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Surname Given Name Trade Year Notes
BOWES Thomas Blacksmith 1828 Thomas Bowes, Blacksmith of Lancashire. Taken from the Pigot and Co's National and Commericial Directory dated 1828-29. Address St. John's Chapel, Durham. No further information given..  
BRIGGS John Blacksmith 1846 John Briggs, blacksmith. Born 1846, in Haswell, Durham, England. The 1851 census ists John as 5yrs. Living in Haswell, Durham with parents Thomas (1820- ..) a blacksmith & Mary Briggs. Siblings: Isabella 9yrs, Robert 7yrs. In 1861 John is 15yrs, a blacksmith, now living in Stockley, Durham. Parents: Thomas 41yrs, Mary 40yrs. Siblings: Isabella 19yrs, Robert 17yrs an engine stoker, Thomas 8yrs, Elizabeth 5yrs..  
BRIGGS Robert Blacksmith 1798 Robert Briggs, blacksmith & local M.Preacher. Born about 1798 in Washington, Durham, England. 1851: Robert 53yrs, Elizabeth 53yrs, daughter Elizabeth 15yrs & nephew Frederick Craig 15yrs, born Sunderland. Lodgers William Parsley 62yrs a coal miner & Robert Wilson 20yrs, coal miner. The 1861 UK census lists Robert as 63yrs, wife Elizabeth 63yrs and nephew Frederick Craig 25yrs, blacksmith born Sunderland..  
BRIGGS Thomas (Jnr) Blacksmith 1853 Thomas Briggs (Jnr), blacksmith. Born 1853 in Haswell, Durham, England. The 1861 census lists Thomas as 8yrs. Living in Stockley with his parents, Thomas 41yrs (blacksmith) & Mary 42yrs. Siblings: Isabella 19yrs; Robert 17yrs an engine stoker; John 15yrs blacksmith; Elizabeth 5yrs. Living in Stockley, Durham. Difficult to find in the census after this as a blacksmith. One possibility is one Thomas Briggs with the same date & place of birth who became a draper. This may be the same Thomas who died in June 1913 Durham, United Kingdom..  
BRIGGS Thomas (Snr) Blacksmith 1820 Thomas Briggs (Snr), blacksmith. Born 1820, in Houghton le Spring, Durham, England. Son of blacksmith Robert & Elizabeth Briggs The 1841 census lists Thomas as 20yrs, with his wife Mary 20yrs(nee Watson, born Haswell). In 1851 Thomas is 31yrs, Mary 31yrs, Isabella 9yrs, Robert 7yrs, John 5yrs. Living in Haswell Durham. 1861: Thomas 41ys, Mary 42yrs; Isabella 19yrs; Robert 17yrs an engine stoker; John 15yrs (b. 1846) a blacksmith; Thomas 8yrs (b. 1853) later a blacksmith; Elizabeth 5yrs. Living in Stockley, Durham..  
CHILTON Thomas Blacksmith 1819 Thomas Chilton, blacksmith. Born about 1819 in Pamshire, Durham, England. The 1851 UK census lists Thomas as 32yrs, living at 4 North Street, St David, Exeter with wife Elizabeth 31yrs (born Gateside, Durham). Listed in Blacksmiths of Durham and Devon..  
DICKINSON Thomas Blacksmith 1837 Thomas Dickinson, master blacksmith. Born 1837 in Plumpton, Yorkshire, England. Resided in Stockton on Tees, County of Durham England, from at least 1870 at that time he was a Blacksmith at the Engine Works. He died in 1919 at Stockton. Thomas was married twice (1) Elizabeth Foxton and (2) Mary Jane Miller (nee Love). Listed in Blacksmiths of Durham and Yorkshire..  
DOVE Joseph Blacksmith 1861 Joseph Dove, blacksmith. Born 5th October 1861 at 97 Blandford St, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Parents: William & Dorothy Dove (nee Golightly). In 1881 aged 19yrs he is a Blacksmith and living at 38 Alfred St, Hartlepool. Wife: Elizabeth Glass, married 18th April 1883 and living at 55 Tulloch Street, Newcastle. 1888: Joseph & Elizabeth are living at 8 Graham Street, Hartlepool. 1890: living at 7 Villiers St, Sunderland. 1891: living at 5 Pitmans Row, Newcastle Upon Tyne. 1893: living at 57 Alfed St,Hartlepool. In 1901: still a Blacksmith, Joseph & Elizabeth are still at 57 Alfred St, Hartlepool. At some point in the early 20thC. Joseph & Elizabeth moved to Birmingham where I believe that they owned a fish & chip shop. Elizabeth died on 20 August 1925 and Joseph on 05 January 1932. They are buried in the same grave in Yardley Cemetery, Birmingham.  
EASTON James Blacksmith & Ironmonger 1808 James Easton, master blacksmith. Born about 1808, in Ilderton, Northumberland. Died 1880 Sunderland. The 1851 UK census lists him as 43 years, living at 5 Anne Street, Ayres Quay, Sunderland, Durham with wife Jane(nee Dowie )42 years, born abt. 1809. Children listed: William Dowie Easton 16yrs(apprentice blacksmith); James Easton 11yrs apprentice blacksmith); Elizabeth Easton 9yrs; Eleanor Easton 6yrs. Parents of James: Robert Easton 72yrs (retired blacksmith) and Eleanor (nee Grey)72yrs..  
EASTON Robert Blacksmith 1779 Robert Easton, retired blacksmith. Born about 1779, in Cornhill, Berwick-on-Tweed. The 1851 UK census lists him as 72 years, living with wife Eleanor (nee Grey) 72yrs and family members at 5 Anne Street, Ayres Quay, Sunderland, Durham..  
EASTON William Dowie Blacksmith 1834 William Dowie Easton, blacksmith. Born 1834 Gateshead, Durham. Died 1901, Sunderland, Durham. The 1851 UK census lists him as 16yrs, living with parents at 5 Anne Street, Ayres Quay, Sunderland, Durham. The 1861 UK census lists him as 26yrs, at same address with wide Elizabeth (nee Miller) 26 years and son James 1yr infant. Boarders: John Brown 40yrs married (painter) and Alice Brown 59yrs married..  
FIRBY Charlton Robert Blacksmith 1854 Charlton Robert Firby, blacksmith. Born Sheraton in 1854. Son of Edmund. In 1871 census he is visiting friends (?) in Darlington and is listed as a boiler smith; in 1881 he is a blacksmith living with his wife Elizabeth and her parents in Sandwell Chare, Hartlepool. Appeared in court in February 1883 after being assaulted outside his home. He died at his home 11 Baltic St, Hartlepool in September 1884 and was buried at Spion Kop Cemetery. A case involving an unpaid bill after his death shows he was involved in making rolleys – small wagons for mines etc. Contact Richard by.  
FIRBY Edmund Blacksmith 1823 Edmund Firby, blacksmith. Born in Hipswell, North Yorkshire in 1823. Was an apprentice to John Mansfield there in 1841 but had moved to County Durham when he married Mary Ann Patterson in 1849. Resident blacksmith in Sheraton Village from 1851-1898. In 1861 his apprentice was Wilson Howe(?) and he employed William Coulthard in 1881 and (a different) John Mansfield in 1891. Was advertising for “a good horse shoer” in May 1876, May 1884 April 1890, December 1894 and June 1897. His house and shop were to let in January 1898 but by April 1898 his tools and household furniture were being auctioned off upon his retirement and moving to Hartlepool. Buried in North Cemetery Hartlepool in May 1900, with abode listed as the workhouse – most likely as a hospital patient. Contact Richard by.  
GARVEY Edward Blacksmith 1852 Edward Garvey, born in Sunderland 1852. Worked as a blacksmith in Sunderland, Durham, England. In 1901 he worked as a blacksmith in Bainbridge, near Richmond Yorkshire. See 1901 census for wife Jane Ann Eleanor & list of several children. Edward is listed also in Blacksmiths of Yorkshire. See Blacksmiths of USA & Canada Index for his sons John Andrew, Cecil Joseph Gt. Garvey & William Joseph Garvey, all three moved to Canada, some working as blacksmiths there. John Andrew joined the Canadian Overseas Force and is killed in the First World..  
HOOD Benjamin Blacksmith 1851 Benjamin Hood, blacksmith. Census 1851 & 1861 of Penshaw County Durham lists him as a blacksmith. He was the younger son of Robert Hood born 1775, blacksmith of windmillhill, Cateshead County Durham off Jacksons Chard (Street Gateshead)..  
HOOD Benjamin Blacksmith 1805 Benjamin Hood, blacksmith, boiler maker. Born about 1805 in Stranton, Painshaw County, Durham, England. The 1841 UK lists Benjamin as 35yrs, living at Houghton le Spring with wife Ann 30yrs. Children: Mary Ann 10yrs; Thomas 10yrs; Margaret 7yrs; Robert 5yrs; June 4yrs; Benjamin 1yr infant. In 1851: Benjamin is 46yrs, living in Painshaw with wife Ann 44yrs. Children: Thomas 20yrs; Margaret 18yrs; Robert 15yrs (blacksmith, born Houghton le Spring Durham); June 13yrs; Benjamin 11yrs. 1861: Benjamin 55yrs is married to second wife Isabella 39yrs; with 2 more children Joseph 8yrs; William 6yrs; Isabella 4yrs. . Benjamin was the younger son of Robert Hood born 1775, blacksmith of windmillhill, Cateshead County Durham off Jacksons Chard (Street Gateshead)..  
HOOD Isabella Blacksmith 1822 Isabella Hood, blacksmith. Born about 1822, Durham, England. The widow (2nd wife) of Benjamin Hood blacksmith is recorded on the 1871 census as blacksmith at Painshaw County Durham, England..  
HOOD Joseph Blacksmith 1853 Joseph Hood, blacksmith. Born about 1853 at Painstow, Durham, England. The 1871 census lists him as 18yrs living at New Herrington, Durham with mother Isabella 50yrs,widow plus brother William 17yrs (fireman) and sister Isabella 14yrs. The 1881 census lists him as 28yrs with wife Hannah Isabella 27yrs at 13 George Street East. Children: Edward Purvis Hood 3yrs & Joseph Hood 6 months infant. For Images of headstones contact Jim (via webmaster)..  
HOOD Robert Blacksmith 1775 Robert Hood, blacksmith. Born about 1775, Berwick-upon-Tweed. The 1851 census lists him as 74yrs, blacksmith living at 14 Russell Terrace Windmillhill, Gateshead County, Durham off Jacksons Chard(Street Gateshead) – with wife Mary 71yrs and grandson Robert 11yrs (scholar)..  
HOOD Robert Blacksmith 1836 Robert Hood, blacksmith. Born about 1836 in Houghton Le Spring, Durham, England. In 1841 he is 15yrs. 1851 census lists him as 15yrs still living with his blacksmith father Benjamin (born about 1805) & mother Ann plus siblings Thomas; Margaret; June and Benjamin. The 1861 UK census lists Robert as 25yrs living in Lodovick Terrace, Marylebone with wife Margaret 21yrs..  
KAY Robert Blacksmith 1850 Robert Kay, blacksmith. Born about 1850, Barnard Castle, Durham, England. The 1851 UK census lists Robert as a 1yrs infant living at Barnard castle with his mother Mary Kay 39yrs, widow. Siblings listed: John 13yrs (invalid); Frances 12yrs. In 1911 Robert is 61yrs, living in Whorlton, Durham; wife Margaret 62yrs. Children: Robert Hughes Kay 29yrs unmarried (assistant blacksmith); Beatrice 34yrs unmarried. Grandsons Norman Geekie 6yrs and Donald Geekie 5yrs. There has been 3 generations of Kay family working as blacksmiths in Whorlton, County Durham England..  
KAY Robert Huges Blacksmith 1882 Robert Hughes Kay, blacksmiths assistant. Born about 1882, Whorlton, Durham, England. The 1911 UK census lists Robert as 29yrs, living with his parents, master blacksmith.  
KING Joseph (Jnr) Blacksmith 1871 Joseph King (Jnr), blacksmith. Born in 1871 in Flaxton, New Zealand to Joseph King (born 1832 , blacksmith). Seen in electoral rolls for 1896 and 1900 as working with his father at 33 Lichfield Sreet. In 1905-1906 he was a blacksmith at Stanmore Road, Richmond. Died in 1949 in Christchurch, NZ. . See Cartwrights Index for his grandfather John and Blacksmiths of Durham, New Zealand and Scotland for other family members..  
KING Joseph (Snr) Blacksmith 1832 1832: Joseph King (Snr), blacksmith. Born in 1832 in Monkwearmouth, Durham, England. Son of John King (born 1783 railway wright). The 1851 UK census lists Joseph as a blacksmith in Monkwearmouth. He emigrated to New Zealand about 1859. In 1890 he was a blacksmith in Lower High Street, Christchurch. In 1896 and 1900 blacksmith at 33 Lichfield Street with his son Joseph King (Jnr). Died 1916 in Christchurch, NZ. Listed in Blacksmiths of Durham and New Zealand. See Cartwrights Index for his father John and Blacksmiths of Durham, New Zealand and Scotland for other family members..  
KING Thomas Blacksmith 1825 Thomas King, blacksmith. Born 1825 in Monkwearmouth, Durham, England. Son of John King (born 1783 railway wright). The 1841 UK census lists Thomas living at John street, Monkwearmouth, as apprentice ship smith, with father John, railway wright, brothers John, apprentice cast iron foundry, Thomas, apprentice ship smith. In 1851 ship smith, at John Street with father John, waggon way wright, brothers Thomas ship smith, Robert ship wright, Joseph black smith. Married Margaret Robson in 1852. Emigrated to New Zealand on the "Indiana" in 1858. A blacksmith in Christchurch, NZ, died 1901. Listed in Blacksmiths of Durham and New Zealand. See Cartwrights Index for his father John and Blacksmiths of Durham, New Zealand and Scotland for other family members..  
MABLESON John Blacksmith 1787 John Mableson, blacksmith. Baptised 25 April 1798 in Butterwick, Durham, England. His father Nicholas Mableson was baptised 07 November in Leake..  
MARWOOD Ralph Blacksmith 1790 Ralph Marwood, blacksmith master. Born 1790-1791 in Stickley, Yorkshire, England. The 1851 UK census lists Ralph as 60yrs, wife Ann 55yrs (born Durham), living in Easington Lane, Hetton le Hole, Durham, England. Children listed: Vickers? 22yrs and Alice 13yrs. In 1861 Ralph is 70yrs, Ann 65yrs, still in Easington Lane. Can also be seen on 1841 census. Listed in Blacksmiths of Durham and Yorkshire..  
MELVILLE Robert Blacksmith 1796 Robert Melville, blacksmith. Born about 1796, Durham, England. The 1841 UK census lists Robert as 45yrs, living at South Shields with wife Dorothy 45yrs (born Durham). Children: James 18yrs; Margaret 15yrs; Dorothy 11yrs; George 7yrs. Also listed: Heather Westinhurst 20yrs, female servant and William Wilstead 9yrs..  
MURTHA Thomas Blacksmith 1848 Thomas Murtha, blacksmith. Born 1848 in Dundalk, Louth, Ireland. Died 1910 Sunderland, Durham. The 1871 UK census lists him as 22 years, at Black Cock Open, Monkwearmouth, Durham. With wife Sarah Ann Young..  
NETTLESHIP Edward Blacksmith 1810 Edward Nettleship, blacksmith. Born 15th October 1810, Sunderland, Durham and died1876. The 1841 UK census lists him as 31yrs, at Ballast Hills, Bishopwearmouth, Durham; with wife Elizabeth Bell 36 years. Can be found in census 1851; 1861..  
NETTLESHIP Edward Blacksmith 1782 Edward Nettleship, blacksmith. Born about 1786 & baptized 27th October 1786(?), Durham, Darlington. Edward died 1845 Sunderland, Durham. The 1841 UK census lists him as 55yrs, living at Deptford, Bishopwearmouth, Durham with wife Eleanor Young 55yrs and daughter Sarah 20yrs..  
OTTY Richard Blacksmith 1866 Richard Otty, blacksmith. Born about 1866 in Shincliffe Durham. See Blacksmiths of Durham for parents Robert & Jane plus siblings. See census 1881 for details but this is thought by some to be a transcription error. No other details given..  
OTTY Robert Blacksmith 1833 Robert Otty, blacksmith. Born about 1833, in Waybourne, Norfolk. The 1881 UK census lists him as 48yrs, at William Street, Hetton le Hole, Hertton Downs; with wife Jane 55yrs born Durham. Chilrden: Richard 15yrs (blacksmith), Elizabeth 13yrs, Isabel 10yrs. See 1881 census..  
OTTY (OTTEY) Michael Blacksmith 1865 Michael Otty, born 1865 Shincliffe Durham emigrated to Australia with his family from the Ashington area in Northumberland. Michael is listed in both the Blacksmiths of Durham and Australia Indexes. See Blacksmiths of Norfolk Index for his father Robert & brother Richard. See Farriers & Military Indexes for another family member Robert (born 1883)..  
RIDLEY Matthew Blacksmith 1842 Matthew Ridley. His marriage certificate states he is a blacksmith as was his father Thomas Ridley. Contributor does not want to be contacted..  
RIDLEY Thomas Blacksmith 1842 Thomas Ridley, blacksmith. Marriage cert of his son Matthew Ridley in 1842, Matthew was also a Blacksmith. Contributor does not want to be contacted..  
SCOTT George Blacksmith 1832 George Scott, blacksmith. Born about 1832 in ?Durham, England. The 1841 UK census lists George as 9yrs, living with John Crystal 61yrs and his family in Upper Street, Tweedmouth, Durham, England. In 1851 George is 19yrs, lodging at 135 Hardings Bank, Westoe, South Shields, Durham with John (a fireman) & Mary Scott & family. Information needs checking..  
SISSON Alfred Ernest Blacksmith 1882 Alfred Ernest Sisson, born 1882, Stanhope, Durham, England. Parents: Robert Sisson and Emma (nee Wilkinson). Alfred emigrated to the Cape, South Africa, aboard the "Armadale Castle" from Southampton, England, on 09 October 1909, along with his older sister, Ada Gregson SISSON (born 1880, Stanhope. Durham, England)who later married ? C[R]OOK..  
SISSON William Blacksmith 1799 William Sisson, born 20 January 1799, Sunderland, Durham, England. A blacksmith in 1829 and 1851 at Westmorland. Wife: "Hannah" Johanna Lowther. 1851 census for Temple Sowerby, shows William as 52yrs, blacksmith. Also listed in Blacksmiths of Westmoreland along with other family members..  
STRINGER John Blacksmith 1822 John Stringer, blacksmith. Born about 1822 in Stockton, Durham, England. The 1851 UK census lists John as 29yrs, living in a Tenement, Plymouth, Devon with wife Mary 29yrs (born Bristol, Gloucester). Children: Mary.A. 7yrs, Alfred.J. 2yrs, Elizabeth 4months infant. Listed in Blacksmiths of Devon and Durham..  
TAYLOR Richard Blacksmith 1763 Richard Taylor was born in Stranton about 1763 and is recorded as a Blacksmith on the record of the Christening of his so Thomas Taylor in 1793. Richard had a brother Thomas who was also a Blacksmith.In Wood's history of West Hartlepool Thomas TAYLOR is recorded as a village Blacksmith in Stranton in 1826.In the 1841 Census of Stranton Thomas Taylor is recorded as a Blacksmith and in the same household are two more Blacksmiths named Thomas Taylor - his uncle and son. Thomas the younger went on to have four sons in West Hartlepool each of whom was a Blacksmith.His grandson Joseph Frederick "Fred" Taylor is recorded as being a Blacksmith in the 1901 Census..  
THORNTON Alfred Blacksmith 1852 Alfred Thornton, whitesmith and bellringer. Born 1852, Darlington, Durham, England.. The 1881 UK census lists Alfred as 29yrs, living at 24 Chapel Street, Darlington; with wife Mary Ellen 23yrs (born Darlington). Children: Ada 5yrs; Elliott 3yrs; Alice 1yr..  
WALKER Matthew Blacksmith 1842 Matthew Walker, blacksmith. Born about 1842, in Quarrington, Durham, England. The 1851 UK census lists Matthew as 7yrs, living with family at Salter Lane,Haswell, Durham. See the Saddlers Index for parents William Walker (born in Middlesex)) and Isabella (Dipton, Durham). The family lived at 3 Charge Place, Stockton (1861c)..  
WHITE David Blacksmith 1849 David White, shipwright. Born 1849 in Monkwearmouth, Durham to Michael White, mariner and Eleanor King, daughter of John King, cartwright. In 1871 he was a shipwright, living with his widowed father. In 1881 a shipwright, living with his wife and daughter and his father. David died in 1882 in Sunderland, Durham..  
WHITE Michael Blacksmith 1840 Michael White, blacksmith. Born 1840-1841 in Monkwearmouth, Durham, England. Parents Michael White (mariner) and Eleanor King, daughter of John King (born 1783 see Cartwrights index). In 1861 census as blacksmith..  
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