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Surname Given Name Trade Year Notes
BARKER James Blacksmith 1840 James Barker, blacksmith journeyman. Born in 23 May 1840 in Burford ,Herefordshire, England and died 14 February 1912. James worked in Weobley and was the son-in-Law of John Hughes through his daughter Sarah. He was in Weobley from 1871 Census to 1901 as a blacksmith and retired about 1902 (the directory has him as a postman) and his son took over (Frederick Barker). James was the youngest son of John and Elizabeth and moved to Tilsop (1851 Census), Bucknell (1861 Census) before marrying Sarah in July 1868 but after her death in 1872, he married Elizabeth Helen (aka Ellen) Gibbs 11 Nov 1873. He died on 14 Feb 1912 having 8 children..  
BURROWS Albert Blacksmith 1829 Albert Burrows, blacksmith. Born about 1829, Uley, Gloucestershire. The 1851 UK census lists Albert as 21yrs, living with/apprentice to master blacksmith Thomas Weale (born 1795) and family in Llangaren, Herefordshire, England. Can’t see him on 1861census..  
DALLOW James Blacksmith 1811 James Dallow, blacksmith. Baptised 23 February 1811, at Cradley, Herefordshire, England. James was the son of blacksmith John Dallow and Elizabeth. In March 1838 James married Mary Underwood at Cradley. In June 1838, at the baptism of their son in Ledbury, James is described as blacksmith of Wellington Heath, Ledbury, Herefs.. James lived here all his adult life. UK Census 1841: James Dallow, blacksmith, wife Mary and two young sons living in Wellington Heath. Census 1851: James, 40, blacksmith, wife Mary, four children, including Richard, 11, scholar, a servant and Henry Smith, apprentice blacksmith. Mary Dallow died in 1851; James married Harriett Hooper in 1852. Census 1861: James, 50, blacksmith, new wife Harriett, five children, including Richard, 21, carpenter, and nephew Saml. Dallow, 16, apprentice blacksmith, born Walford, Herefs.. Census 1871: James, 60, blacksmith, wife, two children and an assistant. Census 1881: James, 70, retd. blacksmith, wife and adult daughter. James died in late 1881, aged 70..  
DALLOW Richard Blacksmith,
1839 Richard Dallow, wheelwright, blacksmith, carpenter, innkeeper. Born and baptised in late 1839, the son of James Dallow, blacksmith, and his wife Mary, of Wellington Heath, Ledbury, Herefordhsire, England. UK Census 1861: Richard, 21, carpenter, living with father James Dallow, blacksmith, James ‘s new wife, four siblings and a cousin in Wellington Heath. Richard, machinist, married Mary A Bray in February 1868 in Colwall. Census1871: Richard, 31, machinist and wheelwright and wife Mary living with his mother-in-law, publican, at the Wellington Inn, Chance’s-pitch, Colwall, Herefodshire. At the baptisms of his children in 1871, 1873, and 1875 Richard is described as a wheelwright; in 1878 he is a carpenter and in 1879 an innkeeper. Census 1881: Richard Dallow, licensed victualler, wheelwright and blacksmith, living with wife, four children, mother-in-law and servant at the Wellington Inn. Census 1891: Richard, widower, licensed victualler, wheelwright, and four children living at the Wellington Inn. In June 1892, Richard married Sarah J Obee in London. Richard died 8 August 1897, aged 57. He is described as wheelwright and blacksmith of Chance’s-pitch leaving an estate of £263. Richard Dallow was probably the father of my grandfather, Richard Dallow Lane, son of Anne Lane of Wellington Heath..  
HUGHES George Blacksmith 1824 George Hughes, blacksmith. Born about 1824, Pembridge, Herefordshire, England. The 1851 UK census lists George as 27yrs, unmarried, living at High Town, Weobley, Herefordshire, with parents master blacksmith John and Sarah Hughes, plus siblings..  
HUGHES John Blacksmith 1793 John Hughes, blacksmith. Born about 1793, Dilwyn, Herefordshire, England. Seen in the Pigot & Co's Royal National and Commercial Directory published in 1844 address down as Weobley, Herefordshir. The 1851 UK census lists John as 58yrs, living at High Town, Weobley with wife Sarah 48yrs (born Pembridge, Heresforshire). Children: George 27yrs, unmarried (blacksmith); Sarah 23yrs; Margaret 10yrs; Charles 5yrs. Apprentice blacksmith William Powles, 18yrs..  
LLOYD Thomas (Snr) Blacksmith 1787 Thomas Lloyd (Snr), master Blacksmith & Nail Manufacturer, in Herefordshire, England. Born about 1787, Woebley, Herefordshire, England. Seen in the Pigot & Co's Royal National and Commercial Directory published 1844, listed in the Bolts, Hinges & Nail Makers Index. The 1851 UK census lists Thomas as 64yrs, living at Chamber Walk, Woebley with wife Mary 53yrs (born Herefordshire). Children: Thomas 23yrs, unmarried (blacksmith); Mary.A. 16yrs. Niece Elizabeth Parry 23yrs. Blacksmith Ambrose Williams 19yrs (born Woodstock, Oxfordshire)..  
LLOYD Thpmas (Jnr) Blacksmith 1828 Thomas Lloyd (Jnr), blacksmith journeyman. Born about 1828, Woebley, Herefordshire, England. The 1851 UK census lists Thomas as 23yrs, unmarried, living at Chamber Walk, Woebley. See Blacksmiths of Herefordshire for parents, master blacksmith/nail make etc. Thomas Llyod (Snr) and Mary,plus other family members..  
MASON Thomas Blacksmith 1796 Thomas Mason, blacksmith. Born about 1796, Bredwordine, Herefordshire, England. The 1841 UK census lists Thomas as 45yrs, living in the Parish of Thornbury with wife Mary nee Brookes (born Clifton, Worcestershire). See census for their 6 children listed In 1851 Thomas is 55yrs; Mary 55yrs still in Thornton and son Samuel 19yrs (blacksmith)..  
MATTHEW William Blacksmith 1842 William Matthew, blacksmith. Born about 1842, Llangaren, Herefordshire, England. The 1861 UK census lists William as 19yrs, living with/apprentice to master blacksmith Henry Weale (born 1823) and family in Llangaren, Herefordshire,England. In 1901 William is 59yrs, living in London Road, Osmaston, Derby with wife Jane 59yrs plus daughter Maud.M. 21yrs and son Charles 17yrs (railway ?coach builder)..  
POWLES William Blacksmith 1833 William Powles, blacksmith. Born about 1833, Pembridge, Herefordshire, England. The 1851 UK census lists William as 18yrs, apprentice to master blacksmith John Hughes and family at High Town, Weobley, Herefordshire..  
PROTHERO John Blacksmith 1825 John Prothero, master blacksmith, employs 1 man. Born circa 1825, Clodock Herefordshire. John married Ann Pritchard in 1847 at Llantilio. The 1841 UK census lists John & Ann at ongtown Herefordshire. 1850: still in Longtown Herefordshire - sons birth certificate - Blacksmith. 1851 in George Town, Merthyr Tydfil - General Smithy. 1871 is at 71 John Street, Merthyr Tydfil. - Blacksmith. 1872 at Merthyr Tydfil Sons marriage certificate - Blacksmith. Listed in Blacksmiths of Herefordshire & Blacksmiths of Wales..  
RIDGLEY John Blacksmith 1790 John Ridgley, blacksmith. Born about 1790, Herefordshire, England, christened on 9 January 1791 in Richards Castle, Herefordshire. Son of Richard Ridgley and Martha Gwilt. John married Elizabeth Price on 21 January 1815 in Richards Castle. He made a will on 3 March 1827. He died in 1827 and was buried on 10 May 1827 in Richards Castle. Will Proved on 17 June 1828 in Hereford. See other family members in the Blacksmiths of Shropshire and Wheelwrights Index..  
RIDGLEY John Blacksmith 1815 John Ridgley, blacksmith. Born about 1815 in Richards Castle, Herefordshire, England and christened on 30 July 1815 in Richards Castle. John married Maria Beddall on 23 November 1845 in Kinver, Staffordshire. He made a will on 24 February 1862.  He died on 27 February 1862 in Stourbridge, Worcestershire. See other family members in the Blacksmiths of Shropshire and Wheelwrights Index..  
RIDGLEY Richard Blacksmith 1726 Richard RIDGLEY, blacksmith. Born 1726, christened on 14 August 1726 in Yarpole, Herefordshire, England and died 1743, buried 1 July 1805 in Yarpole. Son of Herbert Ridgley ( -1734?) and Maria Meredith (1687?-1769?), On 16 October 1757 he was a Blacksmith in Richards Castle, Herefordshire.  He and Catharine Hudson obtained a licence to marry on 16 October 1757 in Richards Castle, Herefordshire and they married on 17 October 1757 in Richards Castle, Shropshire.  In 1788 he was a Churchwarden.  He made a will on 10 April 1802.   Will Proved on 21 October 1805 in Hereford. See other family members in the Blacksmiths of Shropshire and Wheelwrights Index..  
SIMKINS Charles Blacksmith 1829 Charles Simkins, blacksmith. Born 1829 Brampton Abbots, Herefordshire, England. Charles can be seen in all census's up to date of death. 1829,1841,1851 son of a Blacksmith living at the Yew Tree Cottage. 1861 lodging with Albert Burrows at the Blacksmiths Cottage. 1871 Blacksmith at Ross Hereford, W. Ruth Williams, Nurse Child William Brenin. 1881 Ross, living with Ruth Ellen, and a William Simkins as son. 1901 living alone..  
SUMMERS William Blacksmith 1832 William Summers, blacksmith. Born about 1832 in Richards Castle, Shropshire and was christened on 25 March 1832 in Richards Castle. herefordshire.  Richards Castle is on the border of Herfordshire and Shropshire. He was a Blacksmith.  He died after 7 April 1861. See other family members in the Blacksmiths of Shropshire and Wheelwrights Index.  .  
WEALE Henry Blacksmith 1823 Henry Weale, master blacksmith. Born about 1823, Llangaren, Herefordshire, England. The 1841 UK census lists Henry as 18yrs, living at Llangare. See Blacksmith of Herefordshire for his parents blacksmith Thomas and Elizabeth Weale plus his siblings. In 1861 Henry is 37yrs living at Llangaren with wife Mary 37yrs. Children all born llangaren: Thomas 12yrs; Emily 10yrs; Elizabeth 9yrs; Henry 6yrs; Amos 1yr. Apprentice William Matthew 19yrs, born 1842,Llangaren)..  
WEALE Thomas (Jnr) Blacksmith 1825 Thomas Weale, blacksmith. Born about 1825, Llangaren, Herefordshire, England. The 1841 UK census lists Thomas (Jnr) as 16yrs, living at Llangare. See Blacksmith of Herefordshire for his parents blacksmith Thomas and Elizabeth Weale plus his siblings..  
WEALE Thomas (Snr) Blacksmith 1795 Thomas Weale (Snr), blacksmith. Born about 1795, Llangaren, Herefordshire, England. The 1841 UK census lists Thomas as 46yrs (differs to 1851 census) living at Llangaren with wife Elizabeth 44yrs (born Llangaren). Children: Henry 18yrs (blacksmith); Thomas 16yrs; Caroline 14yrs; Elizabeth 11yrs; Mary 6yrs; Ellen 4yrs; Amos 2yrs. In 1851 Thomas is 56yrs, living in House Street, at Llangaren with wife Elizabeth 53yrs. Children: Thomas 24yrs (blacksmith); Caroline 22yrs (dressmaker); Emma Mary 15yrs; Amos 11yrs; Albert Burrows 21yrs, (born Uley, Gloucestershire apprentice blacksmith). Thomas was the village blacksmith in Llangaren which is just outside Ross on Wye..  
WILLIAMS John Blacksmith 1814 John Williams, blacksmith. Born about 1814, Herefordshire, England. His son, William's birth certificate (1841) states John's occupation as "a Blacksmith" in Munsley..  
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