 Herbert is 29yrs, living in the village at Aston Upon Trent, Derbyshire; with wife Agnes 25yrs(born Derbyshire). Children: Agnes 2yrs; Henry 1yr. Also listed: Alfred Barker 18yrs (apprentice blacksmith). Listed in Blacksmiths of Derbyshire, Leicester and Nottinghamshire ..  
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