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Surname Given Name Trade Year Notes
ANDREWS Edward Coach Builder 1796 Edward Andrews, coach builder, wheelwright. Born about 1796, Hampshire, England. The 1841 UK census lists Edward as 45yrs, living in Winchester, Hampshire with wife Ann 40yrs (born Hampshire). Children: Edward 12yrs; Alfred 11yrs; John 9yrs; Elizabeth 8yrs; Charlotte 3yrs; Hary 1yr infant. Andersons..  
ANDREWS Edward Coach Builder 1786 Edward Andrews, coach builder, wheelwright. Born about 1786, Hampshire, England. The 1841 UK census lists Edward as 55yrs, living in High Street Alton with wife Caroline 40yrs. Children: Edward 15yrs ( ?builder); William. B. 15yrs (wheelwright); Thomas 5yrs; John 4yrs; Caroline 10yrs). Also listed is Elizabeth Andrews 45yrs (needlewoman). In 1851 Edward is listed as 66yrs, Caroline 56yrs. Children: living at Elm Close Cottages Thomas 17yrs (coach painter) and John 14yrs (errand boy)..  
ANDREWS William Coach Builder 1826 William. B. Andrews, coach builder, wheelwright. Born about 1826 at Alton, Hampshire, England. The 1841 UK census lists William as 15yrs, living in High Street Alton. Father: coach maker, wheelwright Edward Andrews (born 1786) and mother Caroline Andrews 40yrs ; Edward 15yrs ( ?builder); Thomas 5yrs; John 4yrs; Caroline 10yrs). Also listed is Elizabeth Andrews 45yrs (needlewoman)..  
BECK Samuel Cartwright 1833 Samuel Beck, cartwright. Born about 1833,Ireland. The 1851 UK census lists Samuel as 18yrs, living at Threafithwaite cottages, Creater, Cumberland. See Blacksmiths of Cumberland for parents James and Elizabeth Beck plus siblings..  
BIRNEY John Chs. Coachbuilder,
1814 John Birney, coachbuilder, carpenter. Born 1814, place unknown. Died of lead poisoning from paint. Lived at Campsie Crescent, Omagh Town, Tyrone. Married to Jane Jamieson (1820-1890). Sons William George and Samuel were coach-painters. Samuel becomes a machinist after he moved to Pennsylvania, USA. Related to Birney carpenter and cartwright families located in Strabane, Tyrone, and Letterkenny, Donegal..  
BISHOP Roger Coachsmith 1804 Roger Bishop, coachsmith, journeyman. Born about 1804 in Devon. The 1841 UK census lists him as 37yrs, at Chapel lane, Plymouth Parish of St Charles the Martyr; with wife Ann 38yrs (born Devon)..  
BURTON George Alfred Coachsmith,
1828 George Alfred Burton, coachbuilder, blacksmith. Born 16th March 1828 at St. Pancras, Christened 29th June, 1828. Died 6th March 1904 aged 76 yrs at Lilydale, Victoria Australia. Married Elizabeth Jane Jenner. (my g.grandparents). George Alfred was blacksmith in Charlton Victoria, (where most of his 12 children were born) employing five people; in later years they lived in Lilydale together with sons Ebenezer and William Burton and also had Funeral Parlours "'Burton Bros". See Cartwrights Index for other family members. George Alfred Burton is listed in both the Blacksmiths of Australia Index & the Cartwrights Index..  
BURTON Thomas (1) Coachsmith 1765 Thomas Burton, coachbuilder. Born circa 1765 at St. James, Westminster, London. Married 1st June 1784 , St. Marylebone Rd., London, to Theana Goode born circa 1765. See this same index for other family members..  
BURTON Thomas (2) Coachsmith 1787 Thomas Burton, coach-builder/maker. Born 21st January 1787 at St. James, Westminster, London. Died May 1855 (T.B.) aged 66 yrs. Buried 8th May, 1853. He lived in Goswell Rd., St. Pancras, London. Married 31st May, 1868 at St. Mary's C. of E., Battersea to Temperance Dunsdon born circa 1788 at St. Pancras. She died June qtr. 1853 (T.B.) Had five children: 2 boys & 3 girls. See this index for sons Thomas (Jnr) and George Alfred..  
BURTON Thomas (3) Coachsmith 1810 Thomas Burton (Jnr), coachbuilder. Born 5th February . Christened 19th September 1824 at St. Pancras, London. Married circa 1836 to Amy Haynes (3 children). See this same index for other family members..  
BURTON William Coachsmith 1864 William Burton,coachsmith. Born about 1824 in Aylsham, Norfolk. The 1851 UK census lists him as 27yrs, at Town Lane,Aylsham,Norfolk.; with wife Eliza 33yrs (born London-London). See Blacksmiths Index for his brother John Burton..  
BUZACOTT Roderick Cartwright,
1864 Roderick Buzacott, blacksmith, Cartwright, Wheelwright. Born 28 June 1864, Clare South Australia. Died Blyth South Australia, 27 July 1930 (Aged 66yrs); Blyth is only about 13 Km drive from Clare. Roderick had been in business there for 39 years. My Grandfather was a major manufacturer of farming equipment in Blyth and regularly won first prize in the Clare and Adelaide shows. I have a number of photos of my Grandfathers work as well as the inside of his factory - workshop. Roderick is listed in Blacksmiths of Australia plus the Cartwrights & Wheelwrights Indexes..  
CARMICHAEL John Cartwright 1797 John Carmichael, wagon wright. Born about 1797 in Upin Argyleshire, Scotland. The 1851 UK census lists him as 54yrs, a widower, living at 59, Crossroads, Old Monkland, Lanarkshire with daughter: Mary 16yrs. Lodger: Donald McIntyre, 25yrs, married (a carter). No email address supplied..  
COLLEY Joseph Carriage Maker ,
1835 Joseph Colley, wheelwright and carriage maker. Born about 1836 in Cheltenham, Gloucester, England. Mary Elizabeth Stroud, 2 Jan 1859 Cheltenham. The 1881 UK census lists him as 45yrs, at Longford Terrace, Gloucester; with wife Elizabeth 40yrs. Children: William Henry (2) 20yrs; Kate 18yrs; Harry 17yrs; Benjamin 15yrs; Gertrude 11yrs; Ada 8yrs; Anne 5yrs; Joseph 3yrs; Charles 9mths infant. See Blacksmiths of Gloucestershire Index for father William Henry (1) and in interesting stories & wheelwrights index for son William Henry (2). No contact email supplied..  
COLLEY William Henry (2) Carriage Maker ,
1861 William Henry Colley (2), wheelwright and coach builder. Born 19 January 1861 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. 17 Hermitage Place, Cheltenham. Died 6 Oct 1922 at Gloucester. The 1881 UK census lists him as 20yrs old living with his parents & siblings at Longford Terrace, Gloucester. See Interesting Stories Link on Home Page for more information. Married: 1st March 1885 in Huntley, at Longhope Parish Church to Phoebe Selina Bullock Ballinger. See Cartwrights Index for parents Joseph & Elizabeth Colley. See Wheelwrights Index for William Henry Colley (1). No contact email supplied. In 1891 William (2) is 30yrs, at Longford Road, Gloucester;with wife Phoebe.C. 28yrs (born Longhope). Children: Kate.R. 5yrs; Ethel. E. 2yrs; William. E. Gladstone Colley 1yr infant. Servant: Kate Hampton 14yrs. No contact email supplied..  
COLLIN(S)   Coach Builder 1815 James Collin(s), coachbuilder. Born about 1815, Harlow, Essex, England and died 1889. Son of Harvey Collins the wheelwright (1783). James worked in Harlow. Married in 1840, Limehouse, London. The 1861 UK census lists James as 44yrs, living in Harlow with wife Rebecca 41yrs (born Harlow) and several children. In 1881 James is 66yrs, a widower living with his several children. See Wheelwrights Index for other family members..  
CORK John Coachbuilder 1821 John Cork, coachbuilder. Born about 1821 in Ireland. The 1841 UK census lists him as 20yrs, lodging at Vauxhall Street,Plymouth Parish of St Charles the Martyr. Born in Ireland..  
EBBELS John Coachmaker 1813 John. L. Ebbels, coachmaker. Born about 1813, Devon, England. The 1841 UK census lists John as 28yr, living at Topsham Rd Lime Kilns, St Leonard, with wife Mary 30yrs (born Devon) and daughter Maria 1month infant..  
EBBELS John Coachmaker 1816 John Ebbels,coachmaker. Born about 1816, where? not in Devon. The 1841 UK census lists John as 25yrs, living at The Mint, St Olave, Devon..  
ELBRA William (Jnr) Coachsmith,
1875 William Elbra (Jnr), born in Tingha 1870s-1920s NSW. See also Cartwrights/Coachbuilders Index and Blacksmiths of London Index..  
ELBRA William (Snr) Coachsmith,
1850 William Elbra Snr), born in Bendemeer 1850 - 1883 NSW. See also Cartwrights/Coachbuilders Index and Blacksmiths of London Index..  
ELDRIDGE John Coachbuilder 1830 John Eldridge, coachbuilder. Born about 1830 in England. The 1861 census lists him as 31yrs, living at 26 Ann Street, St. Helier, Jersey with wife Eliza 30yrs & children: Alice 7yrs, Arthur 1yr, Amy 3 weeks infant..  
FRASER John Coachsmith 1800 John Fraser, "Coachmaker at Arms", Inverness, Scotland. In Fraser street, Friars Street. Family dominated coachmaking in Inverness between 1800 and 1870 Also connected with Alexander MacDonald carpenter and coachmaker of Tomnahurich Street through the 1840s..  
GARLICK Robert Coachsmith,
1815 Robert Garlick, master blacksmith, coachsmith. Born about 1815, Lancashire, England. The 1841 UK census lists Robert as 15yrs, an apprentice blacksmith to master blacksmith Francis Allison of Garstang. In 1851 Robert is ?23yrs, a blacksmith master in Poulton le Fylde employing one man. He is living with his widowed mother Mary 51yrs and brother Joseph 19yrs. By 1971 he had moved to Everton, Liverpool to be near his brothers and is noted as a Coach Smith..  
GRANT David Coachbuilder 1800 David Grant, born after 1876 in New Zealand. See Blacksmith of Scotland & New Zealand for parents James & Nancy nee Crombie & brother Peter Grant. See Cartwrights Index for his brother David Grant (coach builder) & uncle William Grant (Carriage builder)..  
GRANT William Carriage Builder 1800 William Grant. During the 1800’s William was a carriage builder in Scotland & New Zealand. See Blacksmiths of Scotland & New Zealand for his brother James Grant & nephew Peter Grant. See Cartwrights Index for his other nephew David Grant..  
GUERIN Jonas (Jnr) Wagonmaker,
1812 Jonas Guerin, blacksmith and wagonmaker. Jonas learned his trade from his father, uncles and grandfather, in Morris Co. NJ. The family had a blacksmith shop and wagonmaking shop in "Jockey Hollow" near Morristown. In 1812, Jonas Guerin left Morris Co. New Jersey and went to Varick Twp, Seneca Co. New York. There he was a blacksmith and wagonmaker. His sons carried on the trade after him in Ovid, NY. His son, Joseph Guerin went to Erie Co. PA and was a blacksmith there and a farmer. Also listed in the Blacksmiths of America Index..  
GUERIN Jonas (Snr) Wagonmaker,
1781 Jonas Guerin, blacksmith and wagonmaker. Born 1781, in Morris Co. NJ, USA. Died: 1864 in Seneca Co. NY, USA. Also listed in the Blacksmiths of America Index..  
HINES John Coachbuilder,
1839 John Hines, born 1839 in Weston Favel, Northamptonshire. Wife Elizabeth Smith, married in Caldecot, Rutland 1869. The marriage certificate states he was a Coachmaker. He then moved to Market Harborough and moved to Birmingham, Warwickshire. On his sons bith certificate in 1873 it states he was a coachsmith. The 1901 Census states he was a Blacksmith living at Hanover street in Birmingham. He died on he 18 November 1908 age 69 years as a Coachsmith Journeyman at 38 Bell Barn road in Birmingham. Also listed in Blacksmiths of Leicestershire, Northamptonshire & Warwickshire..  
HITCHCOCK Robert Jacob Coachbuilder 1827 Robert Jacob Hitchcock, blacksmith & coachbuilder. Born about 1827 in Somerset. The family moved to Liverpool, Lancashire. Robert was the son of Henry (1787-1866) & Ann. The 1841 UK census lists Robert. J. as 10yrs, living at Toxteth Park, with his parents, blacksmith Henry 50yrs & Ann nee Shepherd, 50yrs. Siblings: Henry 15yrs & Charles 10yrs. Robert. J. married Annabella Rae in the March quarter of 1850. In 1851: Robert is 24yrs, a ‘smith’ living in Townsend Street, with his first wife Annabella 30yrs. Children: William 7yrs; Norman 5yrs; Robert Henry 1yr. Servant: Barbara Howard Annabella died in 1853. In June 1854, Robert married Margaret Keef. The 1861 census: Robert is 32yrs, with second wife Margaret 32yrs. Robert Henry 10yrs; Isabella Ann 5yrs; Margaret Ellen 2yrs; John ArthurKeefe 4yrs & Louisa Jane 6mths infant. Also listed in Blacksmiths of Lancashire with other Hitchcock family..  
HITCHCOCK William Coachmaker 1810 William Hitchcock, coach maker, foreman. Born about 1810 in Taunton, Somerset, England and died 6 December 1887 at Toxteth Park, Lancashire. William was the son of blacksmith Henry (1787-1863) and Ann Hitchock. In 1831 William married Jane Poole (1806-1896). The 1841 U census lists William as 31yrs, Jane 30yrs. Children: John b.1833; William b. 1834; Henry b. 1837; Susan Jane b. 1838; Elizabeth Ann b. 1840; Louisa b. 1842; Charles Wesley b. 1844; Adam Clark b. 1845. In 1851: Living at 55 Seel Street, Liverpool. William 41yrs; Jane 40yrs. William 17yrs (printer); Henry 14yrs (brokers office boy); Susan J. 13yrs; Louisa 8yrs; Adam C. 5yrs. Williams brother Robert Jacob is also listed here. See Blacksmiths of Lancashire for other Hitchock family..  
HOARD Richard Coachbuilder 1817 Richard Hoard, coachbuilder. Born about 1817 in England. The 1861 census lists hims as 44yrs, living at 50 Ann Street, St. Hillier,Jersey,Channel Isles. Wife: Mary Ann 37yrs. Children: Richard Henry 17yrs, Walter Edwin 2yrs, Mary Ann 19yrs, Amelia Caroline 14yrs, Emma Isabella 11yrs, Matilda 8yrs, Elvina Theresa 6yrs..  
HODGE Edwin Coachsmith 1817 Edwin Hodge, coachsmith. Born about 1817 in Devon. The 1841 UK census lists him as 24yrs, at Hampton Street, Plymouth Parish of St Charles the Martyr; with parents Samuel 55yrs & Sarah 53yrs Siblings listed: Samuel 19yrs (shipwright); John 12yrs; Mary 10yrs; Also listed: Eliza Smith 34yrs; Eliza Smith 9yrs;William Smith 7yrs; Emma Smith 1yr infant. See Shipwrights Index for brother Samuel..  
HURLEY William Carriage maker 1860 William Hurley came to the United States from Coleraine Ireland with his wife, Jane Shields Hurley. They first settled in Watervilet, New York, where several of their children were born and then moved to New Haven, Ct. William served in the Civil War along with his sons, Simon and Lewis P. I would be very interested to know more about other blacksmiths in New Haven and Watervliet, New York around 1860. See Blacksmiths of USA & Cartwrights Index. Contributor does not wish to be contacted..  
INSTONE Joseph Coach Builder 1840 Joseph Instone, blacksmith, coach builder. Born about 1840 in Yateley, Cove, Hampshire, England. The 1841 UK census lists William asa 1yr infant, living in Yately with his family. Joseph is another son of master blacksmith William Instone (born 1800) and Hannah and my grandfather. Jospeh’s marriage certificate lists him as a blacksmith in 1863. In 1861 Joseph 11yrs, living with his family in Yately. 1881: Joseph is 44yrs. living inAldershot, Hampshire with wife Elizabeth 42yrs (born West Meon, HANTS). Children: Walter 14yrs; Albert 12yrs; Nelly 10yrs; Elizabeth 6yrs; Maude 4yrs; Blanche 2yrs; Louise 8mths infant. Also listed: Henry Burrows 19yrs (apprentice coach builder) and visitor Jane Lowell 17yrs. 1911: in Farnborough Hampshire, Joseph is 71yrs, Elizabeth 72yrs. Visitor Ellen Instone, 74yrs, widower. Grandson Edward Instone 15yrs (coach builder). Isabella Duckworth 34yrs (servant). The Instone family is spread between Blacksmiths of Hampshire and Surrey and the Cartwrights and Wheelwrights Indexes..  
JAMES John Coachsmith 1781 John James, coachsmith. Born about 1781 in Devon. The1841 UK census lists him as 60yrs, lodging in Exeter Street, Plymouth Parish of St Charles the Martyr. No other information.  
KING John Cartwright 1783 John King, waggon and railway wright. Born about 1783 in Tanfield, Durham, England. The 1841 UK census lists John as a railway wright in Monkwearmouth, Sunderland, County Durham with wife Margaret & children John, Thomas, Robert, Joseph, Jane. In 1851 a waggon way wright See Blacksmiths of Durham, New Zealand and Scotland for other family members..  
Le BASS John Chs. Coachbuilder 1843 John Charles Le Bas, coachbuilder. Born about 1843 at St.Heliers, Jersey, Channel Isles. The 1861 census lists him as 18yrs, living at 5, Ann Street, Dart's Yard, Jersey with his father: Charles H. Le Bas 52yrs,a gardener, born in France, married but wife not listed with family. Also listed is his sister Mary Est. La Bas, unmarried..  
MAYZE James Coachbuilder,
1863 James (Jaz) Mayze,coachsmith & blacksmith. Born 1863 in Scotland. He migrated with his parents to Invercargill, New Zealand where he began his career as a blacksmith & coachbuilder. In 1886, he sailed for Victoria, Australia ; after spending a year at Moonee Ponds, he came to Traralgon where he settled down to do his part in creating a prosperous town and district. In the early days, Jas. Snr., became associated, in partnership, with the late Mr. Walter West, as Coachbuilder and Blacksmith. Their smithy was in Seymour Street, at the rear of where the National Bank is today. For much more information see this entry in the Inetrseting Stories link on the homepage. Listed in Australian Blacksmiths Index, Cartwrights Index..  
MERRITT William Coachbuilder,
1830 William Merritt. My great grandfather and his sons and his father, also called William Merritt were blacksmiths. Originally from Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK but moved to London in the 1830's Bethnal Green area of the eastend of London,I am interested in anything to do with these ancestors. Listed in both the Blacksmiths of London and Hampshire Indexes as well as the Cartwrights Index..  
MOORE Wiliam James Coachmaker,
1900 William James Moore, coachmaker, wheelwright, cabinet maker. William. J. left Tasmania in the early 1900's. See more of his story in link Interesting Stories on the Home Page..  
MULLAN Henry Cartwright 1860 Henry Mullan, Blacksmith/Coachbuilder. Born about 1860-61 in Magheralin, County Down, Ireland. Henry is listed as Coachbuilder in the 1901 Census, along with two of his sons, Thomas and Charles, who were apprentice Coachbuilders. He and his wife had six children and he died in 1917. His son Thomas became a fully-fledged Coachbuilder. There is reference to Henry in the PRONI Will Calendar Index and Charles is listed then as a Fruiterer. He is listed in Blacksmiths Ireland and Cartwrights Index. Henry, was my Great-Grandfather..  
MUNDY John Slay & Harness maker 1791 John Mundy, slay & harness maker. Born about 1791 in Bradford, Wiltshire. The 1851 UK census lists him as 60yrs, living at 162 Pippet Street, West Lavington, Wiltshire; with wife Ann 60yrs. Children: Samuel 28yrs see the whitesmiths index),Frederick 23yrs (cabinet maker), Daniel 20yrs (see the plumbers index)..  
PEACOCK James Coachbuilder 1790 James Peacock, coachbuilder. Born 1790's in Scotland. Married a blacksmiths daughter..  
PEAR Philip Coachmaker 1826 Philip Pear, coachmaker. Born about 1826, Devon, England. I have been informed that The 1841 UK census lists Philip as 15yrs, living at Exeter St Olave, The Mint. However I have not been able to find him on that census..  
PEARSON George Solomon Carriage Builder,
1870 George Solomon Pearson, blacksmith,wheelwright,carriage builder. Listed in Blacksmiths of Leicesterhsire, Cartwrights and wheelwrights Indexes. Born and baptised at Frisby on the Wreake, Leicestershire, the second son of Blacksmith Matthew Pearson and his wife Sarah. George Solomon was apprenticed to his father about 1870. Each year he produced an Apprentice Piece, each one more complex than the last. Four of these are owned by his great grandson. In 1879 he married Emma Mason at Frisby and by 1881 they were living in Leicester where he was a Wheelwright. In 1885 they had moved back to Frisby, where he assisted his father who died in 1891. Between 1891 when he was Forman Wheelwright to 1901 when he was a Carriage Builder, the family lived again in Leicester. George Solomon died in 1909 at Leicester and is buried in the churchyard at Frisby. His sons did not follow their father's profession, although his second son George Harry Pearson was a capable amateur metal worker, presumably using skills taught him by his father . See Blacksmiths of Leicestershire, Wheelwrights & Cartwrights & Cutlers Indexes for other family members ..  
PITCHFORD Francis Richard Coachbuilder,
1839 Francis Richard Pitchford, Coachbuilder, Wheelwright, Blacksmith. Born 28th October 1839 at Kingsland, Herefordshire, England. Died 3rd August 1912 at Mornington, Victoria aged 72 yrs. Married Margaret Wilkinson of Talywain, Monmouthshire, Wales; born 6th June, 1847 and died at Mornington Victoria on 21st November 1910, aged 63 yrs. F. R. Pitchford was supposed to have been involved in the building of several bridges over River Murray in South Australia but haven't been able to confirm this. Francis Richard Pitchford is listed in the Cartwrights Index, Wheelwrights Index & the Blacksmiths of Australia Index. His son John Wilkinson Pitchford is also listed in the Wheelwrights Index & the Blacksmiths of Australia Index. His brother Francis (Frank) Pitchford is also listed in the Blacksmiths of Australia Index..  
PRIN Edwin Coachbuilder,
Carriage Maker
1821 Edwin Prin, coach & carriage maker. Born about 1821, Plymouth,Devon. The 1851 UK census lists him as 20yrs living at 25 Breton Side, Plymouth Parish of St Charles the Martyr; with parents Cartwright William & Grace (see Cartwrights Index). The census 1861 finds him living at William Street, Pymouth; Edwin 40yrs, wife Louisa 45yrs..  
PRIN Gilbert (Jnr) Coachmaker 1843 Gilbert Prin (Jnr),coachmaker journeyman. Born about 1843 in Plymouth, Devon. The 1871 UK census lists him as 28yrs, living at No:.1 Silver Place. See the Cartwrights Index for parents Gilbert 55yrs & Emma 50yrs plus other family members..  
PRIN Gilbert (Snr) Coachmaker 1816 Gilbert Prin (Snr), coachmaker journeyman. Born about 1816, Plymouth, Devon The 1871 UK census lists him as 55yrs, living at No.1 Silver Place; with wife Emma 50yrs(born Exeter). Children: Gilbert 28yrs (Coachbuilder), Emma 23yrs, Granddaughter: Janet. L. Prin 5yrs. Grandson: Gilbert.J. Prin 3yrs.  
PRIN James Coachmaker 1819 James Prin 42yrs, coachmaker journeyman. Born about 1819 in Plymouth-Devon. The 1861 UK census lists him as42yrs, living at ?47 Magdalen Street, Plymouth; with wife Jane 44yrs. Children: William 15yrs (Coachsmith), Grace 13yrs, Louisa 10yrs, Edwin 6yrs, Jane 4yrs, Gilbert 1yr infant..  
PRIN Sidney Coachmaker 1825 Sidney Prin, apprentice coachmaker. Born about 1825 in Devon. The 1841 UK census lists him as 16yrs, at 25 Breton Side, Plymouth Parish of St Charles the Martyr; with parents coachbuilder William & Grace (see Cartwrights Index)..  
PRIN William (3) Coachbuilder,
1838 William Prin (3), coachmaker & wheelwright. Born about 1838, in Plymouth, Devon. The 1881 UK census lists him as 43yrs, at 5 York Street, Plymouth with wife Mary. A. 50yrs. See also the Wheelwrights Index..  
PRIN William (Jnr) Coachbuilder 1813 William Prin (Jnr), coachbuilder journeyman. Born about 1813, in Devon. The 1861 UK census lists him as 47yrs, living at 19 William Street, Plymouth, Devon; with wife Selina nee Reeby 50yrs (married 1836). Children: Gilbert 19yrs (Coachbuilder), James 16yrs (Shipwright Apprentice), Jane 13yrs. Granddaughter: Mary Ann Rawlings 3yrs.  
PRIN William (Snr) Coachmaker 1781 William Prin (Snr), coachmaker. Born about 1781, in Devon. The 1841 UK census lists him as 60yrs, living at 25 ?Breton Side, Plymouth; with wife Grace nee Rekestrews (married in 1810) 57yrs. Children: Jane 18yrs, Sidney 16yrs (Coachbuilder), Albert 14yrs..  
PROBERT William Blacksmith,
1806 William Probert, blacksmith, coachsmith, carriage spring maker. Born about 1785 in Bath, Somerset, England. At the approx age of 14 yrs William Probert took up Apprenticeship learning the trade of blacksmith in Islington Middlesex. In 1841 William was employed as a blacksmith. 1851: William is 45yrs, a coachsmith, wife Ann 44yrs, living in Gloucester Crescent, Islington, Middlesex. Children: John 17yrs (a costermonger); Emma 13yrs; Edward 7yrs; George 5yrs. 1861: a Carriage Spring Maker and in 1871 a coachsmith. William Died in April 1878. Listed in Blacksmiths of Somerset and Middlesex and Cartwrights Indexes..  
PROCTOR Alfred Coachsmith ,
Machine Fitter
1851 Alfred Proctor, coachmaker & machine fitter. Born about 1851 in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England. The 1871 UK census lists him as 19yrs, living at 33 Melville Street, Lincoln; with parents coach trimmer Joseph 58yrs & Mary 60yrs plus sister Mary. J. 24yrs unmarried (dressmaker). Visitor: Moses Wilson 22yrs unmarried(boot closer)..  
REEBY John Coachsmith 1827 John Reeby, apprentice coachsmith. Born about 1827 in Devon. The 1841 UK census lists him as 14yrs, Exeter Street, Plymouth Parish of St Charles the Martyr; with parents: Robert 50yrs (carpenter) & Mary 50yrs. Siblings: Robert 15yrs (pattern maker); Jane 7yrs..  
RICHARDSON James Wright Coachsmith 1841 James Wright Richardson, master coach builder, employing 3 men. Born 1841 in Louth, Lincolnshire, England. The 1881 census lists his as 39yrs, at 5 Northgate, Louth with wife Elizabeth 37yrs. Children: Clare Richardson 15yrs; Joseph Wright Richardson 13yrs; Ernest Wright Richardson 10yrs; Tom Proctor Richardson 8yrs; Percy Wright Richardson 3yrs. In 1891 James.W. is 49yrs, Elziabeth 47yrs. Children:Clara 25yrs, unmarried (drapers assistant); Joseph 22yrs, unmarried (coachbuilder); Ernest 20yrs,unmarried (printer …writer?); Tom 18yrs, unmarried (coachbuilder); Percy 13yrs (scholar)..  
RICHARDSON Joseph Wright Coachbuilder 1867 Joseph Wright Richardson, coach builder. Born about 1867 in Louth. The 1881 UK census lists him as 8yrs, at 5 Northgate, Louth with parents coachbuilder James Wright Richardson 39yrs & Elizabeth 37yrs. The 1891 UK census lists him as 22yrs, still at 5 Northgate, Louth with parents. See Cartwrights Index for parents & other family members..  
RICHARDSON Tom Proctor Coachbuilder 1873 Tom Proctor Richardson, coach builder. Born about 1873 in Louth. The 1881 UK census lists him as 8yrs, at 5 Northgate, Louth with parents coachbuilder James Wright Richardson 39yrs & Elizabeth 37yrs. The 1891 UK census lists him as 18yrs, still at 5 Northgate, Louth with parents. See Cartwrights Index for parents & other family members..  
ROBSON Richard Hessell Carriage maker,
1842 Richard Hessell Robson blacksmith & carriage maker. Born about 1842 in Burnby, Yorkshire. The 1891 UK census lists him as 49yrs, at Barnby Moore, Yorkshire with wife Rebecca 57yrs. Children: Albert 21yrs (blacksmith); Vause 15yrs; Robert 13yrs; Henrietta 10yrs; Richard 8yrs; Emily 4yrs. The Robson family were blacksmiths in Pocklington for over 40 years. Richard is also listed in Cartwrights Index..  
ROWE John Coachbuilder 1821 John Rowe, coach maker. Born about 1821,Alphington, Devon, England. The 1841 UK census lists him as 20yrs, at Sophys Cottage, Alphington, Devon; with parents William 40yrs & Ann 35yrs Rowe (farmers). Siblings: Mary 15yrs; William 14yrs; James 12yrs..  
SANDERSON John Coachsmith 1870 John Sanderson, coach smith. Born about 1870 in Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, England. The 1901 UK census lists John Sanderson as 30yrs, living at 13, Smithfield, Stockton-on-Tees, Co Durham with wife Ada 27yrs. Children: May 8yrs, Henry 4yrs and Ada 2yrs. On the Census there appeared to be a number of people working in the Shipbuilding Industry. In 1911 John is 40yrs, living at 13 Dixons Passage, Smithfield, Stockton-on Tees. He is a coach smith working at Coach Works, Stockton-on-Tees. They now have 3 more children, Hannah Mary, Edith & George Edward. See the Iron Workers Index for John’s father Richard Sanderson (born 1836)..  
SENDALL James Alfred Coachsmith 1841 James Alfred Sendall, coach builder. Born 1841 into Coach Building family of East Derham, Norfolk. Set up his own business in All Saints Green, Norwich. At one time James shared a business with one John Greengrass. Partnership recorded as dissolved by The London Gazette in March 26th 1878. The 1851 UK census lists James as 10yrs; at 113 Baxters Row, East Derham; with parents coachbuilder William 50yrs & Ann 48yrs. Siblings: Eleanor 6yrs; Emily 3months infant..  
SENDALL William Coachmaker 1799 William Sendall,coachmaker. Born about 1799 in Cawston,Norfolk. The 1851 UK census lists him as 52yrs, at 113 Baxters Row, East Derham, Norfolk; with wife Ann 48yrs (born Sopham,Norfolk). Children: James Arthur 10yrs (see coachsmiths index); Eleanor 6yrs; Emily 3mths infant..  
SHEPPHERD William Coachmaker 1816 William Sheppherd, coachsmith. The 1841 UK census lists him as 25yrs, lodging in Old Town Street, Plymouth Parish of St Charles the Martyr; with Emma Sheppherd 23yrs (born Devon).I couldn’t find them in 1851 census.  
STOAKLY William Coachmaker 1830 James Stoakly, coach maker. Born about 1830 in East Dereham-Norfolk. The 1851 UK census lists him as 21yrs, at Dumpling Green, Norfolk with his mother Frances Stoakly 53yrs, married, gardeners wife. Brothers William 23yrs (see Cartwrights Index), Henry 15yrs (servant) & Elmar 12yrs (servant)..  
STOLLERY Edward Coachsmith,
1797 Edward Stollery, blacksmith & coachsmith. Born about 1797 in Ipswich, Suffolk, England. Married 1823 Bethnal Green. Died 1875 Bethnal Green. Listed in both the Cartwrights Index & Blacksmiths of Suffolk Index..  
STRIBLING Nathanial Coachsmith,
1787 Nathanial Stribling (Snr), blacksmith & coachsmith. Born 1787 in Lavenham, Suffolk, England. The 1841 UK census lists him as 50yrs, living in Cock Inn Lane Mildenhall, Suffolk; with wife Elizabeth 50yrs. Children: Branwhite 20yrs (gunsmith); Nathaniel 20yrs (blacksmith); Susan 15yrs; Mary 13yrs. In 1851 Nathaniel is 63yrs, Still at High Street Mildenhall, Lavenham ; Elizabeth is 61yrs and daughter Mary 22yrs. Nathaniel died 1858 and is buried at Mildenhall, Suffolk. Nathaniel (Snr is listed in Blacksmiths Suffolk and Cartwrights Indexes. His son Nathaniel is listed in Blacksmiths of Suffolk Index and son Branwhite in the Gunsmiths Index..  
TIPPER John Coachsmith 1817 John Tipper, blacksmith, Coachsmith. Born about 1817 in England and died 1874 at Deloraine (Tasmanian BDM). John came from a wheelwrighting family in Rogate, Sussex, England. He was apprenticed to master blacksmith James Toop, of Rogate. The 1841 UK Census shows John was employed as a coachsmith in Petworth, Sussex. Transported to Tasmania in 1844, where he practiced as a blacksmith. (Tasmanian convict indents). Listed in Blacksmiths of Sussex and Australia & Cartwrights & Fingersmiths Indexes..  
TURL James Coachsmith,
1835 James Turl, coachsmith & blacksmith. Born about 1835 in Whimple, Devon. The 1851 UK census lists him as 16yrs, at London Rd, St.Thomas Woodbury; with parents James & Mary (nee Salter). 1871 census he is 34yrs, at 2 Portway, Wells, Somerset with wife Sarah Ann 36yrs. Son: Albert Phipps 7yrs (wife’s son) and nephew Frank Eveleigh 14yrs. 1881: James & Sarah are still in Wells, Somerset where James is working as a coachsmith..  
UNKNOWN J.W. Coachmaker 1830 J.W. Unknown , coach maker. Born about 1830-31, Halifax, Yorkshire, England. The 1851 UK census lists him as 20yrs, a prisoner at 1-Convict Prison Lidford, Tavistock, Devonshire. Listed in the Cartwrights and Prisoners Indexes..  
UNKNOWN W.H. Coachmaker 1830 W.H. Unknown, coach maker. Born about 1830-31, British Subject – AME. The 1851 UK census lists him as 20yrs, a prisoner at 1-Convict Prison Lidford, Tavistock, Devonshire. Listed in the Cartwrights and Prisoners Indexes..  
WEBB John Coachsmith 1823 John Webb, coachsmith. Born about 1821-1823, Southampton, Hampshire, England. The 1851 UK census lists John as 28yrs living in Middlesex with wife Mary Ann nee Holland 27yrs. In 1861 John is listed as ?40yrs, and Mary Ann 39yrs (born Middlesex). They are living with Mary Ann’s mother Harriet Holland at Brunswick Row, Westminster, Middlesex..  
WEST Henry Venson Coachsmith,
1859 Henry Venson West, coachbuilder & blacksmith. Born 24 October 1859, Mortlake, Victoria. Eldest child of David Venson West and Mary West (Blewett). Henry worked up until 1883 as a blacksmith in Mortlake. 1884 moved to Traralgon to work with his brother Walter Williams West in his coachbuilding business. Henry died 18 March 1938, Sale, Victoria. See Blacksmiths of Australia Index for family members and also the Interesting Stories Link on the Home Page ..  
WEST Walter Williams Coachbuilder,
shire secretary,
member of parliament
1861 Walter Williams West, coachbuilder, blacksmith, wheelwright. Born 12 April 1861, Mortlake, Victoria. Second child of David Venson West and Mary West (Blewett). Married: Susan Agnes Barrett, 28 April 1886, Ararat, Victoria and they had 5 children. See Blacksmiths of Australia Index for family members and also the Interesting Stories Link on the Home Page ..  
WHISSON Richard Coach Builder 1831 Ricahrd Whisson, coach builder. Born about 1821 in Warham, Norfolk. The 1851 UK census lists him as 30yrs, at Wells Road, Walsingham.Norfolk. See Blacksmiths of Norfolk for his Mother Mary and brothers Henry 28yrs, John 23yrs & Chas 20yrs..  
WILD Joseph Coachbuilder 1852 Joseph Wild coachbuilder. Born about 1852, Braunston, Northamptonshire, England. The 1881 UK census lists Joseph as 29yrs, unmarried, living at Godalming, Surrey, England and still seen there in census for 1891 and 1901. In 1911 he was in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England. He married Lillie Tomsett and his children were Clifford, Daisy, Leonard, May and Ethel. Joseph was the brother of my great grandfather, Samuel Wild. His sister Mary married Peter Nickson. Joseph was living with Mary's family in 1911. I would like to know more about the coachbuilding business..  
WILLIAMS Samuel Coach Builder 1821 Samuel Williams, coach builder. Born about 1821. Family recalls that Samuel Williams was a coachbuilder near Adelaide in South Australia. Samuel married Louise Smallridge. Children: 3 or 4 daughters and a son. The son was also called Samuel Williams (born in 1847 in Adelaide, South Australia, died in 1917). Any information about Samuel Williams and family is most welcome..  
WONNACOTT William Coachmaker 1814 William Wonnacott, coach maker. 1814 in Tavistock, Devon. The 1851 UK census lists him as 37yrs,a widower, at 15 Church Street, Newton Abbot, Tormoham. Lodges with William & Ann Butland (blacksmiths)..  
WOOD Albert Coachsmith 1839 Albert Wood, coachsmith. Born 13 December 1839 in Oxford. Son of Joseph Wood and Harriet (nee Jefferies). He is recorded as Coachsmith on all censuses from 1861 to 1901. Made a Freeman of Oxford in 1866. Married Ann CHESTER in 1881 and had ten children..  
WOOLRICH Henry Coachsmith,
1832 Henry Woolrich, blacksmith. Born 1832 at Chorlton, Wybunbury, Cheshire, England. Parents: John and Mary Woolrich. In 1851 he was an apprentice blacksmith to Thomas Cliff in Hankelow. He was briefly married to Sarah Beech before she died in June 1859, after which he moved to Vale Street, Stoke where he is recorded in the 1861 census as a blacksmith journeyman. He remarried on 8 October 1861 to Isabella Bradshaw, and had 5 children. Thereafter he worked as a loco coachsmith in Stoke on Trent for the remainder of his life, retiring sometime between 1901 and 1911. He died on 21 March 1915 at West Parade, Fenton, Stoke on Trent. Listed in both Blacksmith of Cheshire and Cartwrights Indexes. Contributor does not wish to be contacted..  
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