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Surname Given Name Trade Year Notes
BASTIN Joseph Machine Maker 1801 Joseph Bastin, machine maker. Born about 1801, Alphingtom, Devon. The 1841 UK census lists him as 40yrs, at Alphington Village. Children: Harriet 15yrs; Richard 10yrs; John 6yr; William 5yrs. In 1851 Joseph is 54yrs, widower; Harriet 24yrs; Eliza Ann 22yrs; Richard James 19yrs (machine maker); John 15yrs (iron moulder) ; William 14yrs..  
BENNETT Edward Engine Smith 1819 Edward Bennett, blacksmith, engine smith. Born about 1819 in Armagh, Ireland. The 1851 UK census lists Edward as 32yrs, living at 30 Church Street, Monks Coppnenhall, Cheshire; with wife Sarah 30yrs (born Liverpool). Children: James 9yrs; Matilda 5yrs; Sarah 4yrs; Mary Jane 1yr Infant; Isabella 3mths infant. At same address (1851) is George Jordan (see engine smiths index + blacksmiths of Cheshire). In 1861 Edward is 40yrs, a blacksmith living at 288 Vauxhall Road, Liverpool, Lancaster; Sarah 41yrs and daughter Sarah 14yrs. Listed in Engine Smiths; Ireland and Cheshire Blacksmiths Indexes..  
BURTON Samuel Engineer Gas Works 1811 Samuel Burton, engineer to gas works. Born about 1811 (not in Devon). The 1841 UK census lists him as 30yrs, at the Gas House, Ashburton. Can’t find him 1851 - 1861 census. May have immigrated..  
DAVIDGE Albert Engine Fitter 1860 Albert Davidge, engine fitter. Born about 1860-1861, Bristol, Gloucstershire, England. The 1881 UK census lists Alberta s 20yrs, living at 157 Kingsland Road, Bristol with his family. See Enginesmiths Index for his parents William 41yrs & Ann 40yrs. Siblings listed Walter 18yrs; Edwin 17yrs (see boiler makers Index); Arthur 15yrs(see enginesmiths); Therissa 12yrs; Florence 8yrs; Alfred 2yrs..  
DAVIDGE Arthur Engine Fitter 1866 Arthur Davidge, engine fitter. Born about 1866, Gloucstershire, England. The 1881 UK census lists as 15yrs, living at 157 Kingsland Road, Bristol with his family. See Enginesmiths Index for his parents William 41yrs & Ann 40yrs. Siblings listed Albert 20yrs (see enginesmiths index); Walter 18yrs; Edwin 17yrs (see boiler makers Index); Therissa 12yrs; Florence 8yrs; Alfred 2yrs..  
DAVIDGE William Engine Fitter 1839 William Davidge, born 1st September 1839, St Philip & Jacob,Bristol,Gloucester. 1881: 41yrs, Engine Fitter 151 Kingsland Road, Bristol.Wife: Ann 40yrs. 1901: 61yrs, Engineer Fitter at 39 Queen Victoria Street,Bristol. Wife: Elizabeth A. 60yrs..  
DAVIDGE William Engine Fitter 1813 William Davidge, baptised 17 March 1813, Bath, Somerset. See census for 1841 to 1891. In 1881 William is 69yrs, living at 3 Great Western Street, Bristol St Philip & Jacob Out; with wife Martha 63yrs (born Bristol). Children: Ann 40yrs, unmarried and Emma 20yrs, unmarried..  
FRASER Theodore Tinne Engineer & Fitter 1869 Theodore Tinne Fraser, fitter & engineer. Born 30 October 1869, Auckland NZ and died 29 August 1936, Auckland; Theodore married Rhoda Sarah Barker. He was the son of George Fraser (2nd) and Christina Davidson..  
JORDAN George Engine Smith,
1824 George Jordan, engine smith, blacksmith journeyman. Born about 1824, Newcastle, England. His wife (Ann Jane) and son (Edward c. 1848) ) were born Liverpool, Daughter (Margaret c. 1850) in Newcastle so they are obviously moving back and forwards - with the railways?. The family passes through the workhouses of Lambeth, Wapping & Limehouse between 1856 & 59 where they had two additional children but by 1861 the wife (described as Head of family) and two children (Edward and Elizabeth) end up in the pit village of Bedlington (nr. Newcastle). George was not there and I am working on the assumption that that it was he who died on Nelson Street, Newcastle 1861 before the family moved to Bedlington - right name, right age, right trade, known associations to Newcastle. He died age 36 so I had also assumed that the time spent in the workhouse was because the breadwinner was not a well man. He was definitely alive in 1858 (Wapping workhouse baptism) but absent by 1861 census.  George's marriage cert (Liverpool 1846) has the father’s name as ‘John’ who was also a blacksmith but I don't know any more about him - yet!.  
NICHOLSON Arthur Engine Fitter 1875 Arthur Nicholson was born 1875 Hunslet, Leeds, Yorkshire West Riding,England..  
NICHOLSON Benjamin Engine Fitter 1826 Benjamin Nicholson was born 1826 Hunslet,Leeds,Yorkshire West Riding,England..  
NICHOLSON James Engine Fitter 1850 James Nicholson was born 1850 Hunslet, Leeds, Yorkshire West Riding..  
NICHOLSON William Engine Fitter 1821 William Nicholson was born 1821 Hunslet, Leeds,Yorkshire West Riding,England..  
PARKER John Engine Smith 1836 James was born in Kirkham in 1836, fifth son of John Parker and Ann (nee Hilton). He married Charlotte Barrett in Derby in 1865 and they had at least 8 children of which 4 were boys. John was listed as an engine smith in Eccleshill in 1861, a fitter in Stourbridge in 1871, and in 1881 he was an engine fitter in Derby. He died in 1887 in Derby. See Balcksmiths of Lancashire for other Parker family members..  
RIGBY Thomas William Engine Fitter 1837 Thomas William Rigby, engine fitter. Born 1837 in Lancashire, England. The 1881 British census has him in Kirkdale, Lancashire with his wife and six daughters, occupation = engine fitter..  
STEEDMAN James McAndrew   1869 James McAndrew Steedman, engineer. Emigrated in 1869 to Auckland, NZ, from Perth, Scotland on the ship "Joseph Fletcher"; He married Lillias Steedman. James was engaged assembling gunboats for the NZ government near Pukekohe, south of Auckland. A distinguished career in the mining industry in Thames, NZ..  
STOUT William merrison Engine Smith 1817 William Merrison Stout, blacksmith. Born 1817 in Cantley, Norfolk, England and died 1872. William.N. was the son of master blacksmith William Stout (born 1783) and Mary Merrison, but he wasn't a blacksmith as far as we know. No evidence of an apprenticeship. Maybe learnt about engines in Norfolk with the blacksmiths, windmills etc. and his father-in-law John Mitchell of Shadwell was an engineer. Probably all farriers too. William.M. arrived in London as an Engineer but after marrying a music teacher and the 1841 census followed a range of shopkeeping occupations. See Blacksmiths of Norfolk for other family members..  
TILEY John Engine Smiths & Screw Makers 1821 John Tiley, engine smith. Born about 1821 in Somerset Road. The 1851 UK census lists him as 30yrs, living at 8 Mill Street,Bradford, Wiltshire; with wife Amelia 29yrs & children: Martha 9yrs; Ann 7yrs; John 5yrs; Amelia 3yrs; Henry 10mths infant. Visitors: Thomas Batten 28yrs (married) & Selina Batten 27yrs (married)..  
WILLIAMS & WINWOOD W&W Engine Smiths & Screw Makers 1775 Williams & Winwood, engine smiths & screw makers. No: 80, West Street, top of Old Market, Bristol. Listed in both Engine Fitters & Bolts/Nuts/ Indexes. Taken from a list of metal workers in the 1775 Bristol Directory, published by the Temple Local History Society. I have no other information..  
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