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Surname Given Name Trade Year Notes
BARNES Charles Blacksmith 1816 Charles Barnes, blacksmiths. Born about 1816 in parish of Whippingham, Isle of Wight, Hampshire. The 1841 UK census lists him as 60yrs, living in parish of Whippingham with wife Henrietta 25yrs.and son Charles 4yrs..  
BENNETT Edward Blacksmith & Wheelwright 1884 Edward Bennett, blacksmith & wheelwright. Born 1884, in Ryde, Isle of Wight. The son of Henry Bennett, a Blacksmith and Wheelwright who was born in Odiham Hampshire. He had a workshop next to St Johns County Primary School, Ryde, and owned the first cottage on St Johns Road. He died 1904, from a "coughing fitquot;. The workshop was later a Rag and Bone Merchants, and is now a second hand car Sales. See Interesting Stories link on the home page for image..  
BENNETT Edward William Blacksmith & Wheelwright 1883 Edward William Bennett, blacksmith & Wheelwright. Born 1883, in Ryde Isle of Wight, See Edward listed in Indexes for Blacksmiths Isle of Wight & Wheelwrights, along with his father Edward Bennett, and brother Henry John Bennett..  
BENNETT Henry Blacksmith & Wheelwright 1823 Henry Bennett, blacksmith & wheelwright. Born about 1823, in Odiham, Hampshire. He moved to the Isle of Wight sometime before 1847. He married Ellen WHEELER in 1847. He was a blacksmith and wheelwright in Ryde. He appeared on the census from 1851 to 1881. He died in 1882, and was buried in Ryde Cemetery. He is listed in Blacksmiths Isle of Wight & Wheelwrights Indexes. See Interesting Stories link on the home page for image..  
BENNETT Henry John Blacksmith & Wheelwright 1876 Henry John Bennett, Blacksmith & wheelwright. Born 1876, in Ryde, Isle of Wight. On his marriage certificate, his father is noted as Edward Bennett, a Wheelwright. At the time of his marriage, Henry was living at 1 St Johns Rd. He later had a workshop at the bottom of Park Road, Ryde, on the site of the old Vectis Bus Depot. On the 1933 Electoral Reg, he was living at 9 Ryde View, St Johns Wood Rd Ryde. he died in 1949. See Henry John listed in Indexes for Blacksmiths Isle of Wight & Wheelwrights, along with his father Edward Bennett, and brother Edward Bennett..  
BRYANT Arthur Blacksmith 1884 1884: Arthur Bryant, blacksmith & farrier. Born 1884 at Rowborough, Isle of Wight. He spent some years in the Merchant Navy, but on his marriage in 1908, he is a Blacksmith/Farrier, I have been unable to get better dates, but canít due to the lack of Mariners info. He died in 1941 and is buried in Carisbrooke Cemetery in the IW. So he was a Blacksmith/Farrier from about 1907-1940. Does anybody have any info on the Forge that used to be in Priory Road Carisbrooke, it is where Dave Death's motorcycle shop is now. It used to be my grandfather's forge, Arthur Bryant. He also had the forge at Plaish. We know he was a Blacksmith/Farrier as he shoed horses and made iron items including some of the gates on the big houses of the IoW. I would be grateful for any info, and if anybody has a photo that would be wonderful..  
CREETH George Edward Blacksmith 1824 George Edward Creeth, blacksmith. Born 1824, Shorwell, Isle of Wight, Hampshire. Died 1883. Wife Maria Carter..  
CREETH James Blacksmith & Farrier 1841 James Creeth, blacksmith & farrier. Born 1793. Died 1877, Brixton, Isle of Wight, Hampshire. Wife Elizabeth Edwards. Listed as smith and farrier in 1841 census.Listed in both Blacksmiths of the Isle of Wight & the Farriers Index..  
GLASSPELL Charles (Snr) Blacksmith 1823 Charles Glasspell, blacksmith. Born about 1823 at Arreton, Isle of Wight. He lived all his life in East Cowes. Died in 1886 age 63yrs. Census 1861 lists Charles as 37yrs. Wife: Harriett 35yrs. Children: Jannet 17yrs, Emma 13yrs, Hamilton 11yrs (shipwrights apprentice in 1861 but later became a mariner) Lucy 9yrs, Alice 5yrs, Agnes 3yrs, Charles 11month infant (he also became a shipwright Charles (Jnr) is listed in the Shipwrights index..  
HERBERT Jeremiah Blacksmith 1825 Jeremiah Herbert, blacksmnith. Born about 1825 in Brading-IOW. The 1881 census lists him as 56yrs, living Rose Cot School Street,Oakfield, Isle of Wight,UK; with wife Charlotte 55yrs born Newchurch-IOW; plu son Alfred. H.Herbert (see Blacksmiths of Hampshire Index). Daughters: Sarah Wiffin 28yrs, Emily Herbert 20yrs, Mary.J.Herbert 14yrs..  
JOLLIFFE Samuel Blacksmith 1861 Samuel Jolliffe, blacksmith. Born about 1840 in West Cowes,Isle of Wight. The 1861 census lists him as 21yrs living at ---Cottage, Fellow Road, West Cowes. Father James 56yrs. Mother Emily 56yrs.Siblings: Joseph.H. 20yrs(boatbuilder), David 30yrs(iron moulder), Emily 19yrs..  
POND ? Thomas Blacksmith 1831 Thomas Pond?, blacksmith. Born about 1831 in Essex. The 1861 Uk census lists him as 30yrs, living 14 Ward Street, Sheerness, Kent, with wife ?Jane 23yrs. Son William 4mths infant;.  
SHEATH George Blacksmith 1816 George Sheath, blacksmith. Born about 1825 in Whippingham, Isle of Wight,Hampshire. The 1841 UK census lists him as 25yrs, living in Chapel Place Parish of Whippingham. Wife Ellen 25yrs. Son Thomas 1yr infant..  
SHEATH Thomas Blacksmith 1781 Thomas Sheath, blacksmith. Born about 1871 in parish of Whippingham, Isle of Wight, Hampshire. The 1841 UK census lists him as 60yrs, living in parish of Whippingham with wife Jane 65yrs and ?daughter Sarah 14yrs..  
SNELLING Daniel Blacksmith - Journeyman 1822 Daniel Snelling,blacksmith journeyman. Born about 1822 n Wootton, Hampshire. The 1851 Ukc ensus lists him as 29yrs, living in Castle Street, East Cowes, Isle of Wight, with wife Ann 29yrs. Children listed: Hannah ?11yrs; Elizabeth 6yrs; Fanny 5yrs; Jon 3yrs; Ellen 7mths infant..  
SUTTON ? Charles Blacksmith - Journeyman 1814 Charles Sutton, blacksmsith. Born about 1814 in Godshill-HANTS. The1851 census lists him as 37yrs, at Castle Street(?Fulmer Place), Whippingham, Isle of Wight. . Wife: Eliza 27yrs born HANTS(village unreadable). Children: William 4yrs,Jane 9yrs,; Nephew: James Tickner 2yrs..  
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