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Surname Given Name Trade Year Notes
ADAMS John Blacksmith 1784 John Adams. In Gosport, Hampshire 1784 & 1792:.  
ALNAR John Blacksmith 1784 John Alnar. Ringwood, Hampshire..  
AWLING John Blacksmith 1784 John Awling. Petersfield, Hampshire..  
AYLIFFE Charles Blacksmith 1792 Charles Ayliffe. Basingstoke, Hampshire..  
BAILEY Benjamin Blacksmith 1784 Benjamin Baily. 1792: spelt Bailey. Fordingham, Hampshire..  
BAILEY Charles Blacksmith 1830 Charles Bailey, born 1830, Emery Down, Lyndhurst,HANTS. Died 1900, Portsmouth. Worked at the H.M. Dockyard, Portsmouth..  
BAILEY Mary Blacksmith 1844 Mary Bailey, Blacksmith. Details in the Pigot & Co's Royal National and Commercial Directory - published 1844, Mary Bailey's address is down as Hartley Wintey, Hampshire..  
BAILEY William Blacksmith 1792 William Bailey. Portsmouth, Hampshire..  
BAILY Benjamin Blacksmith 1784 Benjamin Baily. See Hampshire Directory of 1784. Fordingbridge..  
BAKER Thomas Blacksmith 1792 Thomas Baker. Emsworth, Hampshire..  
BALLARD James Blacksmith 1784 James Ballard. Lymington, Hampshire..  
BARTER John Blacksmith 1801 John Barter, blacksmith. Born about 1801 in Minstead, Hampshire. The 1851 UK census lists him as 40yrs, living at Woodside St, Minstead with wife Mary 39yrs. Children John 15yrs; Sarah 10yrs; Henry 5yrs ;James 3yrs; Mary 7mths infant..  
BASSETT Thomas Blacksmith 1784 Thomas Bassett, Bishop Street, Portsmouth Common, Hampshire..  
BAXINDINE George Blacksmith 1844 George Baxindine, Blacksmith. Details in the Pigot & Co's Royal National and Commercial Directory published 1844, address is down as Court, High Street, Portsmouth, Hampshire..  
BENCH William Blacksmith 1815 William Bench was born 3rd March 1815 in Rockbourne, Hampshire, UK. Died: 27 November 1875 in Manti, Sanpete, Utah, USA. Wife: Ann Longman, married 14 October 1835. He was a blacksmith according to the 1860 US census.  From his biography we learn that he supported his family as they emigrated across the United States by blacksmithing. Although he was born in Hampshire, his father, Thomas J. Bench and ancestors were born in Tollard Royal, Wiltshire. Thomas J. Bench christened 20 Oct 1745, son of William Bench christened 27 Apr 1710, son of Thomas Bench about 1674. Listed also in the Blacksmiths of America Index..  
BENDELL Edward Blacksmith 1844 Edward Bendell, Blacksmith. Details in the Pigot & Co's Royal National and Commercial Directory published 1844, address is down as Lake Lane, Landport, Hampshire..  
BENNET John Blacksmith 1784 John Bennett. Christchurch, Hampshire.  
BILLET William Blacksmith 1784 1784 & 1792: William Billet. Whitchurch, Hampshire..  
BLACKMAN Thomas Blacksmith 1792 Thomas Blackman. Droxford, Hampshire..  
BLUNDELL William (Jnr) Blacksmith 1694 William Blundell (Jnr). He was left (gifted) the working tools, coal and iron in the workshop in his father's Will. Wife Alice Mills married at North Baddesley in 1694. William died 1715 North Baddesley, apparently without issue..  
BLUNDELL William (Snr) Blacksmith 1664 William Blundell (Snr), died July 1664, North Baddesley, Hampshire. His Will proved November 1664 states him to have been a blacksmith. (Hampshire Record Office Reference No. William Blundell 1664 P 3/1-2). William's wife was Catheryn? & 6 children have been traced..  
BONE George Blacksmith 1830 George Bone, born 1830 in Medstead..  
BONE William Blacksmith 1841 William Bone 35yrs, Medsted,Hampshire. Born Hampshire. Wife Martha 35yrs born Hampshire. Children: 8 listed + grandmother Elizabeth 75yrs. See census 1841..  
BONE William Blacksmith - Apprentice 1841 William Bone 15yrs,Medsted,Hampshire. Born Hampshire. Parent, William and Martha(blacksmiths)..  
BOUNDY (BUNDAY) Francis Blacksmith - Master 1841 Francis Boundy(Bundey or Bundy) 1841-1849: Born 10 May 1820 at Fawley. Died 01 March 1896 at Langley Fawley. Worked, possibly at Langley Forge (gone but remembered in Forge Road) rather than Fawley Forge (remembered in Forge lane)..  
BOWN John Blacksmith 1784 John Bown. Christchurch, Hampshire.  
BOWN Richard Blacksmith 1792 Richard Bown. Christchurch, Hampshire. Son of John Bown..  
BOXALL James (Jnr) Blacksmith 1861 James Boxall (Jnr), blacksmith. Born 1846 in Bentley, Hampshire, England. James was a Blacksmith in Froyle, Hampshire in 1861. See Blacksmiths of Hampshire for his parents James Boxhall (Snr) & Ellen nee Fisher..  
BOXALL James (Snr) Blacksmith 1816 James Boxall (Snr), blacksmith. Born 1816 in Frensham, Surrey, England. He was a Junior blacksmith in Frensham and later he was a blacksmith in Bently, Hampshire and in 1843 James married Ellen Fisher of Bentley. See Blacksmiths of Hampshire for his son James (born 1846, Bentley, Hampshire), who was a Blacksmith in Froyle, Hampshire in 1861..  
BREWER William Blacksmith 1792 William Brewer. Winchester, Hampshire..  
BRIAN Thomas Blacksmith 1792 Thomas Brian. Andover, Hampshire..  
BRISTOW John Blacksmith 1792 John Bristow. Basingstoke, Hampshire..  
BUCKETT Henry Blacksmith 1844 Henry Buckett, Blacksmith. Details in the Pigot & Co's Royal National and Commercial Directory published 1844, address is down as Great Southsea Steet, Hampshire..  
BUCKLE John Blacksmith 1801 John Buckle, master blacksmith. Born about 1801 in Hampshire. The 1841 census for Boldre lists him as 40yrs old, living at Sway Cross on Bowling Green, Sway with wife Elizabeth 40yrs. Children listed: Frederick 12yrs; James 10yrs; Gilbert 10yrs; Charles 5yrs and daughter Miriah 1yr infant. On the 1851 census John is 50yrs, still at Boldre with Elizabeth 53yrs. Children: James 20yrs ( blacksmith); Gilbert 19yrs (blacksmith); Mira 10yrs. Many other family members became Blacksmiths..  
BUDD Charles Blacksmith 1839 Charles Budd. Petersfield, Hampshire. Wife: Ellen..  
BUDD Henry Blacksmith 1825 Henry Budd. Sheet, Peterfield, Hampshire. Wife: Mary..  
BUDD William Blacksmith 1827 William Budd. Sheet, Petersfield, Hampshire. Wife: Ann..  
BUDDEN William Blacksmith 1792 William Budden. Botley, Hampshire. See Wheelwrights Index for Richard Budden..  
BUNDEY Charles Blacksmith 1864 Charles Bundy, 12 West Street, Fareham..  
BUNDEY (BUNDY) Francis Blacksmith - Master 1857 Francis Bundey (Boundy or Bunday). 1857-1871: Born 10 May 1820 at Fawley. Died 01 March 1896 at Langley Fawley. Worked: possibly at Langley Forge (gone but remembered in Forge Road) rather than Fawley Forge (remembered in Forge lane)..  
BUTTERLY William Blacksmith 1784 William Butterly. Stockbridge, Hampshire..  
CARPENTER Henry Blacksmith 1868 Henry Carpenter. Petersfield, Hampshire. Wife: Jane..  
CARPENTER Noah Blacksmith 1869 Noah Carpenter. Petersfield, Hampshire. Wife: Ellen..  
CARYL William Blacksmith & Farrier 1846 William Caryl, born at Alton(1846),Hampshire. In 1861 he was a blacksmith at High Street. 1871: he was a farrier at 13 Archbishops Place,Lambeth,London. 1881: a farrier at 4 Triangle ,Clapham, Surrey. Wife: Sarah. Brother of John born 1854(Farrier/Smith). See also Blacksmiths Index..  
CHANDLER Robert Blacksmith & Innkeeper. 1810 Robert Chandler. Working at Milbrook. 1813 & 1821 Redbridge. He was Christened at Timsbury (3 miles north-east of Romsey, 4 miles north-west of Chandlers Ford) on 24th October 1782, the son of John William Chandler and Mary formerly Pearce.1823 Botley? Died: 1834 aged 52yrs. Buried: South Stoneham. Wife: Elizabeth Dunning, married Romsey 1810. See the Stories from the Past Index..  
CHAPPELL Henry Blacksmith 1859 Henry Chappell, born about 1859 in Wimborne, Dorset, England. Henry was the sixth child of Moses and Hannah Chappell of Horton near Wimborne. Wife: Elizabeth Mary (nee Young) also born in Wimborne in 1864, the daughter of George & Elizabeth Young. Henry is recorded as a Blacksmith in the 1891 & 1901 censuses and he & Elizabeth were living at 35 Lower Bannister Street, Southampton, Hampshire,England. Listed in both Blacksmiths of Dorset & Hampshire Indexes..  
CHITTY William Blacksmith 1784 William Chitty. Petersfield, Hampshire..  
CLARK William (Jnr) Blacksmith 1855 William Clark (Jnr) born about 1866 in Froxfield, Hampshire. See Blacksmiths of Hampshire for parents William (Snr) & Eliza Clark & other family members. See 1901 UK census. I would appreciate any information, anecdotes, or (especially) photographs..  
CLARK William (Snr) Blacksmith 1833 William Clark (Snr) of Farringdon, born in1833 or 1834, Priors Dean, Hampshire, England. Wife: Eliza 58yrs born Froxfield-HANTS. Children: William 35yrs (blacksmith), Stephen 30yrs, carter on the farm. Granddaughter: Eva Gamblin 3yrs. See 1901 UK Census. William (Snr) Clark & another blacksmith William Ellis were also folk singers collected from by George Gardiner, in 1908.  I would appreciate any information, anecdotes, or (especially) photographs..  
CLINKER Susannah Blacksmith 1792 Susannah Clinker. Alton, Hampshire. I can certainly confirm that each generation since have been blacksmiths mainly Alton through to a George Clinker on Soton.. Contact Jono  
COALMAN George Blacksmith 1784 George Coalman,blacksmith. Born about 1784,Odiham, Hampshire, England. Wife: Hannah Carter (born about 1809, Odiham). Daniel Coleman was listed as a blacksmith at his daughter Jane’s baptism on 18 January 1832,Odiham Hampshire. I have little other information on him so far he seems to have died before the 1841 census..  
COBB Richard Blacksmith 1792 Richard Cobb. Gosport, Hampshire..  
COBB Thomas Blacksmith 1784 Thomas Cobb. St.Mary Street, Portsmouthy, Hampshire..  
COLE James Blacksmith 1792 James Cole. Portsmouth, Hampshire..  
COLE John Blacksmith 1784 John Cole. Wolfe's Court, Portsmouth Common, Hampshire..  
COLEMAN Daniel Blacksmith 1834 Daniel Coleman, blacksmith. Born about 1834, Odiham, Hampshire, England The 1851 UK census lists him as 17yrs, a labourer, living at Odiham with mother Hannah Coleman (nee Carter), 42yrs, widow; and grandfather William Carter 70yrs, widower.. Siblings listed: Elizabeth Coleman 16yrs; Samuel Coleman 12yrs. Recorded as a blacksmith on children’s baptism certificates..  
COLEMAN Gilbert Blacksmith 1900 Gilbert Coleman. Worked in Hurstbourne, Tarrant, Hampshire, early 1900's..  
COLEY Joseph Blacksmith 1835 Joseph Coley, born about1835, Cheltenham. Married Elizabeth Stroud 2 Jan 1859 Cheltenham..  
COLEY William Blacksmith 1798 William Coley, born at Badg(e)worth, Gloucestershire. Date of Death unknown. In 1851 & 1859he was recorded as Blacksmith. Married Rebecca born 1799, Westerfield & died 1877 in Cheltenham..  
COLLEY William Henry (Snr) Blacksmith & Wheelwright 1827 William Henry (Snr) Colley, born in Cheltenham. Died 1901. Wheelwright journeyman in 1851 with Michael Cox Master Wheelwright at Bishops Walk. Blacksmith & Wheelwright in 1881. Married: Elizabeth born abt. 1828 in Aldersfield. See Wheelwrights Index..  
COOK William Blacksmith 1792 William Cook. Sutton Scotney, Hampshire..  
COOPER Arthur Blacksmith ? 1790 Arthur Cooper. Bramshaw Forge is at Stock Cross and operated from the 1790's to 1942. Run by the Cooper family from the 1850's to the end.Arthur Cooper was the incumbent in 1920 and his son Eli was the farrier. Now a private house. Stocks Cross is a crossroads to the south of Bramshaw village, which is 2 miles NW of Cadman..  
COTTON Richard Blacksmith 1784 Richard Cotton, Chapel Row, Portsmouth Common, Hampshire..  
COURT Samuel Blacksmith 1840 Samuel Court, Lower Weston, Hampshire. Wife: Mary..  
COUZENS James Blacksmith 1792 James Couzens. Havant, Hampshire..  
COWARD William Blacksmith 1792 William Coward. Winchester, Hampshire..  
CREETH George Edward Blacksmith 1824 George Edward Creeth, born 1824, Shorwell, Isle of Wight, Hampshire. Died 1883. Wife Maria Carter..  
CREETH James Farrier & Blacksmith 1841 James Creeth, born 1793. Died 1877, Brixton, Isle of Wight, Hampshire. Wife Elizabeth Edwards. Listed as smith and farrier in 1841 census..  
CRUMP Unknown Blacksmith 1859 Crump, givenname unknown, Crump. South Stoneham (Hampshire) Parish Directory - 1859 - Blacksmiths - Crump, Har., Harrington, H., Withers, Jno.(see entry for Harrington & Withers)..  
DALE Edmund Blacksmith   Edmund Dale. An entry in 'The History of Fordingbridge' by A.Light & Gerald Ponting mentions Edmund Dale - a local Blacksmith. To one day self and William in mending the Great Engin 4s. Churchwarden's Accounts..  
DALE Hugh Blacksmith 1654 Hugh Dale, blacksmith. A plaque on the outside of a house called the Blacksmiths Cottage read- Hugh Dale held by Copy in 1654. (i can photo if required) Talking to current owners they tell me it was operating as a blacksmiths’ up to 1941 and the house was built on the border of the New Forest. Any information appreciated or I can talk again to current owners for more info..  
DALE John Blacksmith 1766 John Dale, blacksmith. Will of John Dale dated 1766; John Dale of Bicton in the parish of Fordingbridge. Occupation Blacksmith. Will endorsed January 10th 1769..  
DALE Robert Blacksmith 1727 Robert Dale. Allegations for marriage Licences - Harlien Society.Dale, Robert of Boldre (Hampshire), blacksmith & Jane Meservis of Milton(Hampshire) at Ellingham 3rd June 1727..  
DALE William Blacksmith 1625 William Dale is quoted in the Apprenticeship Indentures of Fordingbridge for 1625 as a blacksmith. The apprentice was Francis Leciter, son of Francis of Fordingbridge, Cobbler..  
DAVIS George Blacksmith 1831 George Davis, blacksmith. Born 20th March 1831 Carshalton, Surrey, England and moved to Hampshire where in 1851 the census lists him as a Master Blacksmith at Barton Stacey. George died June 1860 at Barton Stacey. His father was James Davis, (1800-1878) a blacksmith at Barton Stacey..  
DAVIS James Blacksmith & Whitesmith 1800 James Davis, blacksmith, whitesmith. Born 1800 in Barton Stacey, Hampshire, England. James died 23rd March 1878 in Barton Stacey, Hampshire. In 1841 census, a Whitesmith at Barton Stacey. The 1871 census shows him as a Blacksmith at Barton Stacey. His father was William Davis(1770-1823)a blacksmith at Barton Stacey. James is listed on both the Blacksmiths of Hampshire and the Whitesmiths Indexe..  
DAVIS Walter Matthew Blacksmith 1857 Walter Matthew Davis, blacksmith. Born 15th September 1857, Hampshire, England. The 1881 census lists him as a blacksmith at East Stratton, Winchester. The 1901 census lists him as a blacksmith at Mount Pleasant, Barton Stacey. Walter died 19th Jul 1936 in Hampshire. His father was George Davis (1831-1860) a blacksmith at Barton Stacey..  
DAVIS William Blacksmith 1770 William Davis, blacksmith. Born 1770 in Barton Stacey, Hampshire. Died 12 June 1823 in Barton Stacey. Father of George Davis. William’s parents were James Davis (about 1743 to 5 Jun 1798) and Mary (nee Stiles) in Barton Stacey. It’s possible that James was also a blacksmith. William's parents were James Davis (about 1743 to 5 Jun 1798) and Mary (nee Stiles) in Barton Stacey. I have no evidence of James' occupation, but believe that he was a blacksmith also. That branch of my tree shows a long line of Blacksmiths in Barton Stacey, and as far as William is concerned, I cannot see there being more than one Blacksmith in that tiny village at any one time (apart from father/son blacksmiths)..  
DAWKINS Nicholas Blacksmith 1792 Nicholas Dawkins. Romsey, Hampshire..  
DAY John Blacksmith 1784 John Day. Fordingbridge, Hampshire..  
DAY John Blacksmith 1784 John Day. Hampshire Direcrtory of 1784. Fordingbridge..  
DOREY William Blacksmith 1841 William Dorey was a blacksmith at Brown Candover (1841 Census). See entry on this Index for James PITTER..  
DOWLING Henry Blacksmith 1814 Henry Dowling. Petersfield, Hampshire. Wife: Mary (or Mary Ann?)..  
DOWLING Thomas Blacksmith 1759 Thomas Dowling, born about 1759, St.Pancras Chichester. Married Elizabeth Rivers 22 Jan 1780 in Petersfield where he was recorded as a Blacksmith..  
DROVER Arthur Blacksmith 1880 Arthur Drovwe, born 1880. See census 1901, Blacksmith, Farnham, Surrey UK. Also see Farriers Index for another DROVER. Contact email sdrover at  
DROVER James (Jnr) Blacksmith 1849 James Drover (Jnr), born 1849. See census 1871-1881, Blacksmith, Itchen Abbas, Hampshire UK. See census 1891, Blacksmith, Farnham, Surrey UK. Son of James born 1818. Also see Farriers Index for another DROVER. Contact email sdrover at  
DROVER James (Snr) Blacksmith 1818 James Drover (Snr), born1818. See census from 1851 to 1881, Blacksmith, Itchen Abbas, Hampshire.UK. Also see Farriers Index for another DROVER. Contact email sdrover at  
DROVER Thomas (Snr) Blacksmith 1814 Thomas Drover (Snr), born 1814. See census from 1841 to 1881, Blacksmith, Itchen Abbas, Hampshire.UK. Also see Farriers Index for another DROVER. Contact S..  
DROVER Thomas Henry (Jnr) Blacksmith 1841 Thomas Henry (Jnr) Drover, born 1841. See census 1861, Blacksmith, Itchen Abbas, Hampshire.UK. See census 1871 to 1891, Blacksmith, Farnham, Surrey.UK.Son of Thmoas born 1814. Also see Farriers Index for another DROVER..  
DUMMER William Blacksmith 1786 William Dummer, born circa 1786. Blacksmith of Bishopstoke, Hants. Married Amey Scorey 1802. Had 12 children whose descendants now live in the UK, USA and Australia..  
EASTMAN George Blacksmith 1840 George Eastman, lived in Shirley Millbrook District Southampton, Hants. Married Mary Anne Hunt, at South Stoneham Register Office, 22nd of March 1840. Their witnesses were Henry and Eliza Taplin. George signed his name but Mary Anne made an x for her mark. George was the son of John Eastman Innkeeper. Mary Anne was daughter if John Hunt bricklayer. Children: John born in Millbrook 27th September 1840 six months after the marriage, a daughter baptised in 1842 and Henry born in 1847. At the time of his daughter's marriage in 1870 he was working as a Blacksmith in Shirley. George was my 2xGreat Grandfather..  
EDGELOR Thomas Blacksmith 1813 Thomas Edgelor. Petersfield, Hampshire. Wife: Sarah..  
EGGOTT John Blacksmith 1784 John Eggott. East Street, Southampton, Hampshire..  
ELLIS William Blacksmith 1858 William John Ellis born 1858. Died 1909?, of Farringdon.  William Ellis along with another blacksmith William Clark (Snr) are both listed as blacksmiths in the 1901 census.  They were also folk singers collected from by George Gardiner, in 1908.  I would appreciate any information, anecdotes, or (especially) photographs..  
ETHERIDGE George Blacksmith 1792 George Etheridge. Hursley, Hampshire..  
FAULKNER John Blacksmith 1891 John Faulkner, Blacksmith of Hampshire. Entry in the 1891 census. Address 43 Husseys Road 4 rooms. - John's age 43 - place of birth Froyle, Hampshire. Living with his wife Emma - aged 42 - Place of birth Froyle, Hampshire. Also living with them was their nephew Thomas Snow - aged 11 - place of birth Froyle, Hampshire..  
FREEMAN John (Jnr) Blacksmith 1801 John Freeman (Jnr). Born 1801, in Newbury, Berkshire, England. John (Jnr) set up a blacksmith business in Wolverton, Hants, and some of his sons (John and Fred) were also blacksmiths. Apparently there is still a blacksmiths at the same location in Wolverton today. See Blacksmiths of Berkshire & Hampshire + Millwright’s Indexes for entries re his father John(Snr)and brothers Samuel and Matthew...  
FREEMAN John (Snr) Blacksmkth & Millwright 1779 John Freeman (Snr), blacksmith & millwright. Born about 1779 in Newbury, Berkshire, England. John was a millwright in Newbury around the 1830's and 1840's. See Blacksmiths of Berkshire & Hampshire + Millwright’s Indexes for entries John (Snr) and of his sons Samuel; John (Jnr); and Matthew..  
FREEMAN Matthew Blacksmith 1810 Matthew Freeman, blacksmith. Born1810 in Newbury, Berkshire, England. Matthew was an itinerant blacksmith in the Reading area. See Blacksmiths of Berkshire & Hampshire + Millwright’s Indexes for entries re his father John(Snr)and brothers Samuel and John(Jnr)..  
GIBBONS Edward Blacksmith 1784 Edward Gibbons. Andover, Hampshire..  
GILES Charles Blacksmith 1864 Charles Giles, born 1864 in Wield,Hampshire. Died 1954 in Wield. Wife: Lydia Simmonds. Parents: Gilbert & Mary Ann..  
GILES Edward Blacksmith 1829 Edward Giles, born 1829 in Wield, Hampshire. Died 1894 in Wield. Worked in Binstead..  
GILES George Blacksmith 1818 George Giles, born 1818. Died 1901. Worked in Alresford. Wife Sarah. Parents: Noah & Charlotte.  
GILES George Blacksmith 1842 George Giles, born 1842 in Nutley. Worked in Wield, Hampshire..  
GILES Gilbert Blacksmith & Farmer 1881 Gilbert Giles. Worked in Wields. 1891: a Farmer. Wife Mary Ann Murrell, married 18613. Son Charles (Blacksmith)..  
GILES Noah Blacksmith & Parish Clerk 1794 Noah Giles, born 1794. Died 1869. Worked in Wield,Hants. Wife Charlotte Morgan, married 1816. 8 children, 4 of these were Blacksmiths..  
GILES Stephen Blacksmith 1821 Stephen Giles, born 1820 in Wield Hampshire. Died 1893 in Wield. Worked in Alton. Wife Mary. 8 Children (none of whom were Blacksmiths). Parents: Noah & Charlotte..  
GILES William Blacksmith 1924 William Giles, born 1824. Died 1909. Worked in Wield,Hants. Wife Caroline Gough, married 1848. 12 Children (none of whom were Blacksmiths). Parents: Noah & Charlotte..  
GOODWIN James Blacksmith 1844 James Goodwin, Blacksmith. Details in the Pigot & Co's Royal National and Commercial Directory published 1844, address is down as Castle Row, Gosport, Portsmouth, Hampshire..  
GREEN William Blacksmith 1846 William Green. Petersfield, Hampshire. Wife: Mary..  
GREEST Henry Blacksmith 1792 Henry Greest. Hambledon, Hampshire..  
GREEST Richard Blacksmith 1792 Richard Greest. Hambledon, Hampshire..  
GREEST William Blacksmith 1872 William Greest. Petersfield, Hampshire. Wife: Emily..  
HALL Richard Blacksmith & Whitesmith 1792 Richard Hall. Basinstoke, Hampshire..  
HAMMETON David Blacksmith 1792 David Hammerton. Overton, Hampshire..  
HANNAM (HENNEM) William Blacksmith 1784 William Hannam (Hennem). Queen Street, Portsmouth Common, Hampshire. Surname unclear.  
HARRINGTIN H Blacksmith 1859 H Harrington. South Stoneham (Hampshire) Parish Directory - 1859 - Blacksmiths - Crump,Har., Harrington, H., Withers, Jno.(see entry for Crump & Withers).  
HARRIS William Blacksmith 1800 William Harris. In the early 1800's he was a Blacksmith in Hursley, Hampshire. Wife Sarah. Photo of dwelling/forge available..  
HART Duke Blacksmith 1784 Duke Hart. Christchurch, Hampshire.  
HATTAT Joseph Blacksmith 1792 Joseph Hattat. Over Wallop, Hampshire..  
HAYTER Unknown Blacksmith & Farmer 1792 Mr. Hayter (givenname not listed). Broughton, Hampshire..  
HELLIER/HILLIER John Blacksmith 1753 John Hellier (Hillier), blacksmith. Born about 1753 at Frolye, Hampshire, England. The marriage certificate shows him as 21yrs, married to Martha Silvester 21yr (born 1753 in Froyle) of the same Parish, at Froyle on 11th October 1774. Children: Ann (b.1775-); Mary (B.1776-); Sarah )b.1777-); Elizabeth (b.1781-); John (b.1782-); Sophia (b.1786-1852). Possible death for John is23 August 1821 at Froyle. Possilbe death for Martha 4th August 1823 St Mary Bourne, Hampshire. Seen on Findmypast..  
HELYER Abel Blacksmith 1865 Abel Helyer, blacksmith. Born in 1865 at East Coker, Somerset, England. The son of John and Mary Helyer. In 1881 is an apprentice blacksmith at East Coker, but had moved working as a blacksmith to Portsmouth, Hampshire by 1891 through to 1911. He died there in 1936..  
HENNEM (HANNAM) William Blacksmith 1784 William Hennem (Hannam). Ringwood, Hampshire. Surname unclear.  
HERBERT Alfred. H. Blacksmith,
1881 Alfred.H.Herbert 24yrs, 76 Bedford School Street, Oakfield, Hampshire. Born Oakfield-HANTS. Wife Fanny.M. 23yrs born Newchurch,Isle of Wight,UK. Father: Jeremiah Herbert..  
HERBERT Jeremiah Blacksmith 1881 Jeremiah Herbert 56yrs, Rose Cot School Street,Oakfield,Isle of Wight,UK. Born Brading-IOW. Wife Charlotte 55yrs born Newchurch-IOW. Son: Alfred. H.Herbert (see Blacksmiths of Hampshire Index). Daughters:Sarah Wiffin 28yrs, Emily Herbert 20yrs, Mary.J.Herbert 14yrs..  
HOBBS Charles James Blacksmith 1893 Charles James Hobbs. Petersfield, Hampshire. Wife: Elizabeth..  
HOBBS David Edward Blacksmith 1881 David Edward Hobbs. Petersfield, Hampshire. Wife: Lucy. ?same as David Edwin??.  
HOBBS David Edwin Blacksmith 1878 David Edwin Hobbs. Petersfield, Hampshire. Wife: Lucy. ?same as David Edward??.  
HOBBS William Blacksmith 1792 William Hobbs. Winchester, Hampshire..  
HODGE John Blacksmith 1792 John Hodge. Winchester, Hampshire..  
HOLLEY Stanley John Blacksmith 1960 Stanley John Holley, blacksmith master, farrier master. Stanley (1916 – 2000) never married. Son of farrier William (1878 -1953 ) and Helen Holley (1879 -1971) and grandson of farrier Thomas and Teresa Holley who founded the Forge at Cross Road, Sway, Hampshire sometime before 1874. The business was continued by William Holley and then passed on to William’s son Stanley. The property was sold in the mid-1960s when Stanley retired and moved to New Milton with his mother and sister Nellie. Stanley Holley was my uncle, the brother of my mother Winifred Holley. I believe that I am the last remaining relative and the information I give is from memory as I cannot find any documents which I assume were passed to a closer relative. I have no contact and do not know if there are any still alive. See the Farriers Index for both Thomas Holley & William Holley..  
HOUNSOME Charles Blacksmith & Beer Retailer 1815 Charles Hounsome, born about 1815 at Alton,Hampshire. Charles was noted as a Blacksmith & Beer Retailer in Bentley 1850 Post Office Directory..  
HOUNSOME George (1) Blacksmith 1822 George Hounsome, born about 1822, Buriton near Petersfield, Hampshire. Father, John Hounsome born 1786. The family also owned the Sheep Wash. See URL groveronline dot net..  
HOUNSOME George (2) Blacksmith 1852 George Hounsome, born about 1852, Buriton near Petersfield, Hampshire. Father: James Hounsome born 1821. The family also owned the Sheep Wash. See URL groveronline dot net..  
HOUNSOME Harry Blacksmith & Butcher 1886 Harry Hounsome, born Marchy 1886 at New Alresford, Hampshire. Father: Thomas Hounsome born 1857(blacksmith at The Dean, New Alresford in 1920)..  
HOUNSOME Henry (1) Blacksmith 1844 Henry Hounsome (1), born April 1844 at Buriton,Hampshire. Wife: Bertha. Henry started as an apprentice with James Hounsome bone 1821..  
HOUNSOME Henry (2) Blacksmith 1845 Henry Hounsome (2), born about 1845, Henry was one of the last Hounsome family blacksmiths but his younger brother Tom worked at the Forge in The Dean, New Alresford (and THomas's son Harry) until the 1920s. See URL groveronline dot net..  
HOUNSOME Henry (3) Blacksmith 1845 Henry Hounsome (3), born December 1845 at New Alresford,Hampshire. Henry was the Blacksmith & Farrier on the Laverstoke Estate of Lord & Lady Portal. His gravestone has blacksmith's tools shown and reads "For 25 years a valued workman at the Home Farm" so he worked there from 1874 to 1899..  
HOUNSOME James Blacksmith 1821 James Hounsome, born about 1821, Buriton near Petersfield, Hampshire. Father: John Hounsome born1786. The family also owned the Sheep Wash. See URL groveronline dot net..  
HOUNSOME John (1) Blacksmith 1786 John Hounsome (1), born about 1786, Buriton near Petersfield, Hampshire. The family also owned the Sheep Wash. See URL groveronline dot net..  
HOUNSOME John (2) Blacksmith 1744 John Hounsome (2), born 1744, Petersfield,Hampshire. Wife: Diana..  
HOUNSOME John (Snr) Blacksmith 1836 John Hounsome (Snr), born about 1836 at Bentley, Hampshire..  
HOUNSOME John.N. (Jnr) Blacksmith 1869 John.N. Hounsome (Jnr), born about 1869 at Bentley, Hampshire. Father: John Hounsome born 1836..  
HOUNSOME Nicholas Blacksmith 1683 Nicholas Hounsome, born about 1683, Buriton near Petersfield, Hampshire. The family also owned the Sheep Wash. The practice of the blacksmith father training their sons who then set up on their own has resulted in Hounsome blacksmiths in any number of villages within 20 mls of Buriton. See URL groveronline dot net..  
HOUNSOME Richard (1) Blacksmith 1788 Richard Hounsome (1), born December 1788 at Petersfield,Hampshire. Wife Mary..  
HOUNSOME Richard (2) Blacksmith 1819 Richard Hounsome (2). Petersfield, Hampshire. Wife Mary..  
HOUNSOME Robert Blacksmith 1634 Robert Hounsome, born June 1634 at Selborne, Hampshire. Recorded as Blacksmith of Alton..  
HOUNSOME Solomon Blacksmith 1850 Solomon Hounsome, born about 1850 at Liss, Hampshire. See 1850 Post Office Directory..  
HOUNSOME Thomas (1) Blacksmith 1857 Thomas Hounsome (1), born May 1857 at New Alresford, Hampshire. Wife: Edith. Thomas was blacksmith at The Dean, New Alresford in 1920 working with his son Harry Hounsome and a Tom Baker. He rented the forge from Walter Curtis.T.Hounsome, Farrier,The Dean in Warren;s Winchester Directory, 1913. Step-brother of Henry Hounsome born December 1845..  
HOUNSOME William (1) Blacksmith 1755 William Hounsome, born about 1755 at Bishops Waltham, Hampshire. Wife: Mary..  
HOUNSOME William (2) Blacksmith 1755 William Hounsome, born 1755 at East Meon,Hampshire. Wife: Joanna Biden of Buriton. Wedding Register in 1782 states he was a 27yr old blacksmith..  
HOUSE Charles Blacksmith 1891 Charles House, Blacksmith of Hampshire. Entry in the 1891 census. Address Lower Froyle Street - aged 55 - Place of Birth Froyle, Hampshire. Wife Agnes - aged 55 - occupation Dressmaker - Place of Birth Lasham Hampshire..  
HULBERT George Blacksmith 1784 George Hulbert. Stockbridge, Hampshire..  
HUTCHINS Thomas Blacksmith 1792 Thomas Hutchins. Whitechurch, Hampshire..  
HUTCHINS Unknown (Mrs) Blacksmith 1792 Mrs. Hutchins Winchester, Hampshire..  
HUTTON Thomas Blacksmith 1784 Thomas Hutton. Whitechurch, Hampshire..  
ILES George F.P. Blacksmith 1864 George F P Iles, blacksmith. Born in 1864 at Chitterne, Wiltshire, England. The son of Christopher ( a blacksmith ) and Martha Iles. In 1881 is an apprentice to James Smith blacksmith at Chute, Wiltshire – he is missing from the 1891 census but by 1901 was a blacksmith at Southampton, Hampshire. In 1911 is just a labourer at Southampton and a shopkeeper there in 1939, where he died in 1945..  
ISAAC Charles (Jnr) Blacksmith 1823 Charles Isaac (Jnr), blacksmith. Born about 1823, Foxham, Wiltshire, England. The 1851 UK census lists him as 28yrs, unmarried. See Blacksmiths of Hampshire and Wiltshire for parents Charles (Snr) and Sarah plus brother George (born 1825) and others..  
ISAAC Charles (Snr) Blacksmith 1787 Charles Isaac (Snr), blacksmith. Born about 1787 in Kington, St Michael, Wiltshire. The 1851 UK census lists him as 64yrs, at Foxham, Christian Malford, Wiltshire with wife Sarah 64yrs. Son Charles 28yrs, unmarried (blacksmith); daughter Rebecca Bath nee Isaac 24yrs. Son-in-law Charles Bath 25yrs (labourer). Grandson: Henry Bath 2yrs. Visitor: Thomas Rich, 38yrs, unmarried (ag. Labourer). See Blacksmiths of Hampshire and Wiltshire for sons Charls (Jnr) and George)..  
ISAAC George Blacksmith 1825 George Isaac, blacksmith. Born about 1825, Foxham, Wiltshire. The 1851 UK census lists him as 26yrs,at Porstsea, Hampshire with wife Florence nee Salter 27yrs (governess). George died at Portsea 1855. Florence re-married around 1860 to George Wells, Blacksmith at Portsea Docks. His father Charles(Snr) Isaac & brother Charles(Jnr) Isaac, are both listed on the Blacksmiths of Hampshire & Wiltshire Indexes.  
JAGO Henry Edward? Blacksmith 1887 Henry Edward? Jago. Petersfield, Hampshire. Wife: "Amelia" unclear..  
JONES John Blacksmith 1784 John Jones. Queen Street, Portsmouth Common, Hampshire..  
KEENS Robert Blacksmith 1792 Robert Keens. Alresford, Hampshire. Son of Thomas..  
KEENS Thomas Blacksmith 1792 Thomas Keens. Alresford, Hampshire. Father of Robert Keens..  
KIMBER James Blacksmith 1784 James Kimber. Lymington, Hampshire..  
KNIGHT John Blacksmith 1792 John Knight. Basingstoke, Hampshire..  
KNIGHT Unknown Blacksmith 1792 Mr. Knight(givenname no listed). Wickham, Hampshire..  
LAMBERT Richard Blacksmith 1824 Richard Lambert, born 7th July 1824, Beacon Hill Marchwood. In 1851 he worked in Marchwood Parish. 1861: Smith & Horseshoe maker, Chicester Square, St Marys, Southampton. See Farriers Index..  
LAMBLE Edward Blacksmith 1833 Edward Lamble, born 1833, place unknown..  
LAMBLE John Henry Taylor Blacksmith 1824 John Henry Taylor Lamble, born 1824, place unknown. 1881: Living in Exeter..  
LAMBLE William Blacksmith 1794 William Lamble, born 1794. Family originated inTeigngrace, Newton Abbot, Devon.  
LECITER Francis Blacksmith - Apprentice 1625 Francis Leciter, son of Francis of Fordingbridge, Cobbler. Quoted in the Apprenticeship Indentures of Fordingbridge for 1625. Apprenticeship Indentures. Francis Leciter, son of Francis of F. cobbler. Master = Thomas Dale of F.awlblademaker. 1638. See entry in this index for William Dale..  
LEE Charles (Jnr) Blacksmith 1829 Charles Lee (Jnr), blacksmith. Born 1831 in Gosport, Hampshire and died 1907. The 1841 UK census lists him as 12yrs, living at Bury, Alverstock. See Blacksmiths of Hampshire for his parents Charles & Mary. Brother Jesse 8yrs and sister Mary 10yrs. In 1851 Charles (Jnr) is 22yrs a licensed victualler, still living with parents. 1861: he is 33yrs, unmarried, and is now a blacksmith, still living with parents. In 1871: Charles (Jnr) 44yrs living at Clarence Square Gosport with wife Ellen 33yrs. Children: Charles 3yrs; Arthur 3yrs; Ellen 2yrs; plus father Charles 74yrs and mother Mary 70yrs. 1881 living at 80 North St. Gosport. By 1886 he has become a musical instrument maker..  
LEE Charles (Snr) Blacksmith(Master) 1797 Charles Lee (Snr), master blacksmith, employs 1 boy. Born about 1797, Bury, Alverstoke, Gosport, Hampshire and died 1875. The 1841 UK census lists Charles as 40yrs, living at Bury, Alverstock; with wife Mary 40yrs. Children: Charles 12yrs; Mary 10yrs; Jesse 8yrs. In 1851 Charles is 54yrs, at 4 Chapel Street, Gosport; with wife Mary 50yrs. Children: Charles 22yrs (licensed victualler); Mary 20yrs; Jesse 17yrs (see Blacksmiths of Hampshire). 1861: Charles is 64yrs; Marry 60yrs; living at Castle Row, Ulverstock. Son Charles 33yrs, unmarried, is now a blacksmith. In 1871 Charles (Snr) is 74yrs, retired blacksmith and Mary 70yrs, living with son Charles, his wife & family at Clarence Square Gosport..  
LEE Daniel Blacksmith 1818 Daniel Lee, blacksmith. Born about 1818, Harting, Sussex. The 1891 UK census lists him as 73yrs, at 137 Dogs Alley, Petersfield; with wife Mary 70yrs (born Harting, Sussex). Boarding with them is William Gammon 35yrs, unmarried (a brewer’s cooper)..  
LEE Jesse. F. Blacksmith 1834 Jesse Lee, blacksmith. Born about 1834, Bury, Alverstoke, Gosport, Hampshire and died 1906. The 1841 UK census lists Jesse is 8yrs old living in Bury. See Blacksmiths of Hampshire for his parents Charles & Mary. In 1851 Jesse is 17yrs, living at 4 Chapel Street, Gosport; Parents: Charles 54yrs,(blacksmith)& Mary 50yrs. Siblings: Charles 22yrs (licensed victualler); Mary 20yrs. 1861: Jesse 27yrs, living at North Street, Gosport; with wife Charlotte 28yrs (born Alverstock). Children: Mary.A. 5yrs; Emma 2yrs; Jesse.F. 3months infant. Also listed is Charlotte’s brother John Locke 33yrs (mariner). 1871: Jesse 37yrs is now assistant engine driver at Hasslar Hospital, Ulvertsock; Charlotte 37yrs. Children: Mary. A. 15yrs; Emma 12yrs; Jesse 10yrs; Charlotte 8yrs..  
LEE William Blacksmith 1771 William Lee, journeyman blacksmith. Born about 1771 in Bury, Alvertsock, Hampshire and died 1846 in Gosport. The 1841 UK census lists him as 70yrs, living in Bury with wife Elizabeth 70yrs. Possibly parents of blacksmith Charles Lee (born 1834)..  
LEMAN William Blacksmith 1784 William Leman. Christchurch, Hampshire.  
LITTLE Thomas Blacksmith 1792 Thomas Little. Romsey, Hampshire..  
LOCK Andrew Blacksmith 1792 Andrew Lock. Alton, Hampshire..  
LODER (LOADER) John Blacksmith 1784 John Loder (Loader). Alresford, Hampshire. Spelt LOADER in 1792..  
LOVEGROVE James Blacksmith(Master) 1836 James Lovegrove 1836-1905 Hartley Wintney, Hampshire, England. He was a Blacksmith his whole life and his 5 sons also became blacksmiths. James had his own Smithy's in various towns around the Hartley Wintney district, including Newnham..  
LOWE Alfred Blacksmith 1892 Alfred Lowe was a Blacksmith to Cadland Estate Fawley Hants 1892 - 1965...  
LUNN Unknown Blacksmith(Master) 1700 Mr. Lunn (givenname not listed). In the 1700's he was a blacksmith in Cove in the parish of Yateley Hampshire (now Berks)..  
MARTIN Thomas Blacksmith 1826 Thomas Martin. Bedhampton, Hampshire. Wife: Ann..  
MARTIN William Henry Blacksmith 1859 William Henry Martin, born about 1859, East Marden, Sussex. Wife Frances Housome (daughter of Richard Hounsome born May 1834)..  
MASON Richard Blacksmith 1746 Richard Mason, born about 1746 at Petersfield,Hampshire. Wife Diana (widow of John Housome)..  
MERRETT William Blacksmith & Ironmonger 1784 William Merrett. Fareham, Hampshire. See Iron workers Index..  
MERRITT William Blacksmith & Coachsmith 1830 William Merritt. My great grandfather and his sons and his father, also called William Merritt were blacksmiths. Originally from Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK but moved to London in the 1830's--Bethnal Green area of the eastend of London--I am interested in anything to do with these ancestors. Listed in both the Blacksmiths of London and Hampshire Indexes and also the Cartwrights Index..  
MILLS (MILNE) George Blacksmith 1881 George Mills or Milne, 59yrs,No 4 Victoria Terrace, Basingstoke, Hampshire, England. For full story and photo see Stories from the Past Link on the Home Page..  
MILNE (MILLS) George Blacksmith 1881 George Milne or Mills, 59yrs,No 4 Victoria Terrace, Basingstoke, Hampshire, England. For full story and photo see Stories from the Past Link on the Home Page..  
MITCHARD James Blacksmith 1796 James Mitchard born 1796. Born: Portsmouth. See census 1841: living Rivers Street, Portsmouth. James 45yrs, wife Elizabeth 45yrs. Children: Elizabeth 19yrs, Mary Ann 17yrs, James 15yrs (blacksmith), Caroline 12yrs, Hannah 10yrs, Sarah 6yrs..  
MITCHARD James Matthew Blacksmith 1826 James Matthew Mitchard born 1826, Portsmouth, Hampshire. Wife: Jane Ann Guthers, married in 1861 in Portsmouth. See census 1871: James 45yrs, wife Jane Ann 42yrs. Children: Mary Ann 10yrs, James 8yrs,Charles 7yrs, Jane 5yrs. See Blacksmiths of Hampshire for parents; James (born 1796) & Elizabeth Mitchard plus other family members..  
MITCHENER Alfred Blacksmith 1881 Alfred Mitchener. Wherwell, Hants. Father: George. Grandfather: James..  
MITCHENER George Blacksmith 1841 George Mitchener. Seen in Census 1841,, 1851, 1861 & 1871 for Wherwell, Hants. Father: James..  
MITCHENER Jacob Blacksmith 1861 Jacob Mitchener. Seen in Census 1861, 1871 & 1881 for Wherwell, Hants. Wife Ann Abbots. Father: James..  
MITCHENER James Blacksmith 1841 James Mitchener. Seen in Census 1841 & 1851 for Wherwell, Hants. See farriers Index for another son William..  
MITCHENER Thomas Blacksmith & Farrier 1792 Thomas Mitchener. Winchester, Hampshire. See Farriers Index..  
MOODY John Blacksmith 1792 John Moody. Mitcheldever (now Micheldever), Hampshire..  
MOODY William Blacksmith 1792 William Moody. Barton Stacey, Hampshire..  
MORLEY Robert Blacksmith 1792 Robert Morley. Hursley, Hampshire..  
MORRIS Edward Blacksmith 1861 Edward Morris. 5th Jan 1861 Hampshire Telegraph: a fine young fellow of the age of 21 , was unfortunately killed the day before by a companion, named Edward MORRIS, blacksmith residing in the village. It appeared by the evidence that the latter, having some errand to convey to Lake, another village adjoining, the deceased offered to accompany him. Morris having loaded his gun for the purpose of shooting small birds along the road, but meeting with no success in that line, he entered a field on their return home, but seeing no birds within reach he returned to the lane where he had left Matthews, and in making his way through the hurdle, the dock of the gun by some means became entangled therein. The piece went off and the whole of the charge was lodged in the neck and face of the deceased, who fell on the ground and never spoke or moved afterwards, several of the shots having entered the eyes and mouth. Medical aid was in vain, as the poor fellow only survived a half hour . Verdict accidental death. I have no email contact for this information..  
MUNDAY James Blacksmith 1891 James Munday, Blacksmith of Hampshire. Entry in the 1891 census. Address Earle's Cottages - James's age 21 - place of birth Candover, Hampshire. Living with his wife Alice - aged 19 - Place of birth Basingstoke, Hampshire. Daughter - Lottie M. - aged 8 months - place of birth - Basingstoke, Hampshire..  
NEAL John Blacksmith 1828 John Neal. Ty.of Weston, Hampshire. Wife: Hannah..  
NICHOLAS Frederick Blacksmith 1908 Frederick Nicholas, born 1908. Died 17 March 1922 at The Forge, Exbury. His mother died here 1959 - not sure if this was then a working Forge..  
NOBBS Robert Reed Blacksmith 1891 Robt Reed Nobbs, blacksmith aged 59 born West Cowes. Wife: Sarah Ann aged 53. Children: Lenna Harriet aged 11 born West Cowes, Wallace Walter aged 10 born West Cowes(census 1891 ref RG12 pc885 folio144 page36). Information came via Isle of Wight email list. No other details given..  
ORMSBY Arthur Blacksmith 1784 Arthur Ormsby. Grand Parade, Portsmouth, Hampshire..  
OUTEN James (Jnr) Blacksmith 1806 James Outen (Jnr), baptised16 Nov 1806. Died 1875 Worked at Rowlands Castle,Hants. Wife Elizabeth Boggost born 1810, Horndean and died 20 Dec 1880 Buried: 16 June 1875 St. Johns, Rowlands Castle,Hants..  
OUTEN James (Snr) Blacksmith 1783 James Outen (Snr), born 13 Jan 1783. Died 19 Oct 1852 aged 69yrs. Worked at Rowlands Castle, Hants. Wife Charlotte Pearson married 15 April 1805. Buried: Rowlands Castle, Hants..  
OUTEN James Edgar Blacksmith 1870 James Edgar Outen, born 1870 while the family were in Walderton, Sussex. Work: Blacksmith in Hampshire for all his working life as far as is known, particularly in the Pallant, Havant. The earliest entry seen is in the 1891 census and he is in Census and Trade Directories up until 1931. Died: 16th February 1933. Buried: Havant Cemetery. Wife: Eva Jane SMITH born 1875, died 15 August 1943, buried in Havant Cemetery..  
OUTEN Orlando Blacksmith 1850 Orlando Outen, baptised 27 Jan 1850, St. John, Rowlands Castle, Hants. Died 1910 aged 60yrs. Buried 10 September 1910. Worked at Pallat, Havant, Hants. Wife: Elizabeth Haines born Stockcross, Berks, married 1867 Newbury, Berks. Buried: ?date is questionable at Havant Cemetery, Hants (both died at Fairfield on same day). From: Colin Foot (descendant); although its said he and his wife died on the same day the parish register we have seen says she wasn’t buried until 24 September 1910, and we have always wondered if that was an error made at the time..  
OUTEN Orlando Henry Blacksmith 1875 Orlando Henry, born 1875. Baptised 28 Nov 1875 St. Faiths, Hants. Died 1876 and is buried in Havant Cemetery. Worked at Havant, Hants. See Farriers Index for Orland Henry Outen (2).  
PADBURY William Blacksmith 1792 William Padbury. Botley, Hampshire..  
PAGE Joseph Blacksmith 1792 Joseph Page. Southampton, Hampshire..  
PAGE Unknown Blacksmith 1792 Mr. Page. Wickham, Hampshire..  
PAIN Thomas Blacksmith 1792 Thomas Pain. Overton, Hampshire..  
PALMER Joseph Blacksmith 1792 Joseph Palmer. Havant, Hampshire..  
PARDOE Thomas Blacksmith 1792 Thomas Pardoe. Southampton, Hampshire..  
PATBURY William Blacksmith 1784 William Patbury. Bishops Waltham, Hampshire..  
PATEY Joseph Blacksmith 1792 Joseph Patey. Kingsclere, Hampshire..  
PHILLIPS Robert Blacksmith 1819 Robert Phillips, born 1819 and Christened 11 July 1819 at St Mary's, Portsea, Hampshire, England. Wife Elizabeth nee Earwicker, born circa 1817. Robert’s father, also named Robert Phillips was a swayer, born circa 1786 in Hampshire. Robert (Jnr) may have been a naval/dockyard skilled smith as he went with his wife Elizabeth to Malta's Dockyards c1844. Children: Elizabeth (my gg-grandmother born Malta January 1845), George, John, Amelia before returning circa 1854/5 to Portsea area. Born in England: a son Robert (born 1841, Landport) but also a Mary b1855 in Middlesex (1901 census) before appearing back in Portsea 1861 census. I welcome info/links to our blacksmith Robert..  
PHILLIPS Thomas Blacksmith 1779 Thomas Phillips. Looking for more information re Thomas.Phillips, born 1779 and was a blacksmith at East Oakley (near Wootton St Lawrence, Hants) in the early 19th century. His son William (born 1808) continued the trade after him..  
PHILLIPS William Blacksmith 1801 William Phillips. Looking for more information re William, born 1808. He continued in the blacksmiths trade after his father Thomas who was born 1779 (also listed here)..  
PIGEON George Blacksmith 1784 George Pigeon. Butcher Street, Portsmouth, Hampshire..  
PITHOUSE Thomas Blacksmith 1792 Thomas Pithouse. Overton, Hampshire..  
PITTER James Blacksmith 1809 James Pitter, born 1809 at Bentworth and was a blacksmith at Brown Candover (1833-1855) and Broad Street, New Alresford (1859-1862). Died 1862. Buried at Brown Candover. His son Private Felix Pitter, Seventh United Cavalry, was killed with General Custer at the Battle of the Little Big Horn in 1876. Felix Pitter’s maternal grandfather, William Dorey, was a blacksmith at Brown Candover (1841 Census). Information from The Custer Association of Great Britain..  
PLEDGER Henry Blacksmith 1863 Henry Pledger. Forton Gosport, Hampshire. Wife: Mary Ann..  
PLEDGER Robert Blacksmith 1861 Robert Pledger. Petersfield, Hampshire. Wife Charlotte..  
POCOCK James Blacksmith 1822 James Pocock, born about 1822, Steep, Hampshire. Daughter Bertha married Henry Hounsime birn about 1844..  
POPE Elizabeth Blacksmith 1792 Elizabeth Pope. Winchester,Hampshire. "widow.  
POPE Morgan Blacksmith 1784 Morgan Pope. Upper Brook, Winchester, Hampshire..  
PRATT Thomas Blacksmith 1784 Thomas Pratt. Petersfield, Hampshire..  
PRESSEY James Thomas Blacksmith 1843 James Thomas Pressey, baptised 25th June 1843 Westbourne, Sussex, UK. 1861: listed as a Blacksmith at Portsea, Hampshire. 1862: a Blacksmith (journeyman) at Landport, Portsea, Hampshire. 1878: a Blacksmith at HM Dockyard, Portsmouth. 1881: Blacksmith at 16 Town Street, Portsea, Hampshire. 1897: a Blacksmith at Portsea, Hampshire..  
PRICKTOE Unknown Blacksmith 1792 Mr. Pricktoe. Longparish (Baron Stacey),Hampshire..  
PROWTING William Blacksmith 1792 William Prowting. Droxford, Hampshire..  
RAMPTON George Blacksmith & Farrier 1800 George Rampton,blacksmith. Born in Medstead, Hampshire. He moved to Staines Middlesex where he was a blacksmith in the Rose and Crown Yard (no. 8) Knightsbridge, London. (This was also his home address). He married Mary Ann Weaver and they had four children John, Sarah, George and William Henry. William Henry was born in March 1842 and died in December 1842, cause of death "Decline". George also died that year in August 1842 aged 42 of "Palpitation of Heart". On the 1841 census he lived in London Road, Staines Middlesex with his family. So he must have only moved to the Rose and Crown Yard between the census date and the date he died. George Rampton (son) dob 1839/40. was a drummer/soldier in the Cold Stream Guards. His address was found in the 1851 census Garrison of the Tower of London, Tower Withins, Middlesex. Listed in Farriers Index & Blacksmiths of Hampshire. I have not been able to trace either Mary Ann Rampton (weaver) or the children John and Sarah..  
RAMPTON Henry Blacksmith 1829 Henry Rampton, blacksmith. Born 8th September 1829. He led an interesting life and left a diary written between 1853 to 1881. Henry worked as Blacksmith with his father in Old Alresford, Hampshire and sometimes others in different places until he was 20 years old. He then set up business for himself in Botley, Hampshire. He and his family left home to emmigrate to Utah in 1854. He and his family eventually locating in Bountiful, USA in 1856, which was then called Session's Settlement. His shop was located in the center of town and was known as the Village Blacksmith. He left Bountiful in 1879 on a mission to England and whilst on this mission visited his people in Old Alresford, Hampshire. He returned to Bountiful in July 1880. He died on November 24th 1903 in Bountiful. More info available but his diary is available on the internet by entering Henry Rampton's Diary. Listed in Blacksmiths of America & Blacksmiths of Hampshire..  
RAMPTON John Blacksmith 1667 John Rampton,blacksmith. Born about 1667 in Herriard, Hampshire, England. Died April 1734 in Herriard, Hampshire. Son, Grandson, Great Grandson and Great Great grandson also Blacksmiths..  
RAMPTON Jonathan Blacksmith 1768 Jonathan Rampton, blacksmith. Born between 1768/1774. Son also a Blacksmith George Rampton. Father also Blacksmith Thomas. See Blacksmiths of Hampshire & London & Farriers Indexes for other family members..  
RAMPTON Thomas Blacksmith 1701 Thomas Rampton, blacksmith. Born about 1701 in Herriard, Hampshire, England. Son, Grandson and Great grandson also Blacksmiths.  
RAMPTON Thomas Blacksmith 1734 Thomas Rampton, blacksmith. Born about 1734 in Herriard, Hampshire, England. Father, son and grandson also Blacksmiths..  
RAMPTON William Blacksmith 1795 William Rampton, blacksmith. Born 1795 in Old Arlesford, Hampshire, England..  
RAWLINS Hugh Blacksmith 1784 Hugh Rawlins. In Stockbridge,Hampshire 1784 & 1792..  
READ John Blacksmith 1813 John Read. Petersfield, Hampshire. Wife: Sarah..  
REDSDALL Richard Blacksmith 1792 Richard Redsdall. Overton, Hampshire..  
REYNARD Ernest William Blacksmith   Ernest William Reynard. Hardley Smithy Forge was in a cottage near what is now Hardley roundabout and, during World War 2, Mr. Reynard the Smith was a special constable with A.R.P. duties, killed on duty in the bombing. He is commemorated on the War Memorial plaque in All Saints Church, Fawley. Information compliments of David Dowd in HANTS (no email)..  
REYNOLDS Benjamin Blacksmith 1700 Benjamin Reynolds was a blacksmith in the late 1700’s & was apprenticed to a blacksmith named LUNN in Cove in the parish of Yateley Hampshire (now Berks). His family all came from local parts of this parish back to 1720. Died: 1786 aged 30yrs leaving a wife and 5 children. He died in Isleworth Middlesex his wife having recently given birth to a son Thomas in Isleworth. Two of his other children were born in Cobham Surrey and Kingston also in Surrey. Also listed in Blacksmiths of Middlesex & Surrey. I believe that he was a travelling blacksmith with his family which would explain the births at these other parishes. I have not found any articles to verify this and wondered if this was a common practice assuming they could not afford their own premises..  
RICHARDS Solomon Blacksmith 1792 Solomon Richards. Botley, Hampshire. (could this be the same as RICHARDSON, Solomon 1784?)..  
RICHARDSON Solomon Blacksmith 1784 Solomon Richardson. Bishops Waltham, Hampshire. (could this be the same as RICHARDS, Solomon 1792?)..  
ROBINSON Arthur (Jnr) Blacksmith - Master 1845 Arthur Robinson (Jnr), born about 1845, Hamble, Hampshire. Died 30 Apr 1919, Hamble, Hampshire. Occupation in 1861-1871 Blacksmith Master. Then 1881-1891 Blacksmith. Married Emily Poling born abt. 1851, Hamble, Hampshire..  
ROBINSON Arthur (Snr) Blacksmith ,
Licenced Victuallar & Publican
1818 Arthur Robinson (Snr),blacksmith. Born 1818 in Peartree Green, Hampshire, England. Died about 1882, S.Stoneham, Hampshire. Occupation in 1861 Blacksmith; in 1871 Blacksmith & Victuallar; 1881 Publican. Married: Elizabeth Strugnell born abt.1820, Hamble, Hampshire..  
ROBINSON Charles Blacksmith 1863 Charles Robinson born 1863 ?Dunhead, Wiltshire. Parents:John Robinson (born 1842/43) and Jane Marks (b.c.1839). In 1881 he was a blacksmith with his father and brother Walter in Gosport, Alverstoke..  
ROBINSON Giles Blacksmith & Mariner 1847 Giles Robinson, born about 1847, Hamble, Hampshire. Occupation in 1881 was Mariner. In 1891 -1901 a Master Blacksmith..  
ROBINSON John Blacksmith 1842 John Robinson born 1842/43 in Ringwood, Hampshire. Parents: Robert Robinson or Robertson (b.1813 Harbridge) and Harriet Lawrence. In 1861 he was a Blacksmith at Blashford, Ellingham. Married 1862 at Fordingbridge to Jane Marks. In 1881 he was a Blacksmith at Gosport, Alverstoke. In 1891 a Shipsmith (employer) at Gosport. Sons Charles b.1863 Walter b.1866 Robert W. b.1872 Alfred George b.1874 Albert E. b.1877 Daughters: Emily b.1868 Mary b.1870 Ethel b.1880. Also listed in the Shipwrights Index..  
ROBINSON Walter Blacksmith 1866 Walter Robinson, born circa 1866 at Southsea, Hampshire. Parents: John Robinson (b.1842/43) and Jane Marks (b.c.1839). In 1881 he was a blacksmith in Gosport, Alverstoke with his father and brother Charles..  
ROBINSON William (1) Blacksmith 1780 William Robinson (1), blacksmith. Born 1780 sholing, The 1841 UK census lists him as 60yrs, blacksmith of Pear Tree Green, Hampshire; with ?2nd wife Ann 45yrs. His son William Robinson (2) born 1825 was also a Blacksmith of Pear Tree Green, and his son William Robinson born 1850 was also a blacksmith of Pear Tree Green and kept the Pear Tree Inn. All the William Robinson's were also Licensed Victuallar & Publican. They owned the Pear Tree Inn, Pear Tree Green Hampshire. Sadly destroyed in the second world war, but was rebuilt afterwards..  
ROBINSON William (2) Blacksmith 1825 William Robinson (2) blacksmith. Born 1825 in Pear Tree Green, Hampshire, England. See Blacksmiths of Hampshire for his father William (1) born 1780 and his son William (3) born 1850. All the William Robinson's were also Licensed Victuallar & Publican. They owned the Pear Tree Inn, Pear Tree Green Hampshire. Sadly destroyed in the second world war, but was rebuilt afterwards..  
ROBINSON William (3) Blacksmith 1850 William Robinson (3) blacksmith. Born 1850. Like his father William (2) & grandfather William (1) he was also a blacksmith of Pear Tree Green and kept the Pear Tree Inn. All the William Robinson's were also Licensed Victuallar & Publican. They owned the Pear Tree Inn, Pear Tree Green Hampshire. Sadly destroyed in the second world war, but was rebuilt afterwards..  
ROE John (Jnr) Blacksmith 1816 John Roe (Jnr), born 1816. Wife Susannah Freemantle. Their son John,born 1845 married to Elizabeth nee Blandy went on to own 2 breweries and properties in Whitchurch.(including the Red House pub, which is still functioning as a public house and the interior is still very 19th century!).Test lodge in Houghton, and a brewery and adjoining house ""Cleveland house"" in Stockbridge. All this started from lots of hard graft and the proceeds from a small blacksmith's business. Most of the breweries and propery were sold in 1928 and the proceeds sorted between his large family of siblings and children.I would love to know where the smithy's forge was in Houghton but cannot find any maps with this on..  
ROE John (Snr) Blacksmith,
builder and Brewer
1786 John Roe (Snr), born 1786. A blacksmith in Houghton nr Stockbridge Hants. His father Joseph left the business to him and together he with his son John (Jnr) born 1816, continued with the business. See entry for Joseph Roe..  
ROE Joseph Blacksmith 1750 Joseph Roe, born circa 1750 and his son John born 1786 were both blacksmiths in Houghton,nr Stockbridge Hants. Although Joseph had a large family of 7 he left his business to John, who together with his son John, born 1816, and married to Susannah Freemantle,and later, their son John,b.1845 married to Elizabeth, nee Blandy went on to own 2 breweries and properties in Whitchurch. See entry for John Roe (Jnr)..  
RUSSELL Richard Blacksmith 1792 Richard Russell. Hambledon, Hampshire..  
SAUNDERS James Blacksmith & Farmer 1792 James Saunders. Lower Wallop, Hampshire..  
SCARROTT Joseph Blacksmith 1765 Joseph Scarrott, blacksmith of Gosport. See website link "Navy Board: Records ADM 106/1140/63". Thomas Binstead, Portsmouth. Descriptions of Dennis Bryan and Patrick Burn, seamen, who are suspected of taking grapnels from the Guernsey which were found in the shop of Joseph Batt, Gosport. Reports that with Mr. Cosway, Master Attendant and Mr. Matthews, Clerk of the Survey, he went to find the persons who had stolen the grapnels. Joseph Scarrott, blacksmith of Gosport, refused to buy them. Thomas Gunton, wherryman, was in their company and was taken up. Document dated 3 Mar 1765. No other information provided..  
SEWARD James Blacksmith 1792 James Seward. Kingsclere, Hampshire..  
SEWARD Thomas Blacksmith & Farrier 1792 Thomas Seward. Kingsclere, Hampshire..  
SLAUGHTER Thomas Blacksmith 1784 Thomas Slaughter. Havant, Hampshire..  
SMART James Blacksmith 1792 James Smart. Emsworth, Hampshire..  
SMITH James Blacksmith 1792 James Smith. Portsea, Hampshire..  
SMITH John Blacksmith 1792 John Smith. Andover, Hampshire..  
SPENCER George Blacksmith 1792 George Spencer. Stockbridge, Hampshire..  
STANBROOK Unknown Blacksmith 1792 Mr. Stanbrook. Longparish (Baron Stacey),Hampshire..  
STEEL William Blacksmith 1787 William Steel. Parish Blacksmith, Thruxton, Hampshire UK. Married Sarah Guyat in Thruxton 12th June 1787.  
STEER John Blacksmith 1784 John Steer. Odiham, Hampshire..  
STEERS Thomas Blacksmith 1858 Thomas Steers. Petersfield, Hampshire. Wife: Charlotte..  
STENT Charles Blacksmith 1891 Charles Stent, Blacksmith of Hampshire. Entry in the 1891 census. Address Lower Froyle Street (living as a lodger)-aged 30 - Place of Birth Binsted, Hampshire..  
STENT Richard Blacksmith 1845 Richard Stent. Lower Weston, Hampshire. Wife: Lucy..  
STOKES Henry Blacksmith   18671: Henry Stokes 53yrs, in a cottage, Emery Down near Lyndhurst HANTS. Widower. Born: Lyndhurst, HANTS. Information sent by Richard, GGG/Grandson of Henry..  
STOKES John Blacksmith 1784 John Stokes. Fareham, Hampshire..  
STRANGE Joseph Sagittery Blacksmith 1828 Joseph Sagittery Strange, blacksmith. Born 1828 in Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset. Died" 1906. Parents: Joseph Strange and Mary Drake. Married Ann Burridge in 1852 at Chilmark, Wiltshire. Started as a journeyman blacksmith and then settled in Botley, Southampton, Hampshire. Had seven children. Remarried in 1885 to Mrs Ann Salter, nee Chaplin. Listed in both Dorset & Hampshire Blacksmiths Indexes..  
STRANGE Sidney Heather Blacksmith & Shoeing Smith 1869 Sidney Heather Strange, blacksmith and shoeing Smith. Born 1869. Died 1939. He was born and lived in Southampton. Parents: Joseph Sagittery Strange and Ann Burridge. He married Catherine Minnie Williams in Southampton in 1891 and is known to have had eight children. Listed in both the Blacksmiths of Hampshire and Farriers Indexes..  
STREET Joshua Blacksmith 1784 Joshua Street. In 1784 & 1792 at Oyster Street, Portsmouth, Hampshire..  
SYRED William Blacksmith 1844 William Syred, Blacksmith. Details found in the Pigot & Co's Royal National and Commercial Directory published 1844, address is down as St. James Street, Portsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire..  
TAYLOR Robert (1) Blacksmith 1792 Robert Taylor (1). Hambledon, Hampshire..  
TAYLOR Robert (2) Blacksmith 1792 Robert Taylor (2). Hambledon, Hampshire..  
TEE Harry Blacksmith - Apprentice 1901 Harry Tee. Hampshire.  
TERREY John Blacksmith 1778 John Terrey, blacksmith. Born1778c place unknown ?Hampshire, but probably not Beaulieu. He worked as a Blacksmith at Beaulieu, Hampshire. (Occupation listed on all baptism records of children). Married Elizabeth Horlock 26th March 1805 in Beaulieu. John died Oct 0ber1829 in Hythe, Hampshire age 51yrs & is buried at Beaulieu..  
TERRY Thomas Blacksmith 1792 Thomas Terry. Portsea, Hampshire..  
TERRY William Blacksmith 1784 William Terry. Daniel's Row, Portsmouth Common, Hampshire..  
THOMAS John Blacksmith 1841 John Thomas, at John Street, Southampton, Hampshire..  
TIGG Henry Blacksmith 1835 Henry Tigg. Sheet Petersfield, Hampshire. Wife: Mary..  
TRODD Arthur Blacksmith 1826 Arthur Trodd, born 1826 St Marys Extra, Southampton. Died 1885..  
TRODD James Blacksmith 1792 James Trodd. Hursley, Hampshire..  
TUTTON William Blacksmith 1792 William Tutton. Alton, Hampshire..  
TUTTON William Blacksmith 1816 William Tutton. Petersfield, Hampshire. Wife: Sarah..  
UPFOLD Thomas Blacksmith 1837 Thomas Upfold. Linchmere, Hampshire. Wife: Sarah..  
WALDER William Blacksmith 1861 William Walder. Harting, Hampshire. Wife: Charlotte..  
WALLER James Blacksmith 1822 James Waller. Harting, Hampshire. Wife: Ann..  
WALLIS John Blacksmith 1844 John Wallis, Blacksmith. Details in the Pigot & Co's Royal National and Commercial Directory published 1844, John Wallis's address is down as Swan Street, Kingsclere, Hampshire..  
WARNER Thomas Blacksmith 1792 Thomas Warner. Alton, Hampshire..  
WATERMAN John Blacksmith 1792 John Waterman. Mitcheldever (now Micheldever), Hampshire..  
WATERS Jacob Blacksmith & Farrier 1792 Jacob Waters. Southampton, Hampshire..  
WATTS William Blacksmith & Farrier 1792 William Watts. Andover, Hampshire..  
WEBB John Blacksmith 1844 John Webb, Blacksmith. Details in the Pigot & Co's Royal National and Commercial Directory - published 1844, John Webb's address is down as Whites Row, Portsea, Hampshire..  
WELCH Thomas Blacksmith 1756 Thomas Welch. Hampshire Record Office Files.Fordingbridge Churchwarden accounts and other preserved documents. Maintenance of bastards: Item 33. Mary Dale of Fordingbridge - Thomas Welch of Fordingbridge, Blacksmith (father) and Thomas Newman of Fordingbridge,chandler 20-11-1756..  
WELLS George Blacksmith 1831 George Wells, blacksmith. Born around 1831 at Selburn, Hampshire. The 1861 UK census lists him as 30yrs, boarding with widow Florence Isaac at Portsea. Florence (nee Salter) was widow of blacksmith George Isaac (died 1855). She was a schoolmistress with 20 scholars. Her children listed: Emma 7yrs; Edmund 5yrs; Sometime in the 1860;s Florence married George Wells..  
WELLS William Blacksmith 1814 William Wells. Petersfield, Hampshire. Wife: Lucy..  
WESTBROOK James Blacksmith 1841 James Westbrook 48yrs,Medsted,Hampshire. Born: Hampshire. Wife Jemima 45yrs born Hampshire. Children: 5 listed 1841 census..  
WESTBROOK Unknown (Mrs) Blacksmith 1784 Unknown (Mrs) Westbrook. East Street, Southampton, Hampshire..  
WHEABLE Henry Blacksmith 1835 Henry Wheable. Petersfield, Hampshire. Wife: Rebecca..  
WHEATLY George Blacksmith 1813 George Wheatly. Petersfield, Hampshire. Wife: Mary..  
WHEBLE John Blacksmith 1784 John Wheble. Petersfield, Hampshire..  
WHEELER Robert Blacksmith 1784 Robert Wheeler. Pud's Hole, Portsmouth Common, Hampshire..  
WHITE John Blacksmith 1816 John White. Petersfield, Hampshire. Wife: Ann..  
WHITE William Blacksmith 1822 William White, born about 1822, Petersfield, Hampshire. Wife Martha (daughter of Richard Hounsome born 1788)..  
WHITEAR William Blacksmith -Master,
employs 1 man,
2 boys
1881 William Whitear 54yrs, Village Street,Preston,Candover-Hampshire. Born Winchester. His forge is still there but is now a dwelling..  
WIGGINS James Blacksmith 1863 James Wiggins. Petersfield, Hampshire. Wife: Emma..  
WILD Thomas Blacksmith 1725 Thomas Wild, born about 1725, Liss, Hampshire. Wife Mary Hounsome from Old Alresford,Hampshire..  
WILKINS Richard Blacksmith 1844 Richard Wilkins, Blacksmith. Details in the Pigot & Co's Royal National and Commercial Directory published 1844, address is down as Stockbridge, Southampton, Hampshire..  
WILLS James Blacksmith 1865 James Wills, blacksmith, farrier. Born 1865 in Merriot Somerseand died 1946 in Fawley Hampshire. James was a blacksmith in Fawley Hampshire (and other places previously). Photo Available. There is also an image of his Certificate of Registration with the Worshipful Company of Farriers dated 17th September 1903..  
WILLS William Thomas Blacksmith 1864 William Thomas Wills, blacksmith. Petersfield, Hampshire. Wife: Emma BUDD..  
WINDEBANK Nicholas Blacksmith 1682 Nicholas Windebank, born 1682 in Wield, Hampshire. Died 1763 in Wield..  
WINZAR Charles Blacksmith 1852 Charles Winzar, blacksmith. Born in 1852 at Upwey, Dorset, England. Son of James and Elizabeth Ann Winzar. Charles married Mary Charlotte Piper at Wareham, Dorset in 1874. Recorded as apprentice blacksmith with his Uncle Charles Winzar born 1839 at Fordington in 1871, but by 1881 through to 1908 he was a blacksmith at Portsmouth Naval Dockyard. He died there in March 1908. His son Ernest Charles Winzar was also a blacksmith. Listed in Blacksmiths of Dorset & Hampshire..  
WINZAR Ernest Charles Blacksmith 1876 Ernest Charles Winzar, blacksmith. Born in 1876 at Wareham, Dorset, England. Son of Charles and Mary Charlotte Winzar. In 1901 he was working at Portsmouth Naval Dockyard with his father. Married Louisa Emily Parr at Tower Hamlets, London in 1910 and in 1911 was working as a farrier at Limehouse, London. In 1939 he was a farrier at Poplar, London and he died at Poplar in Jan. 1952. Listed in Blacksmiths of Dorset & Hampshire..  
WITHERS Jno. Blacksmith 1859 Jno. Withers. South Stoneham (Hampshire) Parish Directory - 1859 - Blacksmiths - Crump,Har., Harrington, H., Withers, Jno. (see entry for Harrington & Crump).  
WITHERS Richard Blacksmith 1658 Richard Withers, born about 1658. Richard WITHERS of Nursling Blacksmith (from his will written 1709, proved 1718). Hants Record Office Ref 1718A/86..  
WOOD George Blacksmith 1734 George Wood, born about 1734, Petersfield, Hampshire. Wife Ann, widow of a Hounsome..  
YOUNG Charles Blacksmith 1792 Charles Young. Twyford & Shawford, Hampshire..  
YOUNG William Blacksmith 1792 William Young. Twyford & Shawford, Hampshire..  
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