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Surname Given Name Trade Year Notes
AHERN Thomas Farrier,
1916 Thomas Ahern was a farrier sergeant in the 1st world war. He was mentioned in dispatches according to the london gazette, on 1st January 1916 & 9th November 1916. I have no other information. Listed in both Farriers Index and Military Index..  
ASHTON John Farrier,
1823 John Ashton, blacksmith, farrier. Born 1823, Hartland Devon, England. From 1846 John was working as a blacksmith, in Bear Street Devon. Still working in 1891. Had at least two apprentices. Listed in Farriers + Blacksmiths of Devon Indexes. More info available..  
AUSTEN Richard Farrier,
1804 Richard Austin , farrier, blacksmith. Born about 1804, Devonport, Devon, England. The 1851 UK census lists Richard as 47yrs, living at 10 Back of Cornwall Street, Devonport; with wife Sarah 31yrs (born Devonport)..  
BAILEY Thomas Shoeing Smith,
Military Blacksmith
1825 Thomas Bailey, born about 1825 Launceston, Tasmania. Thomas moved to the Brighton district. Thomas married Mary Ann Barber at Green Ponds in 1847 and raised a large family. He followed his trade at Green Ponds, Bothwell, Broadmarsh, Hamilton, Pontville and New Norfolk. He died at New Norfolk on 15th April 1920. His sons were all skilled artisans and served in the Boer War as shoeing smiths. See also in the Military Smiths Farriers Index & the Blacksmiths of Australia Index..  
BALLS George Farrier,
1845 George Balls, blacksmith & farrier. Born about 1845 in Suffolk, England. The 1861 UK census Lists him as 15yrs, lodging with and apprenticed to Jeremiah Hambling in Beccles Suffolk. George married Mary Ann Halifax at Bethnal Green, London in 1866. His marriage certificate states he is a farrier. In 1871 he was 26yrs, in East Ham, Essex with Mary Ann 26yrs. Also listed: daughters Emily 3yrs, Elizabeth 1yr; and lodger Thomas Pearce 23yrs unmarried (blacksmith). In 1881 - 1911 George lived at 13, Paragon Place, Hackney, Middlesex. George is listed in both the Blacksmiths of Suffolk and Farriers Indexes..  
BARR James Farrier,
1849 James Barr (Snr), blacksmith & farrier. Born 5th August 1849, in Mavisbank, Little Paisley, Dunedin, NZ. James died 9th May 1929, in Dunedin, NZ). He was the son of John Barr (from Paisley, Scotland) who was one of the group of weavers who formed Little Paisley, Dunedin, NZ. In 1879, James married Martha Uren at Dunedin. Martha was born 25th Nov 1856,in Tavistock, Devon; & died 7th February 1939, Dunedin. They had two children (1) James Stewart Barr, born 1880, Dunedin, NZ & died. 20th Nov 1944, Dunedin. James (Jnr) married Ellen Lavinia Waghorne in 1921 - no issue. (2) Elizabeth Minnie Barr, born 1884, Dunedin, NZ & died 11th May 1950, Dunedin, NZ) unmarried. See also the Farriers Index..  
BARRETT John Farrier 1874 John Barratt, farrier journeyman. Born about 1874 in Glasgow, Scotland to Irish parents. He was brought up in County Mayo Ireland. He later returned to Scotland, where he married Margaret Quin, the couple then went to Liverpool, Lancashire, England where they had 7 children. The 1911 UK census lists John as 37yrs, living in Liverpool with wife Margaret 32yrs. Children: Frank 6yrs; John 4yrs; Patrick 2yrs; James 11months infant. John joined the army in WW1..  
BLANDON Thomas Farrier 1775 Thomas Blandon, farrier. No: 5, Old King Street, Bristol. Taken from a list of metal workers in the 1775 Bristol Directory, published by the Temple Local History Society. I have no other information..  
BONE Charles Farrier 1824 Charles Bone, farrier. Born about 1824, Medstead, Hampshire, England. The 1851 UK census lists Charles as 27yrs, living in Medstead with wife Charlotte 28yrs (born Worldham,Hampshire). Children: Emma 2yrs and Ann 1month infant. See Blacksmiths of Hampshire for other Bone family members..  
BONE Richard Farrier 1796 Richard Bone, master farrier. Born about 1796, medstead, Hampshire, England. The 1851 UK census lists Richard as 55yrs, a widower, living in Medstead with his children: Rebecca 21yrs; Adam 19yrs (Assistant farrier); George 16yrs (scholar); Gilbert 14yrs (scholar); Albert 12yrs (scholar). See Blacksmiths of Hampshire for other Bone family members..  
BONE William Farrier 1822 William Bone, farrier. Born about 1822, Medstead, Hampshire, England. The 1851 UK census lists William as 29yrs, living in Medstead with wife Ellen 22yrs (born Wield, Hampshire) and sons Richard 4yrs and Edwin 2yrs. See Blacksmiths of Hampshire for other Bone family members..  
BRINN John Farier,
1882 John Brinn, farrier. Born 7th April 1882 in Westminster London, England. John lived in Pimlico London and worked for J Bardrick Shoeing Forge. I have a photo of him standing outside with a group of fellow workers as a young man. The 1901 UK censuslists John as a farrier, blacksmith living with his father Edward ( a carman) in the quaintly named Ducking Pond Mews St Geo Hanover Square. John married Alice Watling in 1904. In 1911 John is listed as a farrier, still in St Geo H with Alice and 3 daughters Helen 6yrs; Norma 3yrs & Esther 1yr. infant. Address is 2 West St Pimlico St George Hanover Square so I would assume that the forge was in that area. Listed in London Blacksmiths and Farriers.  
BRINN John Frederick Thomas Farrier 1882 John Frederick Thomas Brinn, farrier. Born 7th April 1882, in Duke Street, London, England and died 28 January 1951. Always known as Jack. Father to five girls so he was the last of the Brinns in this line..  
BROWN David Farrier,
1886 David Brown, blacksmith, Farrier, MIlitary . Born about 1886-1887,Nottinghamshire, England. David served in Sherwood rangers yeomanry in WW1 at gallipoli, macedonia and mesopotamia and attained position of farrier staff sargent. He was at Suvla Bay (dismounted) receiving the kings colours for their actions. Then sent to macedonia (bulgaria) and on return to egypt was torpedoed while on the ship Cestrian. Then ,as part of Allenby's big push he fought from egypt through gaza, palestint (israel) and on as far as aleppo in syria as well as jerusalem Somewhere along the palesinian shore is mount carmel which was held by turkish artilliery which they charged while mounted and at sword point and took the turkish position. He was eventually demobbed in 1919 and spent the rest of his working life as a farrier/blacksmith at Creswell colliery, passing away in 1972 aged 85.These are just a few of David’s talents..  
BROWN Solomon Farrier,
1818 Solomon Brown, born in 1818 in Beaminster Dorset. He enlisted in the Army (10th Hussars) at Dorchester as a blacksmith on the 24th December 1839 and he achieved the rank of Farrier Major,serving in the East Indies and The Crimea,and was in service for a total of 24 years 55 days on his retirement he went back to Beaminster wher he died in 1871,he was my great great great grandfather. See him als in the Blacksmiths of Dorset and the Military Index..  
BRYANT Arthur Farrier,
1885 Arthur .M. Bryant, blacksmith, farrier. Born about 1885, Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England. In 1911 Arthur is 26yrs, living in Carisbrooke with wife Hilda.E. 30yrs (born Yarmouth,Isel of Wight) and son Leslie.A.Bryant. Looking for any info on the Forge that used to be in Priory Road Carisbrooke, it is where Dave Death's motorcycle shop is now. Arthur Bryant’s forge. He also had the forge at Plaish. We know he was a Blacksmith/Farrier as he shoed horses and made iron items including some of the gates on the big houses of the IW. Grateful for any info, and if anybody has a photo that would be wonderful. Thank you..  
BURDETT Henry Blacksmith 1856 Henry Burdett, blacksmith. Born 1856, Hellesdon, Norwich, Norfolk. In 1871 Henry is 15yrs old. A servant in Norwich. The 1881 UK census lists Henry (Harry) as 25yrs,living at 5 Canns Buildings, Hellesdon Rd, Norwich, with wife Fanny 22yrs(born Hellesdon) and son George.R. Burdett 2mths infant. In 1891 Henry is 35yrs, at The Dam, Norwich; Fanny 32yrs. Children: George 10yrs; William.H. 8yrs; Ellen.M. 6yrs; John.C. 3yrs; Arthur 1yr infant. 1901 census: Henry 44yrs; Fanny 42yrs. Children: George 20yrs; William 18yrs(blacksmith); Ellen 16yrs; John 13yrs; Arthur 11yrs; Cecil 6yrs; Charles 3yrs. Another daughter May was born about 1905, see 1911 census..  
BURDETT William.H. Blacksmith 1883 William. H. Burdett, blacksmith, farrier. Born about 1883, Hellesdon, Norfolk, England. The 1901 UK census lists William as 18yrs, living with his family. See Blacksmiths of Norfolk for parents Henry & Fanny Burdett and his siblings. The 1911 census lists William as 27yrs, at Norwich, Norfolk with wife Linda 26yrs. Children: Alice 6yrs; Lily 4yrs; Ada 2yrs. William is listed in both Blacksmiths of Norfolk and Farriers Index..  
CANUM George Farrier,
1775 George Canum, farrier & smith. No: 16, Rosemary Lane, Bristol. Listed in Blacksmiths of Bristol & Farriers Indexes. Taken from a list of metal workers in the 1775 Bristol Directory, published by the Temple Local History Society. I have no other information..  
CARYL John Farrier,
1854 John Caryl, born at Alton(1854), Hampshire. In 1891 he was at 53 St.George Road,Camberwell,London. 1901: Farrier at 27 Burnard? Street,Camberwell,London. Wife: Mary.A. Brother of William CARYL born 1846(Farrier). See Shipwrights, Watchmakers, Brass workers,Farriers,Blacksmiths, Whitesmiths, Brass workers & Ironworkers Indexes for relatives..  
CARYL William Farrier,
1846 William Caryl, born at Alton(1846), Hampshire. 1861: he was a blacksmith at High Street. 1871: he was a farrier at 13 Archbishops Place,Lambeth,London. 1881: a farrier at 4 Triangle ,Clapham, Surrey. Wife Sarah. Brother of John born 1854(Farrier/Smith). See Shipwrights, Watchmakers, Brass workers,Farriers,Blacksmiths, Whitesmiths, Brass workers & Ironworkers Indexes for relatives..  
CASH Sidney Farrier,
1895 Sidney Cash, blacksmith, farrier. Born 16 Feb 1895, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. The 1911 UK census lists Sidney as 17yrs, unmarried , blacksmiths assistant, living at the home of his sister Millicent (nee Cash) & brother-in-law William Buckley 33yrs (a blacksmith) and children. Also listed is blacksmith Richard Buckley, 85yrs, widower. Sidney cash served as a shoeing smith in WW1 (see the Indexes for Farriers; Blacksmiths of Shropshire; Warwickshire + Military..  
CLIFF Thomas Shoeing Smith,
1797 Thomas Cliff. Place of birth unknown, but possibly Rutland. Was living in St John's parish, Stamford, at time of marriage to Catharine Goodwin (13 Nov 1797, St John's church, Stamford). Lived & worked? in St Mary's street, Stamford, where at least 11 children (4 girls, 7 boys) were born between 1798 and 1820, of which at least 8 reached adulthood, and at least 3 married with families. Thomas died 9 Jan 1828 aged 56, and Catharine died 9 April 1838 aged 64. Table monument still standing 2007 and mostly legible (but gradually eroding) in St Mary's churchyard, Stamford, with commemorative slate ground tablet for several of their children. Description of Thomas' trade taken from Catharine's death certificate. Several descendants still living (2007) in Stamford area. Youngest child (George) moved to Uppingham, Rutland, where he founded (1849) plumbing business still in existence and run by Cliff descendants 2007..  
COLEMAN George (Jnr) Farrier 1828 George Coleman (Jnr), farrier/shoeing smith. Born about 1828 in Ermington, Devon. The 1851 UK census lists him as 23yrs, living with parents & siblings at Village of Staddiscombe, Plymstock St.Mary, Devon. Parents George & Mary (see Blacksmiths Index for parents & brothers)..  
CONSTANT John Farrier 1775 John Constant, farrier. No: 102, Thomas Street, Temple, Bristol. Taken from a list of metal workers in the 1775 Bristol Directory, published by the Temple Local History Society. I have no other information..  
COOPER Eli Farrier 1790 ELi Cooper. Bramshaw Forge is at Stock Cross and operated from the 1790's to 1942. Run by the Cooper family from the 1850's to the end. Arthur Cooper was the incumbent in 1920 and his son Eli was the farrier. Now a private house. Stocks Cross is a crossroads to the south of Bramshaw village, which is 2 miles NW of Cadman..  
CREETH James Farrier,
1793 James Creeth, farrier. Born 1793 & died 1877, Brixton, Isle of Wight, Hampshire. Wife Elizabeth Edwards. Listed as smith and farrier in 1841 census. Listed in both Blacksmiths of the Isle of Wight & the Farriers Index..  
CRUSE Samuel Farrier,
1781 Samuel Cruse, farrier & blacksmith. The 1851 UK census lists him as 70yrs, at 1-Devon County Prison, St David, Exeter, Devonshire. Born: Kenton-DEV..  
CUSHION Henry Farrier 1829 Henry Cushion, farrier. Born about 1829, Walworth, Surrey. The 1851 UK census lists him as 22yrs, at 64 Middlesex Street, St Pancras, London with wife Mary A. 26yrs (born Yorkshire) and daughter Mary Ann 4mths infant. In 1861 I can’t see him on census. In 1871: Henry is 39yrs, a widower with his son Henry Geo. Cushion, 18yrs (born St.Pancras) a jewelers porter; both are lodging at 6 Kinnerton Street, St.George, Hanover Square, London..  
DAVIES Thomas Farrier 1857 Thomas Henry Davies, blacksmith, farrier. Born about 1857, in Narbeth, Pembrokeshire, Wales. The 1861 census for Wales lists Thomas as a 1yr infant, living in Narbeth with parents Daniel 37yrs (Ag. Labourer) and Sarah 40yrs. Sisters Hannah 8yrs & Mary 4yrs. In 1871 Thomas was 11yrs, Living in North Narbeth with Mother Sarah 50yrs, Sister Mary 14yrs & brother William 4yrs (b. . 1891: Thomas is 33yrs (blacksmith), wife Sarah Jane 26yrs, son George Henry 2yrs. 1901: Thomas is 44yrs, wife Sarah Jane 37yrs, living at 37a North Street, Bufferland, Pembroke. Children: George. H. 12yrs; Winifred 9yrs; Charles 7yrs; Elizabeth. M. 5yrs; Lilian .J. 3yrs; Dorothy. L. 11mths infant. It was suggested that his brother William (b.1867) also was a blacksmith, but no proof of this has been found on the census. Thomas is also listed in farriers Index..  
DAYUS Joseph Farrier 1794 Joseph Dayus, farrier. Born 1825,Cardington, Shropshire, England. Died: 1862. The son of Joseph and Eleanor Dayus. He worked as a farrier with his father (1851 Census). Death Certificate states farrier. . See Blacksmiths of Shropshire & Farriers Index for other family members..  
DAYUS Joseph Farrier 1825 Joseph Dayus, farrier, blacksmith. Born 1794, Chatwall Lawn, Cardington, Shropshire, England. Died: 1857. The son of Samuel and Margaret Dayus. He inherited the coppices of trees that his father had acquired called High Alders. He lived at Cardington. Married Eleanor Farmer in 1820 at Cardington. He worked as a blacksmith (1851 Census), although in 1854 on his second marriage to Eliza Baldwin he described himself as a Veterinary Surgeon. Death Certificate of 1857 states he was a farrier. . See Blacksmiths of Shropshire & Farriers Index for other family members..  
DAYUS Samuel Farrier 1791 Samuel Dayus, farrier, veterinary surgeon, farmer, malster. Born 1791, Chatwall Lawn, Cardington, Shropshire, England. Died 1858. The son of Samuel and Margaret Dayus. Samuel like his father he became a farrier and moved on his marriage in 1816 to Mary Deakin to the nearby village of Longnor. Here he became a prosperous farrier and farmer. In 1841 he was describing himself as a 'veterinary surgeon'. 1851 Census : a farrier. Bradshaw's Directory 1850 lists Samuel Dayus of Longnor as 'farmer, maltster and veterinary surgeon'. 1858 a veterinary surgeon. See Blacksmiths of Shropshire & Farriers Index for other family members..  
DENNESS John Farrier,
1808 John Denness, farrier & blacksmith. Born about 1808 in born Teignhead, Devon. The 1851 UK census lists him as 43yrs, at Staverton Town, Totnes; with wife Mary 47yrs. CHidlren: Dinah 15yrs; Herbert 13yrs; Albert 7yrs..  
DENNIS Richard Farrier 1798 Richard Dennis, farrier. Born about 1798 , in Buckland Brewer, Devon. The 1851 UK census lists him as 53yrs, at ?Denniss, Buckland Brewer, Devon with wife 53yrs (born Buckland Brewe, Devon). Children listed: John Dennis 11yrs. Brother-in-law: Lewis Dennis ?40yrs (Ag.labourer). Grandson: Richard Risden Denniss ?1yr infant. Lodger: Joshua Payge, 24yrs (blacksmith)..  
DRISCOLL Albert Farrier,
1890 Albert Driscoll, shoeing smith, farrier, military. Born 1890 in Kentish Town, London, England. Albert joined the Royal Horse Artillery in 1908 as a shoeing smith. He was with J Battery when the Army went to France in August 1914. Experienced the retreat from Mons towards Paris and was present in the Battle for The Marne assisting the French Army. The Battery was sent on a long march to join the bulk of the army near Ypres in the battle of the Aisne. Transferred to V Battery in 8th Division which spent the remains of the war in various actions around the Somme until the final advance to Germany. At this time he was a Farrier Staff Sergeant. He went on to be posted to India and home again in 1927. Despite surviving WW1 uninjured in some of the great battles, he was killed by a German bomb during the Blitz. Listed in Farriers and Military Indexes..  
DROVER Frederick Farrier 1873 Frederick Drover, born 1873. In 1901 he was a farrier, Farnham, Surrey UK. Aslo see Blacksmiths of Hampshire for more DROVER..  
DUNN Thomas Farrier,
1908 Thomas Dunn. From an advertisement in the newspaper '"alcha Witness" April 18 1908: Blacksmith's shop at Tia (near Walcha) New South Wales,Australia.Thomas Dunn desires to inform the residents of Tia and the travelling public he has a Blacksmithing and General Repairing Shop on his property "Highrent" Tia and hopes to receive a fair share of support.Horse-shoeing a specialty..  
EARLE John Farrier 1775 John Earle, farrier. No: 97, Thomas Street, Temple, Bristol. Taken from a list of metal workers in the 1775 Bristol Directory, published by the Temple Local History Society. I have no other information..  
EAST Thomas Farrier,
1881 Thomas East operated from Howard Street Lambeth Surrey, England in the 1880's. Also listed in the Blacksmiths of Surrey Index. Any info will be very helpful thank you..  
EDWARDS John Farrier,
1821 John Edwards, master blacksmith & farrier. Born about 1821 in Cheshire. 1844: although his family are in Wales, John isliving in Chester Cheshire. He married Sarah Foxley, on 11th March 1844 at St Mary's Chester. The 1851 UK census lists John as a patient in the Chester Infirmary, aged 30yrs, born Llan-y-Pwell, Wrexham,Wales – occupation blacksmith & farrier; not sure if he made it out. I would like to find out why he was in there ! Unfortunately I think he may have died there, as I definitely can't find him in 1861. I think his wife was already dead, as I found the children listed as "visitors" in households where they were obviously being looked after while their father was in hospital. On His daughter Hannah’s marriage certificate in1869 he is Master Blacksmith (deceased). See Blacksmiths of Wales for brother Thomas (Jnr). His other siblings William and Edward were also born in Wales..  
ELAM George Frederick Farrier 1855 George Frederick Elam. His business was situated in Sugarloaf Walk, Bethnal Green, London. E.2.  That's where his descendant remembers seeing the stables and the horses. Died: about 1955. .  
EVANS Evan Farrier,
1792 Evan Evans, blacksmith, farrier. Born about 1792, Wales, UK. Both his son and Grandson followed in his footsteps to become men of the forge. He describes himself in the 1841 census as a " Vetrinary Surgeon " (Like others in the index )When Evan died aged 75 in March 1867 the notice in The Cardiff and Merthyr Guardian newspaper read "leaving a large circle of relations and friends to deplore their loss ". See Pigot and Co's National and Commericial Directory dated 1828-29. Address Caerphilly. Listed in Blacksmith of Wales and Farriers Indexes..  
FOX Richard Farrier,
employs 1 man
1811 Richard Fox, farrier & blacksmith. Born about 1811, in Modbury, Devon. The 1851 UK census lists him as 40yrs, at 7 Broad Street, Modbury with wife Maria 39yrs. Daughter Rebecca 13yrs; George 11yrs; Francis 10yrs; Thomas 8yrs; Rhoda 3yrs; Emily 1y infant. Also, Henry Taylor 20yrs, apprentice blacksmith..  
FREELAND Samuel Farrier 1837 Samuel Freeland, farrier. Born about 1837, Brighton, Sussex, England. 1871: Samuel is 34yrs, a servant, living at 72 Brompton Street, Chelsea,London; wife Emily 27yrs. Children: Kate 7yrs; Minnie 5yrs; Elizabeth 2yrs; Rose 1yr infant. Samuel’s mother Elizabeth Freeland, 64yrs,widow (laundress). 1881: Samuel is 42yrs, living in Nutcroft Street,Camberwell, London. Emily is 35yrs. Children: Kate 17yrs: Rose 10yrs; Nellie 3yrs; Samuel 1yr infant. The 1891 UK Census : Samuel is deceased. Widow Emily 45yrs (born London). Children: Kate 26yrs; Rose 20yaged 23yrs married Thomas James Amner aged 24yrs, on 09 June 1901 at Camberwell, London..  
GIBBONS Unknown Farrier 1775 Gibbons, given name not listed. Farrier at no: 10, Jacob’s Well, Bristol. Taken from a list of metal workers in the 1775 Bristol Directory, published by the Temple Local History Society. I have no other information..  
GOLDSMITH Henry Thomas Farrier 1858 Henry Thomas Goldsmith, farrier. Born about 1858 in, Wembley/Harrow, Middlesex, England. The 1871 UK census lists him as13yrs, at ?Primitive Methodist Chapel, Bushy, Hertfordshire; with parents & siblings. He is also with them in census 1881. Henry married Ellen Bail, 10 November 1886. In the 1891 census, he is listed with wife Ellen, daughter Dorothy and sister Kate in Bushey. In 1901, again in Bushey with his family (wife, son and 5 girls). He eventually emigrated to Toronto, Canada (c.1910 -1920) and then moved to California in 1924. He died in Los Angeles, California, on 17 May 1942. See Blacksmiths of Hertforshire & Farriers Index for father William (Snr) & Peggy Goldsmith plus other family members..  
GOLDSMITH William (Jnr) Farrier 1840 William Goldsmith (Jnr), farrier. Born about 1840, Wembley/Harrow Middlesex and died before 1891. The 1871 UK census lists him as 31yrs, married, at Primitive Methodist Chapel, Bushy, Hertfordshire; with wife Lydia 28yrs (born Surrey). Children: Frederick 3yrs; Charles 10 months infant. See Blacksmiths of Hertforshire & Farriers Index for father William (Snr) & Peggy Goldsmith plus other family members..  
GOLDSMITH William (Snr) Farrier,
1808 William Goldsmith (Snr), master blacksmith & farrier. Born about 1808, Wembley, Middlesex, England and died in 1886 in Bushey, Hertfordshire. He was a master blacksmith & farrier in Harrow ( as was his father, Thomas, before him) before moving to Bushey. The 1871 UK census lists him as 62yrs, at ?Primitive Methodist Chapel, Bushy, Hertfordshire; with wife Peggy. A. 58yrs (born Chesham, Buckinghamshire). Also listed: son Frederick 24yrs, married (blacksmith); daughter Louisa Goldsmith, married, 19yrs; son Henry Thomas. Goldsmith 13yrs (scholar); daughter-in-law Harriett Ness 33yrs; grandchildren: Georgina Ness 5yrs; Frederick Ness 3yrs; Florence Ness 10months infant. See Blacksmiths of Hertforshire & Farriers Index for father William (Snr) & Peggy Goldsmith plus other family members..  
GOWER Edward Farrier 1834 Edward Gower, farrier. Born 1834 in Penshurst Kent. 1871 Farrier in Cambwerwell, London. 1881 Farrier in Acton, Mdx. Ldn. 1891 Farrier in Heston, Mdx. Ldn..  
GOWER Joseph Henry Farrier 1870 Joseph Henry Gower, farrier. Born 1870 in Peckham London. 1901 he is at no: 2 Hanover Terrace, Brentford, Middlesex a Farrier. Up the the mid 1930's..  
GRIFFIN (WALKER) George Farrier 1817 George Griffin aka Walker, farrier. Born about 1817 in Lambeth, London (now Surrey), England. George married Ann Nesbitt 1839. The 1841 UK census has George living in Lower Kennington Lane, Lambeth, Surry, with wife Ann ( born Bermondsey) . Still in Kennington Lane in 1851 and in 1861 they are living in Ebenezer Row, Lambeth. Had several children. Sons George (born 1840-41) and Robert (born 1844) had joined him in the business. 1871 Hurley Rd, Lambeth. George died 14 August 1877. Business ceased trading soon after his death..  
GUNBY John Farrier,
1814 John Gunby, born 1814, Normanton on Trent, Nottinghamshire,UK. Died 1861 Newark, Nottinghamshire. Parents: William Gunby & Elizabeth Loughton Gunby of Normanton on Trent. See U.K. Census 1841, 1851. Resided Hawton Rd. Newark worked as whitesmith, blacksmith. Wife: Sarah nee Mitchell. See Whitesmiths & Blacksmiths of Nottinghamshire for him & his son John(1844-1899). Other Gunbys can be found if the Farriers Index, Whitesmiths Index & Blacksmiths of Yorkshire + Derbyshire..  
HAYMAN Charles Henry Blacksmith,
1884 Charles Henry Hayman, blacksmith, farrier. Born 17th October 1884 in Bristol to Charles and Annie Hayman. He was the middle of 3 children but the eldest Son. In the 1901 census he is shown as a 17 year old Blacksmith and in 1910 joins the Royal Field Artillery (TA) .Remaining in the TA until 1914 he is shown as a Farrier and gains promotion to the rank of Sergeant before discharge on medical grounds. In the middle of his service he set sail for Montreal Canada but returned after only 4 months !In the 1911 census he is working as County Court Bailiff. It is not known when he ceased this work but was again working as a Farrier for Georges Brewery in Bristol in the 1950's. He died in Bristol in 1965..  
HODGES George Farrier 1850 George Hodges, farrier. Born about 1850, Battersea,Middlesex, England. The 1871 UK census lists George as 21yrs, living in Camberwell, Surrey with his parents. Father = farrier William Samuel Hodges (born 1822) and mother Eliza; plus George’s wife Harriett Hodges 24yrs and his daughter Emma Hodges a one month infant..  
HODGES William Samuel Farrier 1822 William Samuel Hodges, farrier. Born about 1822, Battersea, Middlesex, England. The 1871 UK census lists William as 49yrs, living in Camberwell, Surrey with wife Eliza 50yrs. Children: Ann 19yrs; William 13yrs; George 21yrs (farrier); daughter-in-law Harriett Hodges 24yrs and granddaughter Emma Hodges a one mth infant. Another daughter Mary Ann (born 1885) married Edward Henry Amner (a coach painter) on 23 Dec 1873 in Camberwell, London..  
HORNBLOW Samuel Farrier 1772 Samuel Hornblow, farrier. Born 1772 and baptised 29 December 1772 at Broad Blunsdon. Samuel was the son of Robert Hornblow (blacksmith) & Mary Hornblow. The Wiltshire Poll Books of 1831 list Samuel Hornblow farrier of Broad Blunsdon. House & land occupied by himself & brother. Land Tax Assessment 1832: Broad Blunsdon property occupied by himself and Robert. Blacksmith shop. 1841 Census. High Street, Broad Blunsdon. Samuel Hornblow 60 farrier. 1849. P.O.Directory Wilts. Blunsdon St. Leonard (Broad) farrier & parish clerk. 1851 Census. High Street, Broad Blunsdon. Samuel Hornblow 79 farrier uncle to head of house Robert Hornblow 30 blacksmith. 14 June 1853. Buried at Broad Blunsdon age 80 Parish clerk for 33 years..  
HURST Henry Farrier 1816 Henry Hurst born 1816 Bishopsgate (date of death unknown). He married Frances Parke in 1842. 1841 census HO107 725 f 12, Skinner Street, St Botolph without Bishopsgate, London. 1851 census HO107 1517 f 85 St Helena Place, Clerkenwell, London. 1861 census RG9 192 F 122 3 Noble Street Clerkenwel. 1881 census RG11 350 F19 2 Noble Street Clerkenwell. I can't find him in the 1871 census; I assume he's probably still at Noble Street, but I can't find that either!  Contact name & email not for publication..  
ISTED William Farrier,
1814 William Isted , master blacksmith, farrier, employs 1 man. Born about 1814, Beddington, Surrey, England. William was a a farrier all his working life. The 1841 UK census lists William as ?21yrs, at Beddington, Surrey. Also listed Edward Istead 58yrs (blacksmith) and Ann Istead 19yrs. In 1851 William is 37yrs, a master blacksmith, living in Church Lane, Beddington, with wife Emily 29yrs (born Croyden, Surrey). Children: Walter 3yrs; Frederick 1yr; plus cousin Mary Istead 38yrs..  
JACKMAN Frederick Shoeing Smith 1886 Frederick Jackman, shoeing smith. Born about 1886, Thornborough, Buckinghamshire. The 1911 UK census lists him as 25yrs, at Lodging at 15 Bromley Place Angel Row Nottingham; with wife Violet 24yrs (born Nottingham). Children: Freda Nellie Alathea 2yrs; George 3mths infant..  
JONES D. Farrier,
1916 D. Jones, farrier, military. Commemorated on a war memorial in Llandysul Parish Church in Ceredigion, Wales. Served with the Royal Field Artillery. Died 1919 at home (presumably as a result of wounds or illness). Listed in Farriers and Military Indexes..  
JONES Unknown Farrier 1775 Jones, given name not listed. A farrier living at No: 225, Marsh Street, Limekiln, Bristol. Taken from a list of metal workers in the 1775 Bristol Directory, published by the Temple Local History Society. I have no other information..  
JONES William Farrier 1775 William Jones, farrier. No: 116, Thomas Street, Temple, Bristol. Taken from a list of metal workers in the 1775 Bristol Directory, published by the Temple Local History Society. I have no other information..  
KELLEY James Farrier,
1847 James Kelley, blacksmith, farrier. Born 1847, in Armagh, Ireland. James married Alice McNamee from Dundalk, Ireland and they migrated to Nantwich, Cheshire, England circa 1875. James practiced his trade near Nantwich Station and lived Love Lane, Shrewbridge Lane, Hospital Street. Listed in Blacksmiths of Ireland and Cheshire plus Farriers index..  
KNOTT Henry (3) Farrier 1811 Henry Knott (3), master farrier and shoeing smith. Born about 1811 in Minster, Kent and died 1897. Henry married Eliza Mouldew Simmons on 10 December 1836 at Walmer, Kent. He worked in Minster, Isle of Thanet, Kent. The 1841 UK census lists Henry as 30yrs,Eliza 33yrs living in Minster with their children George 3yrs; Robert 1yr and William (newborn). In 1851 Henry ai 40yrs, Eliza 44yrs and son George Francis Knott 13yrs, living in High Street, Isle of Thanet. Abode on census 1861 was at16 Brunswick Square and in 1871 at 7 Clarendon Terrace. See Blacksmiths of Kent for Henry Knott (1) and Henry Knott (2) plus Knotts..  
LAMBERT Richard Farrier,
1824 Richard Lambert, horse shoe maker,farrier,blacksmith. Born 7 July 1824, Beacon Hill Marchwood. Worked in 1851 as a Blacksmith in Marchwood Parish. 1861: Smith & Horseshoe maker, Chicester Square, St Marys, Southampton..  
LONG John Farrier 1775 John Long, farrier. No: 5, Bars (sic) Lane, now Barrs Street, Bristol. Taken from a list of metal workers in the 1775 Bristol Directory, published by the Temple Local History Society. I have no other information..  
LONG Tom Farrier,
1833 Thomas (Tom) Long, blacksmith, farrier. Borna bout 1833, Sheerness, Kent. The 1911 UK census lists Tom as 28yrs, living in High Street, East Church, Sheppy with wife Alice 24yrs (born Sheerness). Children: Herbert 3yrs and Nellie 2yrs. Listed in Blacksmiths of Kent and Farrier’s Index..  
LOVELL Samuel Farrier 1735 Samuel Lovell was a farrier at Merchant Street, Bristol, Gloucestershire..  
LUSCOMBE Herbert Arthur Farrier,
1940 Herbert Arthur Luscombe, farrier. Always known as Arthur. On marriage certificate Arthur 21 Batchelor labourer living at Beeson. Rita 27yrs spinster living at Kellaton. Witnesses William Charles Wright and Frederick W.Clarke. By banns at Stokenham Church. William Wright was a friend of Arthur`s, they did their wheelwright apprenticeship together at Kelleton with Mr.Harradon.Arthur completed his blacksmith apprenticeship under Mr.W Dunn who he worked for and from whom he rented the Forge at Stokenham before eventually buying it in 1963 for £1000,including the house. During the evacuation of 1943 the Forge at Stokenham was moved to a temporary site in a barn at Beeson belonging to either Rich Foale or John Honeywell. Listed also on the Blacksmiths of Devon & the Wheelwrights Index..  
LYMATH Joseph Farrier,
Blacksmith & Druggist
1844 Joseph Lymath, Farrier, Blacksmith & Druggist in Oxfordshire, England. Found in the Pigot & Co's Royal National and Commercial Directory published in 1844 address down as Deddington. Listed in both the Farrier and Blacksmiths of Oxfordshire Indexes..  
MARTIN Charles Roger Farrier,
1834 Charles Roger martin, blacksmith, farrier. Born 1834 in Canterbury City, Kent, England. Charles married (1) Caroline Styles in 1853. He served as errand boy then a blacksmith to a master blacksmith Lewis and Mary Pilcher of Herne Bay, Kent. Charles married (2) Sophia Coltma in 1874. Sailed for New Zealand arriving in Lyttelton, NZ on the 6th June 1874. Died in Lyttelton 1876. Listed in the Farriers Index plus the Blacksmiths of Kent & New Zealand Indexes..  
MASON John Farrier 1833 John Mason, farrier. Born about 1833 in Born in Tavistock, Devon. The 1851 UKc ensus lists him as 18yrs, living at no.33 Barley Market Street,Tavistock, Devon; with parents & siblings. See Blacksmiths of Devon Index details on parents George & Jane plus his siblings..  
McGOWAN Samuel Farrier,
1832 Samuel McGowan, Farrier (shoeing Smith) Journeyman & Gunr.Driv. Born about 1832 in Down Banbridge ----. The 1851 UK census lists him as 19yrs, at 1-Frederick & Legonier Squares Artillery Barracks, Stoke Damerel-Devon..  
MILLER Hing Farrier,
1960 Hing Miller (shoeing smith) and his brother ( a blacksmith making gates, wheels etc),worked from a Blacksmith's shop in Buxton near Aylsham Norfolk until at least 1960. Hing was married and lived in a cottage next to the shop. Also listed in the Blacksmiths of Norfolk Index..  
MITCHENER Thomas Farrier,
1756 Thomas Mitchener, blacksmith, farrier. Born about 1756, Winchester, Hampshire, England. Thomas aged 30yrs (w), married Elizabeth Heathcote, of St Johns, in the Soke 29yrs,spinster on 15 February 1786. Listed in Blacksmiths Hampshire & Farriers Index..  
MITCHENER William Farrier,
Vet. Surgeon
1808 William Mitchener, blacksmith, farrier. Born about 1808 at Wherwell, Hampshire, England. Married Sarah Litler 22 Oct 1845, in Wherwell. See Blacksmiths of Hampshire his father James (born 1784) and brother George and Jacob. 1851: a ? Vet. Surgeon. Died 1851 Wherwell. Listed in Blacksmiths Hampshire & Farriers Index..  
MORGAN Edward Farrier 1735 Edward Morgan was at St.James, Bristol, Gloucestershire..  
MOSS John Farrier 1764 John Moss, farrier. Born 1764 in East Ham, Essex, England The farriers in the Moss family started back in the 1780's with John and then on up to my GG grandfather Henry Moss born 1825. Henry became a veterinarian surgeon and his boys all became farriers, including my great grandfather who gave it up to become a drunk and murderer!!!! See the Fingersmiths Index for our black sheep..  
MOTUM William Farrier,
1854 William Motum, blacksmith, farrier. Born 1854, in Grundisburgh, Suffolk, England. William was the son of Jeremiah (blacksmith) & Susan Motum. By the age of 16yrs he was a blacksmith working for his father. In 1881 & 1891 he was called a shoeing smith and by 1901 he was a registered farrier working at Prittlewell, Essex where he died in 1911. Listed in both the Farriers Index and Blacksmiths of Suffolk..  
NICHOLLS Richard Farrier 1735 Richard Nicholls, farrier, was at Castle, Bristol, Gloucestershire..  
NOLAN   farrier 1872 James Nolan, master farrier. Born 6th. Nov. 1872, Lancashire, England. James was a master farrier with a smithy in Turton St. Bolton. He retired in1949 (at age 77) after 55 years at the smithy. He said that he had shod thousands of horses and stopped six run-aways. Married Selena Donahue in 1895. A front page article in the Friday, Sept. 16 1955 edition of the Bolton Evening News records the 60th. wedding anniversary. He was chairman of the Master Farriers' Association in 1916. He operated his forge in Turton St. for 55 years, retiring at age 77..  
O'BRIEN Michael Farrier 1834 Michael O’Brien, farrier, Limerick City, Ireland. Starting with Thomas O’Brien all the male members of my paternal grandparents families all seem to have been farriers in Limerick city. Thomas O'Brien, born 1834, listed his occupation as viceman when he enlisted in the Union army in 1864. His wife's (my grandmother, Margaret O'Brien) father and 3 brothers were also farriers according to her marriage certificate and the 1901 and 1911 census and trade directories. They lived on Wickham Street I the 1860s and 70s and on Cecil (upper) in the 1901 census. In 1911, her brother was living in Henry Street and his occupation listed as master trainer. His name was Michael. He died in the 1940s..  
OTTY (OTTEY) Robert Farrier & Coal Miner 1883 Robert Otty, born 1883 in Hetton le Hole was a coal miner he served in a British Artillery Regiment in World War 1 as a farrier, in Gallipoli and France. Also listed in the Military Blacksmiths Index..  
OUTEN Orlando Henry (2) Farrier 1882 Orland Henry Outen (2), farrier, jobbing smith,blacksmith. Born 1882. Baptised 7th January 1883 at St Faith’s, Havant. He was a Shoeing and Jobbing Smith at the 1901 census, but in the family he is more noted for subsequently working at the Havant Laundry and after losing his job he committed suicide in 1922. He was unmarried as far as we know. See Blacksmiths of Hampshire for other family members. From Colin Foot,descendant..  
PACEY Samuel Farrier,
1785 Samuel Pacey, blacksmith, farrier, whitesmith. Born 17 November 1785, East Stoke Nottinghamshire, England. Samuel married Hannah Twinberry on 26 September 1811 at St Marys Orston, Nottinghamshire. When his daughter Mary was christened he was listed as a farrier at Cartergate, Nottingham. In 1825 he was listed as a whitesmith in Glovers Nottingham Directory at the same address. In 1841 he was listed as a blacksmith in Pigotts Directory at King Street, Newark. Samuel died in 1854 in Newark. Listed in Balcksmiths of Nottingham; Whitesmiths and Farrers index..  
PARKER John Farrier 1775 John Parker, farrier. No: 1, Whitson Court, now Whitson Street, Bristol. Taken from a list of metal workers in the 1775 Bristol Directory, published by the Temple Local History Society. I have no other information..  
PARKIN John James Farrier,
1879 John James Parkin, blacksmith. Born Aston Birmingham in 1879 and died at Bushy Herts 1944. He was a Farrier & Blacksmith at the Old Forge, Bushy Herts UK. 1900-1920's he also provided horses for haulage, which were stabled at a Public House named The Horse and Chains. At the same time he was a Fireman for 15 years in the Bushy Fire Brigade, also supplying the horses. Photo from the Bushy Museum. John is the small man on the right of the picture, the other man is believed to have worked with him. See Interesting Stories Link on home page and the Blacksmiths of Hertfordshire..  
PEACOCK William Farrier 1826 William Peacock, farrier, horse shoer. Born about 1826 in Dunlop, Ayrshire, Scotland. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 25yrs, living at Holland bush 4, Cambusnethan, Middle Ward, Lanark. See Iron Workers in for parents John 55yrs & Margaret 52yrs plus siblings..  
PEARSON Charles Farrier 1830 Charles Pearson, shoeing smith. Born 1830 at Hoby, Leicestershire, England. Charles was the fitht son of George and Elizabeth Pearson of Hoby and Frisby on the Wreake, Leicestershire. Like his brothers he worked as a Blacksmith, initially for his father at Frisby, but by 1861 at Melton Mowbray. The mid 19th century censuses and Parish Records list him as a Shoeing Smith or Farrier. In 1854 he married Mary Jane Goddard at Leicester St George. His second son Charles Ralph ultimately moved to Camden, London where he followed the allied trade of Ironmonger. His third son was a blacksmith who worked at Upton on Severn in Worcestershire, Alveley in Shropshire and Shipley in the West Riding of Yorkshire between 1901 and 1933. Charles Pearson died at Melton Mowbray 23 February 1878, still a practising Blacksmith. See Blacksmiths of Leicestershire, Wheelwrights & Cartwrights & Cutlers Indexes for other family members ..  
PLATT George Farrier 1808 George Platt, farrier. Born about 1808 in Lynn, Norfolk, England. The 1851 UK census lists George as 43yrs, living at 73 Bruton Mews Chelsea; with wife Mary Ann 40 (born Newport, Isle of Wight). Children: George 13yrs; Harriett 10yrs; Amelia 8yrs; Sarah 6yrs; Eliza 1yr infant. Lodger: George Hailstone, 70yrs,widower, Chelsea Pensioner. George Platt could be brother of farrier James Platt..  
PLATT James Farrier 1820 James Platt, farrier. Born about 1820 in Lynn, Norfolk, England. The 1851 UK census lists James as 31yrs, living at 9 Exeter Street, St. Luke, Little Chelsea with wife Dianna Platt 36yrs (born Bromley Middlesex) plus daughters: Diana 16yrs; Mary Ann 15yrs; Frances 9yrs. Also, Agnes Butcher 77yrs,widow (born Scotland). James Platt could be brother of farrier George Platt..  
RACK Edward Farrier 1914 Edward Rack, farrier with the RFA in WW1 1914-1918. See military records for view fomedalas etc. No other information given. Listed in the Farriers and the Military Indexes..  
RAE George Farrier,
1835 George Rae, blacksmith, farrier. Born about 1835, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. George was the son of George Rae – Shoemaker and Margaret . George aged 22yrw married Jane Smith Fowlie aged 28yrs (dressmaker), on 4th June 1859 in the Parish of Fyvie in the County of Aberdeen. Jane’s parents were John Fowlie, a farmer and Elizabeth Rae(deceased). The 1871 Census for Scotland lists George as 36yrs, living at 12 Innes St, St Nicholas, Aberdeen City, Aberdeen. Listed in both the Blacksmiths of Scotland and farriers Index.  
RAMPTON George Farrier,
1801 George Rampton, blacksmith & farrier. Born about 1801, Medstead, Hampshire. He moved to Staines Middlesex where he was blacksmith at the Rose and Crown Yard, Knightsbridge, London. This was also his home address. See George’s entry in the Blacksmiths of Hampshire Index for detailed information; and for other parents and family members..  
RAYTON Henry (Jnr) Farrier 1870 Henry Rayton (Jnr), shoeing smith. Born about 1870,Higher Walton, Lancashire, England. The 1891 UK census lists him as 21yrs, living at ?Beardwood, Blackburn; with family. See Blacksmiths of Lancashire and Farriers index for parents Henry Rayton (born about 1845) and Elizabeth; plus siblings..  
RAYTON Henry (Snr) Farrier,
1845 Henry Rayton (Snr), blacksmith, shoeing smith. Born about 1845, Treales, Lancashire. The 1891 UK census lists him as 46yrs, living at ?Beardwood, Blackburn;with wife Elizabeth 46yrs (born Treales). Children: Henry 21yrs(shoeing smith); Thomas 16yrs (shoeing smith); Ellen 14yrs; John William 11yrs (later a shoeing smith); James.R. 9yrs; Betsy.A. 7yrs; Edith 5yrs. Henry is listed in both the Farreirs Index and Blacksmiths of Lancashire..  
RAYTON John William Farrier 1880 John William Rayton, shoeing smith. Born about 1880, Blackburn, Lancashire, England. The 1891 UK census lists him as 11yrs, living at ?Beardwood, Blackburn; with his family. Known to all as "JW". JW resided at Yew Tree Drive, Blackburn. Father of Ernest, Frank, Jim and Fred. Jim & Fred also worked at the forge, JW Rayton, Blackburn. The smithy founded in 1890 by JW"s wrestler and Councillor father and closed in 1968, at which time it was being run by sons Fred and Jim. The 1911 census lists John William as 31yrs, James as 6yrs, Ernest as 5yrs and Frank as 4yrs. Fred was yet to be born. Also employed was Ted Riding (known as 'ewd Ted). Possible Edmund Riding (on 1911 Census aged 19yrs). See Blacksmiths of Lancashire and Farriers index for John William’s parents Henry Rayton (born about 1845) and Elizabeth; plus siblings..  
RAYTON Thomas Farrier 1875 Thomas Rayton, shoeing smith. Born about 1875, Blackburn, Lancashire, England. The 1891 UK census lists him as 16yrs, living at ?Beardwood, Blackburn; with family. See Blacksmiths of Lancashire and Farriers index for parents Henry Rayton (born about 1845) and Elizabeth; plus siblings..  
REEVES James Farrier,
1853 James Reeves, blacksmith, farrier. Born about 1853, Sevenoaks, Kemsing, Surrey, England. In 1891: James is 38yrs, at Haversham with Emily 38yrs. Children: James. H. 14yrs; Walter .I (Isaac). 12yrs; John. ?J, 5months infant. 1901 UK census lists James as 48yrs, at Haversham, Surrey with wife Emily 48yrs (born Kemsing). Children: Walter I. 22yrs (see Blacksmiths of Surrey index); Grace.E. 8yrs; Mabel F. 6yrs. In 1911: James is 58yrs, Emily 58yrs still in Kemsing. Children: Grace 18yrs, unmarried; Mable 16yrs, unmarried; Walter 32yrs, unmarried. The family is listed in both Blacksmiths of Surrey and Farriers Index..  
REEVES Walter Isaac Farrier,
1878 Walter Isaac Reeves, blacksmith, farrier. Born September quarter 1878, Reigate, Surrey, England. The 1901 UK census lists Walter as 22yrs, at at Haversham, Surrey with parents James and Emily(see Blacksmiths of Surrey) and sisters Grace and Mabel. In 1911 Walter is 32yrs, unmarried, living with parents and sisters at Kemsing. From 1895 until his death in 1952, Walter was at Heverham forge, Kemsing Surrey. The family is listed in both Blacksmiths of Surrey and Farriers Index..  
REYNOLDS Ernest William Farrier,
1887 Ernest William Reynolds, blacksmith,farrier,military. Born 1887 in Roughton, Norfolk ,England. Sergeant Blacksmith (Farrier) in Norfolk Regiment. Later a Smith in Cromer, worked at Cromer Hall. Married Mary Elizabeth WARD 1909. See him also in the Blacksmiths of Norfolk Index and MIlitary Index..  
REYNOLDS J. Farrier 1904 J. Reynolds, farrier, shoeing smith. Billhead dated Jan. 30 1904 for J. Reynolds, Shoeing Forges, Islington Green, N. London. "Horses shod on the most improved principle. Smiths' work in general". . Moved from 2 Halton road and Brewers Yard to 2a Northampton St. ( Address on billhead changed.) Photo. available..  
RYAN Bernard Farrier,
1887 Bernard Ryan, blacksmith, farrier, military. Born 30 June 1887 at 41 Forgate Street, Stafford, Staffordshire, England. The 1891 UK census lists him as 3yrs living at ?26 Gaol Road, Stafford with parents Patrick & Julie plus siblings. In 1901 he is 14yrs (blacksmith) at 40 Grey Friars, Stafford with parents & siblings. In the 1911 census his name appears as a blacksmith but the whole line has subsequently been crossed out. In the meantime the family have moved to 25 Forgate Street. I’m not sure why his absence occurred but in January 1913 he signs his Attestation form for the Territorial Force ( Staffordshire Yeomanry ) and gives his place of work as Corporation Stafford, Borough Hall and his trade as a Shoeing Smith. On his Military History Sheet his service is for 3 years and 177 days at Home and is discharged for defective vision on the 5th July 1916. I suppose I’m curious has to who he worked for from 1916 up to the time he got married in 1929 when he married Elizabeth Mary Alcock. Children: John Daniel 1930, Elizabeth Agnes Anne 1931, Patrick 1933 and Michael 1936. Listed in Blacksmiths of Staffordshire, Farriers & Military Indexes. Any help appreciated..  
SALMON William John Farrier 1888 William John Salmon, farrier. Born about 1888, Conrwall, England. William was my grandfather who was a skilled blacksmith in St.Agnes. He was enlisted as a farrier in the 1914-18 war, and returned home to Goonbell, St.Agnes with shell shock, after being treated in Bodmin Hospital. Cornwall. He passed away in 1938 aged 50..  
SANDERS Thomas Farrier,
1837 Thomas Sanders, blacksmith. Born Ombersley, Worcestershire. Christened 08 Oct 1837. Married Annie (surname unknown) . In 1881 Thomas was 43yrs, a shoeing smith, at 14 Bk 122 Arthur Street, Aston, Warwickshire; 1901: Thomas is 64 yrs, at 188 Church Lane, Aston. Thomas is listed in Blacksmiths of Warwickshire & Worcestershire plus the Farriers Indexes..  
SHERYER Daniel Farrier 1806 Daniel Sheryer, farrier. Born about 1806 in Cobham, Surry, England. The 1841 UK census lists him as 35yrs, living at Church Street, Cobham with mother Mary 60yrs + family Sarah Sheryer 30yrs(milliner); Seth Sheryer 25yrs (see farrier’s index); Ann Sheryer 20yrs; Richard Sheryer 20yrs (see iron workers index)..  
SHERYER Seth Farrier 1816 Seth Sheryer, farrier. Born about 1816, in Cobham, Surrey, England. The 1841 UK census lists him as 25yrs, living at Church Street, Cobham with mother Mary 60yrs + family Daniel Sheryer 35yrs ( see farrier’s index); Sarah Sheryer 30yrs (milliner); Ann Sheryer 20yrs; Richard Sheryer 20yrs (see iron workers index)..  
SILCOX Edward Farrier 1775 Edward Silcox, farrier. No:208, Bedminster, East Street, Bristol. Taken from a list of metal workers in the 1775 Bristol Directory, published by the Temple Local History Society. I have no other information..  
SIMPSON David Farrier,
1831 David Simpson, blacksmith from Yorkshire. Born 5th April 1831, Kildwick. Parents: John Simpson and Elizabeth Whitaker. David married Ellen Robinson in 1852, Kildwick. They had 3 children, only one survived to adulthood. Ellen died and the remaining child, Sarah was raised by Ellen's mother. David emmigrated to Australia and remarried. He married Elizabeth Ferrier in 1875. Listed in both Blacksmiths of Yorkshire and Farriers Index..  
SIMPSON Thomas FFarrier,
1835 Thomas Simpson, blacksmith & farrier. Born on the 26th April 1835, Kildwick, Yorkshire, England. Parents: John Simpson and Elizabeth Whitaker. He was recorded as a Smith and Farrier in the 1851 census. After emmigrating to Australia he married Mary Ann Stowell. They married in 1858 in Deniliquin, NSW, Australia. They had 8 children. Thomas died in 1905 in Kalgoorlie, WA, Australia. Listed in both the Blacksmiths of Yorkshire and Australia Indexes plus the Farriers Index..  
SIMPSON Thomas Farrier 1905 Thomas Simpson, farrier. Born 1905-06 into a farrier family of 15, Melbourne Pocklington District of York (North)..  
SKELLETT William Farrier & Blacksmith 1812 William Skellett, blacksmith & farrier. Born ?when, and baptised in Appleby (on the Leicester, Derbyshire border), England. He was in Appleby for the 1841 UK census but did not remain there as his children William, Arthur and Theodora were born in Tamworth, Warwickshire between 1845-1850. In 1861 he was in Edingale, Staffordshire a blacksmith and in 1881 a blacksmith in Stapenhill, Derbyshire. William is listed on Blacksmiths of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire Indexes and on the Farriers Index..  
SKELLETT William Farrier 1772 William Skellett, born 1771. Died:1851. He was a farrier between 1823 and 1851. First in Austry, Warwickshire.then in 1841 his son William [1812] a blacksmith and son John a journeyman farrier were with him in Appleby on the Leicester, Derbyshire border..  
SMITH Charles Henry Farrier 1874 Charles Henry Smith, shoeing smith. Born 25 April 1874, Lowestoft, Suffolk, England. Died 1955, Suffolk. Charles was a Corporal in Tank Corps, Bovington, Dorset, England. He enlisted 6 March 1920,& was discharged ('Exemplary'), 5 March 1924. Charles set up at The Forge, Bovington. Listed as Blacksmith in Kelly's Directory for Dorsetshire 1931, at 'The Forge, Bovington in 1928 to 1931 Electoral Registers, and in 1939 Register..  
SOPER James Farrier 1841 James Soper, blacksmith, farrier. Baptised on 31st January 1841, died 1897. Described as a farrier living in Paddington 1872. See Blacksmiths of Berkshire for his father Joseph Soper (1803-1871)..  
SOPER John Farrier 1720 John Soper, blacksmith, farrier. Born 1720, Died 1800, Gave his residence as Beenham, Berkshire, when he married there in 1752. Worked in Padworth, Berkshire, and had 10 children baptised there 1753-1772. Farriers Guild coat of arms on his gravestone in Padworth churchyard. Listed in Blacksmiths of Berkshire and Farriers Indexes. Two researchers follow SOPER..  
SOUTH Alfred james Farrier,
1914 Alfred James South, shoeing smith, military Apprenticed in Norfolk he had a successful blacksmiths business in Chandlers Ford. He Volunteered in November 1914, and in the following year was sent to France, where he was engaged on special duties with his unit. In 1916 he was drafted to the East and did good work in Egypt, Salonika and Palestine, as a shoeing smith. He was often under fire in the forward areas, and in 1919 returned to England and was demobilised in July of that year. He holds the 1914/15 Star, General Service and Victoria Medals. After the war he suffered Malaria and shell-shock and was unable to work for the rest of his life yet he was refused a war pension. (Most of the above is a quote from the national roll, which accords with his Army service record, which I have a copy of, plus a few good pictures). See Farriers and Military Indexes..  
STANDEN Elias Farrier & Blacksmith 1779 Elias Standen, born 1779 at Burwash, Sussex, son of Samuel Standen & Frances(nee Fuller). Married Barbara Heathfield, they lived sometime in Canterbury. Elias was a Sergeant Farrier at Waterloo. After Napoleonic war lived in Waresley,Hunts. Died: 1867 at Gamlingay, Cambridge. Elias & Barbara are grandparents of Harry Henry Standen who married Annie Pashley, daughter of George & Emma..  
STRANGE Sidney Heather Shoeing Smith,
1869 Sidney Heather Strange, blacksmith and shoeing Smith. Born 1869. Died 1939. He was born and lived in Southampton. Parents: Joseph Sagittery Strange and Ann Burridge. He married Catherine Minnie Williams in Southampton in 1891 and is known to have had eight children. Listed in both the Blacksmiths of Hampshire and Farriers Indexes..  
SUMMERS Charles Farrier,
1826 Charles Summers, blacksmith, farrier. Born about 1826,Bradford, West Wiltshire, England. The 1851 UK census lists Charles as 25yrs,living at 176 Pippett Street, Bradford with parents George 56yrs & Eliza 55yrs plus his sister Eliza 26yrs (dressmaker); Olivia 20yrs(dressmaker);. Also listed is sister in law Olivia Hooper, 58yrs,widow. George & Charles are listed in both Blacksmiths of Wiltshire & the Farriers Indexes..  
SUMMERS George Farrier,
1795 George Summers, blacksmith, farrier. Born about 1795, Bradford, Wiltshire. George is listed in the 1848 Directory for Bradford on Avon as living at Pippit Street, Bradford, West Wiltshire. The 1851 census lists him as 56yrs, still at 176 Pippett Street,with wife Eliza 55yrs (born Bradford). Children: Eliza 26yrs, Charles 25yrs, unmarried (smith & farrier). George & Charles are listed in both Blacksmiths of Wiltshire & the Farriers Indexes..  
SUMNER John Shoeing Smith - Journeyman 1830 John Sumner, shoeing smith. Born about 1830, Worton,Wiltshire,England. The 1851 UKc ensus lists John as 21yrs,wife Ann 24yrs and son Henry.J. is a 9 months infant. Living at Almshouse No:10, West Lavington, Wiltshire..  
SURCOMBE Samuel Farrier 1819 Samuel Surcombe, farrier. Born about 1819, Bridestow, devon, England. The 1851 UKc ensus lists Samuel as 32yrs, living at Cross Lanes, Okehampton, Devon; with wife Mary 36yrs (born Bridestow). Children: John 5yrs, William H. 9yrs. See Blacksmiths Index for brother John Surcombe..  
TALBOT Herbert Edward Farrier,
1877 Herbert Edward Talbot, blacksmith, farrier. Born about 1877 in Weston, Somerset, England. Died aged 80yrs, Hounslow, Middlesex. In 1901 Herbert is 24yrs, at 17 Priory Street; St pancreas, London with wife Edith 22yrs (born Islington, London) and daughter Edith 3 months infant. 1911:no address given, Herbert. E. is 33yrs, Edith 32yrs. Children: Edith 11yrs; James 8yrs; Thomas 5yrs; Ellen 2yrs. See Blacksmiths Somerest Index. I have several beautiful images to share and I’m hoping someone can help find apprenticeship records for me..  
TENNANT ? George Farrier 1806 George Tennant, farrier. Born about 1806, place unknown. The 1841 UK census lists George as 35yrs, living at Medsted, Hampshire with wife Charlotte 30yrs (both not born in Hampshire).  
THISTLE Francis Farrier 1836 Francis Thistle, blacksmith. Born in Flitcham, Norfolk in 1836. He married Pleasance Grimes on 24th September 1860 in Upper Sapey, Herefordshire. The 1861 Census shows he was living in Whitbourne, Herefordshire; the 1871 Census lists him living in Badsey, Worcestershire;. In 1873 he emigrated to America with his family and in-laws. The 1880 US Census lists him as a blacksmith living in Colony, Kansas. At some point after that he moved to Cushing, Oklahoma where he stayed for the rest of his life. He was a blacksmith & farrier etc I assume for as long as he physically could and had a blacksmith shop there that we have an old grainy photo of. We also have an old grainy photo of Francis as an old man with a fabulous big white beard. Francis Thistle is also listed in the Blacksmiths of Norfolk Index..  
THOMPSON Joseph Farrier,
Blacksmith & Gunr Driv.
1830 Joseph Thompson, farrier. Born about 1830, Barnstaple, Devon, England. The 1851 UK census lists Joseph as 21yrs, at 1-Frederick & Legonier Squares Artillery Barracks, Stoke Damerel,Devon..  
THROWER James Farrier,
1794 James Thrower, farrier, blacksmith. Born about 1794, East Carlton, Norfolk, England. The 1841 UK census lists James as 47yrs, living at Ketteringham, Norfolk with wife Anne 40yrs (born Wymondham, Norfolk). Children: James (Jnr) 22yrs(blacksmith); Robert 16yrs ; George 12yrs; Harriet 9yrs; Stephen 5yrs; Walter 3yrs; Fances Anne 1 yr infant. Also listed is Sarah Spruce, 70yrs,pauper. In 1851 James is 57yrs, living at Lodge House, Ketteringham, Norfolk with wife Ann. E. 49yrs. Children: Stephen 15yrs (farm labourer); Walter 13yrs (scholar).Frances Anne 11yrs(scholar);Marie. E. 8yrs; Sarah 6yrs. Also listed is visitor, Sarah Spruce 80yrs, widower..  
TOWN John Farrier   John Town,farrier, wheelwright,blacksmith. Son of Thomas (see Blacksmiths of Kent Index)..  
VINSON Reginald Stewart Farrier,
Ironworker & Wheelwright
1920 Reginald Stewart Vinson. In the 1920's he was a blacksmith/wheelwright/iron worker, he served his apprenticeship with Metters of Tavistock. His daughter Valerie say "my knowledge is a bit vague im afraid but it must have been about the late 1920s. At the time Reginald lived at Devon Great Consols Lamerton. We however shifted to quite a few moorland villages as the work dried up. When the horse was supplanted by the tractor he went to work at Devonport dockyard and was sent to Gibraltar just after WW2. He also served so I believe as a farrier in the N/Devon Hussars" Reginald is also listed in the Wheelwrights, Ironworkers, Blacksmiths of Devon & Military Indexes.. Contact Valerie  
WALKER (GRIFFIN) George Farrier 1817 George Walker aka Griffin, farrier. Born about 1817 in Lambeth, London (now Surrey), England. George married Ann Nesbitt 1839. The 1841 UK census has George living in Lower Kennington Lane, Lambeth, Surry, with wife Ann ( born Bermondsey) . Still in Kennington Lane in 1851 and in 1861 they are living in Ebenezer Row, Lambeth. Had several children. Sons George (born 1840-41) and Robert (born 1844) had joined him in the business. 1871 Hurley Rd, Lambeth. George died 14 August 1877. Business ceased trading soon after his death..  
WALTERS James Farrier,
1879 James Walters, blacksmith, farrier. Born 1879 in Llanllawddog, Wales. He was apprenticed to his father Walter Walters in Llannon, Carmarthenshire. At the age of 20 James moved to London. He entered The Royal show Derby 1906 when he became 2nd out of 73 competitors. The following year he was champion in Oxfordshire. This carried the Freedom of London.In 1921 and 1922 he became champion of Wales. The only man to do this twice in succession at this time. His son Sidney (my father was also a farrier. Listed in Blacksmiths of Wales and Farriers Index..  
WARD George Farrier 1828 George Ward, farrier,shoeing smith. Born about 1828, place ?. The 1851 UK census lists George as 23yrs, in Sculcoates. A shoeing smith in Yorks Hull with step father George Mole..  
WEBB Samuel Shoeing Smith 1818 Samuel Webb,shoeing smith. Born 5th July 1818 in Ipswich, Suffolk, England. Wife: Susan De'Ath. The 1851 census shows him living in Hill Street, Ipswich St Helen. Shoeing Smith Journeyman..  
WILSON Frederick William Richard Farrier 1891 Frederick William Richard Wilson, blacksmith, farrier. Born 1891 and died 1964 or 1965 in Klerksdorp, Northern Cape, South Africa. Married Lillian Wilson lived in Kimberley. Had 3 daughters, one who disowned her family and became a famous Carven model in Paris (Audrey/Irene). His medal from the great war records him as Pte W Wilson of the 2nd S.A.H. (South African Horse). Listed in Blacksmiths of South Africa, Farriers and Military Indexes..  
WITHEY John Farrier 1775 John Withey, farrier. No: 53, Bedminster, East Street, Bristol. Taken from a list of metal workers in the 1775 Bristol Directory, published by the Temple Local History Society. I have no other information..  
WRIGGLESWORTH Robert Edward Henry Farrier,
1877 Robert Edward Henry Wrigglesworth, farrier, military. Born 28 September 1877, London England and died 1966 in London. Robert served in the 1st World War as a farrier with the Royal Horse Artullary later the Royal Field Artillary He married Amy Louise Dale on 3rd August 1902 at Notting Hill, Middlesex. Listed in farriers and military indexes..  
WYMER Dennis Farier,
1879 Dennis Wymer, Born, blacksmith, shoe smith. Born 1879 in Parish of Moulton, Acle, Norfolk, England. Dennis died 1974. Wife Sarah Born 1875 Died 1937. Dennis and Sarah lived and worked around Acle, Norfolk, shoeing horses for the local farms . Listed in Blacksmiths of Lancashire and the Farriers Index. Contributor does not wish to be contacted..  
YEO William Farrier 1766 William Yeo, farrier. Born about 1766, Ashburton, Devon, England. The 1841 UK census lists William as 75yrs, living at Pyworthy Village, Districy 6, Devon. Also listed is Elizabeth Yeo 15yrs..  
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