Sussex Blacksmiths

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ANDREWS Mary Ann ANDREWS Blacksmith 1860 Mary Ann Andrews, herself a Blacksmith in Offham, Sussex, England. Widow of Thomas Andrews of Ditchling, also a Blacksmith. Their daughter Fanny married master Blacksmith Samuel Gardiner (see Blacksmiths of Sussex).  
ANDREWS Thomas ANDREWS Blacksmith 1848 Thomas Andrews, blacksmith deceased ?1848. His widow Mary Ann Andrews was also a Blacksmith & is listed in this Sussex index.    
BATTMAN John BATTMAN Blacksmith 1753 John Battman. In 1753, John was a master blacksmith Henfield, Sussex , England. In 1763, he takes Josias Woolgar and Ed. Trower as apprentice blacksmiths.  
BERRY Henry BERRY Blacksmith 1797 Henry Berry, blacksmith. Born about 1797 in Patcham, Sussex and died 1868 in Brighton, Sussex, England. Henry was the blacksmith at the Forge in Pyecombe, Sussex in 1850's and was the original maker of Pyecombe shepherd's crooks.  
BETTESWORTH Albert George BETTESWORTH Blacksmith 1877 Albert George Bettesworth, blacksmith. Born 8 Aug 1877, South Hayling, Sussex, England. Died: 7 Sep 1961, Itchenor, close to Chichester. 1981: Blacksmiths Apprentice, East Wittering. 1901: living in Shalford, near Guildford & employed in the gunpowder factory. Wife: Edith Hotston. Between 1908-1913 moved to Streat, East Sussex. 1918 moved to Earnley Forge near East Wittering. Retired in West Wittering.    
BISH Frederick BISH Blacksmith 1897 Frederick Bish, blacksmith and iron monger. Born about 1897, in Lewes , Sussex, England. The 1901 UK census lists Frederick as 4yrs, living with parents Frank 41yrs (labourer) and Mille Bish 41yrs (born Lewes) at The Green, Cliff, Lewes. Frederick had several siblings. In 1911 Frederick is listed as 14yrs, working in a blacksmiths shop, living with parents Frank (labourer) and Millie Bish plus siblings at 31 Malling Street, Cliff,Lewes.  
BURGESS John BURGESS Blacksmith 1838 John Burgess, blacksmith. Born about 1838, Brighton, Sussex, England. The 1871 UK census lists John as 33yrs, living at 43 Lewes Street, Brighton with wife Jane 28yrs (born Seaford). Children: Joseph.W. 6yrs; Charles 4yrs; Kate 3mths infant.    
COLBRAN Edward COLBRAN Blacksmith 1774 Edward Colbran, blacksmith. Baptised 16 October 1774 St Margaret’s, Buxted, Sussex, England. Parents John Colebrand b1745 and Mary Carrett (1749-1842). Edward married Mary Venal 31 October 1799 Buxted. Died 16 May 1864 (Ancestry). 1841 census age 66, living at Hurstwood, Buxted with mother Mary Colbran age 92, farmer. 1851 census Edward Colbran 77, retired smith, born Buxted, widower, living on his own at Nortons Green, Buxted. 1861 Edward Colbran 86, almsman, formerly smith, lodging with the Duplock family at Cockland, Buxted - his daughter Elizabeth married John Duplock in 1835.  
COLBRAN John COLBRAN Blacksmith 1780 John Colbran, master blacksmith. Born 1780 Buxted, Sussex, England and died 29 April 1866 Buxted (IGI). Parents John Colebrand b1745 and Mary Carrett (1749-1842). 1841 census John is 60yrs, living at Scool [sic] House, Buxted. 1851 lodging with Walter family, widowed, aged 70, master blacksmith employing 1 man. Brother Thomas, unmarried, 65, journeyman blacksmith, also lodging there. 1861 Smith shop, Buxted, John Colbran, head, widower, 81 and William Colbran, head, widower, 79, blacksmiths employing 1 man, and Thomas Colbran, brother, single, 75, almsman, formerly gamekeeper, all born Buxted . Death 1866 June quarter, Uckfield, 2b, 72.  
COLBRAN Thomas COLBRAN Blacksmith 1786 Thomas Colbran, Journeyman blacksmith. Born circa 1786 Buxted, Sussex, England and died 1869. Parents John Colebrand b1745 and Mary Carrett (1749-1842). 1851 Thomas is, 65yrs, unmarried, living Hurstwood. 1861 Smith shop, Buxted, John Colbran, head, widower, 81 and William Colbran, head, widower, 79, blacksmiths employing 1 man, and Thomas Colbran, brother, single, 75, almsman, formerly gamekeeper, all born Buxted .  
COLBRAN William COLBRAN Blacksmith 1783 William Colbran, Master blacksmith. Born 1783 Buxted, Sussex, England and died 1875 Buxted. Parents John Colebrand b1745 and Mary Carrett (1749-1842). 1841 census William is 57yrs, living at Hurstwood, Buxted with wife Mary, 49yrs. 1851 aged 68, widowed, living at Hurstwood, Buxted, master blacksmith employing 1 man, with John Martin, grandson, 6, and James Dadswell, lodger, 43, master shoemaker employing 1 apprentice. 1861 Smith shop, Buxted, John Colbran, head, widower, 81 and William Colbran, head, widower, 79, blacksmiths employing 1 man, and Thomas Colbran, brother, single, 75, almsman, formerly gamekeeper, all born Buxted. 1871 living at Hurstwood Smith Shop, Master Blacksmith aged 88, with grandson Edwin Mann, 18, journeyman blacksmith, born Buxted. FreeBMD death March quarter 1875 aged 92, Uckfield, 2b, 85.  
CURRALL James CURRALL Blacksmith 1820 James Currall, apprentice blacksmith. Born 1820-1821 in Broadwater, Sussex, England. The 1841 UK census ( 6 June) lists James as 20yrs, living an apprentice blacksmith, living at home with his parents. Ref. Broadwater Census Film #474672. Listed in Blacksmiths of Kent and Sussex. Visit site
CURRALL James CURRALL Blacksmith 1832 James Currall, master blacksmith. Born about 1832 in Broadwater, Sussex, England. The 1871 UK census (7 April ) Lists James as 39yrs, a widower, living at 10 Caroline Cottages, North St, Christ Church Parish, Old Forest Hill, Kent. Children: James 11 b Lewisham, Jane 9 b Kent Rd, Joseph 7 b Middlesex, Hoxton, William 5 b Greenwich, Mary Ann 3 b Greenwich, Alfred 1 b Lewisham. With them was their housekeeper Elizabeth Woodward 46 b Hayes, Kent, note that no marital coding was given for her. Forest Hill Kent Census Film 542634 read April2005 and RG9/417 folio 90. On 2 April 1871 at 8 Layton Terrace, Works Ward, St Saviours, Lewisham, Kent: James Currall is 49yrs and his second wife Elizabeth 56 b Hayes, Kent. With them was his son William Currall 15, b Greenwich. RG10/772; Lewisham Kent Census Film 824733. Note: his daughter Mary Ann 14 was living with her Aunt Ann Champion in Sussex. On 3 April 1881 at 91 Malham Rd, St Saviours Parish, ED 17a, Forest Hill, Lewisham RD, Sydenham SD, Kent: James Currall 60 b Broadwater, Sussex, a widower again, blacksmith, now living with his son James and family. Forest Hill, Kent. Census Film 1341172 and RG11/738 folio 138 p38. Enumerator A Eldridge ED description recorded 14 Sept 1881. Census 5 April 1891 at 71 Malham Rd, St Saviours, Forest Hill, Kent: James Currall 70 b Broadwater, Sussex, widower, classed as Master Blacksmith and at this time he had other persons in his employ. Census Fiche 6095635 on fiche #3. At this same time Kelly's Street Directory for 1891 page 286 mistakenly called him "John" Currall - a shoeing smith living at 77 Malham Rd, Forest Hill. - 31 March 1901, at 8 Malham Rd in Forest Hill, Kent: James Currall 80, still working as a master blacksmith and his 3rd wife wife Ann 70 b Hamton, Hampshire ("Hampton" refers to "Southampton" as per the Matthews family recorded on 1851 census). RG13/559 folio 124 p 17. Listed in Blacksmiths of Kent and Sussex. Visit site
ENTICKNAP Charles ENTICKNAP Blacksmith 1785 Charles Enticknap, blacksmith born abour 1858. Second son of Edward's (born about 1818). Listed in the 1891 as a blacksmith in Kirdford.  
ENTICKNAP Charles ENTICKNAP Blacksmith 1858 Charles Enticknap, blacksmith, born about 1785 in Lurgashall. Father of Edward (born about 1818), Charles was listed as a blacksmith at all his children's baptisms, of which there seem to be 11 ranging from 1810 to 1823. Wife: Mary Knight. Charles was buried at Lurgashall on 27 Aug 1834 aged 49yrs two days after his wife's burial.  
ENTICKNAP Edward ENTICKNAP Blacksmith 1818 Edward Enticknap, blacksmith, born about 1818 at Lurgashall. See 1861 to 1981 for wife Fanny & children: Edward, Jane, Charles, Eli, Ernest, Kate, James, Charlotte Ann, Annie, William, Agnes. Apprentice blacksmith in 1861 was George Rappon 16yrs.  
ENTICKNAP Eli ENTICKNAP Blacksmith 1906 Eli Enticknap, blacksmith. Born about 1881, Wisborourgh Green, Sussex. England. Eli 25yrs married Amy Parr 25yrs (born Rogate) on 16th June 1906 at Rogate Parish Church. Father Edward Enticknap (Blacksmith).  
ENTICKNAP James ENTICKNAP Blacksmith 1867 James Enticknap, blacksmith. Born about 1867, Sussex, England. Third son of Edward (born about 1818). Listed in 1891 census as an employed blacksmith and living with his brother Edward who was the master blacksmith.  
FINCH John.S. FINCH Blacksmith 1822 John.S.Finch, blacksmith master. Born about 1822 in Brighten, Sussex, England. The 1851 UK census lists John as 39yrs, living in Hornden, Milton Abbot, Devon with wife Jane AR. 39yrs (born Tavistock, Devon). Children x 5 listed see census 1851. Listed in Blacksmiths of Devon and Sussex.    
FUNNEL Thos FUNNEL Blacksmith 1756 Thos Funnel (1789) and Wm. Gilham (1786) blacksmith apprentices 1756 to 1826, Uckfield, Sussex, England . Awarded Patent No.1824 (1791) for a plough with interchangable shares. Possibly apprenticed to master blacksmith Thomas Merricks. Not enough information given by contributor.  
GARDENER Samuel GARDENER Blacksmith - Master 1849 Samuel Gardener, blackmaith. Born 1849 in Henfield, West Sussex, England. Parents: John and Mary Gardener. Samuel was a Master Blacksmith in Lewes, East Sussex. He worked for Mary Ann Andrews ( widow of Thomas Andrews of Ditchling, also a Blacksmith), herself a Blacksmith in Offham, near Lewes; married her daughter, Fanny and moved to Southwater. They had 11 children, all the boys were either Blacksmiths or Wheelwrights. My Grandfather Stanley Gardener was his youngest son and he took over the forge in Southwater, West Sussex.  
GILHAM Wm. GILHAM Blacksmith 1756 Wm. Gilham (1786) and Thos Funnel (1789) blacksmith apprentices 1756 to 1826, Uckfield, Sussex, England . Awarded Patent No.1824 (1791) for a plough with interchangable shares. Possibly apprenticed to master blacksmith Thomas Merricks. Not enough information given by contributor.  
HIDER James HIDER Blacksmith 1816 James Hider, blacksmith. Born 1816, Henfield, Sussex, England. Married Mary Sayers, 1836 in Henfield. They had 4 children. Son of blacksmith John Hider, and father of blacksmith Job Hider ; both listed in this index.  
HIDER Job HIDER Blacksmith 1837 Job Hider, blacksmith. Born 1837 Henfield, Sussex, England. Married Mary Ann Jackson in 1857 in Henfield. They had five children, the eldest Alice Sarah was born in Canada in 1859, though the family was back in England by 1871. Son of blacksmith James Hider, and grandson of blacksmith John Hider; both listed in this index.  
HIDER John HIDER Blacksmith 1795 John Hider, blacksmith. Born Circa 1795 Hurstpierpoint, Sussex,England. Blacksmith in Henfield, Sussex. Married Ann Woolgar 1814, 8 children, 4 died in childhood. Died 1874 in Henfield. Father of blacksmith James Hider and grandfather of blacksmith Job Hider; both listed in this Index.  
HILLMAN Edward HILLMAN Blacksmith 1797 Edward Hillman, blacksmith. Born in about 1797 in Lewes, Sussex, England. Wife: Mary born Lewes 1798. They had six children, Sarah, William, John, Joseph, Mary Ann and Martha, and all three sons became blacksmiths too. In 1851 Edward was simply listed as a Master Blacksmith in Lewes. In 1861 he is listed as a blacksmith employing three men. In 1871 Edward has died but his wife Mary is still there, and is listed as a blacksmith employing 4 men. Mary died in 1878. They are consistently registered as living at 38 High Street although whether the smithy was there or not I don't know. Edward was my Great (x3) Grandfather.  
HORTON Robert George HORTON Blacksmith 1883 Robert George Horton, blacksmith. Born 09 June 1883, Rye, Sussex died 05 Nov 1972 at Storrington, Sussex. The 1891 UK census lists Robert as 7yrs, living with his parents and siblings at King Street, Rye, Sussex. In 1901 Robert is 17yrs, at 15 Tower Street boarding with Maria Dunk 68yrs,widow and her grandson Charles Payne 4yrs. 1911: Robert is 27yrs a shoeing and general smith living at Hastings Sussex with mother Harriet Horton 60yrs,widow. Also listed are his brother Percy Horton 25yrs,single (butcher) and sister Bessie May Horton 23yrs,single (bookkeeper). See Blacksmiths of Kent and Sussex for his brother William Edward Horton and grandfather William Mannings Horton.  
HORTON William Edward HORTON Blacksmith 1872 William Edward Horton, blacksmith. Born 06 Oct 1872 Ashford, Kent died 30 Jan 1938, at Battle, Sussex. The 1891 UK census lists William as 18yrs, a shoeing smith living with his parents and siblings at King Street, Rye, Sussex. In 1901 William is 28yrs, works for himself, living at 20 Cockle Street, Brede Sussex; with wife Ellen 30yrs (born Brede). Children: Edith 3yrs, Leslie Charles 2yrs; Ethel 4months infant. 1911: William is 38yrs, at Rye, Sussex. Ellen is 39yrs, Children Edith Ellen 13yrs; Leslie Charles 12yrs; Ethel Mary 10yrs; Cecil John 6yrs. See Blacksmiths of Kent for grandfather William Mannings Horton and Sussex for brother Robert George Horton.  
HORTON William Mannings HORTON Blacksmith 1818 William Mannings Horton, blacksmith. Born about 1818, Ewell, Kent, England. Died 09 June 1894 Dover, Kent. William’s grandsons William Edward Horton born 06 Oct 1872 Ashford, Kent died 30 Jan 1938, at Battle, Sussex and Robert George Horton born 09 June 1883, Rye, Sussex died 05 Nov 1972 at Storrington, Susse. See Blacksmiths of Kent and Sussex for grandsons.  
HOUNSOME Richard HOUNSOME Blacksmith 1849 Richard Hounsome, blacksmith. Born May 1849 at Thakeham, Pulborough, Sussex. 1881: a blacksmith living at 19 East Street, Littlehampton, Sussex.  
HOUNSOME Thomas HOUNSOME Blacksmith 1860 Thomas Hounsome, born about 1860-61 at Charlton, Sussex, England. The 1861 UK census lists Thomas as a 2mths infant. Living at Singleton, Sussex with parents John Hounsome (35yrs (engine driver) and wife (1) Susan 28yrs (?nee Grounsell born Charlton. see UK free BMDs for marriage at Westbourne, Sept quarter 1855, Vol: 2b Page 493. Thomas’s siblings: John 4yrs; William 2yrs. In 1971 Thomas is 10yrs, living in Eling, Hampshire. Parents John 45yrs and his wife (2) Hannah 41yrs (born Pensnett Cumberland). Siblings: John 14yrs; William 12yrs; Mary 8yrs (born Eling). 1881: Thomas is 20yrs, unmarried, a blacksmith still living with John and Hannah at Eling Lane, Eling, Hampshire. 1901: census lists him as an Engineer Mechanical in a Saw Mill.  
INSTONE Thomas INSTONE Blacksmith 1808 Thomas Instone, blacksmith. Born 1808-1809 in Rye, Sussex, England. Son of blacksmith Thomas Instone born 1765 and brother to William Instone. 1861: Thomas 62yrs, shoe and hobby smith; Mary 56yrs. Jesse Poynter, 20yrs, apprentice shoe and hobby smith (born Itchen Abbas HANTS). The 1871 UK census lists Thomas as 62yrs, living in Aldershot, Hampshire with wife Mary 66yrs (born Mitfod HANTS). The Instone family is spread between Blacksmiths of Hampshire and Surrey and the Cartwrights and Wheelwrights Indexes.    
JUPP George JUPP Blacksmith 1805 George Jupp, blacksmith. Born about 1805 in East Preston, Sussex, England. The 1841 UK census lists George as 35yrs, living in Coldwaltham, Sussex with wife Caroline 30yrs (born West Tarring, Sussex). Children: William 12yrs; Mary Ann 10yrs; George 7yrs; Phinis 5yrs; Naomi 2yrs. In 1851 George is 46yrs, Caroline 44yrs, living in Billingshurst, Sussex. Children: James: William 22yrs (born 1829 blacksmith); George 17yrs (age. Labourer); Jane 11yrs and James 8yrs (born 1842 blacksmith). There is a death for one George Jupp 1871 see  
JUPP James JUPP Blacksmith 1842 James Jupp, blacksmith. Born about 1842 in Billingshurst, Sussex, England. The 1851 UK census lists James as 8yrs, living in Billingshurst with parents George 46yrs (born 1805 blacksmith) and Caroline 44yrs (born West Tarring, Sussex). Siblings of James: William 22yrs (born 1829 blacksmith); George 17yrs (ag. Labourer) and Jane 11yrs. In 1861 James is 20yrs and in the Royal Navy at Sea and in Ports Abroad. See for details. James married Jane Best 1866 in Dorking. See for details. The 1871 UK census lists James as 29yrs, living in Westcott, Dorking, Surrey with wife Jane 26yrs (born Dorking, Surrey).Children: James Geo. 3yrs and William Arthur 1yr infant. In 1881 James is 38yrs, Jane 35yrs living in Kingston, Surrey. Children: James 14yrs; William 11yrs; Ruth 6yrs; Martha 4yrs. Lodgers: Henry Jno Joney 33yrs (wheelwright) and his wife Mary Ann Joney 29yrs. They are seen on later Census in Kingston on Thames. Listed in Blacksmiths of Surrey and Sussex.  
JUPP William JUPP Blacksmith 1829 William Jupp, blacksmith master, employs 2 men and 1 boy. . Born about 1829 in East Preston, Sussex, England. The 1841 UK census lists William as 12yrs, living in Coldwaltham, Sussex with parents George as 35yrs (born 1805 blacksmith) and Caroline 30yrs. Siblings: Mary Ann 10yrs; George 7yrs; Phinis 5yrs; Naomi 2yrs. In 1851 William is 22yrs, living in Billingshurst with parents George 46yrs and Caroline 44yrs. Siblings: George 17yrs (ag. Labourer); Jane 11yrs and James 8yrs (born 1842 blacksmith). The 1861 census shows William as 32yrs, living in Shipley, Sussex with wife Zillah (nee Towse) 40yrs (born West Chillington, Sussex). Step children: Ann venn16yrs; William Venn 13yrs; Henry Venn 12yrs; Fanny Venn 9yrs. Zillah died aged 47yrs in 1868. In 1871 William is 42yrs, a widower, still in Shipley. Others listed: Jane Randall 25yrs (servant); John Streeter 23yrs (blacksmith) and Albert Redman 21yrs (blacksmith). The 1881 census lists William as 52yrs, widower, boarding with the Heard family (Innkeepers) in Rustington, Sussex.  
KEMP Timothy KEMP Blacksmith 1842 Timothy Kemp, blacksmith. Born 1842 Hailsham, Sussex, England, (a twin) the 6th of 11 children born to William Kemp and Mary Ann nee Haffenden. the census shows him to be born Warbleton (Hailsham Registration District). in 1851 he is 8yrs old attending day school residing at cherry clack common heathfield with parents & siblings. Cherry Clack was the windmill. in 1861 the family had moved to Blackdown and Timothy now 18 was working as an ag lab. He married Maria Bonds from Mayfield 1865 Hailsham and in 1871 Timothy and his new family are at CowHouse Farm Wartling where Timothy is now a blacksmith, he & Maria have 4 children by this time & also a lodger John Barton apprentice to Timothy. According to this census after marriage They lived in Heathfield then Warbleton before settling in Wartling. 1878 directory records them in Cowbeech. Timothy & Maria are still at Cowbeech Wartling with 9 children Timothy a Blacksmith.  
LEE Daniel LEE Blacksmith 1820 Daniel Lee, blacksmith. Born about 1820-21 in Rogate, Sussex, England. The 1851 UK census lists Daniel as 31yrs, living in Petersfield with wife Mary 30yrs (born Sussex). Children: George 6yrs; William 15yrs. 1861: Daniel is 41yrs living in Chapel Street, Petersfield, Hampshire. Mary is 41yrs. Children: George 16yrs (blacksmith); William 11yrs; Richard 4yrs. The 1871 UK census lists Daniel as 50yrs, living in Sheep Street, Petersfield, Hampshire with wife Mary 49yrs (born Sussex). Children: William 21yrs, unmarried; Richard 13yrs and Rosa 9yrs. In 1891 Daniel is 73yrs, at 137 Dogs Alley, Petersfield; with wife Mary 70yrs (born Harting, Sussex). Boarding with them is William Gammon 35yrs, unmarried (a brewer’s cooper). Listed in Blacksmiths Hampshire and Sussex.    
LEEDS John LEEDS Blacksmith 1677 John Leeds, blacksmith at Stedham, W. Sussex, England. John made his Will ion 25th April 1677, probate granted 1st January 1677/8.  
MANN William MANN Blacksmith 1817 William Mann, master blacksmith. Born about 1817, Wadhurst, Sussex, England. The 1871 UK census lists William as 54yrs, living at the Smith Shop, Wadhurst, Sussex, with wife Mary Martin Mann 53yrs ( born Buxted, Sussex).  
MARTIN William Henry MARTIN Blacksmith 1859 William Henry Martin, blacksmith. Born about 1859, East Marden, Sussex, England. Wife Frances Housome (daughter of blacksmith Richard Hounsome born May 1834).  
MERRICKS Thomas MERRICKS Blacksmith 1756 Thomas Merricks, master blacksmith. No information given by contributor except for 2 possible apprentices Thos. Funnel and Wm Gilham.  
MITCHELL Charles MITCHELL Blacksmith 1845 Charles Mitchell, blacksmith, farrier. Born 1845 London, England. Charles was a blacksmith in Pyecombe Sussex from about 1870. Maker of 'famous' Pyecombe shepherd's crooks. He died in 1942 aged 97. Sons also blacksmiths at same forge until 1950s. Photographs available.  
PASHLEY George PASHLEY Blacksmith 1825 George Pashley, blacksmith. Born 1825 at Whitwell, Derbyshire, son of Joseph & Rebecca. Married: Emma Hyson. Lived at Whitwell. Died: 1888 at Whitwell. George's daughter Annie married Harry Henry Standen, grandson of Elias & Barbara Standen.    
PASHLEY Joseph PASHLEY Blacksmith - Master 1793 Joseph Pashley, born: 1793 at Sheffield, Yorkshire, son of Richard & Elizabeth. Married: Rebecca Brown. Lived at Whitwell, Derbyshire. Died: 1866 at Whitwell.    
PASHLEY Richard PASHLEY Blacksmith 1816 Richard Pashley, born: 1816 at Whitwell, Derbyshire, son of Joseph & Rebecca.    
PONT Matthew PONT Blacksmith 1819 Matthew Pont, born about 1819 in Sussex (age at 30 Mar 1851 was 32yrs). Living at 16 Stephens Crouch, Catsfield, Dallington. Wife: Ann 28yrs (in 1851).    
PONT Robert PONT Shoeing Smith 1906 Robert Pont, blacksmith, shoeing smith. Born Sussex. Abode: 23 Nov 1906 at 15 Park St. ?town unknown. Wife: Nellie.    
PRINN William James PRINN Blacksmith 1910 William James Prinn, blacksmith, farrier. from Rottingdean, near Brighton. Widely known as a trainer of pugilists, wrestlers and athletes. Widely known as a trainer of pugilists, wrestlers and athletes. Formerly held the rank of Farrier Sergeant – Major, Royal field Artillery and during his army life he took a prominent part on organising boxing and athletic events. His house at Rottingdean was the resort of many well known athletes who made use of his blacksmiths gym. These include Stanislaus. Kybosko, Polish wrestler and Johnny Summers , English boxer. Information obtained from newspaper, dated 02 Oct 1910. Listed in Sussex and Military Blacksmiths.  
REDMAN Albert REDMAN Blacksmith 1840 Albert Redman, blacksmith. Born about 1850 in Bosam, Sussex, England. The 1871 UK census lists Alberta s 21yrs, working for master blacksmith William Jupp (born 1829) in Shipley Sussex.    
REEVES Edward (1) REEVES Blacksmith 1833 Edward Reeves ( 1 of 2), a blacksmith. Born about 1833-1835, Lewes Sussex, England. The 1861 UK census lists Edward as 28yrs, living at 38 Hanover Terrace, Brighton with wife (1) Sara Ann ?White 30yrs (check 30yrs (born Sussex). Children: Miss .Frances. J. 6yrs; Edward James 3yrs (blacksmith)and Harry 1yr.  
REEVES Edward (2) REEVES Blacksmith 1833 Edward Reeves (2 of 2), blacksmith. Born about 1833-1835, Lewes, Sussex, England. The 1871 census lists Edward as 36yrs “married” living at 62 John Street Brighton. Visitor: Eliza Bignell 30yrs, unmarried. Frederick Bignell 8yrs. I suspect this Edward Reeves is the same person listed in this index as husband of Sarah Ann Reeves and father of blacksmith James Reeves. It looks as though he has a second family. If anyone can clear this up please do.  
REEVES Edward James (1) REEVES Blacksmith 1858 Edward James Reeves , blacksmith, farrier. Born about 1858, Brighton, Sussex, England. The 1861 UK census lists Edward as 3yrs, living at 38 Hanover Terrace, Brighton with parents blacksmith Edward (born 1835) and Sarah Ann Reeves. Siblings: Miss.Frances Jane 6yrs and Harry 1yr infant. 1971 Edward.J. is 13yrs living at 43 Lewes Street Brighton with his mother Sarah 41yrs (listed as married but husband Edward not listed) and siblings Harry1 1yrs and George.R. 9yrs. In 1901 Edward is 45yrs, living at 16 Apollo Street East Brighton with wife Ruth 43yrs. Children listed: George 17yrs (farriers labourer); Emily 14yrs; Ruth 12yrs; William 9yrs. 1911: Edward is 54yrs, living at 4 Liverpool Street East Brighton; Ruth 53yrs. Son William 20yrs, unmarried (shoeing smith). Nephew William Barnard 13yrs (school). Note: Frances Jane Reeves married William Barnard 06July1874,Brighton.  
REEVES George Robert (1) REEVES Shoeing Smith 1880 George Robert Reeves (1), blacksmith. Born Sussex about 1880. Age on 1st Jan 1899 was 19yrs. Abode: 7 Apollo St. ?town unknown. Wife: Mary Mack.    
REEVES George Robert (2) REEVES Shoeing Smith 1904 George Robert Reeves (2), blacksmith. Born: Sussex ?when. Abode: in 30 Dec 1904 and 12 Feb 1905 at 7 Coleman St. ?town unknown. Wife: Ellen.    
REEVES Harry REEVES Blacksmith 1899 1899: Harry Reeves, blacksmith. Born Sussex ?when. Abode: 1 Jan 1899 at 28 St. Mary Magdalen St.-----place unknown.    
REEVES Henry REEVES Blacksmith 1887 Henry Reeve, blaksmith. Born Sussex ?when. Abode: 3 Dec 1887 at 31 Nelson Place, ?town unknown.    
REEVES Henry REEVES Blacksmith 1807 Henry Reeves, a blacksmith. Born about 1807, Keymer Susse, England. His abode in 1851 was no: 6 Gloster Street, Brighton. Wife: Mary.  
REEVES Henry REEVES Blacksmith 1829 Henry Reeves, a blacksmith. Born about 1829 in Lewes Sussex, England. His abode in 1851 was 1 Gloster Cottages Brighton. Wife: Eliza.  
REEVES John Edward (1) REEVES Blacksmith 1883 John Edward Reeves (1), blacksmith. Born Sussex ?when. Abode: 20 Sep 1883 at 2 Riding School Lane-----place unknown. Abode: 3 Dec 1885 at 32 Carlton St. ?town unknown.. Wife: Elizabeth Rebecca.    
REEVES John Edward (2) REEVES Blacksmith 1887 John Edward Reeves (2), blacksmith. Born Sussex ?when. Abode: 3 Dec 1887, at 31 Nelson Place, St. Peters. Abode: 6 April 1890 at 33 Carlton St. ?town unknown. Abode: 11 Oct 1894 33 at Carlton St. Abode: 31 Mar 1897 at 33 Carlton St. Abode: 15 Mar 1899 33 Carlton St. Abode: 31 Aug 1926 at 34 Carlton St. Ages: John Edward aged 28y in 1894. Wife: Mary Eliza Godfree aged 30yrs in 1894.    
REEVES John Edward (3) REEVES Blacksmith 1899 John Edward Reeves (3), blacksmith. Born Sussex ?when. Abode: 1 July 1899 at 10 Grosvenor St. ?town unknown.    
REEVES William REEVES Blacksmith 1920 William Reeves, blacksmith. Born Sussex ?when. Abode: 17 July 1920 at 42 Argyle St. ?town unknown. Wife: Nellie.    
ROWLAND John ROWLAND Blacksmith 1772 John Rowland, blacksmith. Born about 1772 in Brighton, East Sussex, England. The 1851 UK census lists John as 79yrs, living at the Union House, Union St James Place, Kings Lynn, Norfolk. No other details listed. Listed in Blacksmiths of Norfolk and Sussex.    
SANDS George (Jnr) SANDS Blacksmith 1838 George Sands, blacksmith. Born 1838 in Dallington. Parents: George SANDS and Mary nee HONEYSETT, was a Blacksmith of Dallington and followed in his father's footsteps. Wife: Amelia BAYLEY/BAILEY and they were the parents of 11 children: Kitty Amelia (1862), Alfred Harry (1864), Emma Jane (1865), Roland George (1867), Mary Kate ("May", 1868), Elizabeth Ellen (1869), Edward Arthur (1871), Caroline Anne (1872), Lily Ethel (1872), Laura (1874), and Katharine Alma Frances(1875). In 1881, Joseph OLIVER, 18, born in Warbleton was working for him. George lived at Bakers Cottage, his father's house, until about 1890, when upon his brother John's return from Scotland, he had Forest View built immediately next door. He lived there until his death in 1906.  
SIMMONDS David SIMMONDS Blacksmith 1769 David Simmonds (Symons or Simmons), blacksmith master. Christened 4th June 1769 in Bolney ,Sussex, England. A son of Ralph and Hannah. He was a master blacksmith by 1798 as he had apprentice called Stephen Tichbon and then George Iisted in 1801. He married Ann Weller in Lewes in 1792, and they had 4 children. He died in St Thomas in the Cliffe in 1826.  
SIMMONDS William SIMMONDS Blacksmith 1794 William Simmonds, master blacksmith. Born 1794 in Ringmer, Sussex, England. William was a Master Blacksmith in North Street, St.Thomas in the Cliffe, Lewes, Sussex employing four people. William died in 1856, leaving the business to his wife Hannah. Contributor does not wish to be contacted.    
SIMMONS Albert SIMMONS Blacksmith 1872 Albert Simmons, blacksmith. Born 1872 in Salehurst, Sussex and died 1951 in Hastings,Sussex. Lived in Staplecross,Sussex. Wife: Annie Martin Chapman.Born 1871 in Brightling, Sussex and died 1947. Son of George Simmons.(39).    
SIMMONS Charles SIMMONS Blacksmith 1878 Charles Simmons, blacksmith. Born 1878 in Sedlescombe, Sussex and died 1918 in Bodiam. Lived in Bodiam,Sussex. Wife:Eleanor Wheales born 1874 in Little Dunham, Norfolk and died 1961. Son of George Simmons.(39).    
SIMMONS Charles SIMMONS Blacksmith & Inn Keeper 1827 Charles Simmons, blacksmith. Born 1827 in Wartling, Sussex and died 1909 in Windmill Hill,Sussex. Lived at the Horse Shoe Inn,Wartling. Wife: Susannah Gardener born 1835, In Lewes, Sussex and died 1907. Son of John Simmons.(8).    
SIMMONS Edward SIMMONS Blacksmith 1920 Edward Simmons blacksmith. Edward was the last in the line of Blacksmiths in the forge at windmill hill Wartling. He was the son of George Simmons, Grand son of Charles Simmons. My grand father and great grand father slowly changed the forge at Windmill Hill in to a Garage with the growing popularity of the moter car in the 1920s. I may have other infomation.  
SIMMONS Friend SIMMONS Blacksmith 1820 Friend Simmons, blacksmith. Born 1820 at Wartling,Sussex and died ?where. Lived in Westfield,Guestling,Ore,Hurst Green,Sussex. Wife:Chatlotte Willard born 1824 in Guestling, Sussex and died ?where. Son of Joseph Simmons.(4)    
SIMMONS George SIMMONS Blacksmith 1869 George Simmons, blacksmith. Born 1869 at Wartling, Sussex and died ?where. Lived in Wartling, Sussex. Wife: Mary Huggett born 1873 in Eastbourne, Sussex and died ?where. Son of Charles Simmons.(21).    
SIMMONS George SIMMONS Blacksmith 1846 George Simmons, blacksmith. Born:1846 in Salehurst and died 1904 in Sedlescombe,Sussex. Lived in Eastbourne,Salehurst,Hastings,Sedlescombe,Sussex. Wife:Emily Barrow born 1847 in Heathfield,Sussex and died 1914. Son of William Simmons.(13).    
SIMMONS George SIMMONS Blacksmith 1874 George Simmons, blacksmith. Born 1874 at Salehurst, Sussex and died ?where. Lived at Tanyard House,Sedlescombe,Sussex. Wife: Bessie Crawley born 1888 in London and died 1925. Son of George Simmons.(39).    
SIMMONS John SIMMONS Blacksmith 1854 John Simmons, blacksmith. Born 1854 at Salehurst, Sussex. Died: date & place unknown. Lived at Fair Lane,Salehurst,Sussex. Wife: Emily Callaway born 1854 in Bodiam, Sussex and died-----place unknown.. Son of William Simmons.(13)    
SIMMONS John SIMMONS Blacksmith & Victualler 1800 John Simmons, blacksmith. Born 1800 in Wartling, Sussex and died 1860 in Wartling, Sussex. Lived at The Horse Shoe Inn,Wartling. Wife: Mary Miles born 1801 in Lewes, Sussex and died 1860. Son of Joseph Simmons.(4)    
SIMMONS Joseph SIMMONS Blacksmith 1774 Joseph Simmons, blacksmith. Born 1774 in East Hoathly, Sussex and died 1856 in Wartling,Sussex. Lived at Posey Green, Wartling. 1st Wife: Ann Clapson born 1773 in Wartling and died 1799. 2nd Wife: Sarah Pooke born 1772 in Wartling and died 1859    
SIMMONS William SIMMONS Blacksmith 1814 William Simmons, blacksmith. Born 1814 in Wartling, Sussex and died 1891 in Salehurst,Sussex. Lived in Salehurst. Wife: Elizabeth Martin born 1818 in Salehurst and died 1885. Son of Joseph Simmons.(4)    
SIMMONS William SIMMONS Blacksmith 1822 William Simmons, blacksmith. Born 1882 at Salehurst, Susse, England and died in Sussex ?date. Son of John Simmons (31), lived at Fair Lane, Salehurst, Sussex. 1911 UK census lists William as 30yrs, living in Salehurst with wife Emily 40yrs (was ?Venner). Children Listed: May Venner 12yrs; Grace Venner 9yrs; Harry VEnner 8yrs; Elsie Venner 6yrs.    
STANDEN Abraham STANDEN Blacksmith 1825 Abraham Standen, blacksmith. Born 1825 at Arrington, Huntingdonshire. Parents: Henry & Mary. Lived at Hemingford Grey and St.Ives. Died: 1904.    
STANDEN Charles STANDEN Blacksmith - Master 1815 Charles Standen, blacksmith. Born 1815 at Woolwich, Kent. Parents: Elias & Barbara. Married: Susan LARKINS, 15th November, 1835 (IGI says 1836) & lived at Gamlingay, Cambridgeshire.    
STANDEN Elias STANDEN Blacksmith 1774 Elias Standen, blacksmith. Paid Land Tax for Forge at Maresfield, Sussex in 1774.    
STANDEN Elias STANDEN Blacksmith & Farrier 1779 Elias Standen, blacksmith. Born 1779 at Burwash, Sussex. Parents: Sameul Standen & Frances(nee Fuller). Married: Barbara Heathfield, they lived sometime in Canterbury. Elias was a Sergeant Farrier at Waterloo. After Napoleonic war lived in Waresley,Hunts. Died: 1867 at Gamlingay, Cambridge. Elias & Barbara are grandparents of Harry Henry Standen who married Annie Pashley, daughter of George & Emma.    
STANDEN Francis STANDEN Blacksmith - Master 1812 Francis Standen, blacksmith. Born 1812 at Canterbury, son of Elias & Barbara. Married: Eliza Norman, Lived at Hemingford Abbots,Huntingdonshire.    
STANDEN Henry STANDEN Blacksmith 1800 Henry Standen, blacksmith. Born 1800 Sussex. Parents: Elias & Barbara living at Waresley, Huntingdonshire.    
STANDEN Henry STANDEN Blacksmith 1829 Henry Standen, blacksmith. Born 1829 at Long Stow, Huntingdonshire. Parents: Henry & Mary. Lived at St.Ives,Huntingdonshire.    
STANDEN Samuel STANDEN Blacksmith 1728 Samuel Standen, blacksmith. Born circa 1728, Maresfield, Sussex, England. Wife: Ann(e) Wheatley, married at St.Bartholomew church, Maresfield on 17th May 1752. She was the daughter of Edward and Anne (Vinall), and was baptised at West Hoathly on 8th November 1728. She died May 1805. Parents: James & Ann Standen. Samuel was buried 19 Sep 1803 aged 76yrs at Burwash, Sussex. As 'from the Forge".  
STREETER John STREETER Blacksmith 1848 John Streeter, blacksmith. Born about 1848 in Shipley, Sussex, England. The 1871 UK census lists John as 23yrs, working for master blacksmith William Jupp (born 1829) in Shipley.    
TAYLOR Charles TAYLOR Blacksmith 1883 Charles Taylor, blacksmith, farrier. Born about 1883 in Brighton, Sussex, England. Lived in Sedlescombe Sussex . The 1911 UK census lists Charles as 28yrs, Living at 134 New Road, Chatham, Kent with wife Eliza 26yrs (born Chatham). Children: Eliza 4yrs; Lucy 2yrs. Boarder Elizabeth Hicks 24yrs,unmarried, laundress.  
TICHBON Stephen TICHBON Blacksmith 1816 Stephen Tichbon, blacksmith. Born about 1816 in Sussex, England. The 1841 UK census lists Stephen as 29yrs, living in St Mary Magdalen, Sussex with first wife wife Mary 24yrs (born Sussex). Others listed: Susannah Tichbon 19yrs; Samuel Putland 29yrs Esther Putland 29yrs; Caleb Putland 4yrs; Nelson Putland 2yrs; Henry Putland under 1yr infant. Mary died 1843. See for details. In 1851 Stepne is 39yrs, still in St Mary Magdalen. Second wife Sarah 31yrs (born Bexhill, Sussex). Children: Jane 5yrs; Thomas 3yrs; Ellen 1yr infant. Jane Kennard 28yrs (sister of Sarah) Charlotte Kenanrd 20yrs (sister of Sarah). Stephen was apprentice to master blacksmith David Simmonds in 1798.    
TIPPER John TIPPER Blacksmith,Coachsmith 1817 John Tipper, blacksmith, Coachsmith. Born about 1817 in England and died 1874 at Deloraine (Tasmanian BDM). John came from a wheelwrighting family in Rogate, Sussex, England. He was apprenticed to master blacksmith James Toop, of Rogate. The 1841 UK Census shows John was employed as a coachsmith in Petworth, Sussex. Transported to Tasmania in 1844, where he practiced as a blacksmith. (Tasmanian convict indents). Listed in Blacksmiths of Sussex and Australia & Cartwrights & Fingersmiths Indexes.  
TROWER Ed. TROWER Blacksmith 1763 Ed. Trower, blacksmith. In 1763 Ed. Trower was apprenticed to master blacksmith John Battman, in Henfield, Sussex, England. In 1778 Ed. takes Wm Waller as an apprentice, in Henfield, Sussex.  
TURNER Francis TURNER Blacksmith 1769 Francis Turner, blacksmith. Born 1769, Halland, East Sussex, England. The Turner family ran the Halland, East Sussex, blacksmith shop. They were also the blacksmiths for the town of East Hoathly nearby. There is a painted picture of the Blacksmith shop in the motel at the Halland crossroads but I was unable to remove it from the glass to photograph it. The first parish record found is of Francis Turner born 1769 listed as blacksmith in the 1821 census. Then his son William Turner born 1791 was a blacksmith from 1821-1851 (married Sarah Ferry) along with his brother John Turner born 1799 blacksmith from 1829-1851 (married to Martha Rich). In 1851 William's brother, Richard (born 1811) took over at the forge with his nephew? Frederic. Later John Turner, married to Emma Stokes in 1887, and possibly the son of Frederic, continued in the profession. Late 1880s-1890s my GGGGrandfather brought his smithy skills to Virginia, and then Pennsylvania in the USA.  
WADEY Frank (Jnr) WADEY Blacksmith 1867 Frank Wadey (Jnr), blacksmith. Born about1867, Billinghurst, Essex, England. The 1871 UK census lists Frank as 4yrs living with his parents. See Blacksmiths of Sussex for parents master blacksmith Frank & Charlotte Wadey plus siblings. In 1891 Frank (Jnr) is 24yrs, living at Slingford, West Sussex with wife Christina E.B. 30yrs (born Fernhurst,Sussex). The Wadey family were in slinfold as blacksmiths for over 80yrs.  
WADEY Frank (Snr) WADEY Blacksmith,Wheelwright 1843 Frank Wadey (Snr), master blacksmith, wheelwright, employs 2 men. Born about 1843, Billinghurst, Sussex, England. The 1871 UK census lists Frank as 28yrs, living in the Village, Slinfold, Sussex with wife Charlotte 29yrs (born Billinghurst). Children: Frank 4yrs; Frederick 2yrs; Alice 8mths infant. Brother-in-law John Jonson 17yrs, born Billinghurst, unmarried, apprentice blacksmith. In 1881, Frank was listed as 38yrs; Charlotte 39yrs. Children: Frank(Jnr)14yrs (apprentice blacksmith); Frederic 12yrs; Alice 10yrs; Mary 8yrs; David 6yrs; William 5yrs; Thomas 3yrs; Alfred 1yrs; Charles 2mths infant. Brother-in-law: John Johnson 27yrs (blacksmith) unmarried. Listed in both Blacksmiths if Sussex and Wheelwrights Indexes. The Wadey family were in slinfold as blacksmiths for over 80yrs.  
WADEY Peter WADEY Blacksmith 1840 Peter Wadey, master blacksmith, employs 1 apprentice. Born about 1840-41, Billinghurst, Sussex, England. The 1871 UK census lists Peter as 30yrs, living at Billinghurst with wife Elizabeth 31yrs (born Pulborough, Sussex). Children: Joseph 5yrs; Martha.C. 3yrs; Benjamin 9mths infant. The Wadey family were in slinfold as blacksmiths for over 80yrs.  
WAGHORNE Samuel WAGHORNE Blacksmith 1816 Samuel Waghorne, blacksmith. Born about 1816,Lamberhurst, Sussex, England. The 1851 UK census lists Samuel as 35yrs, at 37 Little Mary Vale, Tonbridge, Kent with Harriet 30yrs (born Tonbridge) and sons William 2yrs and Samuel 8months infant. In 1861 Samuel is 45yrs, living at No.3, Rosemary House, Tonbridge; Harriet 39yrs Children: William 12yrs; Samuel 10yrs; Mary 8yrs; Jane 6yrs; Charles 4yrs; Thomas 1yr infant. The 1871 census finds Samuel 54yrs, still in Tonbridge; Harriett 48yrs. Children: William 22yrs, unmarried (blacksmith); Samuel 20yrs, unmarried; Jane 15yrs; Charles 14yrs (blacksmith); Thomas 11yrs; George 9yrs; Albert 7yrs. Listed in Blacksmiths of Kent and Sussex.  
WALLDER James WALLDER Blacksmith 1844 James Wallder, blacksmith. James's wife Ann Caplin was listed on his son John's marriage certificate (in IOW 1844) as a blacksmith at Elsted, Sussex.  
WALLER William WALLER Blacksmith 1778 William Waller, blacksmith. In 1778 William was apprenticed to master blacksmith Ed. Trower, in Henfield, Sussex., England. There is one William Waller in the 1841 UK census , aged ?60yrs, a gardener with wife Charlotte. A possibility he is the same W. Waller.  
WHEATLEY Edward WHEATLEY Blacksmith 1800 Edward Wheatley, blacksmith. Born circa 1800, Buxted, Sussex. Baptised there 30th March 1800. Parents: John Wheatley & Mercy nee Wheeler (John Wheatley was the nephew of Ann who married Samuel Standen a Blacksmiths of Sussex). Edward married twice. First wife was Ann Thomas, married at St. Margaret,Buxted on 5th August 1822. Ann was born between 1781-1786, and died in the Ticehurst registration district 1848. Second wife was Mary Peerless, married at Tonbridge registration district 1850. Mary was born at Rotherfield circa 1806 and died (Tonbridge) 1872. Edward died (Ticehurst) 1866. I do not think Edward had any children.  
WILLIAMS Cornelius WILLIAMS Blacksmith 1840 Cornelius Williams, blacksmith. Born 1800-1801, Sussex, England. The 1841 UK census lists Cornelius as 40yrs, an inhabitant of the Chicester Infirmary. Cornelius is a relative of my husband through his mother's side.  
WOOLGAR Josias WOOLGAR Blacksmith 1763 Josias Woolgar, blacksmith. In 1763 Josias was apprenticed to master blacksmith John Battman, in Henfield, Sussex, England.  
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