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Surname Given Name Trade Year Notes
ARNOLD Thomas Blacksmith 1795 Thomas Arnold, blacksmith, wheelwright, carpenter. Thomas Arnold born 30 June 1795, Fordham, Essex, died in 1872. his son Thomas was a Carpenter then Wheelwright, son Henry also Wheelwright. Listed in Blacksmiths of Essex and the wheelwright's index..  
CARD Thomas Blacksmith 1890 Thomas Card, blacksmith. Born 1890 in Sandon, Essex, England. Died 1890. WW1 Military Medal winner. He came back a broken man according to my Granny. Go to the "Interesting Stories" Link on the home page to see a sketch of his forge/house..  
CARD William Blacksmith 1836 William Card, blacksmith journeyman. Born 1836 Sandon, Essex,England. Married Deborah Eve 1862 at Ingatestone, Essex. By 1867 he was living in Leytonstone, Essex. By 1870 living and working in Broomfield, Essex.In 1881 census still living in Broomfield. The Smithy he worked in was close to where he and Deborah lived..  
CLAXTON John Blacksmith 1658 John Claxton, blacksmith. Born circa 1658, he married Elizabeth Barker (baptised 1654 at Great Baddow) in 1684 at Gt Baddow, Essex. Six children baptised at Gt Baddow 1685 to 1695. John and Elizabeth are the parents of Elizabeth Claxstone (1691) wife of John Hinton, Blacksmith. John and Elizabeth are my ancestors.  
CLAXTON Thomas Blacksmith 1832 Thomas Claxton, blacksmith. Born: unknown. Married at St. Nicholas' church South Ockendon, Essex on 23rd November 1832 where the records show him as being of 'Stifford Parish' to Jane Elizabeth Lavender of South Ockendon. (Banns read at St Mary the Virgin and St Cedd, Stifford, Essex, 7th October 1832, 14th October 1832 and 21st October 1832 also showing Thomas 'of this parish'). Their first child was born at South Ockendon on 2nd November 1833. The family moved to Canterbury, Kent, where Thomas Claxton worked as a blacksmith in Wincheap, possibly Fortune Passage, in the parish of St Mildreds’. Eight further children were born but by 1849 six had died and Jane Claxton died there on 2nd June 1849. Thomas retuned with his remaining children to South Ockendon sometime prior to his death in March 1851 aged 47yrs, just days before the Census which would have given an indication as to his birth place..  
DALTON Michael (1) Blacksmith 1765 Michael Dalton, master blacksmith. Born 1765 in Great Ellingham, Norfolk, England. Married Jane Anthony 1796 at Coggeshall, Essex. 1841: Living in Stonehaven Street, Coggeshall. 1851: still living in Stonehaven Street and employing 2 men. Michael and Jane Dalton are my Gt x 3 grandparents..  
DALTON Michael (2) Blacksmith 1804 Michael Dalton, blacksmith. Born 1804 Coggeshall, Essex, England. Married Frances Potter 1823 at Coggeshall. 1841: living in Stonehaven Street, Coggeshall. Michael and Frances Potter are my gt X 2 grandparents..  
HINTON John Blacksmith 1718 John Hinton, blacksmith. Born 1718 at Gt Baddow, Essex, England. He married Mary ? circa 1740. They had 10 children baptised 1742 to 1762 at Sandon, Essex. John died 1780 at Sandon, Mary died 1797 at Sandon. John and Mary are my ancestors..  
HINTON John Blacksmith 1687 John Hinton, Blacksmith Journeyman. Born 1687 at Terling, Essex, England. John (singleman of Lt Baddow) married Elizabeth Claxstone (baptised 1691 at Great Baddow, Essex) in 1714 at Gt Baddow. John was buried in 1733 at Sandon, Essex and Elizabeth was buried there in 1741. John and Elizabeth are my ancestors. 3 children were baptised in Gt Baddow1716 to 1721. 3 Children were baptised in Sandon 1723 to 1730. From the above info I would assume that he worked in Gt Baddow from at least from 1714 to 1721 and in Sandon 1723 to 1733, he was probably a Blacksmith at Lt Baddow prior to marrying Elizabeth in 1714 but I have nothing to prove it. John and Elizabeth are the parents of John Hinton born 1718, husband of Mary ? who are listed in the Blacksmiths of Essex Index..  
LOFTS William Blacksmith 1841 William Lofts was living at Hoseheath, Cambridgeshire. 1851: living at Hadstock, Essex. William was my gx4 grandfather..  
NICHOLS Thomas Blacksmith 1828 Thomas Nichols, born circa 1828 in Walthamstow Essex. Wife: Susan Mansfield, married on Christmas Day 1858 in Drinkstone Suffolk. Thomas was the son of James Nichols also a Blacksmith. It would appear from the 1881 census that John and Joseph brothers of Thomas were also Blacksmiths (in Battersea) See Blacksmiths of Suffolk Index for Mansfield relatives..  
PEARCE Thomas Blacksmith 1848 Thomas Pearce, blacksmith. Born about 1848 in Weston, Somerset, England. The 1871 UK census lists him as 23yrs, unmarried, blacksmith journeyman, lodging in Eastham Essex with blacksmith journeyman George Balls and family. The 1881 census lists him as 33yrs, at High Street, Hornchurch, Essex with wife Louisa 32yrs. Children: Amelia.L. 6yrs; Ada.E. 4yrs; Henry.G. 2yrs. Visitor: Harriet.C.Clary, 34yrs married,cheesemonger’s wife. Thomas is listed in both Essex and Somerset Blacksmiths..  
SMITH Charles Blacksmith 1830 Charles Smith, blacksmith. Born about 1830 in Ovington, Essex,England. The 1851 UK census lists him as 21yrs, unmarried, at 28 Ovington Street,Ovington. See Blacksmiths of Essex for parents James (born 1797) & Susan Smith plus siblings..  
SMITH James (Jnr) Blacksmith 1825 James Smith (Jnr), blacksmith. Born about 1825 in Ovington, Essex,England. The 1851 UK census lists him as 26yrs,unmarried, at 28 Ovington Street,Ovington. See Blacksmiths of Essex for parents James (born 1797) & Susan Smith plus siblings. In 1861 James (Jnr) is 35yrs, at Colne Engaine, Essex; with wife Caroline 39yrsand son George James 5months infant. 1871 has James (Jnr) as 45yrs, still at Colne Engaine. Caroline 49yrs. Children: James 10yrs & Alice 6yrs..  
SMITH James (Snr) Blacksmith 1797 James Smith (Snr), blacksmith. Born about 1797 in Ovington, Essex, England. The 1851 UK census lists him as 54yrs, at 28 Ovington Street, Ovington with wife Susan 55yrs(born Cavendish, Suffolk). Children listed: James 26yrs,?married (blacksmith); Thomas 23yrs, unmarried (blacksmith); Charles 21yrs,unmarried (blacksmith); William 20yrs,unmarried (ag.labourer); Eliza 16yrs,unmarried(straw plaiter); and granddaughter Eliza Chapman 5yrs,scholar. In 1861 James (Snr) is 65yrs, at 80 Overington Village; Susan 66yrs. Daughter Eliza 26yrs, unmarried, afflicted; granddaughter Eliza Chapman 16yrs; grandson William Chapman 9yrs. In 1871 Eliza Smith 36yrs (on parish relief) and her daughter Eliza Smith aka Chapman are visiting children’s grandmother Sarah Chapman..  
SMITH Thomas Blacksmith 1828 Thomas Smith, blacksmith. Born about 1828 in Ovington, Essex,England. The 1851 UK census lists him as 23yrs, unmarried, at 28 Ovington Street,Ovington. See Blacksmiths of Essex for parents James (born 1797) & Susan Smith plus siblings. In 1861 Thomas is 32yrs, at 86 Ovington Village; with wife Frances.R. 26yrs (born Melford,Suffolk). Children: William.E. 5yrs and Eliza Sarah 3yrs. 1971: Thomas is 43yrs, at Foundry Terrace, Tulbridge St Peter; Frances is 36yrs. Chiclred: William.E. 17yrs (blacksmith); Eliza Sarah 13yrs; Thomas.K. 8yrs; Arthur.r. 6yrs; George.F. 3yrs; Oliver.C. 3mths infant..  
TAYLOR John Blacksmith 1807 John Taylor, blacksmith, farrier. Born 1807 either Gloucestershire 1851 census, Herofordshire 1861 census. He married Ann Finch Twickenham, Middlesex, 1829, they had eight children Mary Ann 1829, Emma Eliza 1831, John 1833. Ann 1836, Frederick Daniel 1838, Ruth 1842, Joseph Daniel 1844, Margaret Fanny 1847. Non of his sons followed him into the business, most of them were Watermen. John lived and worked in Twickenham, Midlesex, from when he arrived until at least 1851 or later. He is in Brentford Union Workhouse in the 1861 census and he died in 1870 Turnham Green..  
WOOLNER Henry Blacksmith 1801 Henry Woolner, blacksmith. Born about 1801 (not born in Essex). The 1841 UK census lists him as 40yrs, at Bridge End, Newport, Essex; with wife Sarah 40yrs (not born in Essex). Children: Mary 20yrs; Eliza 20yrs; Sophia 15yrs; Benjamin 11yrs; Sarah 9yrs; Henry 8yrs; James 6yrs; Rebecca 5yrs; Emily 3yrs. He is my 2x great grandfather..  
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