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Surname Given Name Trade Year Notes
BRENNAN Patrick Blacksmith 1821 Patrick Brennan, blacksmith. Born about 1821, in Ireland. The 1901 census for Ireland lists Patrick Brennan as a Blacksmith, age 80. Living with his son Martin Brennan age 35 in Ashfield, Arless, Queen's Co., Ireland. Another son, John Brennan was a Blacksmith from 1900 - 1914 in West Hoboken, New Jersey, USA..  
CANAVAN Eugene Blacksmith 1894 Eugene Canavan, blacksmith. Born 1894 in the village of Avoca (Ovoca) Wicklow,Ireland. Eugene was my Grandfather. The family forge still stands today and many of the tools still hang on the walls, his father Owen Canavan (born 1859); his grandfather Michael Canavan (born 183); and his great grandfather also named Michael (born 1810) were all blacksmiths passing the trade down and many a story was told of the Tinkers stopping of from their travels and my Granddad shoeing their horses. I keep a horse shoe attached to my shed for luck from his forge.  
FITZPATRICK Bridget Blacksmith 1851 Bridget Fitzpatrick, blacksmith. Born 1851. The 1901 census lists Bridget as 50yrs. Bridget is my great-great-grandmother and is listed on the 1901 census as a blacksmith as is her husband. Bridget's maiden name was McCabe. I have an image of the census. Bridget also had 8 children over the space of 15 years so I'm picturing a strong Irish woman!.  
FITZPATRICK Daniel Blacksmith 1853 Daniel Fitzpatrick, blacksmith. Born 1853, Daniel is listed in 1901 census as a blacksmith aged 48. His wife Bridget McCabe. At the time of the census they lived in a 4 room house with their 8 children ages ranging from 29-14. While his 2 eldest sons were carpenters, their youngest son Thomas was also a blacksmith. Daniel's wife Bridget and eldest daughter Mary are also listed as blacksmiths! Daniel & Bridget are my Great Great Grandparents.  
FITZPATRICK Mary Blacksmith 1872 Mary Fitzpatrick, blacksmith. Born 1872. The 1901 census lists Mary as 29yrs. Mary can be found on the 1901 census at this time as a blacksmith. Unlike her other sisters Catherine (my great-grandmother) who was a dressmaker, and Annie, Bridget & Janie who were lace crotchers..  
HERRON David Blacksmith 1943 David Herron, blacksmith. Born in 1943 in BanbridgeCco. Down, Norther Ireland. David was the youngest son of a milkman. Served his time as a blacksmith and continued to work as one until his death aged 75 in 2018..  
HODGINS Thomas Blacksmith 1861 Thomas Hodgins, blacksmith. Born about 1861 in Corduff, Ireland. Died 1927, Corduff. I have the Griffith"s for him and some news paper clips re when he died (fell off the cart going home from market after a few rums by the sound of it). He had an apprentice Murphy as well who stayed with him after the apprenticeship finished. I have a copy of the advertisement showing when he was looking for an apprentice..  
IRWIN Thomas Blacksmith 1883 Thomas Irwin,blacksmith. Born 1833. Known as Black Tom. Kept forge near Killeter in Co Tyrone..  
KEOGH James Blacksmith 1857 James Keogh, blacksmith. Born about 1857, County Wexford, Ireland. Son of Patrick Keogh and Margaret Gregan immigraged to New Zealand in 1880 (ship not yet found)According to his bankruptsy papers, his wife Mary Hamill travelled on the same vessel. Lived in Caledonian Rd, Christchurch. A little street running off there is named after him (Keogh lane.). 1909 Christchurch Directory James Keogh- Blacksmith - ratepayer-Caledonian Rd - own. Died 1926 and buried Bromely cemetery. Also entered in Blacksmiths of New Zealand..  
KIDD John Blacksmith 1852 John Kidd, blacksmith. Information is available on the census 1852 regarding John and his sons and grandchildren were blacksmiths. For more information contact the contributor..  
MURPHY VC Michael (Army Major) Blacksmith 1860 Army Major Michael Murphy, born in Cahir, Tipperary , Ireland. Awarded Victoria Cross 1860 whilst serving in The British Army in India. Died 1893 in Darlington. Listed in Blacksmiths of Ireland & Military Indexes..  
NELSON John Blacksmith 1770 John Nelson, blacksmith. Born around 1770 in Ireland. Immigrated to the U.S. in 1845. Died in Pittsburgh, Pa in 1858. At least one son, Andrew Nelson, also worked as a blacksmith. See Blacksmiths of Ireland & USA..  
RICE Wiliam Blacksmith 1843 William Rice, Blacksmith. Born 1843 in County Down. William married Rose McGreevy and had 9 children. He was my 2nd great grandfather. In 1911 they were living at Barnamaghery Road, Leggygowan, Co Down. Two of his sons, William and Eddie were also blacksmiths..  
TYNDALL Samuel Blacksmith 1865 Samuel Tyndall, blacksmith. Samuel was a blacksmith at Recross, Wicklow, Ireland. He is my three times great grandfather is recorded as being a blacksmith on the marriage cert of his daughter in 1865 when fathers occupation was required to be filled in, Also on his death certificate in 1886 when he died in Redcross..  
WIXTED Thomas Blacksmith 1854 Thomas Wixted, blacksmith. Born 1854 Newport, Co Tipperary, Ireland and died 1942 in Queensland, Australia. Thomas migrated to Brisbane, Queensland in 1880 and itís believed the worked as a blacksmith in the East Brisbane area. His father John Wixted was a farmer and blacksmith at Freagh, near Newport, Co Tipperary. His brothers James and John were also blacksmiths and lived in north Queensland. Listed in both Blacksmiths of Australia and of Ireland Indexes..  
WIXTED Thomas Blacksmith 1800 Thomas Wixted, blacksmith. Married Mary Burke in 1830, They lived in Port Ryan , near Newport, county Tipperary. In 1848, they were living in Ahane ( near Newport) according to Griffith Valuation . Thomas worked as a blacksmith all of his life..  
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