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Surname Given Name Trade Year Notes
BAILEY Daniel Blacksmith 1847 Daniel Bailey Born Swallowfield Berkshire in 1847 on his marriage certificate April 1864 age 19 he was a Blacksmith living in Chelsea If you need proof I'll scan the documents to you . I do not know his where abouts after 1865 but it is believed he went to the Crimean war..  
BAILEY Daniel Pearce Blacksmith 1793 Daniel Pearce Bailey was born in Thatcham Berkshire c 1793 and according to his GRO Marriage lines was a Blacksmith in 1838 and living in Reading. His son Daniel Bailey was born in 1847 Swallowfield Berkshire and on his marriage lines again from the GRO was a blacksmith living in Chelsea in 1864 If proof is needed I will scan both documents to you..  
BELCHER Frederick Blacksmith 1852 Frederick Belcher, blacksmith. Born 1852 in Harwell, Berkshire, England. 1871 census lists him as an apprentice blacksmith probably to James Giffin. In 1881 he is still in Harwel,as a Blacksmith. He moved to East Hagbourn & was a blacksmith there on the censuses 1891-1911 his 16 year old son Frederick Thomas was his assistant in 1901..  
BELCHER Frederick Thomas Blacksmith 1901 Frederick Thomas Belcher, 16yrs old, assistant blacksmith to his father Frederick Belcher (listed here)..  
BRENT Thomas Blacksmith 1855 Thomas Brent, blacksmith. Born about 1855, Hurst Berkshire, England. Thomas was a blacksmith at Wards Cross, Hurst (also Hurst St Nicholas). Thomas is famous in Hurst for building his own wrought iron headstone which still sits in the churchyard of Hurst. His partners were George Collis (Snr) and his son George Thomas Collis (Jnr). Thomas Brent died unmarried and bequeathed much of his estate to George T. and other Collis children..  
CHALK Abraham Blacksmith 1834 Abraham Chalk, blacksmith. Born 1834 Passendale, Lancashire The 1851 UK census lists him as a apprentice Blacksmith at Lower Booths in Lancashire..  
CHALK James Blacksmith 1859 James Chalk, blacksmith. Born 1859 Witham, Essex. The 1881 UK census lists him as a Blacksmith at Newington in Surrey..  
CHALK John Blacksmith 1843 John Chalk, blacksmith. Born 1843 Witham, Essex. The 1881 UK census lists him as a Blacksmith at Clewer in Berkshire..  
CHALK Michael Blacksmith 1781 Michael Chalk, blacksmith. Born 1781 Devon. He is listed on the Parish Records for 1813-1850 as a Blacksmith and on UK Census for Devon 1841 & 1851 ..  
CHALK Samuel Blacksmith 1776 Samuel Chalk, blacksmith. Born 1776 Ashburton, Devon. He is listed on the Parish Records for 1803-1813, as aBlacksmith..  
COLLIS Edmund Richard Blacksmith 1833 Edmund Richard Collis, born 1833 Hurst Berkshire, England. Died 1888 NSW, Australia. Edmund and his wife Catherine Tupper Harwood migrated to New South Wales in 1863 with their three children Catherine (1860-1863), William Richard (1861-1922) and Henry Orwell (1862-1932). Henry was born in the ship Orwell during the voyage. Before their migration, Edmund had worked in Burnham Buckinghamshire. Edmund opened one of the first blacksmiths workshops on the road to Parramatta, in the suburb of Burwood. When his sons Henry, and Edwin Charles, joined him, the business expanded to Wheelwright and Coach Building activities. His brother Alfred and family lived nearby, and another brother Henry lived in Burwood for a couple of years, until he moved to Tasmania. Listed in the Blacksmiths of Australia and Berkshire Indexes..  
COLLIS George (Snr) Blacksmith & Papermaker 1791 George Collis (Snr), born 1791 Hurst Berkshire, UK Died 1877 Hurst Berkshire. In the 1820 George was a papermaker, at the family mill, Whistley Paper Mill. In the 1830s he took up blacksmithing with Thomas Brent at Wards Cross, Hurst. He married Elizabeth Mary Chaplin (1798-1838).,Children: George Thomas (1824-1973) who remained in Hurst, Henry (1826-1895) who migrated to Tasmania, Australia, Alfred George (1827-1905) who migrated to Sydney Australia, John (1829-1906) who became Record Keeper to the Bishop of London, Elizabeth Mary (1831-..), Edmund Richard (1833-1888) who also migrated to Sydney Australia and was a blacksmith, and Emily (1836-1838)..  
COLLIS George Thomas (Jnr) Blacksmith 1824 George Thomas Collis (Jnr), born 1824 Hurst Berkshire, England. Died 1873, Hurst, Berkshire. Followed his father George Collis (born 1791) as a blacksmith in Hurst, Berkshire. Married Mary Ann Soundy. Children: Mary Isabel Collis (1854-1906) and Francis Brent Collis (1857-1894)..  
DUNSBY Samuel Blacksmith 1856 Samuel Dunsby, blacksmith. Born 1856 in Cassington Oxon, Berkshire, England. He was apprenticed to William Cox a blacksmith in West Hanney Berks and appears on the 1871 census with him. In 1881 he is a blacksmith in Tilehurst but back in West Hanney in 1891. Last found as a shoe and jobbing smith in Garford in 1901..  
FREEMAN John (Jnr) Blacksmith 1801 John Freeman (Jnr). Born 1801, in Newbury, Berkshire, England. John (Jnr) set up a blacksmith business in Wolverton, Hants, and some of his sons (John and Fred) were also blacksmiths. Apparently there is still a blacksmiths at the same location in Wolverton today. See Blacksmiths of Berkshire & Hampshire + Millwright’s Indexes for entries re his father John(Snr)and brothers Samuel and Matthew..  
FREEMAN John (Snr) Blacksmith & Millwright 1779 John Freeman (Snr), blacksmith & millwright. Born about 1779 in Newbury, Berkshire, England. John was a millwright in Newbury around the 1830's and 1840's. See Blacksmiths of Berkshire & Hampshire + Millwright’s Indexes for entries John (Snr) and of his sons Samuel; John (Jnr); and Matthew..  
FREEMAN Matthew Blacksmith 1810 Matthew Freeman, blacksmith. Born1810 in Newbury, Berkshire, England. Matthew was an itinerant blacksmith in the Reading area. See Blacksmiths of Berkshire & Hampshire + Millwright’s Indexes for entries re his father John(Snr)and brothers Samuel and John(Jnr)..  
HOLMES Henry Blacksmith 1783 Henry Holmes, born in 1783 Whitchurch, Oxfordshire, England. In 1838 he was an innkeeper of the "Bull Inn" at Streatley, Berkshire. On the 1841 census he is listed as blacksmith. On the 1851 census Henry is still innkeeper but noted as formerly blacksmith and still at the " Bull Inn". Henry died in 1857 at Streatley..  
HOLMES James Blacksmith(Master),
1815 James Holmes, born 1815 Whitchurch, Oxfordshire, England. Parents: Henry Holmes & Anne Fuller. James was a blacksmith in 1841 census at Streatley, Berkshire. By 1851 James was a master blacksmith employing 1 man. By 1861 James was a publican of 10 Brofen(?) Hill, "Dog & Hounds", Reading St Mary, Berkshire. He died about 1862 possibly at Streatley,Berkshire..  
HUTCHINGS John Blacksmith 1825 John Hutchings, blacksmith. Born in 1825 at Manningford Bruce, Wiltshire. The son of George and Hannah Hutchings. Married Eleanor Beaven at Wilcot, Wiltshire in 1845. Recorded as a blacksmith at Pewsey, Wiltshire in 1851, then at Cobham, Surrey in 1861 and in 1871 at Walton on Thames, Surrey. Eleanor died in 1871 and in 1876 he married Maria Shaw at Cookham, Berkshire where he was blacksmith in 1881. In 1891 he was blacksmith at Burnham, Buckinghamshire where he died in 1896. Listed in Blacksmiths of Wiltshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Berkshire..  
KINCH John Blacksmith 1818 John Kinch, born 1818 West Hanney Berkshire & worked as a blacksmith in Wantage, Berkshire 1841-1881. The 1871 census specifies that he was working as a blacksmith in Iron works his son James was a lab. in Foundry..  
MARTIN William Blacksmith 1831 William Martin, blacksmith. Born circa 1831 at Thrushelton, Devon, England. Apprenticed in 1851 to George and Mary Ann LAVIS of Higher Crowden. See 1871 Census for Broadmoor Estate Sandhurst; William was the Estate Blacksmith at Broadmoor Lunatic Asylum, Crowthorne, Berkshire, England. Archives for the Broadmoor Lunatic Asylum (700+ acres) are now available through Berkshire County Record Office..  
TERRY Ebenezer Blacksmith 1854 Ebenezer Terry, blacksmith. Born July 6, 1854 in Newberry, Berkshire, England. Died 17th December 1921. The 1881 UK census lists him as 26yrs, living at 2 Oriental Terrace, Wash Road, Newberry: with wife Mary Ann 28yrs (nee Freeman, born Greenham, Berkshire) and daughter Tilley 4mths infant. The 1891 census Ebenezer is 36yrs, still a blacksmith in Greenham. Mary Ann 38yrs. Children: Lily 10yrs; Edward 6yrs; Elsie 5yrs; Stanley 3yrs; Bessie 1yr..  
TREADWELL John Blacksmith & Hurdlemaker 1801 John Treadwell, born 1801, Appleton. Died 28 March 1887, Tubney..  
TREADWELL Joseph Blacksmith & Wheelwright 1843 Joseph Treadwell, born 27 Sep 1843, Tubney, Berkshire. Emigrated to New Zealand 1875. Worked: Port Albert, North Auckland. Died 11 Feb 1938 Wellsford. See Wheelwrights Index..  
WHITE Alfred Blacksmith,
Bellhanger & Publican.
1804 Alfred White, a Blacksmith, Church Bellhanger & Publican. Born 1804 in Appleton, Berkshire, England. He was Innkeeper at "The Greyhound" Besselsleigh where he also ran a bakery, the village shop and a forge. Founder of the company A. White, Bellhanger in 1824 eventually taking his sons into the business and trading as A. White & Sons. On 4th Sept 1876 he died at Besselsleigh, Berkshire. Listed on Blacksmiths of Berkshire..  
WHITE Frederick Blacksmith,
Bellhanger & Publican.
1834 Frederick White, a Blacksmith, Church Bellhanger & Publican. Born in 1834 at Besselsleigh/Appleton, Berkshire, England. Son of Alfred White & Sarah Ridge. Worked for his father's business A. White & Sons at "The Greyhound" Besselsleigh then in Appleton. He eventually took over the running of the company C1875. Died: 7th Oct 1909 died in Appleton..  
WHITE Richard Blacksmith & Church Bellhanger 1877 Richard White a Blacksmith & Church Bellhanger . Born 2nd Dec 1877 at The Greyhound Pub Besselsleigh, Berkshire, England. Son of Frederick White & Jane Barrett. Worked for his father in Besselsleigh then in Appleton, where he took over the running of the business. Died: 25th Jun 1956 at Appleton, Berkshire..  
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