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Surname Given Name Trade Year Notes
BAKER James Boilermaker 1839 James Baker, boiler maker. Born about 1839 in Middlesex-London. The 1881 UK census lists him as 42yrs, at 54 Hope Street, Sheerness, Kent; with wife Mary Ann 39yrs(born Sheerness). See census 1881 for 7 children listed.. Visit site
BATT Samuel Boilermaker 1849 Samuel Batt, born 1849. Died 1870.  Lived: 9 Cannon Street. St.James Bristol..  
BATT Samuel Boilermaker 1827 Samuel Batt, born 1827. Died 1908. Lived: Redfield Place Barton Regis St. George Bristol. See ROGERS (boilermaker)..  
BURNS James Boier Maker Apprentice 1825 James Burns, apprentice boiler maker. Born about 1825, in Scotland. The 1841 Scottish census lists him as 16yrs, living in Commerce Street, St Clements; with his mother Elizabeth 50yrs & sister Isabella 20yrs.  
CAMPBELL George (Jnr) Boilermaker 1886 George Campbell (Jnr), boiler maker. Born 9th July 1886 in Auckland, New Zealand. He was the youngest son of brass moulder George (Snr) & Christina Campbell. When George (Jnr) enlisted for the Reserves, WW1, it was stated "A boilermaker and can do all sorts of engineering" George (Jnr) died 11th November 1918 in Wellington NZ. Cause of death "Spanish Flu". His father George (Snr) is listed in the Brownsmiths Index..  
COLEMAN Bartholomew Boiler Maker 1839 Coleman Bartholomew, boilermaker. Stepney Middlesex, England. Occupation of Father of the bride in Marriage banns from 1839, I have photo of original banns..  
CORNISH George Boilermaker-Journeyman,
Military Gunr Driver
1828 George Cornish, boiler maker. Born about 1828. The 1851 UK census lsits him as 23yrs,at I-Frederick & Legonier Squares Artillery Barrack, Devonshire. Born in Redruth-LAN.  
COX George Boilermaker Assistant 1838 George Cox, boiler maker. Born about 1838 in Sheerness, Kent. The 1881 UK census lists him as 43yrs, at 50 H(born Sheernes)s. See census 1881 for 6 children listed..  
DAVIDGE Edwin Boilermaker 1864 Edwin Davidge, boiler maker. Born about 1864. The 1881 UK census lists him as 17yrs,at 151 Kingsland Road, Bristol with parents William 41yrs (engine fitter) & Elizabeth. Brother Albert 20yrs,engine fitter. See 1901 census..  
FERRY James Boilermaker-Journeyman,
Military Gunr Driver
1823 James Ferry, boiler maker. Born about 1823 in Stoke Dameral, Devon. The 1851 UK census lists him as 28yrs, at 44 Charlotte Street, Morice, Devon. Lodges with Charles Allen (blacksmith)..  
HARDY George Boiler Maker   George Hardy, boiler maker. Born Middlesex, England. Brother of William & Thomas Hardy (boilermakers)..  
HARDY Thomas Boiler Maker   Thomas Hardy, boiler maker. Born Middlesex, England. Brother of William & George Hardy (boilermakers)..  
HARDY William Boiler Maker 1814 William Hardy, born 1814 Bromley,London, Middlesex. Worked in Poplar probably in shipbuilding. Moved to Handsworth, Stafford about 1858 then back to Poplar. Brothers George and Thomas also Boilermakers, Middlesex, England..  
LINDORES James Boiler Maker 1869 James Lindores, boilermaker. James (born abt. 1869) and his brother Robert (born abt. 1860) were both boilersmiths, and both worked on the Titanic. They were originally from Wincobanks area near Manchester, England..  
LINDORES Robert Boiler Maker 1860 Robert Lindores, boilermaker. brother Robert (born abt. 1860) and his brother James (born abt. 1869) were both boilersmiths, and both worked on the Titanic. They were originally from Wincobanks area near Manchester, England..  
MARSHALL George Boiler Maker 1873 George Marshall, at Cross Street, ?New Brompton, Kent, England. Occupation seen on son's marriage certificate. Son John Frederick Redman Marshall 20yrs is also listed in the Boiler Makers Index..  
MARSHALL John Frederick Redman Boiler Maker 1873 John Frederick Redman Marshall 20yrs, at Cross Street,?New Brompton, Kent, England. Wife Mary Anne Briggs 19yrs, married on 25 December 1873, Parish Church, New Brompton,Kent. Worked at HM Dockyards. John died 25 January 1931 at 67 Charter Street ?Gillingham, Kent and daughter A.F.Marshall was present. See census 1881 for family members. His father George Marshall was also a boilermaker..  
McDUFF Philip John Boiler Maker 1828 Philip John McDuff, boiler maker. Born 1828 Belfast, Ireland.  1851 census: lists him as an a pprentice boiler makerin Glasgow, Scotland.  1871 census: boiler maker Birkenhead, Cheshire.  Married Mary Graham 1851 Glasgow..  
MUNN Ryan John Boiler Maker 2006 Ryan John Munn. Currently in Western Australia..  
NICHOLSON William Boiler Maker 1839 William Nicholson, boilermaker. Stepney Middlesex, England. Occupation indicated on marriage banns from 1839, I have access to a photo of the original banns.  
PALMER William Boilermaker 1841 William Palmer, born 1841 St Helens, Liverpool. Lived at Over Hills Cottage and Company's Row in the civil parish of Weston, Runcorn, Cheshire.He is showing in the 1871, 1881 and 1891 English Census as a Boiler Maker. The 1901 Wales census he is boarding and working in Wales and again working as a Boiler Maker..  
ROBSON William Iron Worker 1820 William Robson, boiler maker. Born Shotts, Lanark. The 1851 Scottish census lists him as 31yrs; wife Agnes 25yrs ..  
ROGERS Unknown Boilermaker 1827 Mr. Rogers. Father-in-law of Samuel Batt(1827-1908) boiler maker..  
ROUND Edward Boilermaker 1816 Edward Round, boiler maker. Born about 1816 in Sedgley-STAFFS. Edward married three times. The 1841 UK census lists him as 25yrs, at Tipton,Cross St. with wife (1) Matilda 25yrs (born Rowley-STAFFS) and daughter Matilda 2yrs and Edwards brother Thomas Round 20yrs (blacksmith). On the 1851 census Edward is listed as ?40yrs, a boiler maker at Sedgley-STAFFS & wife Matilda is 35yrs and son Thomas 9yrs. Daughter Matilda not mentioned. 1861 census: Edward 50yrs, at Campbell Terrace Birkenhead with (2) wife Eliza 48yrs (born London). 1864: boilermaker, Edmund Street. Re-married: Parish Church Liverpool to (3) wife Margaret Connel widow. 1861: 60yrs, boilermaker. Wife Margaret 43yrs. 1881: 70yrs, boilermaker, 150 Athol Street,Liverpool. Wife Margaret 53yrs born Liverpool. Edward died 20 December 1884 aged 72yrs, at 150 Athol Street,Liverpool. Margaret still living. No contact name or email supplied..  
SKELLY Charles Boiler Maker & Blacksmith 1821 Charles Skelly. OPR Marriage record shows Charles Skelly Smith in Port Glasgow and Ann Leggat residing there. Charles son John (1) born in Port Glasgow was also a Blacksmith - Boiler Maker as shown on the 1841 Scotland Census. Charlesw is alos listed in the Blacksmiths of Scotland Index. John Skelly (1) (born 1822)is also in many editions of Pigot's Directory. Of John Skelly's sons, John (2) (born 1853) also became a boiler maker and Alexander (born 1861 -my great Grandfather is shown as a Marine Engineer on the 1881 Scotland Census). I believe that John's (2) son Thomas also became a Boiler Maker Journeyman. Fast forward - my nephew Jaysun O'Scalleigh is a blacksmith on Salt Spring Island, North Vancouver Island, British Columbia..  
SKELLY John (1) Boiler Maker 1822 John Skelly, born 1822(boiler maker). Wife Elizabeth Wallace. He was the son of Charles Skelly a Blacksmith..  
SKELLY John (2) Boiler Maker 1853 John Skelley, born 1853 (boiler maker). Wife Margaret Henderson, married 1878 in Glasgow. See Blacksmiths of Scotland and Boiler Makers Indexes for his father John Skelly & grandfather Charles Skelly (blacksmith)..  
SKELLY Thomas Boiler Maker - Journeyman   Thomas Skelley, born ?Scotland. A Boiler Maker Journeyman. See Blacksmiths of Scotland and Boiler Makers Indexes for his father John Skelley grandfather Charles Skelley..  
SWAINSON Samuel.T. Boiler Maker 1846 Samuek.T.Swainson, boiler maker. Born about 1846 in Charlton, Kent. The 1881 Uk ensus lists him as 35yrs, at 4 Ruby Terrace, East Cowes, Isle of Wight; with wife: Sarah 36yrs (born Ireland). Children: Thomas.G. 8yrs born Northumberland, Robert. W. 7yrs born Ireland, Maria.D. 5yrs born Kennington, Middlesex, Harriett.E. 2yrs born Bromley by Bow,Middlesex. See 1881 census..  
UNKNOWN G.M. Boiler Maker 1826 G.M. surname unknown, boiler maker. Born about 1846 in Lothborough-LEC. The 1851 UK census lists him as 25yrs, at 1-Convict Prison Lidford, Tavistock, Devonshire..  
UNKNOWN J.I. Boiler Maker 1827 J.I. surname unknown, boiler maker. Born about 1827, Newcastle on Tyne-Ntm. The 1851 UK census lists him as 24yrs, at 1-Convict Prison Lidford, Tavistock, Devonshire..  
UNKNOWN J.L. Boiler Maker 1831 J.L. surname unknown , boiler maker. Born about 1831, in Crounburn-Gls. The 1851 UK census lists him as 20yrs, at 1-Convict Prison Lidford, Tavistock, Devonshire..  
WAITE F. George Boiler Maker & Engineer 1945 F. George Waite, Journeyman Boilermaker now a Consulting Engineer (bridges). Born 1945- Present, Bristol UK/Libya/ UAE/Oman/Jordan/Sri-Lanka/Cuba. Grandson of Frederick Augustus Waite (born 1870) and son of Frederick George Waite born 1907..  
WAITE Frederick Augustus Boiler Maker 1870 Frederick Augustus Waite, Journeyman Boilermaker. Born 1870 and died 1937, Newport South Wales UK..  
WAITE Frederick George Boiler Maker 1907 Frederick George Waite, Journeyman Boilermaker.  Born 1907and died 1978, Bristol, UK / Newcastle New South Wales / Bristol. Son of Frederick Augustus Waite (born 1870)..  
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