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Surname Given Name Trade Year Notes
ADAMS S.A. Blacksmith 1850 S. A. Adams, blacksmith. I have an old photograph which show a business sign saying “S A Adams ,Blacksmith”. It looks to be about 1860 and I am trying to identify the name of town he worked in during the 1850-60's ... possibly West USA, maybe Colorado, Montana or Nevada..  
BENCH William Blacksmith 1815 William Bench, blacksmith. Born 3rd March 1815 in Rockbourne, Hampshire, UK. Died: 27 November 1875 in Manti, Sanpete, Utah, USA. Wife: Ann Longman, married 14 October 1835. He was a blacksmith according to the 1860 US census.  From his biography we learn that he supported his family as they emigrated across the United States by blacksmithing. Although he was born in Hampshire, his father, Thomas J. Bench and ancestors were born in Tollard Royal, Wiltshire. Thomas J. Bench christened 20 Oct 1745, son of William Bench christened 27 Apr 1710, son of Thomas Bench about 1674. Listed also in the Blacksmiths of Hampshire Index..  
BENJAMIN David.A. Blacksmith,
1829 David A. Benjamin, blacksmith, wheelwright. David was a resident of Chestertown, MD, 1829-1877, who worked as a blacksmith and wheelwright. See Blacksmiths of USA and Wheelwrights Indexes..  
BENNETT Benjamin Harrison Blacksmith   Benjamin Harrison Bennett was a blacksmith in Kansas, Ok, & possibly Texas. He probably learned the trade from his dad, Beverly Allen Bennett, who was also a blacksmith. Ben worked as a blacksmith at an oil field until some of the equipment fell on his leg, almost causing him to loose it. He walked with a limp the rest of his life. That was the end of his career as a blacksmith..  
BENNETT Beverley Allen Blacksmith 1900 Beverly Allen Bennett. According to the 1901 census Beverly A.Bennett was a blacksmith in Dallas County, Mo..  
BENNETT Claud Blacksmith   Claud Bennett was a blacksmith in Long Lane, Dallas Co., Mo. as was his father, Beverly Allen Bennett & one of his brothers, Ben H. Bennett..  
BIGELOW / BIGLO John Blacksmith 1617 John Biglo / Bigelow,blacksmith. Born 1617 and died 1703. All other information at the URL and contact contributor via the details at bottom of the home page.. Visit site
BOOTH John Blacksmith 1850 John Booth, blacksmith, boiler maker, fitter, steam engine maker. Born 1850 USA of English born parents. Returned to original family area (Bredbury/Hyde Area, Cheshire UK) in 1871 and stayed there. England census of 1871 and onwards list the professions above. Married Mary Ann Whittaker on Jan 29, 1871 at St. Marks, Bredbury. Listed in Indexes for the above trades and USA. Any information much appreciated..  
BREEN Gregory Blacksmith 1837 Gregory Breen, blacksmith. Born Dec 1837 in St. John's, Newfoundland to Patrick Breen of Wexford Ireland and Mary Power of Newfoundland. He immigrated to Boston before 1865 and worked as a blacksmith from 1865 to 1904. On 19 May 1872, he married Margaret Neville of St. John's. They had six children (four of whom died of tuberculosis in childhood). Gregory's son John Patrick Breen born 1873 died 1970 was a postal worker who was diagnosed with TB, but "cured" by vacation to farm in Newfoundland. Mary Frances born 1876 died1910 of tuberculosis at the Rutland Sanitarium. Annies born 1879 and died 1890 of tuberculosis. Thomas born 1880 worked as a clerk until he died at age 20 of tuberculosis. Joseph Frederick was born 1884 and died at age 6 of tuberculosis. Agnes was born 1886 and worked as a telephone operator at the sanitarium where her sister Mary was being treated. In 1900 Gregory rented rooms to blacksmith Patrick Breen (unknown relationship) and his wife Elizabeth Breen, both of Newfoundland. Listed in Blacksmiths of Ireland and USA. Contact Deborah by .  
BREEN Philip Blacksmth 1831 Philip Breen, blacksmith. Born 27 May 1831 in St. John's, Newfoundland to Patrick Breen of Wexford, Ireland and Mary Power of Newfoundland. His brothers Patrick and Gregory were all blacksmiths. Philip immigrated to Boston at an unknown date, but was working as a blacksmith in Braintree, Massachusetts in 1870. He resided at 14 Oenida Street in Boston in 1876, just blocks from brothers Patrick and Gregory. I could find no records of him after 1876. Listed in Blacksmith of Ireland and USA..  
BULGER James Blacksmith 1835 James Bulger, blacksmith. Born mid 1830’s in Ireland, possibly in County Wexford. James married Ellen Mitty of Our Ladys Island parish in Churchtown, Carne, County Wexford. James shows up in the  NYC directory around 1857 as a blacksmith in the. Chelsea area of Manhattan. He worked as a blacksmith there until 1915. He died a few years later. Hoping to find more information including marriage record for James and Ellen. Listed in Blacksmiths of Ireland and USA..  
BUTLER Curry (Kurry) Blacksmith 1826 Curry Butler, blacksmith. In my BUTLER research, I ran across a "Curry Buttler" a blacksmith, but I don't know if he was connected to my family. He was listed as a blacksmith apprentice in the 1826 Bertie County NC records. Bertie Co is not too far from Duplin County. I find a "K" (Kurry??) BUTLER in the 1860 Bertie census listed as "Mechanic" which was a term used for someone who was basically a blacksmith. I haven't been able to find him in later records..  
BUTLER Elijah Blacksmith 1804 Elijah Butler, blacksmith. Born about 1804 in Duplin or New Hanover Co. NC. Died after 1870, probably in Cumberland Co NC. His blacksmith shop was in the Cypress Creek area of se Duplin Co at what was then the New Hanover (now Pender Co) line. Elijah's son Benegar/Benjaga listed as a blacksmith in the 1860 Duplin Co census, age 18. He died in 1862 in Maryland, a Confederate soldier in the Civil War..  
CHANDLER Edmund Blacksmith 1588 Edmund Chandler, blacksmith. A line of Chandler Blacksmiths in New England was founded by Edmund Chandler born in England about 1588. Edmund joined a congregation of English religious dissenters who objected to the ceremonies and hierarchy of the established church. The dissenters were persecuted and harried out of England by King James. They fled to Holland, where they stayed for a few years in Leiden and then chartered the Mayflower to take them to America. Edmund travelled on a later ship and played a prominent role in the establishment of the Plymouth Colony..  
CLOUDT Richard Blacksmith 1874 Richard Cloudt, blacksmith. I found his death certificate listing his occupation as blacksmith. He was born 1874 in Blanco county, Texas and died there in 1951. The original Cloudt's came from Germany.. Visit site
COLE Ephraim Blacksmith 1659 Ephraim Cole, blacksmith. Born 1659 in Plymouth, Massachusetts USA; and in 1685 built what may be one of the first blacksmith shops in America. It was located at the corner of Leyden and Maine streets in Plymouth and it remained in the family until 1872. The shop was still standing in 1903. A postcard with a photograph of the blacksmith shop was published in 1903. Anyone interested in a scanned copy of that postcard may contact the contributor of this note. See Blacksmiths of Middlesex,England for his grandfather James Cole (blacksmith born 1600). See "Interesting Stories" on Home Page for photo..  
COUMING/COOMEY Patrick Blacksmith 1839 Patrick Couming or Coomey, blacksmith. Born about 1839, near Stradbally Co, Waterford, Ireland. Son of a Blacksmith James Couming. Patrick emigrated to America following the death of his wife from TB. He died one year after arriving in Massachusetts leaving his children there. His son also Patrick made a good life for himself and his family in Worcester Mass in spite of the terrible loss of both parents. Listed in U.S.A. and Ireland Blacksmiths Indexes..  
CURETON Cye Blacksmith   Cye Cureton , blacksmith. Cye owned a blacksmith shop on East Black Street, Rockhill, South Carolina, USA..  
DAURAY Jacques Blacksmith 1860 Jacques Dauray, blacksmith. Born in Marieville, Quebec, 7 December 1860. Immigrated from Canada to US about 1870. Can be found in 1900 USA census. See entry in "Interesting Stories" link on the Home Page..  
DAVIS William.R> Blacksmith 1816 William. R. Davis, blacksmith. Born 1816 in Wales. Immigrated to the USA before 1851 when he married Margaret Longridge in Wheeling Virginia. William worked in St Clair twp near Pittsburgh for a few years and then for Brown & Bunnell in Youngstown Ohio for the rest of his career. Family stories tell of the music and dancing between pours, William's son (my great grand father) becoming a professional musician after they left the mill. As automation rose he made plans with his sons (puddlers both) to become a merchant and in the last years before his death in 1899 he kept a shop. Listed in Blacksmiths of USA and Wales..  
DEFORD Henry Stephen Blacksmith,
1846 Henry Stephen Deford, blacksmith & wheelwright. Born in 1846. Parents: James Deford and Elizabeth Rollison. He learned his trade from George E. Lambert, who operated a carriage shop in Chestertown, Kent Co., MD. In 1893, Henry was operating a wheelwright shop out of the Lambert carriage shop, with Ned Ringgold (also in the Blacksmith Index) operating the blacksmith shop. Henry is listed as a blacksmith/wheelwright in the 1870 and 1873 Kent County Directories and the 1903 Maryland Directory. Henry never married and lived for many years with his unmarried sister Kate. His household at times also inlcuded a widowed aunt and a motherless cousin. In the Kent News of 28 April 1934: "Henry Deford, one of Chestertown's oldest citizens, has been quite ill at his home in Chestertown". Henry died in May 1935. He is my great grand uncle and his parents are my great great grandparents. His sister, Mary Elizabeth Deford, married my great grandfather, William Samuel Elburn. Listed in both the Blacksmiths of USA & Canada and the Wheelwrights Indexes..  
DYKE William.M. Blacksmith 1850 William. M. Dyke, blacksmith. William had shop in two locations; Mill Springs Wayne County, KY 1850-1861, and Brooklyn, Morgan County, IN, 1862-1889..  
EMRICK/EMERICK Jonathan.S. Blacksmith 1860 Jonathan Emrick/Emerick. See the U.S. Federal Census's: West Finley, Washington, PA (Pennsylvania) for 1860, 1870, 1880..  
EVAN James Henry Blacksmith 1870 James Evan, blacksmith, farrier. Born about ?. James owned a Blacksmith/Farrier shop at 135 Reed St., Reading, PA 1870-1900..  
FALLER Jacob Blacksmith 1803 Jacob Faller, wheelwright, farmer. Born 1803 in Germany and Migrated to Philadelphia in 1824. He was a wheelwright and a farmer. Jacob moved to Washington Township, Clarion County, PA, in 1841. Looking for any information about his time in Philadelphia..  
FITZGERALD Garrett.H. Blacksmith 1805 Garrett. H. Fitzgerald, blacksmith. Born 1805 in South Carolina, USA. Garrett lived and married in Mississippi. Showed up in Louisiana, Ouchita territory 1840. Ouchita territory became Union Parrish where he purchased 20 acres to live on and a blacksmith shop in another location in that same area that he paid $1,000.00 a yr for 3 yrs to own all..  
FORD Manalcus.C. Blacksmith,
1826 Manalcus C. Ford, blacksmith and Baptist Minister and Calvary Captain. Born July 10, 1826, in Princeton, Caldwell County, KY. He the son of William Ford Jr. and Sarah Chapman married Maria Sawyer July 9, 1849. Manalcus was a Blacksmith and Baptist Minister. Also served in Kentucky Calvary as Captain CSA. He was the Superintendent of the Centertown Sabbath School in Centertown, Ohio County, KY in 1894. "Mack" died March 12, 1896 at Centertown. Listed in Blacksmiths for Military and for USA..  
FRANKLIN Thomas Blacksmith 1636 Thomas Franklin, blacksmith. Uncle of American 18th century statesman Benjamin Franklin. Thomas was born 1638 in Ecton and died 6 Jan 1702 and was buried in St. Mary Magdalene at Ecton. His partner was Henry Bagley. Their forge was at the site of the present Three Horsheshoes, later owned by the Langdale/Langdell family. I don't have any sources other than the website story and Benjamin Franklin's story, it needs confirmation. See URL attached in side column. Visit site
FREY Ludwig Blacksmiths 1853 Ludwig Frey, blacksmith, carriage maker. Ludwig emigrated to New Haven, CT, USA, from Minfeld, Germany in 1853. He worked in New Haven as a carriage maker and a blacksmith from 1853 until 1907. He served in the Connecticut 14th Regiment, E company as a blacksmith. Contributor does not wish to be contacted..  
GETCHELL John Leone Blacksmith 1893 John ELone Getchell, blacksmith, farrier. Born 1893 (?where) and died 1973 in Troy, Maine USA. No details other given, see URL.. Visit site
GUERIN Jonas Blacksmith 1812 Jonas Guer, blacksmith. Jonas learned his trade as a blacksmith and wagonmaker from his father, uncles and grandfather, in Morris Co. NJ. The family had a blacksmith shop and wagonmaking shop in "Jockey Hollow" near Morristown. In 1812, Jonas Guerin left Morris Co. New Jersey and went to Varick Twp, Seneca Co. New York. There he was a blacksmith and wagonmaker. His sons carried on the trade after him in Ovid, NY. His son, Joseph Guerin went to Erie Co. PA and was a blacksmith there and a farmer. Also listed in the Cartwrights Index..  
GUERIN Jonas Blacksmith 1781 Jonas Guerin,blacksmith. Born 1781, in Morris Co. NJ, USA. Died: 1864 in Seneca Co. NY, USA. A Blacksmith and wagon maker with sons..  
GUERIN Joseph Blacksmith,
1748 Joseph Guerin, blacksmith & wagonmaker. Born 1748. Died: 1828 . Joseph was a member of a family that carried on in the iron trades for several generations. During the Revolutionary War he was a wagoneer. His son, Jonas, continued the trade of blacksmith as will as did other members of the Guerin family. See Blacksmiths of America for Jospeh's father, Thomas (born abt.1713) and Grandfather Thomas (born abt.1660) and other Guerins..  
GUERIN Joseph Blacksmith 1802 Joseph Guerin, blacksmith. Born 1802 Morris Co. NJ, USA. he lived in Seneca Co. NY. Died: 1888 in Erie Co. PA, USA. A blacksmith and farmer..  
GUERIN Thomas (Jnr) Blacksmith,
1713 Thomas Guerin (Jr), blacksmith & wagonmaker. Born 1713, South Carolina USA. In 1790 he was with Morris Co. NJ, USA as a blacksmith and wagon maker with sons. Wagoneer in the American Rev. War..  
GUERIN Thomas (Snr) Blacksmith 1660 Thomas Guerin,blacksmith. Born about 1660, in France. Iron worker and blacksmith, Charleston South Carolina USA area and after 1713 at Morris Co. NJ in USA Died: 1726..  
HENDERSON Douglas.A. Blacksmith 1844 Douglas.A. Henderson, blacksmith, ice tool designer and manufacturer. Born was born in 1884 and died 1939 in the USA. Douglas worked from 1903 for his brother as a horse shoer for 4 yrs in Dallas. Douglas was a blacksmith of extraordinary talent and was very creative. He invented the ICE HOOKS, which he patented, made dies, tools, jigs and machinery for their manufacture, to make the ice mass job easier and less messy..  
HICKEY Patrick Blacksmith 1892 Patrick Hickey, blacksmith. Patrick worked from 1892-1930 in Monroe County, New York USA..  
HIGHAM Albert Blacksmith 1843 Albert H Higham, blacksmith. Born about 1843 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He worked with his father Henry Higham as a blacksmith in Philadelphia except for one year, 1863-1864, while he served in the US Navy during the US Civil War. He served as a fireman on the USS Hartford under flag officer David G Farragut during the Battle in Mobile Bay. After the war, he returned to work as a blacksmith in Philadelphia until he died in 1895..  
HIGHAM Henry Blacksmith 1817 Henry Higham, blacksmith. Born in England in 1817, Henry immigrated to America in 1833 and worked as a blacksmith in Philadelphia until his retirement between 1890 and 1900. He married Sarah W Barnes in 1842. Their son Albert H Higham also worked as a blacksmith. Three of their other sons, Thomas, William and Harry worked with their father as moulders. Henry died in 1903..  
HILL William Blacksmith 1788 William Hill, blacksmith. Born 4th March 1788, Manchester, Lancashire, England. One branch of the Hill family is traced to William Hill, a blacksmith, who was born March 4, 1788, and died in Grafton, UK, January 3, 1867. He was married November 12, 1812, to Rebecca Hoskins, who was born March 28, 1791, and died, October 17, 1863. Brief mention of their children follows: William H. was a blacksmith and resided long in Manchester, where his life ended. See Genealogical and family history of the state of New Hampshire: a record of the achievements of her people in the making of a commonwealth and the founding of a nation; by Ezra S Stearns; William F Whitcher; Edward E Parker; Lewis Publishing Company. Type: Book; English Publisher: New York, Chicago, Lewis Pub. Co., 1908. Editions: 2 Editions OCLC: 2689026. Listed in Blacksmiths Lancashire & USA..  
HITCHCOCK John Blacksmith   John Hitchcock, blacksmith. John lived in Southgate with his wife Elizabeth Ellingham and their 13 children, if you have any information about my greatgrandfather, I would appreciate it very much. John was a Blacksmith and lived at 117 Chase Side Close, Southgate UK..  
HODSDON Frank Blacksmith 1877 Frank Hodsdon, blacksmith. Born in Turner Maine 19 May 1877 and married Nellie A. Young in 1895. Frank worked in Sabbatus Maine from 1912-1918. He also worked at the Bath, Maine Iron works..  
HUDSON Charles (Christopher) William Blacksmith 1829 Charles (Christopher) William Hudson, blacksmith, farrier. Born 6th Jan 1829 in Thornton Le More, Lincolnshire, England to William & Frances Patchet Hudson. The 1851 UK Census lists Charle as 21yrs , apprenticed as a Journeyman Blacksmith to his brother-In-Law, William Torn, master blacksmith & farmer of 37 acres of Towser Inn, Hatton, Lincolnshire. In 1855, Charles departed Liverpool on Ship Ponoma, arrived in the Port of New York. 1855: Purchased land in Webster County, Iowa, USA. 1860 US Census - not located - family history has him traveling/sight-seeing in the uncharted western United States for about one year. On 20th April 1864Charles married Julia Etta Cheney, Fort Dodge, Webster County, Iowa. 1870 US Census shows him as married, father of 3 children. A farmer and stock raiser of considerable acreage in Webster County, Iowa, USA. 1879 s of Agriculture - owner of 355 acres. Charles died 16th Dec 1909. Buried alongside his wife in Otho Cemetery, Otho Township, Webster County, Iowa, USA. See Blacksmiths of USA & Lincolnshire..  
HURLEY William Blacksmith Blacksmith 1860 William Hurley, blacksmith, carriage maker, came to the United States from Coleraine Ireland with his wife, Jane Shields Hurley. They first settled in Watervilet, New York, where several of their children were born and then moved to New Haven, Ct. William served in the Civil War along with his sons, Simon and Lewis P. I would be very interested to know more about other blacksmiths in New Haven and Watervliet, New York around 1860. See Cartwrights Index. Contributor does not wish to be contacted..  
LATRIELLE Gabriel Blacksmith 1775 Gabriel Latrielle, master blacksmith. Born 1775 est. Buried Apr 3, 1839, St Charles, Missouri. Noted as Master Blacksmith by Missionary priest at the baptism of his son Antoine in 1801. Responsible for early survey of St Charles, Missouri, per St Charles county court records, assisted in building fence for fort in 1797. Was one of very few craftsmen in an area and time of hunters and trappers. Was aquainted with Daniel Boone, Lewis and Clark, and August Chouteau. In 1800, town had estimated 400 people. He bought and sold various properties in his life. Died owning 20 aperes, that he left to his children..  
McALISTER James Henry Blacksmith 1834 James Henry McALister, blacksmith. Born 25 August 1834 died 15 February 1913. Region: Marion Centre, Marion, Kansas. James was a blacksmith from about 1867 to 1898. This is when he got a serious hip injury and couldnt work. In 1944 a story was written about him and his wife whom they called Jim Mack and Mrs Mack. They both did a lot for the community. The story is called: Narratives Incident to Life As It Was and People as they were on Our Frontier, written by a citizen of that town named Mrs T B Matlock. According to the story, my 3rd great grandfather, many of the people in the town thought Longfellows poem about the Village Blacksmith, that he was that blacksmith in the poem. If you would like it, I can possibly scan and send a copy of the story..  
McCOY James Henry Blacksmith 1828 James McCoy, blacksmith. James was born of Irish parents in St John, New Brunswick, USA . They moved to Boston, Mass. where James did his blacksmithing apprenticeship. He went to sea for 7-8 years. He arrived in NSW in 1853. He was plying his trade in Shellharbour NSW in 1859. He was a Methodist Lay Preacher and established a Temperance Society Lodge. He helped build the Temperance Hall, which became the Empire Theatre. James died in 1916 he and members of his family are buried in the local cemetery. He was well respected in the Region. Listed in Blacksmiths of Australia and USA. Contributor does not wish to be contacted..  
McDANIEL Anthony Wayne Blacksmith 1827 Anthony Wayne McDaniel, blacksmith, farrier. Born 1827 & died 1912). Anthony was my great-great grandfather. He lived most of his life in Little York, Indiana. He served in the Civil War from 1865-1866 at Tunnel Hill, GA where he shoed horses and mules for the government..  
McQUAGGE Norman Daniel Blacksmith,
1853 Norman Daniel McQuagge, blacksmith & gunmaker. Born 1853 in Northwest Florida. He was a batchelor who liked to tell the "King's Deer" story as told to him by his father. See Stories from the Past Link on the Homepage..  
MEANEY John Blacksmith 1882 John Meaney, blacksmith. Born 2nd June 1882, County Clare, Ireland. John (my grandfather) was a blacksmith in the parish of Ballyea; he had a forge in Darragh, County Clare. I only have second hand information about him and his trade. Most of his Family emigrated to the USA. His Daughter Molly (dad’s sister) went to the US with them. My Father never met his sister and only spoke to her twice; first when his father John died and again when his mother died. Listed in both Blacksmiths of Ireland and the USA..  
MORECROFT Roy Jasper Blacksmith 1881 Roy Jasper Morecraft, blacksmith. Roy lived 1881-1950 had his shop at his home in Marshall, IL..  
MORRIS Jonathan.S. Blacksmith 1805 Jonathan.S.Morris, blacksmith. Born circa 1805 in PA. He married wife (1) and had 7 children born in KY. Married wife (2) Harriett WINE and had 2 more children. In 1860 census of Pendleton Co. KY he is living with his first daughter, Eliza J. Conley, and her family. He is listed as a blacksmith at 54 years of age. Jonathan is not found after this date..  
O'SCALLEIGH Jaysun Blacksmith 2008 Jaysun O'Scalleigh, blacksmith, Jaysun is currently a blacksmith working on Salt Spring Island, North Vancouver Island, British Columbia..  
PAGE Thomas Blacksmith 1843 Thomas Page, blacksmith. Born 1843 and died 1923, in Hampshire, England. Married (1) Jane Myers. Thomas and Jane had 10 children. Jane died. Thomas then married (2) Elizabeth Ann Childs and had 14 more children. My grandfather, Thomas Page, emigrated to Hennepin County, Minneapolis and worked as a blacksmith in the 1880's. Didn't work out, so he returned to England, took up farming at Closewood Farm, Denmead, Hampshire. See Google Books, History of Hennepin County Map at "Thos. Page" at right edge, above Diamond Lake. Thomas is isted in both Blacksmiths of Hampshire and Blacksmiths USA..  
RAMPTON Henry Blacksmith 1829 Henry Rampton,blacksmith. Bas born on the 8th September 1829. He led an interesting life and left a diary written between 1853 to 1881. Henry worked as Blacksmith with his father in Old Alresford, Hampshire and sometimes others in different places until he was 20 years old. He then set up business for himself in Botley, Hampshire. He and his family left home to emmigrate to Utah in 1854. He and his family eventually locating in Bountiful, USA in 1856, which was then called Session's Settlement. His shop was located in the center of town and was known as the Village Blacksmith. He left Bountiful in 1879 on a mission to England and whilst on this mission visited his people in Old Alresford, Hampshire. He returned to Bountiful in July 1880. He died on November 24th 1903 in Bountiful. More info available but his diary is available on the internet by entering Henry Rampton's Diary. Listed in Blacksmiths of America & Blacksmiths of Hampshire..  
RAY. Thomas Edward Blacksmith 1849 Thomas Edward Ray, blacksmith. I have a copy of a letter to his wife dated September the 3rd Maryland 1849 where he states he is working with his brother in a Blacksmith Shop with plans to return to South Carolina soon. I have been unable finding anything about him or his brother except that he did return to South Carolina then later joined the CSA and was killed or died in Bradstown, KY. I visited his grave last December because comments in Family Trees says he was in a mass grave. That is not true. I hope someone will have some helpful information..  
RAYNER Moses Blacksmith 1808 Moses, Rayner, blacksmith. Born 1808 Muker , Yorkshire, England. Moses was a blacksmith in Stansfield 1841 Southowram 1851 emigrated to Ripley Illinois 1854 where he died 1889. Listed in Blacksmiths Yorkshire and USA..  
RINGGOLD William Edward (Ned) Blacksmith 1862 William Edward "Ned" Ringgold, blacksmith. Born 29th March 1862 on Kent Island, Queen Anne's County, md. In the 1880 census, he is listed as an apprentice wheelwright with Henry P. Jones on Kent Island. In 1893, Ned and his wife, Susanna "Annie" Arters, moved to Chestertown, Kent County, Maryland. Ned worked with Henry S. Deford at the G.E. Lambert Carriage Building on Cannon Street in Chestertown. Ned eventually owned and operated his own blacksmith/wheelwright shop on Court Street in Chestertown. A newspaper clipping from 26 February 1938 Entitled "57 years spent as a blacksmith" notes that Ned predicted he had shod 114,000 horses. He announced his retirement and said that Marion Parsons would take over his blacksmithing duties. Ned died 4th December 1938 and another newspaper clipping entitled "late W. E. Ringgold's Will devides (sic) estate" lists his two daughters as Heiresses; my grand aunt, Ethel Baum Ringgold Miller and my grandmother, Molly Rebecca Ringgold Elburn. Listed in both the Blacksmiths of America and the Wheelwrights Index. Any info appreciated..  
SKILES Archibald Blacksmith,
1820 Archibald Skiles, blacksmith. Archibald was a blacksmith in West Pennsboro, Cumberland County, USA, in the 1820s and 1830s. He has an application for bankruptcy on file indicating his shop burnt down about the year 1834..  
SMITH William Clark Blacksmith,
1824 William Clark Smith, wheelwright,blacksmith. Born 17 Nov 1824 in Sufflolk County, New York, a.k.a. Long Island, USA. He married about 1849 Hannah who I think was from England. He is listed in the 1850 Census living in Brooklyn Ward 7, Kings County New York, his occupation is Wheelwright with his first born son Silas, who is listed as 4 months old. In 1860 US Census he is living in Blooming Grove, Orange County, NY with his 2nd wife, Mary Jane Rose, occupation listed is wheelwright. 1870 US Census, still living in Blooming Grove, Occupation Carriage Maker, 1880 US Census, still living Blooming Grove, Occupation, Wagon Maker, 1900 US Census, Occupation, Wheelwright, 1910 US Census, Blooming Grove, Occupation Wagon Maker. William dies in 1912 at the age of 88, his obituary in the Warwick Advertiser of Dec 5, 1912, also states that he lived 53 yeas in Craigville, and has been a carriage maker..  
THOMAS James Blacksmith 1894 : James Thomas, blacksmith. Born ?when in Merthyr , Wales. James started out as a blacksmith in Glamorganshire, Wales. He and his family immigrated to the USA, first to Youngstown Ohio and then Chicago, Illinois where he died in 1894. I don't know anything more about him or whom he worked, just that he was a blacksmith. Listed in Blacksmiths of USA and Wales..  
TURNER Francis Blacksmith 1769 Francis Turner, blacksmith. Born 1769, Halland, East Sussex, England. The Turner family ran the Halland, East Sussex, blacksmith shop. They were also the blacksmiths for the town of East Hoathly nearby. There is a painted picture of the Blacksmith shop in the motel at the Halland crossroads but I was unable to remove it from the glass to photograph it. The first parish record found is of Francis Turner born 1769 listed as blacksmith in the 1821 census. Then his son William Turner born 1791 was a blacksmith from 1821-1851 (married Sarah Ferry) along with his brother John Turner born 1799 blacksmith from 1829-1851 (married to Martha Rich). In 1851 William's brother, Richard (born 1811) took over at the forge with his nephew? Frederic. Later John Turner, married to Emma Stokes in 1887, and possibly the son of Frederic, continued in the profession. Late 1880s-1890s my GGGGrandfather brought his smithy skills to Virginia, and then Pennsylvania in the USA..  
WHITTINGTON Elisha Blacksmith,
General Store Owner
1875 Elisha Whittington (circa 1875) ran a blacksmith shop and general store in Bayou Chicot and there is some evidence he also ran a grist mill for there are entries in his books of customers buying corn meal for $1.00 a bushel. Family oral history says Elisha made the famous Bowie knife for Jim Bowie who died at the Alamo. An inscription at the Alamo says the knife was made by "a Louisiana blacksmith" and Jim and Rezin Bowie lived near Elisha, near Lamourie, in Rapides Parish and their travels would have taken them past his blacksmith shop, but other evidence proves that Jesse Clift, another Louisiana blacksmith, made the Bowie knife for the Bowie brothers.. Visit site
WHITTLE William Blacksmith 1761 William Whittle, blacksmith. The Will of William Whittle on record in Cumberland Co. NC. USA, William Whittle, Blacksmith d. 1761 Cumberland County, NC. Will states wife Mariah, and Children William, James and Ann. Children all considered minors in Will..  
WILKINSON Green (Grun) Blacksmith 1826 Green (Grun) Wilkinson, blacksmith. Born about 1826 in KY, U.S.A. The 1880 US census lists him as 55yrs, at ?street in the City of Troy, Kansas; with wife Peggy 58yrs and step son Azaiah 21yrs. Green (Grun) was a blacksmith in Troy, Doniphan County, Kansas between 1868 and 1900.  His great-great-great grandson Ron needs help in finding out if there ever was a national register for blacksmiths.  If so, where would it be found? .  
WOLF Henry. E. Blacksmith 1824 Henry. E. Wolf, blacksmith. Born about 1824 in Saxony, Germany. The 1850 USA census lists Henry as 25yrs, blacksmith. Parents Paulus and Erdmutha Caroline Wolf. The family sailed from Bremen and arrived in the USA 4th October 1837. They first settled in Pennsylvania and are found in a few areas prior to 1845 (Nazareth first then Bethlehem). After the father Paulus died in 1845 they moved to Renville, MN. Henry had seven (7) brothers: Julius. A (1826-1902); Richard. F (1830-1909); Gustave.B (1832-1917); Edward Francis (1834-1900); Louis (1837-1917); Ferdinand (born USA) and Henry Bernard (born USA). Louis (Lewis 1837-1917)is listed as a blacksmith, Saxony, in civil war report 1863-1865 Civil War Draft MN. They are listed in Blacksmiths of the USA and Europe..  
WOLF Louis Blacksmith 1837 Louis (Lewis) Wolf, blacksmith. Born about 1837 in Germany. Parents Paulus and Erdmutha Caroline Wolf. The family sailed from Bremen and arrived in the USA 4th October 1837. They first settled in Pennsylvania and are found in a few areas prior to 1845 (Nazareth first then Bethlehem). After the father Paulus died in 1845 they moved to Renville, MN. See Blacksmiths of Europe and Lancashire for his brother Henry (born 1824 blacksmith) and other family members..  
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