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Surname Given Name Trade Year Notes
CAMPION Robert Burn Blacksmith & Shoeing Smith 1857 Robert Burn campion, born 1857, Ilsington, Devon, son of William Field Campion. Wife Ellen Louisa Pascoe,married 1878 in Kingskerswell. Died 1930,Truro, Cornwall. 1881 Census: Shoeing Smith at 2 Beenlands Cottages, Tor Square, Tormoham, Devon. 1891 Census: Railway Blacksmith living at Blacksmiths Shop, 44 Mill Lane, Highweek, Devon with his wife & family. 1901 Census: Living at 43 Hilton Rd, Wolborough with Newton Abbott. Shortly after he & the family moved to Cornwall, living at Kenwick St, Truro & employed as a blacksmith on 39s a week. Also entered in Blacksmiths of Devon..  
CHAPMAN William Blacksmith 1811 William Chapman, blacksmith. Born about 1811 in North Petherwin Devon, England. Married Harriet Sparkes.On the 1841 census lists him as 30yrs, a Blacksmith living in Launceston Cornwall (in the parish of St Mary Magdalene) UK with one daughter Fanny. The 1851 census shows him as 45yrs old (?born 1806), Harriet 30yrs. Children: Fanny 10yrs, Thomas 6yrs, Elizabeth 10 months infant. No trace of William on the 1861 census, no trace of a death cert. On census 1861 Harriet is now 48yrs, head of family with Thomas 17yrs, ? Emma 12yrs, Elizabeth 10yrs . See Whitesmiths Index for son Thomas who became a tin plate worker..  
GILBERT John Blacksmith 1819 John Gilbert born 1819 in Kenwyn Truro, Cornwall. Died September Qtr 1887 in Stoke Damerel, Plymouth, Devon. Wife Maria Trethewey, married 21 December 1844. Maria was born in Roche, Cornwall 1814. Children: Rachel Tretheway Gilbert, Milcah Gilbert born 26 April 1848 . 1851 census shows John 30yrs, in Whitchurch Village, Whitchurch, Devon, Maria 35yrs, Rachel Tretheway Gilbert 5yrs, Mileha Gilbert 2yrs, Elizabeth Jane Gilbert 1yr. Also listed in Blacksmiths of Devon Index..  
RANDELL Edwin Blacksmith 1950 Edwin Randell, blacksmith. Edwin was a blacksmith at South Crofty Mine, Redruth, Cornwall. He make tools for the mine. He lost an eye and the owners paid for an artificial eye. He retired in the early 1950s. He walked from home to work and back 6 days a week..  
ROWE James Ladner (Snr) Blacksmith 1822 James Ladner Rowe (Snr), blacksmith of Buryas Bridge in Cornwall. The 1861 UK census lists him as 39yrs with wife Elizabeth A. 40yrs. Children: James Ladner Rower(Jnr) aged 17yrs (blacksmith); William. M. Rowe 16yrs (blacksmith); Richard. H. 12yrs; Elizabeth. A. 11yrs; Mary. M. 5yrs; Ellen. J. 4yrs; infant son 3 days old. Also listed is Mary Richards 31yrs,nurse. See Blacksmiths of Australia and New Zealand for his son James Ladner Rowe (Jnr), blacksmith, born 1854, Cornwall (immigrated to NZ & Australia)..  
ROWE William Blacksmith 1845 William. M. Rowe, blacksmith. Born 1845 in Buryas Bridge in Cornwall. See Blacksmiths of Cornwall for his father James Ladner (Snr) and other family members. His brother James Ladner (Jnr) is also listed in Blacksmiths of Australia and New Zealand..  
ROWLING Samuel Richard Blacksmith 1819 Samuel Richard Rowling, blacksmith. Born 1819 St Stephen by Saltash, Cornwall, England. Died in 1896 Tresco Scilly, Devon. Wife: Mary Ann Symons born 1821 Braunton Devon and died 1906 in Swansea, Glamorgan. Samuel also worked as a Constable / Overseer in Tresco, Island Bay, Scilly. The Overseers of the Poor are sworn in Constables, of the various islands. Produced their annual accounts which were examined approved and passed..  
SIMMONS Joseph Blacksmith 1802 Joseph Simmons, blacksmith. Born circa 14th April 1802 Gwennup Cornwal, England. Died 3rd September 1872 in Adelaide South Australia, aged 70 years. He arrived 1849 PT Adelaide SA with 4 daughters all married. Joseph was a well respected Blacksmith in Adelaide and in Carrharrack, St Day, Melangoose, Portleven and Falmoth prior to 1849. Listed in the Blacksmiths of Australia and Cornwall Indexes..  
UDY James. Blacksmith 1854 James Udy, blacksmith. My great grandfather worked in St. Erth. He was born on Oct 21, 1854, near St.Issey. All info from my father's book "A Pride of Lions" 1995 National Library of Australia ISBN 0 646 19320 1. Details for James Udy start in Chapter 12, page 113. From 116, starting at 10 years old he worked with his father and brothers at the clay works, near Retew I believe. His mother died when he was 10 also (Mary). James had various jobs and also joined the Hayle Foundry Wesleyan Chapel. James married Kate Harris in 1878. Six months later he rented a shop in Connor Downs as a blacksmith but three years later the owner came back and James & Mary moved to St. Erth. Their children attended Chapel School, also known as the Wesleyan Day School. page 121 says "The 1891 census identified in St Erth 14 men described as "Blacksmith" but only one "shoeing smith". This was James Udy, husband of Kate and father of Richard, John, Mary, Charles (Garrett), Joseph (Stuart), Kate, Wilfred, and Thomas. James was better known in Cornwall as "the Cornish Evangelist". James died on January 5, 1900, leaving Kate and their 10 children (Stanley came last). Their 6th child, Joseph George Stuart, born Sept 1885, moved to Australia as a preacher, and with his wife, Elsie May White, had my father James and his two brothers Gloster and Richard Udy..  
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